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Monday, August 31, 2009

Arrest the Nearest Available Man

When you come home and find your entire family beaten to death, DO NOT dial 911. If a MAN makes that mistake, the blue gun thugs will come out and arrest him, toss him in a cell, torture and try to destroy him. He will be lucky to get out alive.

For example, this past week there was a mass murder in BRUNSWICK, GA. A young man came home and found his family beaten and dead. He panicked and called 911. The blue gun thugs came out and arrested him. Guy Heinze Jr.,screamed into the phone, “My whole family is dead! It looks like they've been beaten to death. I don't know what to do, man." The blue gun thugs knew what to do. They do what they always do. They arrested the nearest available man. Now he has the grief of losing his whole family, seeing them beaten to bloody meat, and in addition the trauma of arrest, jail cells, and lieyer hearings before agents of Satan in black robes of hell. While in their prison they will torture him trying to invent a “confession.” See Yahoo news story

The blue gun thugs are NOT here to protect any man. They are always looking for an excuse to send a man to hell. We don't need them. We don't want them. And we all would be a lot better off if the lot of them were run out of town on a rial by the decent men of the community.

If you are ever in a situation where you are tempted to call 911, think again. Put down the phone. As we once said in the 1960s, when you are in trouble, call a hippie. At least you won't end up in a cold steel cage.

A long time ago in a land far, far away, there once were free men.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Hate Season at Washington Hate University

As college students return for fall classes across America, campus blue gun thugs are using fictional stories of “woman attacked” to spread anti-men fear and hate. Typical of the anti-men fear and hate being promoted by anti-men bigots on Campus is the “Woman Attacked at WSU” story that was widely distributed last week. At Washington State University (WSU Pac-10) college President Elson (Hate) Floyd offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the fictional average man on campus. Misandrist regional TV “news” (hate) organizations rushed to publish the stories of women being attacked on campus. Meetings were held at all the WSU residences for women to spread fear of men, “go in groups,” “don't go at night,” “be afraid of men,” “men are violent and evil.” The message was spread loud and clear, far and wide. Women should fear and hate men they were told. That is the "education" that our daughters now are taught at American colleges and universities.

As the story began to fade, a second woman, a copycunt, wanted to get into the publicity about being attacked, so they had a 2nd fictional story to use in their smear campaign against men.

Finally in a 3rd story a woman claimed she was tied up and injured.

None of these stories were validated for truth. In a journalistic frenzy reminiscent of Dan Rather and CBS News, the fear agencies ran with the story without checking the source or validating its credibility. As Damn Rather said after his lies were exposed, "The story may have been fiction but the message was true." Misandrist hate mongers on campus and at media outlets don't care if the stories are fiction as long as it promotes their distorted view of "truth." They hate men and wish to teach women to hate and fear men. That is their "truth" which is now being taught at WSU and at every college and university across America.

Eventually at WSU the fictional stories started to come apart. One woman who supposedly was attacked admitted that she made the whole thing up because she wanted attention and she wanted to encourage fear of men. First and 3rd attacks fiction.

The fear and hate of men is big business at colleges. The blue gun thugs parade and squeal in a feeding frenzy, casting suspicion on every man. College Presidents lie to microphones. Nothing is too low to spread fear and contempt for men. Washington Hate University has joined Duke Hate University and others that stand in disgrace for their flagrant hate campaigns against of men. In 2007 Duke Hate University made itself into a national disgrace when Duke President Butthead and a gang of Professors called the Duke “Hate 88” joined with lying filth County Prosecutor Nifong to persecute the good MEN of the Duke University Lacrosse Team in a lying phony “rape” hate attack. Now WHU has demonstrated that it shares the same slime at the bottom of society by pandering to the lowest level of anti-men hate based on fictitious “assault” claims. Numerous hate mongering faculty of WSU have published opinions spewing anti-men hatred in the Daily Evergreen as well as in classrooms across campus. WHU President Elson (Hate) Floyd and the whole WHU faculty stand in disgrace.

The copycunt second “victim” has not admitted her guilt as of this writing, so the blue gun thugs and WHU President Elson (Hate) Floyd are still holding on to their misandrist fiction. They have not yet apologized to the men of WHU nor to the men of Washington State. Elson (Hate) Floyd should spend his $5,000 hate fund money to buy free food and beer for the GOOD MEN of WHU to show his sincere apology for his egregious slander.

The names of the alleged (FICTIONAL) “victims” are being withheld to protect them from reprisals for promoting anti-men hate and fear. They should be exposed, severely punished, registered as a “sex offender” and expelled from the University. But they will not be punished, nor even named publicly. WHU President Elson (Hate) Floyd and his misandrist gun thug staff were glad to use them to promote their misandrist fear campaign. Elson (hate) Floyd should be summarily dismissed for promoting anti-men hate and fear on campus.

Elson (Hate) Floyd , the WHU blue gun thugs, the Daily Evergreen, and misandrist TV “news” organizations owe the men of WHU and the men of Washington state a huge public apology and restitution in the form of training sessions that spread the truth about good men.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reforming The Medical Industrial Complex

UPDATE August 25, 2009

Two more disturbing bits of news on the fascist "Blanc Check" medical industry takeover.

First: The Obama regime already controls medical care for aging veterans under the long established veteran's benefits programs. Obama rolled out its "euthanasia" plan for elderly veterans without waiting for Congress to enact a similar "death for the elderly" plan for all Americans. Elderly veterans now are to receive "counseling" on "Hospice," and pain medication in lieu of medical treatment. Meanwhile FactChuck keeps telling us that the Obama (Blanc Check) plan does not include euthanasia for the elderly.

Second: The Obama regime has extorted millions of dollars from pharmaceutical corporations by threatening them with loss of their monopoly protection, or loss of approval of their products by the FDA. They are being forced to pay for promotion of his (Blanc Check) fascist takeover of the medical industry. You may have noticed the ads on network TV praising Democratic Senators for their support of Obama fascism and asking you to phone them with more encouragement. When you see those ads, think "fascist extortion" being used for a fascist propaganda program.

Original Post. August 20, 2009


Everybody in the US knows that medical treatment has become so expensive that an average working man cannot afford it. Employers have responded by paying for insurance to spread the extreme cost of medical treatment over a whole population. Insurance makes people pay whether they need medical care or not. Mostly insurance makes men pay for the medical treatment of women. Men pay about 80% of medical insurance premiums and women receive about 75% of medical treatment.

From an economic perspective company paid medical insurance is part of the “real wages” that an employer pays to hire you. It gets deducted out of your pay before the taxes are calculated, but its a cost per employee that the employer has to pay. It is part of your pay. And no, of course, the Obama regime wants to tax your total wages, not just your paycheck wages. And you thought he said he wouldn't raise taxes on working people. ROFLMAO!!!

Little by little medical treatment has become so expensive that many employers can no longer afford to pay that much for employees. They have to compete with the next company down the road and so company paid insurance has become a huge expense that they are no longer paying.

Why, you might ask, is medical treatment so expensive? What you get for $400 is 45 minutes waiting in a room full of sick people, 10 minutes of a junior level nurse taking your weight and pulse, and maybe 5 minutes of a doctor's time during which he ignores most of your concerns and tells you to take the latest pills being pushed by some pharmaceutical corporation. The pills cost another $100. If you have insurance you only pay $15 or some token amount while the doctor has to hire 3 office staff to fill out the paperwork from insurance companies and government.

Why does that need to cost $500? Answer: It doesn't have to cost so much. It costs that much because it is a government created and enforced monopoly scheme to bleed your wallet. It is fundamentally a government created “pay or die” extortion scheme. How does the scheme work you might ask? Everyone in the media is talking about “reform” of the health care industry. Are they suggesting anything that will lower these extortion level prices? No, sorry. When you or I think about “reform” of a monopoly extortion racket we think about lowering costs and increasing our freedom of choice. That isn't what the Obama regime, the Democrats, nor the socialist propaganda outlets mean by “reform.” Whenever a corrupt politician is talking about “reform” what they are imagining is a creative new scheme to increase government control over your life and bleed the remaining life out of your wallet.

Instead of actually reforming the government's medical industrial monopoly, the Obama regime is planning to write them a massive blank check from your wallet, to pay all of their extreme prices and whatever they want to charge. They will save costs, as Obama said, by giving the elderly “pain pills” instead of medical treatment.


Here is a list of reforms that the government could do to greatly lower the extreme cost of medical care. If government would get their corrupt evil hands out of health care the prices would drop back to where you or I could just go into a clinic and buy some.

1. End the government's quota system that limits medical schools and the number of doctors. Our Congresscunt's web page whines about how “concerned” she is over the shortage of doctors, but she says nothing at all about ending the government's quota system. The function of the quota has nothing to do with quality of doctor education. It is solely intended to reduce price competition, create a shortage of doctors, and allow doctors to get rich by selling their time to the highest bidder. When Bob was in University the highly respected medical school accidentally graduated more doctors than allowed by its quota. The AMA/government threatened them with loss of license to educate doctors because the QUOTA had been exceeded. No allegations were made that the huge state university wasn't able to train twice as many quality doctors. They could educate many doctors, if they were allowed to. Its a quota. They exceeded the quota. Too many doctors would create completion and break the government monopoly.

2. Stop the ridiculously expensive over-schooling of doctors. The quota system goes hand in hand with the greatly over expensive training of doctors. It adds nothing to a doctor's medical education to require 16 plus years of school before being allowed to apply for medical school. The Bachelor's degree with “A” average that medical schools require for admission is used to cut the number of doctors and keep an artificial limit on supply, to keep prices up. For most General Practitioner and Family Doctor work it doesn't even really take 4 or 5 years in medical school followed by another 4 years as a “resident” doctor in training at a hospital.

Most medical treatment could be just as effective if done by a doctor who had 4 years of schooling, including part time apprentice work with senior doctors. In the small percentage of difficult cases or complicated surgeries a more expensive and more highly educated doctor could be hired. It is ridiculous and grossly over expensive to require all doctors to be massively over educated for the work they are doing.

The reason why you cannot choose a less expensive general practice doctor is because the government monopoly does not allow less expensive doctors to provide services at reduced cost. No freedom to choose. Lots of government control. A huge and extremely expensive government mandated monopoly is what we have. Will it be reformed? LOL. Not by the Obama regime.

3. Break the government monopoly's control of our basic right to purchase medication when we decide that we need it. Take for example, a typical man “Charlie” who needs another year of Alopurinol for gout. Charlie has been taking Alopurinol for years along with millions of other gout sufferers. One pill a day keeps gout away.

Twenty years ago Charlie consulted a doctor and was prescribed Alopurinol to stop the recurring gout attacks. Consulting with a doctor for a new malady is a good option that Charlie was glad to have. But that was 20 years ago, and the gout continues for the rest of your life if Charlie is like other men.

All the information about Alopurinol is available on the Internet, including the patient information and the “doctor” information. Charlie has read all that, has 20 years of personal experience dealing with gout, and relies on Alopurinol for prevention. Sometime this month Charlie's year supply of pills is running out. In order to purchase another year supply Charlie must have (by government fiat) the permission of a government monopoly overpriced doctor. The government will not allow Charlie to just buy some pills. That would not feed the monopoly that contributes so much to the reelection funds of Congressional swine.

In order to purchase another year of Alopurinol for his gout, Charlie has to pay $100 or more, wait in some stupid room full of sick people for an hour, and endure the indignity of having his body poked, prodded and touched in unfriendly ways. If he's lucky he will only have to pay $100 for the monopoly's permission to purchase his pills. Depending on the doctor Charlie could end up paying $400 or more.

Once Charlie has permission to purchase his pills, he can go to a government regulated pharmacy and pay another $100 for a package of pills that would be priced at $50 in Canada or $25 in Mexico. The reason that health care is so expensive in the US is because the government mandates that millions of men like Charlie have to pay $200 (or more) to purchase $10 worth of pills.

The people have a fundamental right to choose our own doctor, to choose a highly skilled specialist or an inexpensive general practitioner for a routine problem. We have a right to buy another year of our pills without paying the government monopoly for permission. It is the government that is responsible for extremely high prices in the medical industrial monopoly.

In Charlie's case, 95% of the cost is waste and abuse caused by government. That is typical of the whole medical industrial monopoly. Real “reform” would get the government out of our lives, out of our doctor's offices, and off our backs.

4. Break the trial lieyer's fraudulent lawsuits against doctors. In a typical fraud, Senator Edwards made a large fortune by filing fraudulent lawsuits against OBGYN doctors in small rural areas where uneducated juries could be found. Edwards would convince juries with crying women rather than facts and evidence. His lawsuits raised the price of a typical OBGYN's malpractice insurance greatly. Edwards is single handedly responsible for raising the cost of OBGYN services to the average woman by about 25% across the whole US. Lieyer Edwards made a huge fortune, and spent some of his money getting himself elected to the US Senate.

The Edwards fraudulent lawsuits of OBGYNs are just one example of out of control single party and class action suits that plague doctors every day. Something like 1/3 of all the money doctors and hospitals charge goes to their malpractice insurance. Many doctors also use “defensive” tests, expensive unneeded tests, done solely as a hedge against frivolous and costly lawsuits.

Sometimes called “Tort Reform” a law limiting medical lawsuit damages to reasonable actual damages and barring “punitive” extra damages would greatly reduce medical costs. Yes, it is sad when some patient suffers because a doctor made a mistake. Raising the price of medical care for all the other patients in the US will not restore an arm, vision, or life that was lost by the mistake.

Tort reform would prevent unscrupulous lieyers like Edwards from getting rich on the backs of hard working men and women who need medical care. Will the Senate consider Tort reform? Is Edwards a Senator? Who's ox is getting gored? You figure it out.

5. End the government required monopoly in the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical industry pays big contributions to Congressmen to protect them from low priced competition. For example, several states that have free medical programs for poor people discovered that they could buy pills in Canada for less than the price in the US. The government passed a law making it illegal to purchase US made pills in Canada for lower prices than they are sold for in the US.

The price we pay for pills in the US is often 100 times what we should be paying without the government monopoly. A package of pills that costs 25 cents to produce will be sold for $2.50 in Africa, $25 in Europe, $50 in Mexico, $100 in Canada, and $250 in the US. If the government monopoly would allow competition, some small business startup would be producing the very same quality pills (or better) in your town and selling them for a handsome profit at $5. The rest of the $250 is the government monopoly.

Some will argue that the big corporate pill pushers are assuring quality. But small business often produces better quality than impersonal corporations. For example, the beer industry. Local small business often makes far better beer than big corporations. Local small business is much more sensitive to customers turning away when the quality slips. Big corporations can and often do sell crap to customers who can't tell the difference. The quality of corporate products is especially bad when they know that they have a government monopoly so you buy their crap made pill or die.

Some will argue that giving massive profits to corporations allows them to fund medical research. Okay, that's nice, but how many billion of our dollars goes to greedy profits and congressional corruption? There are far better ways to fund medical research than by giving a total monopoly to all the huge corporations for all the generic pills that can be produced on any corner.

Cutting off the government monopoly in the pharmaceutical industry would cut pill costs in the US to less than 10% of what we pay now. It would cut pharmaceutical corporation contributions to corrupt politicians by the same percentages. That's why they don't do it.

1.End the quota system for doctors
2.End the mandated extremely over-education of doctors
3.Allow free citizens to purchase pharmaceuticals at our own decision. It's our body.
4.Break the Lieyer scum with Tort Reform
5.Break the pharmaceutical monopoly by allowing open manufacture and sale of pills.


Obama, Congress, and the Fascist NYC propaganda machine are all taking about “reform” of medical care in the US. They are not suggesting any of the needed reforms. When a fascist politician talks about “reform” what he means is that he has invented a new scheme to further extend control of your life and bleed your purse even more than it is being bled now.

None of the Congress, of either party, are talking about real reform in medical care. Only the Republicans are talking about Tort Reform and they only bring it up because they know the Dem's won't talk about it.

Congress is planning to write a blank check to their obscenely overpriced medical industrial monopoly, and pay for the check by taxing YOUR bank account or wages. They are proposing to require all Americans to pay for the bloated sow of monopoly medicine whether you are healthy or sick, and to extend free benefits to every illegal alien who can run across the border. Obama promised free medical care to every Mexican who can get into the US during his recent trip to Mexico.


Bob does not advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence, assault, or any other criminal or illegal acts. You can only take every opportunity to speak with corrupt politicians and demand real reform. Don't expect the fascist government and corrupt politicians to listen to the people.

Perhaps when the total economic collapse that will inevitably come from their incompetent and corrupt mismanagement the people can reorganize a more just government. Save whiskey for trade goods.

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Slap the Working Poor

UPDATE September 4, 2009

Continuing reports say that Obama is slapping the auto industry over the "Cash for Clunkers" program by failing to pay the dealers who are heavily invested because they had to pay $4,500 each for cars that could not be resold. The program was a fraud by a government that lied to the dealers. The working poor will suffer because they can't find inexpensive reliable "clunkers" to drive to work. The Auto industry will suffer because Obama has not paid the promised amounts. The taxpayers will suffer because any amounts all go on our debt. And the buyers suffer because the IRS is going to slap them next April. Way to go Saint Obama.

UPDATE August 28, 2009

Obama's IRS officials announced today that they will collect Income Tax on all of the "Cash for Clunkers" payments. If you traded in your "clunker" for $4,500 you will be taxed on the $4,500 on your income tax. Obama gives it to you with one hand, and steals it out of your back pocket with the other. Of course Obama was not honest enough to tell the people about his tax scheme before they took the rebates and went into debt for new cars. How dishonest is that?

UPDATE August 25, 2009

BBC reported last night that the 2 top selling car companies on the "Cash for Clunkers" program were Toyota and Honda. Ford, the best selling American brand, finished 3rd. American taxpayers and American workers get slapped again by our anti-American government.

This news has NOT been reported on any American media that I've seen. Only a foreign news source, BBC, is willing to buck the Obama propaganda machine and report the news. Americans, bend over and spread your cheeks. The Obama regime is going to give it to you again.

Original Article
Cash for Clunkers sounds like a wonderful idea if you don't care who is paying for it. The Ford Motor Company is selling thousands of cars. Even GM (Government Motors) and Italian Motors (Fiat/Chrysler) are selling a few. And we taxpayers are getting the bill. (Anybody else remember when Fiat bought and then ruined Allis-Chalmers?)

But lets look a little deeper at the economics of Cash for Clunkers. The “Clunkers” they are paying $4,500 for are mostly dependable older cars. It has to be a running vehicle. The Obama plan is giving cash to yuppies to buy the eco-mobile cars, glorified roller skates, golf cars with a roof, that the 'eco” freak yuppies love so much. Millions of old dependable vehicles are being taken off the streets and out of the used car market. Most of these older cars had a fair market value significantly less than the $4,500 Obama is now paying for them. That difference between their market value and the current Cash for Clunkers payment is the motivation for owners to trade them in now. Yuppies get a deal at our expense. See 2012 Pelozi GT

Lets look at the used car market. A million inexpensive older cars are disappearing off our streets and out of our used car market. They are destroyed after being paid for by our government. If they hadn't been bought at a premium and destroyed by Obama, who would have bought them and used them? Easy answer. The working poor. Millions of hard working people who work for lower or minimum wages have to depend on old “clunkers” to get to work and back. On their low wages they can't afford the new Yuppiemobiles that Obama's eco-freaks can buy. The working poor, the very ones who always vote Democratic, are the ones being hurt the most by Cash for Clunkers.

A hard working man who lays concrete, repairs roads, tends bar, delivers pizza, or flips burgers is being badly hurt by this program. The dependable old car he would have bought for $1,000 to get to work is now going to cost closer to $4,000, the price offered by Obama and paid for by tax money taken from the man's own pocket. By the time scarcity ripples through the used car market the final cost to the working poor to get to work may be more than $4,500, and he can't afford it. Year after year the stupid and the poor vote for the Democrat/Socialists. Year after year the Democrat/Socialists slap them down with one program after another.

There is a functional political program that came out of the University of Chicago. The more the government oppresses people, ruins the economy, and makes us poor, the more we depend on the government, and the more control the government will have on our lives. The Democrat/Socialist party has been working that plan for decades. They create more and more dependents for the government, and more and more Socialist voters, by ruining the economy and slapping the poor every chance they get.

Cash for Clunkers helps Yuppies, helps small business car dealers, and big auto corporations. Cash for Clunkers slaps down the working poor.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lies, Sunshine, and Vitamin D

For the past 30 years the media and the marketeers have been working hard to create a hysteria against sunshine. Fear mongers warned gullible females that they should avoid sunshine or lather up with sun blocker creams when avoidance was impossible. Bob's mother took to wearing long sleeve shirts in the middle of summer to prevent exposure to sunshine. Mothers of young children were advised to keep their child out of the sun, and use plenty of toxic chemical sun blocker whenever they went outside. “Sunshine causes skin cancer,” they all warned, “Your baby will die young if he gets sunshine.”

After 30 years we find out that the fear monger and hysterical females were as nuts as usual. Sunshine is good for your health, and good for the health of children. Sunshine is so good for your health that it should be called “necessary for health.” When we are exposed to sunshine our skin produced Vitamin D. When you don't get sunshine, your Vitamin D levels drop. It turns out that Vitamin D is crucial in preventing death from cancer, and stops more skin cancer than the sunshine causes. Healthy levels of Vitamin D greatly reduce the probability of getting other kinds of cancer such as colon cancer, and it reduces heart problems.

For young women, low levels of Vitamin D greatly raises the incidence of Autism. The epidemic of children with autism over the past 30 years may be almost all related to the hysterical fear mongering that kept young women out of the sun.

Low levels of Vitamin D are also related to the increasing rates of asthma and allergies. See article. For young children, the low levels of Vitamin D also greatly increases their incidence of bone and heart disease. Adults with low Vitamin D levels have similar medical problems.

Young mothers today put our children in front of a boob tube instead of sending them out to the yard to play. The fear mongers have convinced millions of women that a child playing in the yard will probably be killed, raped, or attacked. The actual rates of crimes against children are much lower than when Bob was young. Only the fear level of stupid female head of households is much higher. So children are routinely kept indoors most of the time. When they do get allowed to go outside, often only with adult supervision, they are lathered with toxic chemical sun blockers that prevent the beneficial effects of the sun.

People with dark skin whose ancestors were from Africa or other tropical areas need more sun than people with white skin to produce the same amount of Vitamin D. A dark skinned person is out of his native climate in a northern latitude where he must be indoors much of the year. Black and dark skinned people need to spend more time outdoors than white skin people. The autism rate for children of black African mothers in northern latitudes is much higher than for their relatives back home in Africa because they get much less sunshine and therefore much less Vitamin D.

Instead of sun block chemical creams children and adults should be exposed to sunshine daily beginning every spring as soon as the weather is warm enough to take off your heavy winter coats. Begin with an hour of sunshine per day until your skin reacts by creating increased levels of natures sunblock, the “tan” color. Except for a very few of the most sensitive individuals of far northern ancestry, by midsummer we can spend much of he day in direct sunshine without getting sunburn or being over exposed. Don't try to overdo it all at once the first days of spring. Sunburn probably causes more harm than the Vitamin D prevents. You don't need to sunburn, but you do need to get plenty of sunshine.

Fear of sunshine has become so pervasive that the majority of children are now suffering from seriously low levels of Vitamin D. Fearful mothers who prevent their children from playing outside, and lazy mothers who just push them toward boob tubes all day long, are causing children to get a wide variety of crippling or fatal diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency.

Get the kids away from the TV, the computer, the games, and get them out of the house. Fresh air and sunshine is important for children. And while you are at it, sunshine is important for good health in adults too. Go outside and take off your shirt. What is your Vitamin D level today? Have you gotten lots of sunshine exposure in the past few weeks?

And don't listen to your hysterical idiot mother or the boob tube talking heads telling you that you need sunblock.

Examiner dot com article

Fox News article.

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