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Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Airbus to Hell. Asian Air Lines this time.

The Airbus 320 is notorious for its cheap plastic vertical tail fin falling off in turbulence. A few years ago a similar plane crashed in the Atlantic. Photos of the floating plastic tail fin were in all the papers. One even crashed in the Mediterranean on a training flight with Airbus engineers. This is about the 10th or 12th Airbus 3xx to go down from turbulence. Unsafe to fly. Air officials have known it for decades, but won't fix it or talk about it because of French/British politics. And another plane load of passengers goes down with this disaster plane.

Friday, August 08, 2014

FB LIE Admits Systematic Criminal Perjury Again

A few years ago the FBLie admitted committing Perjury in thousands of criminal cases over 40 years. The were forced to admit in court that they could not identify which box of bullets was the origin of a bullet found at crime scenes. The FBLie had been testifying that they could do so for over 40 years in thousands of criminal convictions based on their lies. Now the FBLie is again admitting perjury in hundreds more cases. So many that their study of prior evidence was stopped.
Most of the defendants in cases that involved possibly-botched testimony over microscopic hair matches were never told that their case was part of the review, which includes 2,600 convictions and 45 death-row cases from the 1980s and 1990s
Those 2,600 convictions based on FBLies are only the ones they looked at. There are many, many more. The FBLie are the worst kind of criminal scum. They are police state terrorists who attack and destroy Americans. They DO NOT uphold "the law" or even obey the law. The lot of them should be arrested and sent to prison for criminal perjury.

Friday, July 18, 2014

How STUPID can you get?

Stupid is often fatal.

Malaysia Flight 17 flew into an air war and was mistaken for a combat aircraft. Doesn't anyone in air traffic control have an IQ in double digits?

This event is similar to the Iranian airliner that the US Navy shot down over the Persian Gulf a few years ago. An Iranian airliner flew into a combat situation where a US Navy ship had been defending itself from Iraqi war planes.

Have the commercial air traffic controllers, and pilots, not got enough intelligence to avoid an air war combat area?

Of course none of the lame steam media will talk about any of this. They are all too busy drumming up anti-Russian animosity.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Hate from a Feminist

Today was Father's Day. I was standing in the Safeway parking lot talking to my wife. I think we were talking about how many packages of Diet Coke to buy on their sale -- which lasts until Tuesday. Some men hater feminist assumed that I was an evil man, so she came up to save my wife. Feminists always ramp up their anti-men hate for Father's Day. That's how my day went. I was seriously offended. Her attack was not appreciated by either of us. There are no good feminists. All feminism is anti-men hate.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Odumbo's Gay Agenda Terrorism in Nigeria

Most of you have seen the MSM tear jerk stories about almost 300 kidnapped girls in Nigeria. Boo Hoo they weep. We must do something, they say. But what is the real story behind the story.

In 2013 Obama was visiting several African nations advocating the gay agenda according to the demands of bit money gay contribtors. His gay advocacy was publicly rebuked in Kenya. His public rebuke was kept out of lamestream media in the US.

In January 2014 the Christian government of Nigeria passed a law against gay marriage with about 98% support of their people. The Nigeria law requires prison terms for gays who openly flaunt their sickness. The government of Uganda followed their lead and passed a similar law. American gay agenda pundits were outraged. Big money gay agenda contributors to Obama demanded that he do something about the anti-gay laws in Christian Africa. That was less than 4 months ago. In response to powerful gay agenda pressure Obama, Kerry, and the US government set about attacking the Christan Nigerian government.

Concurrently in Africa one of the Islamic Jihad groups is Boko Haram. Over the past few years Obama has refused to oppose the Boko Haram organization despite their obvious terrorist activities. Obama's ideology supports global Islam, they are the “Dreams of My Father” about which Obama wrote his book. Working quietly with Boko Haram, Obama encouraged and financed (with our money) their attack on Nigerian Christians. Only about four months after Nigeria's new law on gay marriage, Obama and Boko Haram were able to attack Christian schools and capture almost 300 female slaves. The point of attack was to kidnap girls studying at Christian schools. The kidnapping embarrassed Nigeria's Christian government as ineffective and incompetent. In one covert action Obama could oppose Christians, support Islam, and push the gay agenda in Africa. His message to other African governments is that opposition to gay marriage brings big problems.

Of course American feminists are vexed that around 300 girls are being sold into slavery, and not being told why. The US media plays their Boo Hoo tape, but only when it pressures the Nigerian government. American Christians and others hold prayers for the lost girls, but even they won't talk about Obama and his gay/Islam agenda. That is hard ball in the real world. A few hundred girls get sacrificed. The media spins Obama to look like he is opposing it rather than having done it. The lies never end with that criminal regime. All the useful idiots refuse to see the obvious and go on supporting Odumbo even as they publicly whine about missing girls.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Western Lands -- Ranching and Tyranny

Many of you have read about an ongoing dispute in Nevada between BLM and a rancher named Bundy. The BLM has waged an ongoing program to extinguish historic grazing rights on western lands. Under the Clinton regime the federal government claimed arbitrary authority to control cattle ranching in order to create open range for migratory animals. One tactic they used was to set limits on the number of cattle that ranchers could graze on historic open range, and then to reduce the number of allowed cattle to below an economic number. Concurrently the government created a license fee and raised it so high that it was also uneconomic. Both tactics effectively drove off almost all western ranchers.


If you review the government authority the US Federal government has NO AUTHORITY to retain vast areas of land in western states. It is in open and notorious violation of the constitution. All land acquired (another questionable over reach under the Constitution) was only administered by the federal government until States could be approved. ALL the western lands should have been turned over to the States

The Federal Government has illegally and criminally continued to claim ownership to the majority of land in many western states (but not eastern states). In New Mexico, for example, only about 10% of land is allowed for the residents of New Mexico and the State of New Mexico.

A Colorado Law Review article Federal Land Retention and the Constitution's Property Clause: The Original Understanding, by Robert Natelson, was published in Western lands in 2005.

Most Nevada ranchers have been driven out of business by criminal government over reaching tyranny. The lands belong to our states.

Of course the Democrap party and their socialist propaganda medial (AP, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc.) won't talk about any of real issues. They prefer to demonize Mr. Bundy for pretend racism because that feeds their anti-white racist agenda (in an election year) as well as supporting government tyranny.

Democrat Racist Strategy Ramps UP in an Election Year

Most readers have seen the huge media attack on NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The NBA has supposedly banned him for life. CNN story here.

In the socialist propaganda media stories Mr. Sterling made some allegedly “racist” remarks to his whore, a.k.a. “girlfriend.” She recorded what he said on her cell phone. From listening to the recordings she was clearly baiting him to get him into trouble. Apparently her commercial deal with Sterling was ending and she wanted a big cash payoff from whomever was buying the recordings.

The socialist propaganda machine took the recordings and went nuts. They told black NBA players that Mr. Sterling was the worst kind of racist pariah, even though he had hired black manager and black coach while other teams hired whites, and even while the anti-white racist NAACP had decided to award him a Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting black racist agendas. Mr. Sterling was also a big contributor to the Democratic Party. But he's over 80 years old and won't live to donate much longer.

No, this scandal was not about Sterling and not about money. Its all about Democrap politics. The Democraps understand that promoting racism in America keeps ignorant blacks voting Democrap. The Democraps claim to fix the problems they caused, but fixing it would educate stupid Dem voters. Democraps are the Racist Party. In times past, the 19th century Democrats were the pro-Slavery Party. In the late 19th century and first half of the 20th century Democrats were the KKK.

So this being an election year the DNC is ramping up its race baiting by paying some bimbo to record a "racist" comment during the NBA playoffs. They understand the racial component of NBA players and fans.

Another piece of the Democratic race baiting campaign is the Jackie Robinson observations we now see at baseball parks every year. For almost half a century that was just history, but now it gets a huge play on socialist propaganda TV. All the MLB teams wear #42 on Jackie Robinson Day. The socialist media makes sure that uneducated black voters haven't forgotten (Democratic) segregation while not remembering the 10,000 black baseball players and league staff of black baseball leagues who were put out of work and who are still out of work. It feeds racism in America by never letting black voters forget their anti-white racism.

These are just two glaring examples of the racist politics that the DNC and socialist propaganda media push all the time. We are living in the most racist time in Amercia since the 1960s, half a century ago, and once again its the Democrats who are pushing racism.

Dems are willing to sacrifice even a rich Dem contributor, Sterling, to drum up racist hate among black voters. The message is that racist white Republicans hate blacks. And they attack any black political astute man who objects. Of course all the leftist propaganda machine (AP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, ESPN, etc.) leap when they say to leap. Even so-called "conservative" media pander to the DNC agenda. They all recite "Sterling is racist" and discuss how racist, and what the punishment should be, the DNC race baiting talking point strategy. None of them will get off the Democrap racist band wagon and talk about how the DNC racist program is hurting blacks and whites and everyone else.

Note too that the DNC and their propaganda machine is also ramping up their election year anti-men sexism. You may have noticed recent hate pieces about alleged “sexual assault” in the military and on college campuses.

Its all a racist and sexist Democrap political strategy. Keep 'em stupid, and keep 'em hating.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

FireFox SUCKS!

Mozilla, the corporation behind FagotFox, has fired CEO Brendan Eich because he once donated to a political campaign in support of real marriage, some years ago. The fagot hate gang and libturds in their Board of Directors fired him. See news story about it.


Mr. Brendon Eich. Fired by Mozilla/FagotFox

Ugly is as UGLY does. FagotFox is just plain F'UGLY!

Bob has been using Mozilla and now FagotFox since it first invented Netscape. Not recently as my primary web browser but still for some sites that don't work well with Microsoft IE. Now Bob is ending any use of FagoFox. I suggest you go to the FagoFox feedback web site and let them know you are taking their pervert software off your computer. They are probably tracking your browsing and using the info to attack you behind your back if you criticize fags and other psychosexual pareverts or support families and children.

You can visit FagotFox feedback site and express your opinion here.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Technical devices to listen for Flight 370 pinger finally deployed TODAY!

Its been about 4 weeks since Malaysian flight 370 was hijacked by pirates and flown to somewhere. For the past 4 weeks CNN has had almost 24 hour "news" talk about the missing plane and passengers. Not ever have they talked about where it might have been headed flying west by northwest until it flew out of radar range. Not once. And none of their experts interviewed will talk about it either.

For a month they have been telling us that the plane suddenly turned south immediately after getting out of radar range, and flew south until its fuel expired. No plausible or even non-plausible explanation has been offered to justify their assertions that some unknown and unfathomable reason cause a sharp left turn out of sight.

So today, we are told that technical equipment is being deployed in the alleged search area to listen for the automatic "PING" from the allegedly missing plane. Today! Almost a month after they say the plane crashed into the ocean. Today! Not a month ago when it supposedly crashed. Today! Why?

Why won't they talk about where the plane was headed (WEST) when it flew across Malaysia and out over the ocean? Why?

Internet reports from independent reporters have reported since March 18 that a cell phone photo was transmitted by a passenger from Diego Garcia. Why haven't CNN or other lying news media even been willing to talk about such reports long enough to dismiss them? Why?

The cell phone transmission from the IBM executive on the missing plane says he was hijacked by unknown soldiers and is being held in an unknown location. The cell phone embedded GPS coordinates of a hanger at the US air base in Diego Garcia the transmitted photo, according to published Internet reports. Shouldn't these reports at least be investigated?

What other lies are they telling us?

Psycho Drugs create another mass killer!

It happened again, this time at Fort Hood. An otherwise normal person, Lopez, was prescribed mind altering psycho drugs by the Shrink industry, and went on a crazy killing rampage. Psycho drugs are the common cause of virtually every major mass shooting in the US over the past 20 years, and the cause of uncounted thousands of individual suicides. The Shrink industry kills far more people than they save with their mind changing drug therapy. We may never be able to close down the big pharmacy corporations and the criminal Shrink quackery, but no sane man should ever allow himself to be subjected to their abuse. As an industry they do far more harm in total than any good they may accidentally do sometimes.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Police helmet cam: Camper turning from officers when shot

Another day, another MURDER by the blue gang terrorists who now rule our nation by fear and violence. Here is Helmet cam video of an armed killer gang murdering a homeless man for unauthorized camping, a misdemeanor. Note how the murderers shoot him in the back, and then shoot him a few more times for good measure while he is on the ground dead or dying. Note how they sick their vicious attack dog on the body just in case he can be ripped up more. No man is safe, and no man has any rights in the US while these terrorist gangs are roaming our streets. We should be taking lessons from the French Revolution.

This one was caught on camera. The same kind of wanton murder goes on in every city of America every day. We the people pay in money and blood.

See Video on Albuquerque Newspaper

APD helmet camera video footage of a fatal police standoff in the Sandia Foothills on Sunday March 16, 2014. The illegal camper shot by Albuquerque police this week was turning away from officers when they fired at him, according to video released by Chief Gorden Eden on Friday March 21, 2014.The shots come after a confrontation in which the man, identified as 38-year-old James Boyd, tells police he�s going to walk down the mountain with them.Copyright 2014, Albuquerque

Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Hide an Airplane

Hide it in plane sight. Back when Bob worked for Boeing, around 1970, Boeing LOST a whole 727 for more than 2 weeks. They didn't lose it in the jungles of Asia, they lost it in the middle of their own Renton airplane factory.

For more than 2 weeks thousands of Boeing mechanics, engineers, and managers searched the facility from end to end numerous times. The plane was nowhere to be found. Manufacturing records showed that it was about 90% complete, not ready to fly. Maybe it was towed to another part of Renton airport? Boeing searched the whole airport. The plane was not to be found. They finally sent notifications to all Boeing employees including myself who worked at another Boeing facility. They asked us to inspect all other 727 planes and hidden corners trying to find it. It just had VANISHED!

After being missing for more than 2 weeks some Boeing mechanic noticed that not much wok was being done to one of the airplanes nearing the end of their manufacturing assembly line. When he asked factory management they looked on their records and said that lots of work had been done. “Nope” said the mechanic. Nobody has touched it. So they went out and looked again at the airplane.

Someone had accidentally put a wrong number sign on the plane. Thousands of Engineers, Managers, and mechanics had literally ducked their heads under its wings while they searched in vein for the plane. Everyone had checked the number sign, and said to himself “nope, not this one.” They all look the same. It had been “LOST” in the middle of Boeing's assembly line for 2 weeks with thousands of airplane experts looking for it.

That is how you hide an airplane. You change its number. POOF! Vanished!

The missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 could be hiding in plane sight at any busy airport in the world. Thousands of knowledgeable experts and security people would look and check its number. “Nope, Not the plane we are looking for.”

The pilots would have to shut off the planes' transponder and ACARS system and fly out of ground radar range over the ocean. Then they could load new fake flight numbers and ID numbers into the transponder and turn it back on. POOF! Plane gone!

Pilots would then turn the transponder back on and show up on a regular air route, calling the next flight controllers as they enter the next country. The “NEW” plane would be seen flying regular commercial air routs with a fake flight plan and numbers. At night they could land at any busy airport as a regular fuel stop on a charter or maintenance flight. Nobody would ask any questions.

There are thousands of 777s, and they all look the same!

In the dark they could repaint the tail numbers to match their fake ID transponder codes, and use a little spray paint to cover the Malaysian Airlines logs. Or, have some stick on white plastic sign material saying “ACME Charters.” A mechanic could replace the engine ACARS boxes with reprogrammed boxes. That all would take maybe an hour in the dark at the maintenance end of the airport. By dawn, its just “not that plane,” not even up close. Off they go to Iran, Somalia, Libya, or even Kansas. Nobody would ask any questions about the plane.

When you want to hide a plane, hide it in plane sight. Not even Boeing could find it, not even when they bonk their head on its wings.

UPDATE April 3, 2014.

A recent cell phone photo from missing IBM employee gives a GPS location as a hanger in Diego Garcia. All these phony "searches" in the Indian Ocean are a red herring intended to divert attention from any real investigation or search. See news story.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flight 370. Piracy and Conspiracy

How do you hide a big Boeing 777 airplane? Change its number and POOF! Its vanished.

More than a week ago as I write this there was a big Boeing 777 airplane with over 230 people that disappeared on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China. A week ago Bob posted on several on-line discussions that the first place to look for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is in Somalia or perhaps Iran.

The plane flew normally northward until they exited air traffic tracking from Malaysia. The pilots said goodbye to Malaysian air traffic control, “All right. Good night.” On a normal flight they would have immediately switched radio frequency and called air traffic control from Viet Nam. They did not do that. They turned off their automatic radio transponders, reversed course, and flew West by Southwest, passing just north of Malaysia toward the Indian ocean. The disappearance was carefully timed so that neither the Malaysians nor the Viet Namese would notice them missing. Nobody would report the plane missing until the next afternoon when it failed to arrive at Beijing.

The governments of Malaysia, the US, China, and several other nations wasted a week and a whole lot of money searching in the wrong places and refusing to search in the obvious places. Makes us wonder.

The pilots flying the Malaysian airplane flew out over the Indian ocean beyond ground radar range. They turned off their automatic data transmitter, but its a little like a cell phone. It “pings” the system periodically even while “off.” In a cell phone you have to take the batter out or it can be tracked. In an airplane data system the pilots knew how to go down through the floor and shut off data transmitter circuit breakers, but didn't know how to “take the batteries out” without killing the engines. That didn't really matter because it takes days for technicians in other nations to find the “ping” data.

The obvious thing for the pilots to do next would have been to reprogram their flight numbers and turn their automatic data responders back on. Pilots do that reprogramming every day when they prepare the plane for its next flight. Every pilot is trained how to do it. They program the autopilot with a new flight plan through GPS coordinate “way points” in the sky. They program the transponder with airline and flight numbers. They radio to air traffic control identifying themselves and the intended flight path.

All the pirate pilots had to do was to reprogram the plane data transmitter with a new FAKE plane number. Every day at busy airports they have hundreds of private airplanes, charter flights, maintenance flights headed for repair shops, etc. Air traffic controllers handle them routinely. Nobody looks at the airplane to compare its painted on tail number with the numbers in the transponder. An airplane passing by, or stopping for fuel, does not get inspected by border or customs officials unless the pilots try to leave the airport. Considering how little scrutiny fake or stolen passports get in that part of the world, even that would not be hard. Remember the plane was not yet reported missing so nobody in aviation would be looking for a strange plane.

If pirates planned ahead, and this event was well planned ahead, they could easily have rented an airplane maintenance hanger in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, or even Malaysia. Fly in with a fake number. Go to the hanger, off load captive passengers (or not) repaint Malaysian Airline tail markings with some white spray paint, paint a fake Tail Number, and the plane has a completely new ID. A little advance planning could easily have ground crew waiting for them to arrive, or on board.

After the tail number was changed they could buy fuel and fly absolutely anywhere they wanted to go, Europe, North America, Kansas, anywhere at all. Where pirates most likely would want to go is Somalia or Iran, dens of piracy.

None of the major media and big government law enforcement will talked about the obvious piracy until a week later and they still won't talk about the obvious ways to steal an airplane. They spent a week hiding information and “searching” in the wrong direction. Why? What was the government involvement in keeping these secret for days and days?

We will find out later. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Its time to get angry about being lied to

For the past 30 years our government has been lying to us about what they called "global warming."  They created a lot of fraudulent faux science and claimed that their "computer models" could predict the climate 100 years out.  Politicians like Algore and O'liar sold phony "carbon credits" and scammed us for $$ Billions.  They handed out wheel barrows of OUR money to willing accomplices pretending to be scientists for producing nonsense pretending to be science all loaded with fudged, and faked data.  Any serious scientist who disagreed with their fraud was called names like "denier" and often just fired.  For example the Washington State Environmentalist, a scientist and Professor with decades of reputation at their largest State University was fired for daring to question the science claimed by the Governor's political support for "global warming." 


Like all houses built of cards it eventually comes tumbling down.  The earth has natural warm and cold cycles, and always has had.  They are not controlled or even affected by anything humans can do.  This sun has natural warmer and not so warm cycles with power far beyond anything that mere humans can do.  For millions of years humans have always thrived during warm cycles and starved to death during cold cycles.  Something like a third of the whole population of Europe died from famine, disease, and other cold related causes during the medieval cold times sometimes called "The Little Ice Age."  We should be praying FOR global warming,  We do well, prosper, thrive, survive when the sum makes it warm.   When it turns cold our crops fail, we freeze, we starve, we die. 

Faux climatologists have demonstrated that they aren't even capable of looking out the window to see what is going on today.  Yet they expected us to believe that they can predict the climate a century from now.  The time scale was carefully selected to allow them to get filthy rich by taking OUR money before it becomes obvious that they lied, but not so long that nobody would worry about it.  Well, we are now in the time that it should be obvious to everyone that they lied, lied, and lied.  We should be angry that we were lied to.  We should be angry that they put their lies into school books and taught our children their lies.  We should be more angry if we believed their lies.  We should be very angry if we sent money or supported lying politicians and organizations who pushed the fraud.  We should be extremely angry about all the laws, regulations that killed jobs and put so many of our friends and neighbors out of work.


Lying politicians led by O'liar and his NOAA and NASA faux scientists are still pumping out reams of falsified data and pushing lies about "global warming."  Now they call it "climate change" because after 30 years there is no global warming.   Lying media led by the NY Times propagandists are still obediently publishing lies about warming even while NY is having record snow and ice storms.  People are and animals dying from cold on every continent north of the equator.  Atlanta is suffering from ice and snow storms.  The Great Lakes have become large sheets of ice.  We really ought to be very angry at O'liar and his regime. 

For real science that shows the continual NASA and NOAA falsified data see the web site called Real Science. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blond Bimbo AA Babes Need To Go!

This week the medial is hyping the Superbowl between Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Every little thing gets magnified on network morning TV by NYC idiots who know almost nothing about the topic.

Last week the NFL fined Seahawks running back, Lynch, $44,000 for not talking to the media. This week, after the Seahawks turned aside San Francisco 49ers, one of the media blond bimbo sideline reporters cornered Seahawk defensive back Sherman. For the entire game Sherman and 49er receiver Crabtree had been verbally and physically jousting for domination in a game that is won or lost by mental and physical domination of the other players. Sherman exhibited the kind of self assurance once displayed by prize fighter Cassius Clay, “I am the greatest.” The blond bimbo hadn't been watching the game, understood nothing of the competition between Sherman and Crabtree, and was quite obviously stunned. Media fools blamed Sherman, not their mindless bimbo who should never have been there to begin with.

Sherman and Erin Andrews

Sherman talks to Erin Andrews

Two decades ago TV networks hired former players for their sideline “color” reporters. For example,retired star running back O J Simpson was a sideline reporter before getting into legal troubles over the death of his estranged wife and her latest lover. Whatever anyone thought about his legal problems, he had been a very good sideline reporter, a man who had a deep personal knowledge of the game and what it takes to win. After a career on the field former players often were hired for their knowledge of the game. But that changed when feminist anti-men discrimination trumped quality broadcasting.

What we see today are blond bimbos such as the one who cornered Mr. Sherman after the National Conference Championship game. I doubt that she even knows what a corner back does on the field. She quite clearly didn't understand Mr. Sherman's response to her pathetic ignorant and totally irrelevant question. Her stupid was picked up by all the misandrist hate media who never get tired of going off on a man who says something manly. From NYC Today idiots to socialist politicians they all are attacking Mr. Sherman. If anyone saw the bimbo's interview after watching the game it was she who was clearly out of place.

Affirmative Action is a euphemism for racist or in this case sexist discrimination. The blond bimbos are hired because of sexism, not because they know anything at all about doing the job of sideline color reporter. NFL fans need to DEMAND that TV networks and the NFL stop their two decades of anti-men sexist hiring that has put former players out of work in favor of ignorant blond bimbos. Fans deserve better. Former players deserve better. Current players deserve better.

Its easy to understand why Lynch doesn't talk to those ignorant “gotcha” fools. The NFL should never have fined him for avoiding this kind of media sexist hate. The NFL and the player union should not be allowing media to discriminate against former players who are refused employment based on sex. A former player is clearly more qualified to do the sideline color reporting because any former player understands the game and how the players feel about the game much more than the ignorant foolish blond bimbos that are being hired.

Shame on CBS. Shame on FOX.  Shame on NFL. Shame on them all. NFL players and fans deserve better.

UPDATE:  Feb. 4, 2014.

At the Seahawk Superbowl Victory Parade today US Senatrix Maria Cantwell (D) carried a sign, "Sherman 4 Prez" 

The Seahawk Defense may have been the best football defensive team ever (NFL Channel)

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Global Cooling, Is an Ice Age Coming?

Here's a You Tube video on Global Warming lies you may want to watch:

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

We have never had so many unemployed for such a long period of time!

Senator Harry Rede speaking on the floor of the Senate yesterday said, "We have never had so many unemployed for such a long period of time."

Senator Reid is promoting O'Dumbo's demand to extend unemployment benefits for several more months. The government has already been paying the unemployed to sit home for years without a job. They are now trying to divert all the left wing media heads from talking about O'Dumbo's disastrous economy where millions of American can't get a JOB

As Hairy Reed points out, never have so many Americans been unable to get a job for such a long time. Americans need JOBS, not welfare.

Send a big THANK YOU to Saint O'Dumbo, to “Whore House” Hairy Reed, and to all the unemployed zombies who vote for their Shinola.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eco Wackos Learn about Melting Ice

Its high summer in the southern hemisphere, so the “Global Warming” alarmists decided to use summer weather to “document” sea ice melting in the Antarctic ocean. The lying scum rounded up a couple dozen faux scientists and photographers to film penguins on floating chunks of ice with open water. Only there isn't any global warming and the sea ice isn't melting this year, not even at high summer.

The faux scientists and TV propagandists chartered a Russian ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy for their propaganda mission, a.k.a. “research.” Despite their advocacy of fraudulent “global warming” lies, the Antarctic ice isn't cooperating. It hasn't melted this year. The earth is getting colder, not warmer. Instead of melting ice the faux “researchers” found near record ice, even at Midsummer Day in the Antarctic. Under 24 hour summer sunshine their chartered ship got stuck in ice flows. They spent Midsummer's Day and Xmas well stuck in the ice.
Global Warming Ship
Global Warming alarmist propaganda ship stuck in ice.

Serves the lying scum right. Any normal person would learn from this experience and understand that global warming is a fraud. But these are true believers in the far left religion. Not even spending weeks in danger of being crushed by ice and killed won't teach them that the world is getting colder, not warmer.

Good men are risking their lives trying to save the lying scum. Ice breaker ships from China, Austrilia, and other nations are attempting a rescue but the “melted” ice is so thick that the Chinese ice breaker ship got stuck too. The propaganda filmers probably will be stuck for months. Stupid is its own reward.

UPDATE December 30, 2013
I found this on a published article from The Guardian:   "Given the recent reorganisation of the ice around the Mertz glacier, glaciologists aboard the Shokalskiy think the ship might have become inadvertently caught in the formation of a new area of fast ice, which could stay in place for several years."

CBS News this morning is talking about having to abandon the ship to the ice.  So much for their efforts to "document" how globla warming is melting Antarctic ice. 
Global Warming Ship

Recent photo of ship showing it being squeezed out of ice and listing to port.

The global warming alarmists still haven't learned.  Their most recent message still asserts that ice is melting, "Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up."   The fools never learn. You can't fix STUPID!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Global Warming traps "Ice Breaker" ship.

On the news today, from frozen NYC: A Russian ice breaker ship is stuck and stranded in sea ice near Antarcitica. Algore and the left wing media promised us that the ice would all be gone by 2013. LOL. Total bogus nonsense. Its getting colder, not warmer as the SUN has gone a little dim. We will be lucky not to end up with sheet ice over Canada and northern Europe.

Read news story here

It is of course Midsummer in the Antarctic.  Wasn't all the ice supposed to melt and raise our sea levels?  O'Dumbo still demands big taxes on fuel while he works to shut down American energy industry. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

O'Dumbo lies and lies and lies.

“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” - Barack Obama.

Have you gotten your Obamacare TAX notice yet?   How many lies does a brain dead zombie tolerate?   Can a University graduate still understand the difference?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period!"

What more is there to say about the lying Kenyan Pretender?

Evil Blue Shirt Gang Murders Unarmed Student.

Until December 6, Robert Cameron Redus was an honors student at the University of the Incarnate Word, a private Catholic institution in San Antonio, Texas.

The blue pigshit, Chris Carter, “pulled over” Mr. Redus off campus near a school parking lot. The belligerent pigshit started a fight, attempting to bind Mr. Redus in chains and then beat Redus over the head with his baton (club). Mr Redus disarmed the swine of his club and used it to defend himself from further attempted assault and battery.

At that point the blue swine pulled out his gun and threatened Mr. Redus with death. Mr Redus' last words, according to witnesses, were, “Oh, you're gonna shoot me?” The murderous swine then emptied his gun into Mr. Redus, killing him.

This kind of murder is common all across America as violent murdering blue gun thugs roam our streets killing unarmed citizens.

We don't know what Mr. Redus' alleged “crime” was. Evidently he had violated one of their impossible traffic rules which made him subject to armed robbery by the blue pigshits. An incomplete stop to wait for non-existent cross traffic at 2 AM is now a death penalty offense. May he rest in peace.

Killer Cop Chris Carter
Somebody get a rope!

Murdering pigshit Carter should be hanged at dawn by decent citizens. The criminal government will do nothing to protect the people from their hired blue gun thugs.  Read Yahoo News Here

Friday, December 06, 2013

Its So Cold We Are Having A Hard Time Seeing How Warm The Earth Is Getting

Most of the US is locked in another blast of arctic cold this week, way below zero in the northern parts. The UK and much of Europe and Asia are experiencing similar cold. Even down under in Australia they may have a white Christmas in the mountains – in the middle of their summer.

The sun is supposed to be in the middle of its cyclic maximum. Solar cycles have been observed for hundreds of years. The maximum solar output is visible because of sunspots that can be counted and recorded. We are currently in the “maximum” of cycle 24, the 24th observed and recorded cycle. Only one problem, it didn't happen. The sun is very quiet. Only 4 sun spots out today, not 10 or more that we would expect. Solar activity hasn't been this low since the “Little Ice Age” also called the Medieval Cool Period. Its COLD! Its getting COLDER! And the sun shows no sign of warming us up.

Humans have always thrived during warm times. Looking back over history there was a major warm period after the great ice age melted. Human populations rapidly increased, agriculture became common, cities were built, and prosperity ruled across the earth. Then around 2,000 BCE there was a cold period. Civilizations collapsed. Human populations shrank. Millions suffered. Again there was a warm period that saw the rise of the Roman Empire, agriculture in the British Isles, prosperity in China, and human populations expanding across the globe. The end of that warm time produced the so-called “Little Ice Age” of medieval centuries. Civilizations collapsed again for hundreds of years. Famine, disease, and starvation depopulated much of Europe. Britons gave up wine production when vineyards froze out, and became the beer drinkers they still are today. Politicians and Priests blamed the suffering on Witches, on The Devil, on anything and everything but the lack of sunshine.

The latest warm cycle peaked in the late 20th century. Corrupt politicians used the cyclic warming to justify radical socialist agendas, forgetting that humans thrive during warm times and suffer during cold times. But despite all the Nobel Prizes for social political idiots the sun began sliding rapidly toward low output. Solar Cycle 24 has few sunspots. It has nothing at all to do with CO2 and the socialist programs to tax fuel or their intended destruction of western economies. Fakes, frauds, charlatans, and priests always blame “bad” humans for natural events. Useful idiots always believe them.

The bottom line to remember about so-called “global warming” is that humans thrive when its warm, but humans suffer and die when its cold. Warm is good. Cold is bad.

Taxes and other government programs to stop us from being warm is insane.

South Africa is a disaster under black socialist anarchy

All the anti-white racists are having an orgy of self gratification today over Nelson Mandela and how they used him to destroy South Africa. Two decades ago South Africa was the most successful, perhaps only successful African economy. Wealth and prosperity poured out. But to achieve prosperity the South Africans had to maintain political control of educated white European immigrants. Successful white people is always very offensive to the anti-white racists at CBS, NBC, PBS, the UN, American Universities, and all the other anti-white racist organizations.

The anti-white racists successfully destroyed South Africa and installed an uneducated black radical government. SA is now the worlds leader in murder rate, far exceeding any other nation. Its citizens have gone from living in lovely peaceful neighborhoods to living in armed compounds. Poverty and suffering have replaced wealth and abundance.

Today the anti-white racist media is all having an orgy of celebration for their destruction of South African whites and the destruction caused by installing Nelson Mandela's ignorant racist policies as the anarchist government. How many deaths of black and white Africans would it take for the racist hate media to care? You can't count that high. They don't care.

It makes me want to puke.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Yule Pledge

Yule Pledge.  URL in pic.

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A Thanksgiving Story

In 1620 a group of Pilgrims soon to arrive in Massachusetts (instead of Virginia where they intended to settle because they were out of beer) signed a historic document called the Mayflower Compact. They pledged to share the labor, produce, and government of their new village in a new land. The Mayflower Compact has been taught in American schools for almost 400 years as a "historic advance" in human government.   It was taught in school when I was in school.
During their first winter many of the Pilgrims died of starvation and disease. In 1621 the Pilgrims managed to put up some crude huts and plant some crops. When their meager crops were harvested they invited local natives to bring food for a feast of thanksgiving.   They teetered on the brink of starvation for 1622 as well.  Governor Bradford wrote that young men who would be able to do more work were unwilling to work as hard as they could because they were not rewarded for their labors.
In 1623 the surviving Pilgrims scrapped their “historic advance” in human government. It was a failure. Community ownership of property, redistribution of produce and the fruits of labor was a failure then as it always is.  In 1623 the Pilgrims abandoned their communal property redistribution system. They gave every family their own land and private ownership of the production of their labors. They instituted a free market system, and Massachusetts Bay Colony thrived and prospered.  In 1623 corn planting and harvesting greatly increased.  There was plenty of beer for everyone.  That part is NOT taught in American schools.
Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and voted for Odumbo.

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. If you are a White Man

I've been watching all the post-election analysis on the news channels and networks. The one thing that all the liberal "analysts" and pundits are saying is that the Republicans are "white men" and therefore losers. The racism/sexism against white men is total and vehement.

I have been saying for 4 years that the current political situation in the US is a repeat and a copy of the German National Socialist Labor Party of the 1930s. The part I missed was to identify the "Jews" that they hated and blamed all their problems on, but it becomes more and more clear. Its now obvious even to someone like myself who hasn't wanted to believe it.

They hate white men.

Before Odumbo became a politician he was a "neighborhood organizer." What does a "neighborhood organizer" do? He promotes racist hatred of white men. That is who he is. His book tells of his hatred of white men. Read his book. His church taught racist hatred of white men. When he was first inaugurated in 2009 NBC said, "Take That!" to white men. And now, his whole propaganda machine teaches hatred of white men.

Hatred of white men has been taught to a whole generation of youth at every college and university in the US as "woman’s studies" and feminism. The Department of Education now requires all K-12 teachers to believe the hatred of white men to get a certificate to teach children in the US. That has been going on for at least 10 years and was actually their requirement for a lot longer than that before it was written into law. Of course they call it “belief in diversity” or some other euphemism that means hating white men. You don't have to look very far on the Internet to find feminist web sites advocating the extermination of men.

For several decades they have been systematically replacing white men in management positions of government with blacks, non-whites, and females. They call it “affirmative action” and “diversity” but what it has done is a black, non-white, and female takeover of government. Under Pretender Odumbo they have been rapidly replacing the remaining white men with blacks, hispanics, and females. All their propaganda machine cheers when females and non-whites take control. Under Odumbo they have been rapidly replacing the US Military officer corps with non-whites and females. Any white man who objects or complains is punished and demoted. Many white men don't complain. Many white men today were raised by single misandrist mothers and trained for two decades in anti-white K-12 indoctrination centers. Many white men today believe their dogma that white men are “the problem.” In the 1930s there were lots of Jews who helped with that extermination program too. When Odumbo begins the planned exterminations, there will be few white men left in power to object.

In the past few days the whole media/propaganda machine has renewed their attacks on white men. They blame white men for the Republican losses and are insisting that Republicans will have to abandon white men to continue as a political force. They teach hate in all their media, films, print newspapers, schools, colleges, sit-comes, comedy shows, etc. The Department of Justice is officially ordered not to prosecute blacks or other minorities who commit crimes against white men. When a white man is attacked and beaten on the street, its "not a crime." The police state won't bother to investigate or prosecute the attackers. Its what they want to happen.

The similarities between Odumbo' s socialism/union/racism/sexism regime and the German National Socialist Labor Party of the 1930s is so stark that any white man in the US should be terrified. In the 1930s the Jews refused to believe that their published and obvious plan was what they really meant. It was just to horrific to be true. Only a very few managed to run, and to choose somewhere far enough to run. Most were unable to run so they didn't believe. If we look at what has happened in African nations over the past half century there are many examples of genocide against white men. In Kenya, in Sudan, in Zimbabwe, there have been models, the “Dreams of My Father” that Pretender Odumbo tells us clearly about in his book. When black African nations exterminated whites, it resulted in poverty, starvation, and death of many blacks. That did not and did not stopped their hate and extermination of white men, nor will it stop Odumbo's racist agenda.

Credible rumors say that they have "FEMA Camps" in several states.  Also here.  They have been buying millions of rounds of hollow point ammunition for every agency from the IRS to Department of Education. Hollow point is banned for war, but not for Odumbo. They are moving rapidly. Their propaganda machine is working hard. Their next step is immanent.

The propaganda machine has begun advocating that Odumbo should just take over and ignore Congress. It may already be too late. White men in the US should be very afraid. If you can run, run now. Get out while you still can.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Odumbo's Fail in Afghanistan!

Did you see the news today? Odumbo's army in Afghanistan went wild through a village killing women and children. The media points their fingers away, blaming only some poor suffering sergeant who has spent 3 tours in Iraq and then was sent to a hopeless war in Afghanistan where Odumbo apologizes for Americans and the troops keep getting killed. Odumbo has made a disaster of what was a success story only 3 years ago. He destroys the US Army, makes enemies of our friends, and apologizes for America, again.

Instead of apologizing for America, Odumbo needs to apologize to the American people and resign. What a disaster he has been.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Designed to Fail.

I cannot comprehend why homes and other buildings constructed in tornado alley are built of match sticks that blow apart into a hundred thousand pieces when the first storm comes by. Its not like the people who live there don't know that they are living with tornadoes. Its not like they don't know that its only a matter of time until the wind comes and blows it away.

Several decades ago I read a study done by an engineering professor from the University of Iowa. They suggested some modest improvements to the structure of homes so that they would withstand the force of a tornado. He estimated that structural improvements would cost about 10% more. Engineering is not all that complicated. Its not like we don't have competent engineers who can design structures for EXPECTED winds. Its not like our ancestors haven't been building homes for a million years.

Last year in Alabama 250 people died and thousands more were injured when their crackerbox homes blew apart. One might expect that engineers, building standards committees, local building code officials, and government regulations would notice all the death and destruction. One might think that mindless liberals have a brain. Neither assumption would be true. In today's news we read of a man who's home blew away last year, so he built a new home just as fragile and flimsy as his previous home. It lasted 10 months. The new home was built just as poorly as his first home, and it blew apart just as easily. They are Designed To Fail. See other story.

It wouldn't take that much. Much of the damage is caused by lift, the rest is side pressure and damage from flying debris coming from your neighbor's house. The lift pressure and side pressure are not infinite. They are known and calculable. If you have 100 pounds of lift per square foot of house, build a house that weighs 200 pounds per square foot. Put a foot of concrete on your foot, for example. Put the concrete on the ground and tie your roof down with wood posts or steel straps. It isn't that hard. All it takes is half a brain and the decision to do it.

The 250 deaths last year, and those this week are the direct fault of home builders and code officials who sell crackerbox homes to unsuspecting buyers that don't know any better. They should be hanged for professional neglegence causing the death of 250 people. Most of the public wrongly believes that the homes they buy, the ones “built to code” are adequately designed for the area they are built. The fools who bought and live in the homes are at fault too, of course. Anyone living in a tornado area should demand that adequate structural strength is designed and constructed into the home. There is no excuse whatsoever for a fool to have his replacement home blown away 10 months later. That's just stupid. I'll bet he voted for Odumbo. That's just how stupid it is.

You can fix homes that blew away, but you can't fix STUPID!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street. “Eradicate Males.”

Filmed by ABC News on November 16, 2011, the Occupy Wall Street march carried a sign saying “Eradicate Males.” In the still photo, unlike the one broadcast on ABC Network News, the sign carrier apparently is not displaying her hate sign as prominently as in the video.

This level of sexist hate by organized feminism has been their real goal for more than a century, but seldom is it disclosed in public. In any less radical group than Occupy Wall Street that kind of advocacy of Holocaust style extermination of half the human race would not be tolerated, but this is the radical Bolsheviks of OWS. Their psychotic hate for themselves and all productive people is what fuels their protest. Eradicating half the human race, the half that produces all the food, clothing, shelter, and their iPhones, is what they call a worthy goal.

Eradicate Males Sign

These are Odumbo's people. They are creating revolution to promote Odumbo to Dictator. They are all about hate and destruction of good men.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Universities Promote Fag Rape of Children -- DUH!

Colleges and Universities all across America promote and teach old faggot perverts raping children. The play Vagina Monologues promotes old homos doing perverted sex with children. Perverts using children for sick sex is said to be “beautiful.” The play focuses on old female fags raping children, but the message of perverted child rape is the same for old men fags and children. It is taught at virtually every university in the United States. Penn State University produced Vagina Monologues again in February 2011.

This week the fag perverts from Penn State University were fired for doing the fag perversion that has been taught there and at so many other Universities. This past week a scandal broke at Penn State University when numerous boys, now young men, complained that they had been raped at Penn State University by Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky. Rape of boys had been going on for decades with the knowledge and acquiescence of Football Coach Joe Paterno, University President Graham Spanier, and other University officials. This past week both Coach Paterno and President Spanier were fired by the Board of Trustees.

I have to wonder where the Board of Trustees were last February when the University was promoting and teaching perversion and rape of children? Where are the Board of Trustees at 700 other Universities in the United States when they produce plays that teach sexual perversion and rape of children? Yes, we know where they are. They are promoting faggotry under the lying title of “Diversity.” This week at Penn State University the story became public, and lieyers are going to clean out their treasury for accepting sexual violence against children.

Thousands of students at Penn State University held a riot to protest the firing of faggot child rapers. Students have all been taught by the University that perversion is “Diversity.” Students don't understand why the Board of Trustees would fire the perverts over a few dozen children being raped in the sports locker rooms. Its very confusing. They teach perversion at Penn State and other Universities, and then turn around and pretend that perversion is wrong.

Universities all across America are just as corrupt, just as perverted, and just as guilty as the fired President and Football Coach of Penn State. The University near Bob produced Vagina Monologues promoting faggot perversion and child rape just last month. How long has it been taught at the University near you? How many children were raped there by old fags this year? How much will it cost taxpayers near you when it is discovered by lieyers? Are you acquiescing or protesting?

UPDATE November 13, 2011.
Another Univeristy is also dirty. The Citadel military college in South Carolina, revealed on Saturday that it had investigated accusations against a camp counselor but took no action. Almost every University in the US promotes and encourages old fags to prey on children. Not surprised that more stories are coming out.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Congress Fails to Cut Peace Whore Scam

Ronald Reagan once observed that the closest thing to eternal life is a Government program. One of the programs that outlived its purpose decades ago is the US Peace Corps. The Peace Corps was started half a century ago by President Kennedy. Its purpose was to spread knowledge about America and good will in impoverished nations. The Peace Corps was part of Cold War competition with the former Soviet Union's attempts to spread global communism. The Peace Corps operated by recruiting libtard volunteers to go live with African villagers in mud huts. They supposedly brought some knowledge and skills to help put in wells, built mud huts, and taught impoverished natives about how “good” American libtards can be.

Whether the Peace Corps ever did any good is a matter of opinion. The Soviet Union eventually collapsed, but not because of the Peace Corps. A few mud huts were built in far off lands. Libtard fools were given jobs at public expense to waste a few more years after wasting their best years studying mush in colleges. From the beginning it was a waste of money, but did little harm.

One of the unusual aspects of the Peace Corps is that none of its employees or managers were allowed by law to keep their job more than 5 years. The result of that rule was a loss of institutional memory and a resulting loss of management direction. As decades went by, the Peace Corps deteriorated. Its original mission had faded into history. There was no more Cold War competition with global communism. Nobody, from the volunteer libtards to the management office, knew why they still existed. By the 1980s the Peace Corps had become primarily a supplier of white whores for dictators, smugglers, and 3rd world power brokers.

For example was a woman from California. She was sent to Africa where she was soon moved from a mud hut to the executive suite in their largest city. Her duties ranged from parading as a white trophy of The Boss in his Mercedes limo, sharing his bed, sucking cum from his black dick, and smuggling blood diamonds and other high priced contraband into the US on Peace Corps transportation. For her efforts she was paid minimum wages and protected by the Peace Corps. Her naive belief in libtard agendas for creating “World Peace” were long gone. Her Peace Corps job, like so many other pretty white US women, was to be a trophy whore for 3rd world power brokers. Eventually there was some local "unrest" among gang leaders, and she herself was smuggled out of the African nation late one night in a US Diplomatic plane.

Over years of benign neglect the Peace Corps lost its position in the hierarchy of 3rd world nations. Peace Corps whores no longer command space in the Big Boss's limo. Now the American whores get shuffled off to some lower level functionary and his friends. Beginning in the 1990s some former Peace Corps whores have complained that whoring for 3rd world smugglers was not the job they were promised by Peace Corps campus recruiters. Some alleged they had been “raped” by the men they had been sent to provide services for. The idealistic whores didn't get the message. The Peace Corps exists to send whores, and everyone but the idealistic American libtards knows it. Like Odumbo's mother, most liberal American whores are so happy to get laid that they never complain, you can't rape a cow who's chasing dick. But some of them got banged by just some average men, not by a rich dude in a limo. Getting banged by some average guy is “rape,” and every college educated feminist knows it.

Eventually the whining whores got the attention of some manginas in Congress. Boo Hoo, I was “raped.” Boo Hoo. The US Congress had a historic opportunity to do something good for a change. It was time to get rid of a government program that long ago lost its mission and purpose. Congress had a historic opportunity to actually cut spending, cut waste, cut an obsolete government program, and save tax money. But would they do it? LOLOL. We are talking Congress.

As of this date both Houses of Congress have passed S.1280, the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act of 2011. Ms. Puzey was one of the Piece Corps whores who screamed "RAPE!" after she got banged by some lower echelon men instead of riding in a Mercedes. The Puzey Protection act adds a lot of misandrist law about protection of their whores from banging by undesirable men. It transfers power to the whore instead of the men, and gives her a lot of opportunity to collect big lawsuits if she “feels raped” on her job. All of this increases taxpayer cost for the Piece Whores.

This disgrace was done as “bi-partisan.” Both Democraps and Repubs are equally misandrist. Neither of them are concerned about saving OUR money or eliminating a dead program. Shame on them all.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to Punish Illegal Alien Invaders

For the past several decade invading armies of Mexicans and other nationals have ignored American law, violated our borders, and trespassed in our communities. Our governments seem to be unable to deal with the problems because of the huge number of criminals. Thousands of border guards are just overwhelmed. What is needed to control the problem is a law that will reward all Americans citizens for participation in controlling the invasion while being an incentive for the invaders to go back home. Here is the best proposed solution I've seen yet.

The US Constitution, 13th Amendment, specifically authorizes involuntary servitude for criminals. Since every illegal alien invader in the US is a criminal who violates our laws, the Constitutional authority for involuntary servitude applies to them. It should be applied to all border crossing invaders.

To discourage illegal invasion of our nation we need to reward those who report criminals by giving the criminal to them for 5 or 10 years of involuntary servitude. Anyone who identifies or captures a criminal alien could, upon summary trial and conviction, put the captured criminal to work at whatever task they need doing for 5 or 10 years. After the period of indentured service the criminal would then be deported.

Businesses could report illegal aliens who apply for jobs, and then put them to work for 5 or 10 years without pay. It would encourage American business and discourage illegal alien criminals. Applying for American jobs to earn money would be impossible.

Home owners could report illegal aliens in their neighborhood and then put them to work mowing the lawn, painting the home, cleaning or cooking, doing all the hard or dirty jobs around the home. Or, they could sell the indentured servant's labor to a business or labor contractor at a nice profit.

The services of criminal invaders caught by the US Border Patrol, Immigration Service, or Local Sheriffs could be sold to labor contractors, and the profits used to reduce taxpayer cost of enforcing our laws.

Labor contractors could purchase the services of several criminals and hire them out for road construction, farming, mining, or any other difficult or dangerous tasks.

The only cost to Americans would be an old storage shed for several of them to sleep in and a sack of dried beans for them to eat. Hard working labor has to have a healthy diet. At the end of their years of involuntary service they would be sent home.

This program would greatly discourage illegal aliens from coming to the US. There would be no criminals taking well paid American jobs to earn money. There would be no American businesses looking the other way to hire criminal aliens when they could get their labor for free. Most criminal aliens already here would stampede for the border, leaving the US before they got caught. Cities and towns across America would experience greatly reduced costs for schools, hospitals, roads, police, and public services. With the criminal stampede ended, our border patrol and immigration services would have time to round up the rest.

Again, involuntary service for criminals is specifically authorized by the US Constitution. Its time to get tough on the criminals who are invading our nation by the millions. Put them to work as punishment for their crime, and then send them home. It is not difficult to protect our nation from invasion. All that is needed is the will to do so. This proposal would punish criminal aliens, reward Americans who have been violated, and discourage wholesale violation of American law.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

FREE MEN Must Stand Together,

or We Die Alone.
Many MEN are unaware that the US was constituted as a nation of FREE MEN who took care of any "crime" in their neighborhood without having gangs of roving gun thugs in blue shirts preying on them. What we know today as "police" were created in the late 19th century by socialist "Progressive" politicians after more than a century of freedom. The "Local Police" began in the completely corrupt Tammany Hall of NYC and spread rapidly to other cities. The "Local Police" are corrupt gangs of gun thugs who's job is to rob, terrorize, control, beat up, kill, and otherwise control MEN. They work every day to find excuses to send as many otherwise free MEN to hellhole prison for some fictitious "crime." They are the sworn enemies of every free MAN, the enemies of families and children, and the enemies of freedom itself. Their methods are parallel to military officers of WW I shooting men for being afraid of death. To own, control, and terrorize men is what they do to keep corrupt politicians in power.

Feminasty hate programs such as rape-hate and phony “domestic violence” gave the blue gun thugs new excuses to attack men and create fear among our brothers. Drug laws, alcohol control laws, gun laws, clothing laws, traffic laws, laws, laws, laws all are excuses to own, control, terrorize, and destroy free MEN. The only real crimes are assaults against other men, and free men take care of those crimes by ourselves. The blue gun thug gangs murder more MEN than they protect.

Free men would be much better off without the lying blue filth. Never give them the time of day without talking to a lieyer first. Yes, you do mind if they look. If you are ever selected for a jury the verdict is "not guilty" no matter what the man is accused of by sworn liars. Even the Supreme Court of the United Stats has warned all the people never to believe a single thing the blue filth ever says. When some femiNazi is wasted, men today should stand up together and cheer. When some blue shirt thug is put down, free men today should stand up together and cheer. When your corrupt local politicians ask you for more money, the answer is NO. Free MEN must recapture freedom in America to end their century long reign of terror.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

One MAN Makes a Difference

In the News. A California cow thought she could rob her husband, take his children and his money, and bind him into 15 years of indentured servitude to pay her for destroying his family. All her femiNazi friends at the hair salon cheered her “victory” over men. Only it didn't work out so well this time because one MAN refused to go quietly into the night as ordered by femiNazi and their lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell.

In Seal Beach, Calif. The misandrist cow was mooing with her herd at the Salon Meritage when her husband, Scott Dekraai, decided to fight back against the feminist evil tide. His estranged wife, Michelle Dekraai, worked there as a licensed cosmetologists. All the other cows, owners, and customers cackled and mooed over her “victory” in divorcing her husband. But this time they learned the hard way that you can't just destroy every man.

Scott Dekraai grew up with his step grandfather. His grandmother had destroyed his real grandfather's family. His step grandfather favored his own blood daughter and left her most of his money. Scott's mother left his father somewhere, we don't know when, but Scott lived with a step grandfather because his own birth family had been destroyed by feminists and their hate war against families. Scott's first attempt to form a decent family ended when his first wife divorced him. He tried at marriage a 2nd time and had a son with his 2nd wife. She left him when he was injured in a work accident while earning a living for her and his son.

Many men do hard, dirty, dangerous work to provide for our families, but feminist wives only care about the money. If we get hurt on the job, she's moving on. Second wife, Ms. Feminazi Fournier left him while he was in hospital. Grandfather – left by femiNazi cow. Father – left by femiNazi cow. First wife – femiNazi cow left him. Second wife – femiNazi cow left him and took his child. Many men commit suicide. Scott was a 3rd generation boy from femiNazi cows playing the divorce game, and Scott had now lost twice. Scott took action.

This time Scott Dekraai fought back against the evil of femiNazi destruction. This time a MAN taught them a lesson they won't forget. This time the evil femiNazi cow and her femiNazi sista's lay dead in a pool of blood. This time she won't get custody or lifetime “support” payments. This time their laughter ended. This time, the only "support" she got was several ounces of hot lead, and 6 feet of good earth. This time her evil femiNazi sista's got the same.

Of course the pigs are squealing, “Oink, oink, oink,.” Of course the femiNazi media is whining, “Moo, moo, moo.” Of course the lieyers and agents of Satan in black robes of hell are upset. A MAN fought back against their evil, and the family destroying cow is dead along with her femiNazi supporters.

For heroism and taking action against evil Mr. Scott Dekraai is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Scott Dekraai

Across America real MEN are celebrating today. Yahoo/AP news censors are working overtime to delete all the comments from MEN who cheer for the victory against evil. At least one brave man in California is unwilling to accept feminist slavery. At least one man is willing to defend his family. At least one MAN made a difference.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

O'dumbo Begins New Anti-Jobs Initiative

Just when you may have been tempted to think that O'dumbo is promoting jobs and economic recovery in America, the O'dumbo regime initiates another major attack on banking and home building industries. In the past week O'dumbo launched a major legal attack at Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Deutsche Bank, among others. See Business Times Article

O'dumbo's socialist propaganda machine says he is “focusing on jobs” and making a “Jobs Initiative” speech to Congress. Behind the headlines O'dumbo is waging a massive regulations and lawsuits war to destroy as much business and stop as many American jobs as he can. This latest assault on lending for home construction is just part of his ongoing war against American people.

Do you have a home you would love to sell? Have you lost your home? Have you lost your life savings that was invested in your home? Or, do you want to buy a home but wonder if you can get a loan? Were you once employed in construction, finance, marketing, lumber, building products, or any other industries related to home ownership? Are you glad that O'dumbo is working so hard to “CHANGE” America from an economic powerhouse to a 3rd world impoverished nation? Are you ready to rethink the political lies they once taught you in school? Are you been hit hard enough yet to consider giving up the National Socialist Labor Party (Democrats)?

We are engaged in an epic struggle between American freedom and Fascist socialism in America. Are you ready to join the TEA Party and help to take back America for freedom and prosperity?

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Devaluing a Dollar

The price of a dollar took another dive this week, but most sheep don't understand what's going on. The communist media tells us that the "price of gold" is going up. Wrong!

It is a mistake to think that the "price of gold" has been going up. That is the communist government's lie. The price of an oz of gold is always exactly an oz of gold. What has changed is that the price of a dollar has gone down, and down, and down. When communist FDR took office a dollar was worth about 1/20 of an oz of gold. Over the past 80 years, one lifetime, the price of a dollar has declined to about 1% of its value when FDR took office. Instead of being worth 1/20 oz of gold, a dollar is now worth only about 1/2000 of an oz of gold.

Who does that benefit? Who owns most of the gold in the US? Who bought the gold for $20 per oz and immediately afterward lowered the value of a dollar to 1/32 of an oz? Who owes most of the debt in the US that can be paid off in worthless dollars? You guessed it. Government corruption is robbing America again. This week they are planning to print more worthless dollars, to devalue dollars further.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Now playing at your local theater and in the San Fransicko Bay area.

The headlines from San Fransicko read, “Two shot, one attacked, at NFL pre-season game.” The headline is a huge understatement. During a NFL game between Oakland Raiders and San Fransicko 49ers, there was a large brawl in the stands. Several men were injured in the brawl. Neither the teams nor the police did anything to stop the violence. Yahoo story

Later on, one man was attacked in the restroom and was beaten so badly he became unconscious. After the game the violence escalated in the parking area. Two men were shot in different parts of the lot. The NFL should not tolerate this kind of violence at games. The PC lamestream media will not report the whole story, who was responsible, and contributing factors like racism.

In youth leagues they often permanently close any team that cannot control its fans. Some years ago my sons played in a youth soccer league. Fans of one team got violent and attacked a referee. The league canceled the team and permanently banned all the players and all members of the families of players from any further participation. That was in addition to legal action for assault. The league let it be known to all teams and their fans that violence by fans would not be tolearated.

In Europe a few years ago the Soccer leagues banned English teams for a few decades because the fans were not controlled.

If this was caused by Oakland fans the the Oakland Raiders franchise should be permanently canceled and the owner permanently banned from owning any franchise in the NFL. If names of all Oakland Raiders ticket holders are known they should all be permanently barred from buying NFL tickets.

If this violence was caused by San Fransicko fans, then it should happen to the 49ers and fans. If it was fans of both teams, then both team franchises should be canceled. And of course, no other team franchise should be allowed for the same city.

This kind of violence is unacceptable, and the NFL needs to come down hard. Violence, brawls in the stadium, beatings in washrooms, and shootings in parking lots will not be tolerated.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Owe-dumbo illegally blocks JOBS.

While Owe-dumbo has been out touring America in his foreign made bus touting "Made in America" jobs, his administration has been illegally blocking tens of thousands of good high paying jobs in the oil and gas industry.

On Monday, August 15, Federal Court Judge Nancy D. Freudenthal (Appointed by Owe-dumbo) ruled that his Interior Department had adopted rules in deliberate violation of Congress passed law in order to stop legal oil and gas production. See published news story.

The judge ruled that the Owe-dumbo regime deliberately violate law passed by Congress intended to authorize and promote American oil production.

With a compulsive liar blocking jobs in America we have a deliberate economic failure in the United Sates. All your friends who can't find a job is being done deliberately and illegally by Owe-dumbo and his regime. Owe-dumbo has also given us gas prices close to $4 and continuing dependency on middle eastern oil because he illegally blocks American oil production.

Owe-dumbo is a criminal violation of his office. His "birth certificate" is a badly done Photoshop forgery. His Social Security number is identity theft from a dead Connecticut man. He is not even eligible to hold his office, and he continuously violates the law to deliberately destroy America.

He ought to do the honorable thing and resign. Congress should do its job and impeach the incompetent imposted.

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Owe-dumbo's Bus Tour Creates Foreign Jobs

For the past 3 days Owe-dumbo has been touring middle America in a huge black armored FOREIGN MADE bus. The tour and the speeches purports to be all about creating American jobs. But with a compulsive liar like Owe-dumbo we always have to watch what he does, not what he says. His speeches are all about “Made in America.” See FOX rews report

Owe-dumbo is promoting foreign jobs by buying a foreign made armored bus. He could have bought a “Made in America” bus. Owe-dumbo is a compulsive liar and bad for America.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

FAA Bill Blocked by Senate

Some of you readers may wonder what is going on with the FAA and Congress. Well, its another Pretender Obama mismanagement problem. Its the National Socialist Labor Party demanding radical change to labor law and a continuation of subsidies to corporate jets.

The law creating and re-authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expires every 5 years. For half a century the Congress has renewed the law when it expired. It usually is the President's job to send his Department and Agency heads over to Congress with a proposed annual budget and occasional proposed re-authorization bill. But Obama has no management skill and neither does his staff. For the past 3 years nobody in the Obama regime came to Congress with a proposed renewal for the FAA. Since Pretender Obama took office he has not managed to lead a reauthorization. During the first 2 years of Obama, the Congress kept passing temporary extensions of the FAA law because no leadership was coming from the Obama administration. To avoid a total shut down of all US Airports and collapse of the Air transportation industry, Congress has been passing temporary extensions, and temporary extensions, and more temporary extensions.

The one thing the National Socialist Labor Party fascist in the White House did was to arbitrarily declare a revision to 75 years of labor law. Without a required Congressional enactment of law changes, The Pretender's Labor Board sought to change the way labor elections have always been done. Since the beginning of US labor law back in the 1930s, a union has had to get buy-in from a majority of workers in a company or factory for the union to be declared as the representative of ALL workers. That has made it difficult for unions to take control of industries where most workers are satisfied to negotiate directly without union representation. Obama's directed change says that only a majority of the employee votes that the union succeeds in obtaining need to be positive to declare the whole company a union shop. They also have elminted secret ballots on union elections. Employees who have avoided the union meetings, and or union thugs no longer would be counted. If the union obtains votes from only 10 workers, but 6 of them want a union, then under Pretender Obama's new unilateral law the other 500 employees now have to pay union dues. That is a radical change that usurps the authority of Congress and unilaterally changes long standing law enacted by Congress.

Now that Republicans have taken over the People's House they are taking action to move forward even without any leadership coming from the Pretender. They enacted a FAA reauthorization bill which includes many provisions. For example, it authorizes conversion of air traffic control systems to a new GPS based system replacing the obsolete radar based systems. One of the provisions in the FAA bill passed by the House affirms 75 years of labor law and prohibits Pretender Obama's illegal unilateral change to that law affecting air transportation and rail transportation workers. As you might expect, the Senate marches to the same Union Labor tune as Pretender Obama. The Senate passed a version of the FAA bill without the prohibition of radical change in labor law. Senators blame the House for "changing" labor law, rolling back Pretneder Obama's illegal changes. To date, the Senate continues to refuse to approve renewal of the FAA Authorization Law with its restoration of 75 years of labor law.

Because of the impasse over radical labor law changes demanded by Pretender Obama and the Senate, both houses passed another temporary extension. But there is a catch in that too. Republicans added a provision limiting subsidies for Corporate Jets to no more than $1,000 per passenger if the corporate jet airport is withing an hour drive of a major airport. See Bob's article. Lies, Corporate Jet Lies, and Damn Lies! The Democrap Senate would not pass that either. Despite all their soap box rhetoric about “corporate jets' they are willing to close down the FAA to continue subsidies in excess of $1,000 per passenger.

You may hear a lot of Democrap demagoguing about Republicans on the FAA bill. Democraps blame Republicans for “blocking” the bill and “threatening” the FAA. Today on the Senate floor Senator Boxer spent an hour blaming and pointing fingers, and then offered another substitute bill to be sent to the House. A Republican Senator objected. He pointed out that the House has left for an August recess. He suggested that the Senate accept the House temporary extension with the limit on corporate jet subsidies and send it to Pretender Obama. Ms. Boxer objected. She would rather demagogue Republicans than actually save the FAA.

So here we sit. Congress has taken a month long vacation, all of August.

The FAA Re-Authorization bill is blocked by the Senate Democraps who demand radical change to labor law.

The FAA temporary extension bill is blocked by Senate Democraps who demand to continue subsidizing corporate jets more than $1,000 per passenger.

At the next election, do not vote for the National Socialist Labor Party candidate. Vote for freedom and real government. Support your local TEA Party. We must recapture America.

Bob recommends that you consider driving to your destination. O'dumbo's “gate rape” program has gotten so offensive and airline mistreatment has gotten so bad that Bob no longer participates. If you can't get there by land or sea, you are better off staying home.

UPDATE August 5, 2011

Yesterday the Democraps in the Senate went on TV and blathered about Republicans "holding a gun to our head," complete with finger pointing at head gestures. O'dumbo's Secretary of Transportation went on TV and bashed TEA Party members. Then a Republican member of the House Transportation Committee went on C-SPAN and explained at length how the Republican temporary FAA extension bill (passed weeks ago) included only language COPIED from a Senate bill that all the libtards had voted for in April. By late afternoon the libtards finally read the House bill and announced that "Pretender O'dumbo and Senators have negotiated a settlement to the FAA impasse." The "negotiated settlement" was to read the House bill and find out that it was their own previous language. If libtards had a brain they would be dangerous. The Senate is expected to pass the House temporary FAA extension bill today and send it to Pretender O'dumbo.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Congress Agrees to Bankrupt the Nation

The media today is all over a secret back room "deal" to allow unlimited borrowing by Obama.

The back room deal gives Obama an unlimited printing of blank checks drawn on the sweat of our backs and the future of our children.

Congress sold the people down the river again. There are NO spending cuts at all. They only agree to reduce somewhat the amount of SPENDING INCREASES in some mythical future years.

Let me repeat that:




It promises $12 Trillion in MORE BORROWING over 10 years. That will total $25 Trillion by 2020, an unsustainable debt on a GNP of around $15 Trillion.

It promises to rescind the so-called "BUSH tax cuts" and raise taxes right after the 2012 election.

It does nothing to reduce the massive Obamacare taxes now part of the law, and which will take effect right after the 2012 election.

The secret back room "deal" guarantees huge tax increases, huge debt increases, and NO spending cuts. But it gives you all the smoke and mirrors you can stomach.

The proposed agreement guarantees to bankrupt the US Government and push the entire US economy into total collapse. It guarantees $100 gas if you can find any for sale. It guarantees $100 bread, if you stand in line for 3 hours to get one. We better be stockpiling food and ammunition. We are going to need it.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Communist Agenda

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. The phrase summarizes the principles of a communist society

Today Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the others say, “Tax the Rich.” And, “Support the most needy.

Same slogan, same political agenda, same Communism, different words.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

So-Called “Dark Energy” is Silly

Quite a while ago when Bob was studying physics in university, we often had to do experiments and then use physical laws and math to show calculations that were consistent with observed physical results. Sometimes when our calculations didn't fit the results we got students were tempted to use what we called the “fudge factor.” Multiply your calculated results by “the fudge factor” and it matched observed data. For obvious reason the Professor did not accept calculations with a fudge factor. Either our calculations were wrong or we had not done our experiments accurately.

Over the past few years astronomers and physicists have observed distant galaxies and found interesting things. First they found that the observed motions did not fit their knowledge of physical forces so they created a hypothetical fudge factor called “dark matter.” The dark matter is said to be about ¾ of all matter, but is unseen and perhaps unsee able. Over the past 10 years physicists have spent millions of taxpayer dollars looking for dark matter, but haven't found any. Fudge factors don't exist in physical space.

The “dark matter” fudge wasn't enough. More recently the astronomers looked out into space and “determined” that distant galaxies are moving away from the earth, and the farther away they are the faster they move away. Distant galaxies appear to be accelerating away from each other and from us. That didn't fit with their known theories so they invented another, and even larger fudge factor called “dark energy.” So-called “dark energy” is said to make up about ¾ of all the mass in the universe. Between mythical dark matter and mythical dark energy, observable mass is down to maybe 5% or 10% of the universe. The other 95% is now said to be “dark,” unobserved, or just mythical. The fudge factor.

These fudge factors have now been integrated into the physics and astronomy being taught in universities. Instead of taking another look at their data, or their theories, they use the convenient fudge factors.

Here is one other theory. Suppose that the “observed fact” that distant galaxies are accelerating away is wrong. Lets look at the measurements. Astronomers measure the velocity of distant objects by looking at the color of light. Objects moving away from us are assumed to cause a shift toward red, or a “red shift.” The theory says, the more blue the light, the faster the galaxy is coming toward us. If light shifts red, then the galaxy is moving rapidly away.

Doppler shift works with sound waves in air and is easy to observe. The sound tone lowers as the speeding car moves past. But I can't recall ever seeing an experiment that demonstrated the same effect from light. Does light also shift color depending on the velocity of the source? There are some interesting relativistic properties of light that may not work the same as sound waves. Light acts like a wave, but also acts like a particle called a "photon." If any reader knows of and can cite a published experiment that demonstrates wave frequency shift of light depending on the velocity of the source please provide a citation.

Light is almost a total mystery. There is very little known about its physical structure. Is each photon made up of 10 zillion little photoids? Nobody knows. Does a photon slowly lose photoids and therefore total energy over billions of years? Nobody knows. Light color is a composite measure of the energy of its photons. A loss of energy from a photon shifts it red, but does not change its velocity - “c.” The farther away a galaxy is from earth, the more billions of years the photons have to lose energy and shift to red. Perhaps, instead of accelerating away from each other and from us, the light from distant galaxies is shifting red by some kind of degradation of he light. Its a lot less complicated theory than inventing “dark energy” making up ¾ of the universe. Use Occam's razor, a review of the observations makes more sense than inventing some huge mythical dark energy or dark matter. Lets go back to reality. Science has lost its way, and not just in pushing the fraud of “global warming.” Something is wrong with the observations. We just don't know enough about light to claim that accurate measurements have been made of the speed of the most distant galaxies. Lets get real. Lets go back to the data and the measurements. That's where the errors lie.

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