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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Femorrhoids republish the same old tired lies.

Can't they even think up a new one? They start with a LIE. Femorrhoids always LIE, LIE, LIE, and then mix up the lies with half truths. Women don't earn as much overall because they don't have as much education and don't do as much work. NOW LIES by falsely claiming that the "76 cents to every dollar a man earns" is based on equal work. In truth, when pay is adjusted for education and hours worked, women earn MORE than men. The phony "76 cents" is arrived at by comparing uneducated female stock clerks with skilled tradesmen. It compares low risk females working part time at desk jobs with men doing hard, dirty, dangerous jobs and suffering 10 times as many injuries and deaths. The claim is nothing but a continually repeated LIE. With books like Farrell's new one on equal pay, it's surprising that femorrhoids at NOW can even repeat such lies. It's been debunked so many times that one has to wonder why they are so stupid to keep repeating it.

Men virtually all support equal pay for equal work. It's time the whiny NOW bitches get off their fat asses and start doing equal work. Then, and only then, will they deserve equal pay. When the garbage truck comes by the NOW office, and it's run by women, then let them whine about the women doing real work not getting paid. As long as they are content to sit in their nice, safe, clean office and whine they have no justification to take money from the men out risking their health and very lives picking up their NOW garbage.

At $0.76 these whiners are overpaid for the work they are doing. I wouldn't mind an end to wage discrimination. Men would, on average, get a raise if wage discrimination were ended.


> For Immediate Release
> Contact: Jenny Thalheimer, 202-629-8669 x 116
> NOW Calls for Congressional Solution to End Wage Discrimination
> April 19, 2005
> "The fact is simple and unacceptable - forty-two years after theEqual Pay Act was passed women working full-time, year round, areonly making 76 cents to every dollar a man earns," said NOWPresident Kim Gandy. "This kind of discrimination has aneconomically devastating impact on women and their families."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No surprises here NOW is a Gender Hatred Movement of Socialists. Ask Tammy Bruce who was the President for 7 years of NOW in Los Angeles. She says they are not really a Feminist Group so much as they are a Front for Socialism disguised as a Feminist Group. The Trojan Horse bit. They are about Hatred of Men not social justice and have not been for a very long time.

NOW and other FemNags will not talk about the Glass Cellar the jobs so nasty,brutal,& dangerous only Men will do them. Hard Rock underground Mining, Logging, Fishing to name just a few. Yet they refuse to acknowledge the reality or truth of what they are saying and are assisted by Feminists in the Media.

June 16, 2005 3:09 PM  

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