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Friday, November 06, 2009

Rushing Headlong for Bankruptcy

The US Government just announced that the unemployment rate in the US is over 10%. See Yahoo news report. The current depression was the work of a Democrat/Fascist Congress which has worked for years to kill the economy. They leftist propaganda machine of CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN keep telling us that the economy is improving while the unemployment rate keeps going up. The truth is that we are having a temporary “bubble” in the downward slide as some people are employed on borrowed money to do temporary government jobs that will soon expire.

Meanwhile the Fascists are working hard to kill what is left of the economy and to eliminate what is left of American freedom:

  • The fascists have raised taxes on business to a level which effectively prevents risky investments in new production.

  • The fascists have taken over much of the banking, finance, and automobile manufacturing industries. Under their mismanagement these businesses are unable to recruit top level managers.

  • The fascists are working hard to do a massive government takeover of the medical industry, and take thousands of more dollars out of the pockets of employers and families. Much of the industry is already suffering from very restrictive and expensive government oppression.

  • As soon as they complete the destruction of free enterprise medical related industry, the fascists are preparing to roll out a massive energy tax called “Cap and Tax.” It would take another $3,000 out of the pocket of each family every year, and slap a huge cost on any employer trying to stay in business.

  • The fascists prevent employers from hiring the best available workers and require large scale inefficiency and disruption under anti white men racist/sexist agendas called “diversity.”

  • The fascists have forced our military to recruit and train gays, females, criminal gang bangers, and Islamic terrorists.

  • The fascist government is rolling out a program to install electricity and/or video monitors in your home under euphemisms such as “smart grid.” They are taking over control your use of your dishwasher, hot water, heat, and radio or TV.

  • The fascist government believes that money grows on trees and the people have an unlimited supply that they can just take. It is going to rapidly bankrupt the nation and force widespread starvation.

There is very little the average American can do about the new fascist takeover. They have ignored massive public demonstrations of opposition even on the steps of the Capitol Building. There is a high probability that they will cancel the 2012 elections. You can try phoning or visiting Democrat/Fascist party Congresscows and Senatrixes but don't expect them to listen to the people. They have effectively rigged elections in big city where political machines have made “elections” into a fraud. They no longer care about what the people want.

Stockpile food for your family for a year. Stockpile ammunition. And if you can keep some valuable such as precious metals or whiskey as trade goods. Don't be surprised if there is a major revolution by the conservative “heartland” states and the remaining part of the military that will fight against fascist and Islamic terrorists at home as well as over seas.

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