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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dangerous Work

Over 95% of on-the-job deaths are men. Every day real MEN go to work and risk our lives to provide for our families. Today we read of the crew of another fishing boat, The Lady of Grace, that sank 11 nautical miles north of Nantucket. Read Story She now lies on her port side on the bottom of the sea in 36 feet of water, with her life raft still attached. When last heard from the Lady of Grace was trying to return to New Bedford Harbor at 5 a.m. Saturday after hearing warnings of bad weather. Frigid sea conditions may have caused heavy ice to build up on her topside and caused capsize, but the specific cause of the sinking is not known. A search has found no survivors from among the crew. Men of the crew who are now presumed to be lost were Antonio Barroqueiro, Rogerio Vendura, Mario Farinha, and Joao Silva. "We've been through this so many times before in the last 150 years," said state Sen. Mark Montigny, D-New Bedford. "At first there's hope and prayers, and then hope begins to fade."

Bob is always saddened when he hears of the sacrifice of any man who dies while working to provide for the needs of his family and his community. Fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations that men commonly pursue. Other high hazardous occupations include farming, logging, mining, and construction. The work of real men to provide the basic necessities of our lives is usually a dangerous job. The men who work each day to providing food, clothing, housing, and manufactured goods are always at risk. More good men die in on-the-job deaths every year than from the causes which play so loudly on network news channels, and yet the deaths of countless hard working men goes almost unnoticed.

We frequently hear the sniveling of pathetic blue gun thugs as they whine about risking their lives, but the truth is that gun thugs have one of the least dangerous jobs. The municipal street maintenance crew is three times as likely to die on the job as the cowardly pig in the blue suit. The municipal garbage collector is five times as likely to die doing his job, according to OSHA statistics. Fishermen, miners, farmers, and loggers are more than 5 times as likely to die on the job, and that’s if they don't die young from job related medical problems such as black lung. The crew of The Lady of Grace were real men, men who did an honest day's work for an honest reward, men who risked their lives every day to provide the food on our tables. May they and all the other men who died on the job today be honored and long remembered.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Burn Them Down!

Leonardo DaVinci wrote in his journal, "Wisdom is the daughter of experiment. Experience is never at fault." And. "I know well that because I have not had a literary education there are some who will think in their arrogance that they are entitled to set me down as uncultured -- the fools." In DaVinci's day rich fathers hired tutors for their sons to learn literature. William Shakespeare may have attended Stratford grammar school for a while, but no records exist that he did. It is known that he spent part of his youth helping in his father's business. George Washington attended school for only 2 years, to study surveying. Ben Franklin became one of the leading philosophers, writers, and scientists of his time after having only attended a grammar school from age 8 to 10. Abraham Lincoln attended a one room school for only a few months. He learned to read and write by candle and firelight after his day's work was done, and he became a practicing lawyer by serving as an apprentice to another lawyer. In contrast, a lieyer today is required to attend 20 years of schooling after which he has lost all understanding of truth, justice, or even the basis for laws. Albert Einstein flunked out of school for refusing busywork.

Before we had compulsory public schools the literacy rate was higher than it is today. Our literacy rate in the USA since compulsory public schools has never been higher than around 90%. This compares to literacy rates in the first half of the 19th century, which were around 98%. Before compulsory schooling we also didn't have students conducting violent assaults on their schools such as those at Columbine High School and many others.

Half a century ago the baby boomers were flooding public schools. Citizens were funding great increases in school construction and teacher education as the number of American children rapidly increased. In those years Bob was immersed in grade school. By the time Bob had gotten as far as "Jr. High School" which it was then called, he was already aware that most of his previous years had been a waste. It was apparent, even to a 7th grader, that most of the reading, writing, and arithmetic was age dependent. Almost all of the arithmetic taught in grades 1 through 4, for example, could just as easily been included by starting in 5th grade if all the repetitive boring busy work was left out. Likewise, if some basic reading was taught in 3rd grade it could have been skipped entirely in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th grade without losing any competence. As a young man of 14 I understood that something was seriously wrong with the public schools, but while you are in school you really don't have time to ponder basic questions. The time to do that has been taken away from you. It has taken me another half a century to learn what the problem with schools really is.

We the public are told, or should I say that we have been taught, to believe that compulsory public schools are necessary for young people to learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Like most of the other lies you were told in school that is utter nonsense. I'm not the only man who has been thinking about this topic for a long time. Mr. John Taylor Gatto speaks from 30 years of teaching experience in New York where he was voted "Teacher of the Year" in the last year before he abandoned the school system and began writing about it. Gatto Institute or His observations of the actual lessons of public schools and the reasons for those problems coincide and articulate what Bob has understood since his years as a student.

All of us alive today were raised and thought conditioned in public schools, but such has not always been the case. Schools, colleges, and Ph.D.s did not always exist, and were not invented in America. In the 19th century many Americans went to Prussia to obtain the new Ph.D.s that could be earned in Prussian education system. The Prussian state was dominated by the remnants of a feudal Aristocracy and rigid class segregation. They were embarking on the industrial revolution, taking peasants off farms and stuffing them into factories in large numbers. The Prussian aristocracy invented compulsive public schools as a means of psychological control and subjugation of the mass of lower class people. During the late 19th century and early American robber barons such as Carnage and Rockefeller promoted education as a way of controlling American lower classes, reducing labor unrest, and assuring political control. Their foundations, along with leading "educators" of the time created the American public school system as we know it. Once created, it has become a huge public trough at which legions of "well meaning" employees can feed, lobby for ever increasing funds, and turn out generation after generation of submissive sheep from the lower classes. Compulsory public schooling is a self perpetuating monster doing exactly what it was intended to do.

According to Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling by John Taylor Gatto, the seven real lessons of compulsory public schools are:

(1) Confusion: We are taught to disconnect all knowledge, divide our knowledge up in pieces so we can't relate it to our other knowledge and gain wisdom. Children are taught disconnected facts and then constantly switched to some other subject before they can put anything in perspective.
(2) Class Position: Class is taught by assigning children to small groups consisting only of their age group, from their own neighborhood. They are constantly graded and numbered. They are taught to accept that the numbers are their proper place in the social pyramid.
(3) Indifference: Children are taught that no matter how interested a child becomes in a topic, the bell or horn will sound and he must abandon it. Day after day his interest is interrupted. He never is allowed to have a complete experience with any thought, or interest. His world becomes little disconnected pieces. They destroy the past and the future, abstracting days and life into little segments.
(4) Emotional Dependency: Approval comes in the form of little gold stars, smiles from the teacher, and alleged honors. Disapproval is from red checks, frowns, and reprimands. All his rights may be granted or withheld at the whim of some person in authority. The same arbitrary authority may withdraw all his privileges. He learns to be dependent.
(5) Intellectual Dependency: Students wait for the teacher to tell them what to do, what to read, what to think. Students are not allowed to pursue study based on their individual curiosity. Instead of intellectual curiosity they become dependent on the tidbits of facts that authority gives them. "Bad" kids fight for intellectual freedom, and are routinely squashed and punished by those in authority.
(6) Provisional Self-Esteem: Self confident people don’t do what they are told. Schools condition children to accept self confidence only when the school approves. They use grades, report cards, notes to your parents to assign you a level of self esteem. Every day you are adjudged and graded, and taught to conform to their whims to gain their approval. The student's vision of his future becomes dependent on the teacher's constant evaluations. Self evaluation is never part of the program. The masters are certified by the state to evaluate and tell him what he is worth.
(7) One Can't Hide: One of the most insidious lessons of schools is that you can't hide from authority. Schools and prisons are designed from the "Panopticon" model of architecture, designed for constant surveillance of the inmates. There are no private spaces for children. There is no private time. Students are encouraged to tattle on each other. Parents are encouraged to report their own child's behaviors. Homework follows the student home to use up all his private time outside of school hours. Students learn that no one can be trusted, that privacy is not legitimate. We have been trained to accept and believe in constant surveillance by authority.

In 1992, seven years before the Columbine High School massacre, Mr. Gatto quoted Nobel Prize winning author Octavio Paz's observation that modern American schools cannot help but provoke violent individual rebellions. And Columbine High School is nothing new. Bob remembers students ripping woodwork off walls, pulling pins out of a door that fell over and injured an old female teacher, and hitting an ex-marine drill instructor in the back of the head with a large rock in 1960. Even then school administrators were hiring ex-marines to "get tough" on school rebellions, because rebellion by a few students is built into the oppressive school system that wastes years and years of the time, prevents education, and teaches only the lessens listed above.

In recent times we have seen "home schooling" becoming more and more popular as wise parents take their children out of public schools. Bob became interested in home schooling when one of my radical friends told me how he had raised his children. He just never sent them to public schools. He reported them as "home schooled" but in truth they learned life from doing rather than lesson books. His children, then in their 20s, knew every bit as much reading, writing, and arithmetic as other kids who had been trained in obedience, but they also knew how to build a house, run a business, and even to think for themselves.

Over the past few decades we have seen schools teaching feminism along with the above lessons. Boys are encouraged to suicide or shame, and have been dropping out of school in greater numbers. So much the better. The sooner boys abandon the social conditioning of public schools the better off they are. The less time boys spend in mind numbing conformity and shame lessons the more they can have time to learn. Men too are abandoning public school teaching in droves for reasons they can't articulate. Maybe men will eschew the work of dumbing down boys in favor of meaningful jobs that provide the community with positive benefits. Public schools train you to be sheep, to serve the upper class, to buy whatever you are told to buy, to believe whatever you are told to believe, to vote however you are told to vote. That is what they are intended to do, and they are very effective in doing it.

Last spring The World According to Bob contained an article about voting against the annual school levies which we are asked to continually support public schools through ever increasing taxes. At the time, Bob was undecided about whether to vote against levies because they hurt children, or to vote for them because an under funded school may be worse for the children than a well funded one. Bob is no longer ambivalent, having spent more time studying and learning about schools, their history, and their real teaching. Tear them down. Burn them down. Stop voting for them. Demand that our legislatures stop requiring mass submission training. If you are a parent take your kids out of school now, today.

If you are a young man reading this blog, withdraw from school today. Get a job. Get on with your life. Take time to read and think in whole hours and days, not in 40 minute chunks interrupted by bells. When Bob was in college in the 1960s there was a saying, "Never let your schooling interfere with your education." It was said to be humorous, but it had a deep underlying truth. Every minute you spend in school takes away a minute you can spend actually being educated. School dumbs you down, prevents you from learning, prevents you from thinking, takes away your ability to be yourself, and makes you a sheep following every advertising suggestion that the mass media tells you to buy.

Tear them down! Burn them down! Obliterate them! Save the children! Save the nation!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A List of the Oppressed.

I found this partial list of current legal and cultural discrimination against men in the USA. Some of the data is old and things have gotten worse since.

1. WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the country's wealth [Fortune Magazine] They control 86% of all personal wealth [PARADE Magazine, May 27, 1990],

2. CHILD CUSTODY: They win almost automatically in child custody disputes. Women receive custody of 92% of the children of divorce and illegitimacy, and men only 4%. [Department of Health & Human Services]

3. INCOME: Men constitute 60% of workplace hours, work longer hours, work harder, and are more qualified, rarely file sexual discrimination or harassment lawsuits or take pregnancy leave, yet earn only 42% more than women [Dept. Labor]. Of the 25 worst jobs, as ranked by the Jobs Related Almanac based on a combination of salary, stress, security, and physical demands, 24 of them are predominantly, if not almost entirely men.

4. SUICIDE: Men's suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than women's [Dept. Health & Human Services -- 26,710 males vs 5,700 females]

5. LIFE EXPECTANCY: Men's life expectancy is seven (7) years shorter than women's [National Center for Health Statistics -- males 72.3 yrs vs females 79 yrs] yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs. Three out of every four dollars spent on health care is spent on women. Yet feminists still holler that women's health is being 'neglected', and far too many of us credulously believe them.

6. AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: Men are discriminated against BY DESIGN through affirmative action.

7. FEDERAL TAXES: Even though men pay 115% of federal income taxes women constitute 11% more of the voters.

8. VOTE: Because there are 11% more female than male voters, males have little to no influence on how the male tax dollar is spent.

9. WAR: Men, not women, fight and die in battle [Dept. Defense -- Vietnam Casualties 47,369 men vs 74 women] while women sue the taxpayer when they have their butt pinched.

10. WORKPLACE FATALITIES: Men account for more than 95% of workplace fatalities.

11. MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women [Dept. Health & Human Services -- 26,710 men vs 5,700 women]. Yet because of our society's exaggerated concern and respect for them, special legislation has been passed to punish 'violence against women' as if it were a more heinous crime than 'violence against men'.

12. JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men [Bureau Justice Statistics -- 1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women]

13. COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder [Bureau Justice Statistics -- men at 17 years vs women at 6 years]

14. JUSTICE SYSTEM BIAS: Even though the amount of the average "child support payment" due from women is half the amount due from men, and even though women are twice as likely as men to default on those payments, fathers are 97% of "child support" collections prosecutions [Census Bureau]

15. WELFARE: Even though men are the recipients of less than 10% of all welfare disbursements, men are required to refund welfare payments made to women.

16. SECONDARY EDUCATION: Even though zero percent of American 12th grade girls were able to correctly answer basic math and physics questions, less than one quarter of America's secondary and elementary school teachers are men.

17. HIGHER EDUCATION: There are more than 200 all-female colleges for women and now not one single all-male college for men. 5.8% fewer men than women are enrolled in 4 year colleges, even though two thirds of those who score higher than 550 in SAT Math are men. make up 55% of current college graduates. In 1993 only 44.5% of college enrollment were men, and that figure has declined since then. Only 45.8% of bachelor's degrees were conferred to men in 1992, even though 98.2% of the top fiftieth percentile of the GRE are men, and ZERO PERCENT of American high school girls correctly answered 28 out of 67 TIMES advanced math questions. Only 38.4% of private 4 year college students were men as of 1990 and this figure has declined since then.

18. LEGAL SYSTEM BIAS: 96% of physical altercations resulting in injury to a spouse occurs AFTER the date of separation. [Read: spousal abuse laws that pretend that husbands are dangerous discriminate against husbands when we know that only a very small percent of domestic violence is associated with them]. [Chadwick and Heaton, "Statistical Handbook of the American Family"]

19. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Even though study after study shows that women are the majority of the initiators of domestic violence, and 58% of the above mentioned physical altercations are initiated by the female, Congress passed the obviously anti-male VAWA and VAWA II. which are known to make the problem far worse. [Read: despite the fact we discriminate against husbands in protective orders, women still cause more than half of domestic altercations because they know they can get away with it].

20. CHILD VIOLENCE: Even though mothers commit 55% of child murders and biological fathers commit 6%, even though NIS-3 shows that Mother-only households are 3 times more fatal to children than Father-only households, children are systematically removed from the natural fathers who are their most effective protectors and men are imprisoned at rate 20 times that of women.

21. FAMILY BREAKDOWN: The US Surgeon General notes that divorce is more harmful to a man's health than smoking tobacco, yet as much as $1.3 Trillion of federal expenditures accomplish little else than undermine family stability.

22. WOMEN PILOTS: Even though women pilots have an accident rate four time that of men pilots, federal laws require that airlines risk the safety of passengers and hire women pilots anyway.

23. WOMEN DRIVERS: Even though the crash rate of women drivers is twice that of men drivers, and even though drinking alcohol increases the crash rate of men by only 5%, the majority of those imprisoned under DUI laws are men, and women are almost never imprisoned for their much higher number of non-alcohol-related crashes.

24. INCARCERATION: Even though feminists brag that 1.4 million American brides commit adultery, and even though women file more than 90,000 false allegations of rape, every year, only 99,000 of the 1.8 million Americans behind bars are women.

25. POLITICS: Women cast 54% of the votes in Presidential elections, so they can hardly claim to be left out of the political decision-making process!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Blue Alert - a family in danger

Today we read that blue gun thugs are trying hard to destroy a family and take children away from their fathers. Invoking their "amber alert" anti-men hate program the blue gun thug gangs of Elkhart, Ind. and criminal FBI gun thugs from Chicago are using all of the police state oppression of a tyrannical out-of-control government, including willing accomplices, the mass media, to spread lies and coerce the feminazi trained public to turn against a man and his family. Read story

Jerry D. White, 30, the father of the four children, once lived in Chicago. His children had been taken by their mother to her sister's home in Indiana.
Mr. White had tried for several days to rescue his children peacefully but they were physically restrained by the mother's sister and her boyfriend. Finally While had resorted to use of force while rescuing his children from the captors. He is a hero of American fathers. Let his name be sung by all free men.

Elkhart blue gun cunt, Peggy Snider, went before media cameras to spew her hate against the father who had rescued his children from their captivity. She and the rest of the lying hate mongering family destroying scum ought to be lined up on poles by decent people of Illinois and Indiana.

If you happen to see Mr. White and his rescued family, please render whatever aid you can. A rescued family is in grave danger of being destroyed by the evil that is lose in our land.
Blue Gun Thugs Destroy Family

Blue gun thug Sgt. Bill Wargo conducted an armed assault on the family of Jerry D. White, kidnapping his children and locking him in a cage for fathering his children. Mr. White and his family had been living in an Indiana motel since he had rescued his children from where they had been taken by kidnappers. For being a decent father protecting his children the blue gun thugs conducted a massive search and destroy action. Blue gun thugs hate fathers worse than anything else. In the end, the massed blue gun thugs backed by men-hating stooges in the media tracked down and destroyed this family. If you happen to see evil gun thug Wargo where he lives, or his family lives, let them know up close and personal how it feels to have your family destroyed. Evil scum should not be allowed to walk the streets among decent people.

Unacceptable Brides

The Discovery Times Channel is now running a program about marriage in India. In India, brides and their families have to pay a dowry equal to $10,000 to $20,000 or more. Men demand and obtain large cash payments in order to agree to marry. In India, marriages are arranged by matchmakers who negotiate between parents of young women and those of young men. According to Discovery Times, many young men abandon their brides shortly after the weddings. Even the large cash payment, it seems, is not enough to convince a young man to keep the brides. If that weren't enough, the nation of India has recently been adopting strict new laws on "domestic violence" which allow wives to have their husbands arrested without trial on her accusation. Many Indian husbands have reported on Internet chats that their wives are threatening them with false accusation and arrest unless they obey her orders.

In a nation where women can not marry unless their family pays a huge dowry, a dowry already so large that many Indian families can't afford it, Bob can only ask what the new feminist laws are going to do for the brides? What sane man would take a woman into his life if she can, on a whim or emotional fit, legally destroy his life? The Discovery Times Channel reported that many Indian men are abandoning their wives within days or weeks of the marriage. Discovery Times did not mention the brave new misandry in Indian law, but how can the young men not be noticing it. Will tomorrows parents of girls ever be able to pay enough to buy a husband for them? Bob really can't see how. Even before the new feminist laws Indian women were becoming so unacceptable that they had almost priced marriage out of their lives. With the new misandrist laws, only a damn fool would marry one even with a very large dowry. Can cash paid to his parents compensate for being sent to the hell of an Indian prison? It is very doubtful.

And what of American men? Why should American men agree to marry the spiteful, misandrist bitches that American parents have raised? Shouldn't American men ask for a large dowry before agreeing to marriage? Why take in their cow without being paid for her boarding? Based on laws of probability, she is likely to be out screwing other men and bearing some other man's son despite her marriage. She is likely to destroy her marriage within 10 years. When she does, the law in the US will give her his house, his car, his bank account, and his children. The law in the US will give her control of his future earnings for the next 20 years. And that is only his fate if she hasn't gotten him arrested and tossed into prison for false "domestic violence" complaints.

Bob suggests that American men need to start demanding a large dowry before considering marriage to any of the spiteful arrogant feminist raised bitches passing for brides in the USA. The value of the required dowry should be equal to the value of the house, care, and bank account she intends to claim for herself in 5 years. It should be large enough to also pay for the 20 years of so-called "child support" payments she intends to collect. The dowry must be paid to the young man's father for safe keeping because if the groom owned it, her agent of Satan in black robes would simply give her title to it along with all his other property. There are men in prison in the USA today who have been in prison more than 10 years because they are unable to pay the huge fictitious sums demanded by these evil bitches. And, maybe like so many men of India today, the unacceptable brides should be given back to their parents.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Empowered and dangerous

Today's "empowered" young females have gotten totally out of control and have become a menace to everyone who gets near them. In Utah three empowered pregnant teenage whores grew bored living in a home provided free by the taxpayers. They beat up the home Director with the classic female weapon, hitting her with a frying pan. Then they tied her with lamp cords. The empowered pregnant whores stole credit cards, a minivan, and disappeared. Read story

Empowered young whores beating the hand that feeds them would be news if it hadn't become normal. All across America young "empowered" female gangs are beating up young women and men for no reason other than the thrill of violence. Often they brazenly film their assault and even post the videos on youtube or myspace. Read story

Who are these violent females? They are the second and third generation of fatherless single mothers. They have been taught from birth that there are no limits on their behavior. There has never been any limit on their behavior. As little girls they were never given any discipline. Their mothers have been raised fatherless with no understanding of what discipline might be, and had no knowledge of morals, ethics, or restraint to teach their bastard daughters. The total lack of morals or ethics, unrestrained emotional empowerment given to the female bastards by irrational whore mothers was reinforced by a culture of total female empowerment. Schools, television, film, blue gun thugs, and every other social organization continually teaches them that they are absolutely exempt from social responsibility for any violent or offensive act. Flagrant sexuality, killing babies, whelping bastards, assault, and even murder is always the fault of the nearest available man. They have been taught that the society owes them food, shelter, spending money, and an endless supply of feel good drugs. Instead of control, discipline and punishment for violent crime, the society has taught a whole generation of female whores that they are "empowered" and can do no wrong. Their irrational feelings are the legal and moral definition of right. They can call in an entire army of blue gun thugs to destroy any decent man who tries to stand against them, or who fails to provide them with whatever they "feel" that they deserve. And of course, the next generation of bastards, those innocent babies being brought into the world by today's out of control feminist raised whores, is raised even worse than this generation was.

The rampant and wanton destruction of society by a generation of "empowered" female whores will continue to get worse unless a complete reversal happens. Instead of being supported and rewarded for their violence and destruction, young pregnant whores should be stoned to death, cast in the river, or otherwise eliminated as required by ancient religious law. The good and decent men of our society must recapture control to save our children and our future.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The 10 worst inventions of modern times

Bob has been thinking about the worst inventions in modern life. Sometimes these same inventions have good aspects, but by and large they do more harm than good.
1. Lawyers: Evil scum are trained in lies and falsifications intended to abuse the public and raise huge sums form those who are already suffering. Partnered with other lawyers serving as "judges" these scum bayonet the wounded and strip the bodies.

2. The Police State: Legions of brutal enforcers protect and defend government tyranny by any abusive means possible. Under guise of "protection" they take away personal freedom and keep the people looking over their shoulder afraid of committing an "offense" and being destroyed.

3. Prisons: Massive cages for enemies of the state these hell holes are modern concentration camps for any man who crosses the police state domination. Millions of good men rot in these concentration and death camps.

4. Television: Once called "the vast wasteland" television is opium like in its mesmerizing of minds and wasting the lives of people. From the earliest years of life children are placed in front of buzz boxes and their minds diverted from real thought or feeling.

5. Public Schools: The prison for youth, public schools teach subjugation and submission to each new generation. Their lies about teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic are shown to be lies by literacy rates in the US which are lower than before public schools. The public schools are in fact state prisons to confine, dominate, and control the thoughts of subsequent generations.

6. Income Tax: The taxation on personal income robs people of the fruits of their labor and the profits of their wisdom. It is an insidious debasement of families and social structures, forcing the public into dependence on government for basic support that they otherwise could afford.

7. Feminism: The advent and dogma of feminism, no fault divorce, custody, child support, and the wanton destruction of families has been more harmful to more people than any other philosophy in modern times.

8. Female Suffrage: The worst part of feminism, female suffrage pushes governments into caretaker roles without rational checks on their abuse of power. Government decisions have become based on emotions, feelings, and handouts.

9. Monotheism: A fundamental belief of any monotheistic religious teaching is that all other monotheism is wrong. Monotheism has led to millennia of war, famine, death, and suffering, all done for the furtherance of the "one true" religion.

10. Medical monopoly: The medical monopoly has become pretty good at setting broken bones, but they are even better at fleecing the sick and dying. Teamed with the government and the lawyers, sick people are forced to pay or die, and often they die after paying. The government prevents competition with AMA doctors while constantly working to force people to pick up blank check costs for whatever the hell monopoly doctors want to charge. No competition from lower priced doctors is allowed to exist.

Shrinks also do more harm than good as well as many other inventions. These seem to be the worst 10, in Bob's opinion. If you have any worse suggestions for this list let me know.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Incompetent Bungling Fools


Bungling fools in blue suits have several other child kidnappings they have never been able to solve. Charles Arlin Henderson, who was 11 when he disappeared while riding his bike in 1991 has never been found. He disappeared from Lincoln County, Mo., less than 50 miles from the home of pervert faggot serial kidnapper Michael Devlin. Read Story Only after citizens finally led the blue gun thugs to Devlin last month has his other kidnappings started to be made public. The public would be far more safe if we were allowed to protect ourselves.

In Kirkwood, MO, Shawn Hornbeck Read story was kidnapped and held captive for more than four years. Regular readers of The Truth According to Bob are not surprised that incompetent blue gun thugs were unable to "solve" the kidnapping case nor locate Shawn during all that time. Shawn played in the yard of his captor's apartment, went to stores, and was left alone for hours every day while the captor went to work. The kidnapping was immediately reported to blue gun thugs because of gun thug lies about solving crimes and protecting people. Captor Michael Devlin had no problem calling and chatting with blue gun thugs in his St. Louis suburb over trivial events such as a neighbor parking in "his" space in the parking lot. For 4 years Shawn's parents hung their hopes on the false promises of the blue gun thugs. Even in plain sight, even phoning blue gun thugs to complain about parking violations, the abductor had no reason to fear them. Blue gun thugs had seen the abducted boy on several occasions. His photo had even been posted on myspace. Also see one of Shawn's on-line profiles Don't expect the blue gun thugs to find a missing child advertising himself on Internet web sites. The blue gun thugs couldn't solve a missing child case if the child was hiding in the back of their highway robbery vehicle.

Poor Shawn would never have been found if Michael Devlin hadn't captured a second boy, Ben Ownby. When that capture was made another young man (not the blue gun thugs) took careful note of the white pickup driven during the capture. Read story Neighbors of Michael Devlin located the captured boys and they were returned to their parents. Hoards of blue gun thugs immediately called in news media to parade and falsely claim credit for finding the boys. In fact, blue gun thugs prevented parents and neighbors from exacting justice on the captor who will become another long suffering captive in one of the state's hellhole cages. Instead of prompt justice the two boys and their families will be subject to an ordeal of lieyers and "proceedings" instead of being allowed to protect their families and render justice when their sons were captured. The whole case clearly demonstrates the incompetence and inability of blue gun thugs to protect anyone, and they leave our children the most vulnerable.

Bob wonders if Mr. Devlin was active in faggot rights advocacy. He's just the kind of sadistic pervert who thinks "gay marriage" should be legal.

Friday, January 12, 2007

You're killing me!

"You're killing me" were the last words of Mr. Donald Lewis as blue gun thug assassins strangled him to death in a recent Gladiatorial Games episode of COPS. The producers of "reality TV" violence who beat up, torture, and maim men for spectacle and vicarious satisfaction have now begun murdering their victims in front of the glare of light and the roar of audiences. Perhaps to keep their ratings COPS is no longer just content with beatings and caging of men, now they are doing murder for entertainment. Night after night the film crews of COPS and their hired Gladiatorial assassins in blue suits roam the streets of America looking for victims to beat up or murder.

In 2002 COPS filmed several episodes of violent blue gun thug "action" in Albuquerque, NM. Tourists and convention planners began avoiding Albuquerque because of the rampant blue gun thug violence vividly displayed. Albuquerque Mayor Marty Chavez took corrective action by prohibiting COPS from filming blue gun thug violence in Albuquerque. Mayor Chavez did nothing to slow down the violence and brutality against the people of Albuquerque, he just banned showing it on TV. After having been banned from Albuquerque, COPS relocated to other cities such as West Palm Beach, FL, where their brutal murder of Mr. Donald Lewis took place around 1 a.m. one day in October 2005.

Mr. Donald Lewis made the mistake of phoning 911 from his home when he thought someone was trying to kill him. He was right. Evil was roaming his city looking to do murder, and he made the fatal mistake of inviting them to his home. Big mistake. When a man is being attacked or robbed, he is far better off calling a "hippie" as we used to say in the 1960s than to phone the blue gun thug assassins. Calling the blue gun thugs was the last phone call that Mr. Donald Lewis ever made. State Lieyer Barry Krischer concluded that murdering a man for phoning 911 for help was "justified." After all, Lewis' behavior was "irrational." Read story. Is "irrational" behavior a death penalty crime in Florida?

It was 1 a.m. and the COPS (FOX Court TV) film crew hadn't gotten any ultraviolence to raise ratings. When their hired blue gun thug assassins found Mr. Donald Lewis it was their opportunity to get some good film of blue gun thugs beating up a homeowner, or worse. Egged on by the spotlights, wanting to show off their aggressive power over the people, and not having found whomever had originally been trying to kill Mr. Lewis, the blue gun thugs attacked the man who had made a huge last mistake and phoned them for help. After murdering Mr. Donald Lewis the COPS producers, film crew, and hired assassins moved on to their next victim. Will that be you?

The decent people of Florida should not tolerate violent evil murders roaming their state. John Langley (Creator and Executive Murderer of COPS), along with his murderous COPS film crew, State Lieyer Krischer, and all the rest of the hired assassins in blue suits who murdered Mr. Donald Lewis ought to be impaled and left to rot. They should be lined up on poles down Banyon Boulevard where other scum can see the what the people do to their kind of evil. Unfortunately too many of the people are so frightened by the police state tyranny that they are unable to rid themselves of these nightly killings. Too many of the people watch "others" die as Gladiators in the arena, and pretend that they are the victors rather than the victims. And their blood slowly turns our streets to red.

"You're killing me" were his last words, recorded and broadcast for all the world to hear. Within minutes Mr. Donald Lewis lay dead in the street.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Spew

Bob usually avoids "celebrity" stories however the news media continues to repeat Barbara Walnut's slander of Donald Trump. A pathetic ugly old withered lying cunt has the nerve to call Mr. Trump "pathetic." Speaking with stupid ugly black lesbo-feminazi Rosie, Ms. Walnut characterized Mr. Trump in what could only be accurately a reflection of Walnut herself. Her ABC female cackle show, The Spew is notoriously hateful toward men. Five days per week several ugly cunts assemble to produce meaningless chatter, cackle, and spew sexist hatred toward men. Ms. Rosie's ugly offensive character has been accurately characterized on previous occasions by Mr. Trump. More recently he had pointed out the various lies being told by both Ms. Rosie and Ms. Walnut. Since Ms. Walnut can't refute the lies she told, she reacts in a typical feminist fashion by using an ad-hominem attack calling him "pathetic." Read story.

Let us compare the characters here. Mr. Trump is a very wealthy powerful man who has made his own fortune by wide knowledge of markets and finance, by making years of wise decisions, and by years of hard work. By comparison Ms. Rosie has gained fame by being a very ugly loud obnoxious lesbian hate monger. Ms. Walnut was first the token female talking head in TV news. Neither of the two ugly cunts are worth 10 cents on their own merit. Their audience is middle age single females who never could manage to have a decent life. If they aren't careful Trump will buy a controlling share of Disney and cancel The Spew. It would be a boon to America if he does.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dead cunts don’t get custody

University of Pennsylvania professor Rafael Robb has been incarcerated in Pennsylvania and accused of bludgeoning his wife to death. Read Story. His wife, Ellen Robb, was in process of destroying his family, bankrupting him and taking his beloved daughter. She had already rented a divorce apartment and hired a divorce lieyer. The lieyer had told Ellen Robb she could expect about $4,000 a month for 10 to 15 years, about Professor Robb's entire take home pay as a professor. Feminazi Agents of Satan in black robes, supported by evil lieyers, assume that the family destroying evil is entitled by her cunt to all the husband's worldly possessions, income, and family. But Professor Robb understand the basic truth, that dead sluts don't get custody nor big divorce settlements, they don't get paid big financial rewards for destroying a man's family. Dead feminazi don't get "custody." They don't get the house, the bank account, and all the husband's future earnings for the next 15 years. Greedy bitch Ellen didn't live to enjoy the fruit of her evil. Her goal of destroying her family and reaping a big reward came to a well-deserved end in a pool of blood.

If a mentally unstable female does have to get divorced she should not be allowed to destroy the family. She should be allowed to take only the shirt on her back and her greatly excessive collection of shoes. She should not be allowed to take the family home, the family car, the family savings, nor should she get a legal claim on the father's future income which will still be needed to provide for his family. She should not be greatly rewarded for destroying a family. Feminazi laws that hold out huge financial rewards for wives who destroy their families are devastating the homes and lives of millions of children across the USA and other western nation. But Ellen Robb was looking to the feminazi law, armed with the worst kind of family destroying scum lieyer, and was working hard on the legal and financial ruin of her family to collect the cash reward. In the manner of penalty of major religious teaching, Ms. Family destroyer should be stoned to death.

Professor Rafael Robb was in Philadelphia while his wife was dying, but the blue gun thugs are quick to destroy a husband whenever anything happens to his wife. District Persecutor Bruce Castor has assaulted Professor Robb in the typical manner of men-hating lieyers. He is disgusting panty waste filth that should be eradicated from decent society. The total lack of evidence of Professor Robb's involvement in his wife's death and being out of town during her death does not deter either blue gun thugs, scumbag feminazi lieyers, nor the agents of Satan in black robes of hell. Professor Robb may end up paying the ultimate sacrifice for the comeuppance of his ex, but he will always know that he is a good man who took a stand against the evil feminazi empire. May his courage and sacrifice be long remembered.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The BIG MONEY Champion

I watched the University of Florida beat Ohio State University in the Tostitos BCS Championship Bowl last night. Ohio State Buckeyes played poorly after 50 days since their previous a game, and they lost the game. OSU now has a season record of 12 wins and 1 loss. The Florida Gators season record is 13 wins and 1 loss. They were crowned "National Champions" by the BCS officials, but Bob can't help but wonder why one team with one loss is "National Champion" while the other team with one loss is not.

Sure, Florida beat Ohio State, so you can argue that Florida is better than Ohio State, but Auburn beat Florida so the same argument would make Auburn the "National Champion." Auburn beat Florida 27-7. If Florida is champion for beating Ohio State shouldn't Auburn be champion for beating Florida, for beating the team that beat Ohio State? But Auburn lost to Arkansas and Georgia. Shouldn't Arkansas or Georgia be "National Champion" for beating the team that beat the team that beat Ohio State?

What about Wisconsin and Louisville that also only have one loss? Arguments that a team with one loss should be "National Champion" might also be applied to them. Wisconsin only lost to Michigan, but they beat Arkansas. Shouldn't the team that beat the team that beat the team that beat the team that beat Ohio State be "National Champion?" Wisconsin has a season record of 12 or 13 wins and only 1 loss, same as Florida, Ohio State and Louisville. And what about Louisville? The Louisville Cardinals lost only to Rutgers and are also 12 wins to 1 loss.

Bob can't help but wonder if any of the 12-1 teams are really National Champion. How can you call someone "National Champion" when they have been beaten, when their season record is essentially identical to a list of others. Bob fails to see how that makes any sense at all.

Now, only one ream remains unbeaten, and the question remains, what about 13-0 Boise State, The only undefeated team left standing after the BCS bowl season is Boise State. On the very same Tostitos Bowl field a week ago Boise State beat Oklahoma. And Oklahoma had beaten last year's National Champion, Texas.

It makes no sense to Bob to pick out one of the several "One Loss" teams as "National Champion" while ignoring the ONLY team with NO LOSSES, the only team that is UNBEATEN. Can Florida be truly "National Champion" with a once beaten record equal to a handful of other teams while the unbeaten team is not champion? Bob doesn't think so. The true champion this year is the little team that could, the team that won all its games including the Tostitos Fiesta BCS Bowl.

Athletic Champions of the Gridiron -- 2006

Boise State University Broncos. 13-0

On their road to a 13-0 season Boise State also beat Oregon State, the team that beat USC. When you cut through all the fog and sports announcer drivel, the real reason that the BCS calls Florida 13-1 "national champion" and not Boise State 13-0 is because of the MONEY. Football is BIG MONEY in the South East Conference, the Big Ten Conference, and the Big Twelve Conference. The BIG MONEY conferences don't make BIG MONEY if the champion is from one of the other conferences. College athletics is supposed to be about amateur students playing for the love of the game, but don't kid yourself. In the BIG MONEY conferences college athletics is all about the BIG MONEY. They lie and pretend that a beaten team is "National Champion" because the little team that beat all comers is not part of their BIG MONEY group. Neither is Bob. You can't buy the truth. University of Florida Gators are the Champions of Big MONEY. Boise State is the Athletic National Champions of the gridiron.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


On Wednesday, January 3, 2006 the United States was invaded from the south. The invasion force attacked and overran the United States Army National Guard detachment which was defending the area. The invasion occurred between Nogales, AZ, and Lukeville, AZ. Read Story When the United States was attacked and our army National Guard units overrun, our President, our leader who is oath bound to defend the United States, did absolutely nothing.

Let us compare 2007 to 1915.
In 1914 Pancho Villa and a band of “pistoleros" raided across the US border from Mexico. It became national news. President Wilson ordered an armed military response. On 15 March 1915, General Pershing led 10,000 men of an 8th Infantry Brigade into Mexico to capture Pancho Villa. With General Pershing on the Mexican campaign was Lt. George S. Patton, Jr. Pershing penetrated 350 miles into Mexico, routed Pancho Villa's group and wounded Villa himself. It was major news in newspapers and media all across America for months. In 1915 men were MEN.

Let us compare 2007 to 1941
In 1941 the Empire of Japan attacks a military base at a US territory a thousand miles from any US State, and President Roosevelt immediately asks Congress to declare war on the Empire of Japan and to prosecute the war to total surrender. It was huge news for years. In 1941, men were MEN.

But in 2007, when an organized band of "pistoleros" invades the US and overruns the US Army National Guard it receives only a single paragraph of media notice in the local Arizona press. President "wetback" Bush ignores it entirely. Congresscunt Pelosi supports the "right" of Mexicans to invade and overrun America by the millions. In 2007, men are mostly manginas and congresscunts lead our country.

The American people ought to be screaming. Our government ought to be mobilizing our army. Our wetback loving President has failed to carry out his sworn duty to defend the United States and should be impeached. Our Congress led by Congresscunt Pelosi ought to be recalled replaced by officials who will protect and defend our nation.

Loyal readers. Phone your local congresscunt's office. Phone your senator's office. Phone the White House. Demand that immediate military action be taken to stop armed invasions into the United States, to stop attacks on the US Army National Guard in the United States, and to pursue the invaders into their homeland to capture and deal with their invasion.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Duke Hate University

Duke Hate University has proven itself to be the #1 Hate University in America in 2006. When 3 of its athletes were falsely accused in a criminal rape-hate extortion shakedown, 88 of the faculty, including all the Hate Departments, immediately published a statement of hate in the Duke Chronicle applauding and promoting hate against young white men who were the foundation of Duke University for generations and who are still its future. The gang of 88 hate professors (the Hate 88) ranted about the atmosphere they have created on campus by saying, " what is apparent everyday now is the anger and fear of many students who know themselves to be objects of racism and sexism." Unfortunately it is their anti-white racism that creates the atmosphere of anger and fear. It is their anti-men sexism that creates the atmosphere of anger and fear. Hate activists held hate rallies, made hate speeches, and published hate posters with photos of every Lacrosse player, all endorsed by the Hate 88.

The Hate 88 were right that there is an atmosphere of sexism and racism at Duke Hate University. Men students at Duke Hate University attend classes taught by anti-men sexists. White men students at Duke Hate University attend classes taught by anti-white racists. Duke Hate University has a long list of racist/sexist Departments, Women's Studies, African American Studies, Latino Studies, Asian Studies, all the increasingly common racist hate departments that have become common at Hate Universities today. The Hate 88 are the worst of the hate mongering bigots on the campus

And in case anyone is tempted to think that all the public outcry for tolerance has diminished their hate, a recent op-ed piece by Hate 88 leader Cathy N. Davidson dispels that notion. Despite the facts in the case have shown that the original incident was a case of extortion against white men, Ms. Hate Davidson still insists, "what we know happened on March 13" Like all feminazi hate mongers she "knows" from her womb rather than reading the facts and evidence of the case.

Duke Hate University is being sued for one of the most blatant cases of sexist grading, but you can be assured that a female has a full grade advantage in most of the sexist classrooms at Hate University.

Hate University President Broadhead has offered to "readmit" the Lacrosse players he expelled last spring, but it’s a feeble gesture. He has failed utterly to address the pervasive atmosphere of anti-men racist/sexism that pervades the campus of Duke Hate University. And nothing has been done about the horrible anti-white men racist/sexism in Durham, NC, that makes it unsafe for men to attend Duke Hate University. The chances of the expelled players returning are about that of a snowball in hell. In addition it is neither safe nor appreciated for any other men to attend Duke Hate University.

To begin to address the hate being taught on their campus the owners of Duke Hate University need to take the following actions:
Fire President Broadhead,
Fire the Hate 88
Dismantle the various Hate Departments such as "Women's Studies," "Black Studies," etc.
Take political action in South Carolina with various alumni to fix political hate in Durham.

Bob does not expect Duke Hate University to take any effective action to reduce its hate programs. Early applications for enrollment for next year are down 20% and still declining as the hatred and bigotry of the faculty at Duke Hate University becomes more widely known. MEN should eschew the campus and attend a different University that welcomes, not hates, white men.

The Hate 88

Abe, Stan (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)
Albers, Benjamin (University Writing Program)
Allison, Anne (Cultural Anthropology)
Aravamudan, Srinivas (English)
Baker, Houston (English and AAAS)
Baker, Lee (Cultural Anthropology)
Beckwith, Sarah (English)
Berliner, Paul (Music)
Christina Beaule (University Writing Program)
Blackmore, Connie (AAAS)
Jessica Boa (Religion & University Writing Program)
Boatwright, Mary T. (Classical Studies)
Boero, Silvia (Romance Studies)
Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo (Sociology)
Brim, Matthew (University Writing Program)
Chafe, William (History)
Ching, Leo (Asian & African Languages and Literatures)
Coles, Rom (Political Science)
Cooke, Miriam (Asian & African Languages and Literatures)
Crichlow, Michaeline (AAAS)
Curtis, Kim (Political Science)
Damasceno, Leslie (Romance Studies)
Davidson, Cathy (English)
Deutsch, Sally (History)
Dorfman, Ariel (Literature & Latin American Stds.)
Edwards, Laura (History)
Farred, Grant (Literature)
Fellini, Luciana (Romance Studies)
Fulkerson, Mary McClintock (Divinity School)
Gabara, Esther (Romance Studies)
Gavins, Raymond (History)
Greer, Meg (Romance Studies)
Glymph, Thavolia (History)
Hardt, Michael (Literature)
Harris, Joseph (University Writing Program)
Holloway, Karla (English)
Holsey, Bayo (AAAS)
Hovsepian, Mary (Sociology)
James, Sherman (Public Policy)
Kaplan, Alice (Literature)
Khalsa, Keval Kaur (Dance Program)
Khanna, Ranjana (English)
King, Ashley (Romance Studies)
Koonz, Claudia (History)
Lasch, Peter (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies & Latino/a Studies)
Lee, Dan A. (Math)
Leighten, Pat (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)
Lentricchia, Frank (Literature)
Light, Caroline (Inst. for Crit. U.S. Stds.)
Litle, Marcy (Comparative Area Studies)
Litzinger, Ralph (Cultural Anthropology)
Longino, Michele (Romance Studies)
Lubiano, Wahneema (AAAS and Literature)
Maffitt, Kenneth(History)
Mahn, Jason (University Writing Program)
Makhulu, Anne-Maria (AAAS)
Mason, Lisa (Surgical Unit-2100)
McClain, Paula (Political Science)
Meintjes, Louise (Music)
Mignolo, Walter (Literature and Romance Studies)
Moreiras, Alberto (Romance Studies)
Neal, Mark Anthony (AAAS)
Nelson, Diane (Cultural Anthropology)
Olcott, Jolie (History)
Parades, Liliana (Romance Studies)
Payne, Charles (AAAS and History)
Pierce-Baker, Charlotte (Women’s Studies)
Pebles-Wilkins, Wilma
Petters, Arlie (Math)
Plesser, Ronen (Physics)
Radway, Jan (Literature)
Rankin, Tom (Center for Documentary Studies)
Rego, Marcia (University Writing Program)
Reisinger, Deborah S. (Romance Studies)
Rosenberg, Alex (Philosophy)
Rudy, Kathy (Women’s Studies)
Schachter, Marc (English)
Shannon, Laurie (English)
Sigal, Pete (History)
Silverblatt, Irene (Cultural Anthropology)
Somerset, Fiona (English)
Stein, Rebecca (Cultural Anthropology)
Thorne, Susan (History)
Viego, Antonio (Literature)
Vilaros, Teresa (Romance Studies)
Wald, Priscilla (English)
Wallace, Maurice (English and AAAS)
Wong, David (Philosophy)


Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year, Filthy Turd Nifong has asked to be removed from the Duke University extortion hate case. In a January 12 letter to the North Carolina Lieyer General Roy Cooper, Filthy Turd Nifong asked Cooper to appoint his office's special prosecution unit to take over the case. Goodbye and good riddance to the Hate Monger of the Year. Now Cooper should prosecute Filthy Turd Nifong for malicious malfeasance and criminal violation of evidence laws. Read story.

The resignation of the Hate Monger of the Year, Filthy Turd Nifong, has not restored an atmosphere of peace for MEN at Duke Hate University where anti-white-men hate is still promoted and taught in several Hate Departments. No man will feel safe in Durham or at Duke Hate University while they teach hate and promote bigotry against us.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

For the Women.

"For our Daughters and our Granddaughters," Nancy Pelosi. With these sexist words Ms. Speaker Pelosi opened the House of representatives. When a cunt is elected she doesn't represent the people, she represents only the females, "our daughters and granddaughters." The US Congress was once, "Of the people, by the people, and for the people." It is now, "Of the women, by the women, and for the women." Read CNN Story

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gang Murder and mayhem on our streets

It was just an average week for blue gun thug murder and mayhem against men. Bob logged into MSN news today and found stories of blue gun thug killings on what seemed like every page. Murder of men by blue gun thugs is usually swept under the rug by media that eschews any negative news about the feminist power structure. They kill men, they get awarded with "paid leave" or as working men put it extra paid vacation days. I have copied some of the opening paragraphs here.

11:08 p.m. EST January 2, 2007
READING, PA - Authorities said on Tuesday one person has died in a police-involved shooting.
There was no word on what led police to shoot the victim, NBC 10 News reported.

The Orange County Register
FULLERTON, CA, An officer-shooting occurred in Fullerton today, police said. Police did not immediately release details of the shooting but said more than one person had been shot. No officer was believed to have been hit.
Reporters at the scene said two people who had been in a car were shot, with the driver dying at the scene and the passenger taken to UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange to be treated.

Reno, NV, Authorities say a man shot dead by Las Vegas police last night wielded a knife and refused repeated orders to drop it. No word yet on the identity of the man killed in the 9:45 p.m. confrontation in a parking lot at an apartment complex at Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road in the city's northwest.
Initial reports are that officers were called to a report of a domestic dispute.
10:01 a.m. EST December 28, 2006
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - The attorney for a man shot by a police officer said Wednesday that the shooting of his client was not justified. Arthur Satterly, 57, was shot by Louisville police Officer Myles Cosgrove at a gas station near the intersection of Westport Road and Chamberlain Lane.

WHEC-TV Jan. 1
Rochester, NY, A family in Greece is outraged after their black lab was shot in the head by a Greece police officer. The dog named Duke is back at home Sunday night. The shooting happened Saturday morning at a home on Elmgrove Road, where Chris Cubiotti lives with Duke and his family. Cubiotti says he called police after someone slashed a snow globe in his front

3:27 p.m. EST January 1, 2007
Philadelphia, PA, The gun violence that plagued Philadelphia throughout 2006 shows no sign of ending in 2007. Just minutes into the new year, a 20-year-old man was shot and killed when police responded to a report of gunfire in Northwest Philadelphia. The fatal shooting occurred on the 1700 block of North 59th Street, and the victim was pronounced dead exactly an hour after the New Year's ball dropped.
Homicide detectives said they believed an officer fired the shot that killed Bryan Jones of the city's Overbrook section.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Another Gang Murder

Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was killed early Monday when his white stretch Hummer was sprayed by bullets after a nightclub dispute following a New Year's Eve party. Read story. Williams and the Broncos had lost their final game of the 2006 season earlier that afternoon, and he was beginning his off season vacation. He was gunned down in the street outside an up scale club frequented by sports personalities including several Denver Nuggets as well as Broncos.

The Denver blue gun thugs report that they don't know the motive for the murder nor do they have any suspects. Bob can't help but notice that the execution style murder of Williams was virtually identical to the recent execution murder of Mr. Sean Bell in NYC after he and some friends left a club. See story here The largest criminal gang in NYC lined up a firing squad and executed Mr. Bell for reasons they have never revealed. In Denver too, the largest criminal gang in Denver says they don't know who shot Darrent Williams nor, they say, do they know why he was shot. Bob suggests that they look in the blue gun thug garage for the white vehicle driven by the assassins, and ask themselves why he was executed.

The sports public may never be told exactly why Darrent Williams was executed. We know that the blue gun thug gang is willing to assassinate NFL players. This is the second player they have shot in the past 4 months. Another blue gun thug chased down and shot San Diego Chargers linebacker Steve Foley in September 2006. Was it a drug deal gone bad? Was it because of big money sports gamboling and game fixing? Was it because he stopped paying for "protection?" Or was it simply because some of the gang were drunk and trigger happy? We may never know the real reason Darrent Williams was executed, but the identity of the executioners is well known. We see them every day robbing citizens. They wear blue gang colors. Murder is what they do. When the truth is finally published, remember you read it here first.

UPDATE January 04, 2007
According to the Denver Post:
"Denver police revealed a possible break Wednesday in their investigation of the shooting death of Darrent Williams - a link to a jailed gang member's sport utility vehicle.Police are searching for a white 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe, Colorado license plate 665-OBS, that sources say is registered to Brian Kenneth Hicks, 27. Hicks is a self-professed gang member, who is accused of drug possession…"

So what does that mean? The blue gun thugs routinely confiscate the vehicles belonging to men accused of drug crimes. Often they use these confiscated vehicles for "undercover" work and then sell them at auction. Plain clothed and "under cover" gun thugs enjoy driving the expensive confiscated vehicles at no cost to the blue gun thug budget since its all been stolen from citizens. Now we learn that the (confiscated) vehicle of a previously arrested drug dealer was used in the murder of Williams. Blue gun thugs are making a show of "searching" for the vehicle they ditched after finding out that the rich black guy they murdered was a football player, not a pimp or drug dealer. Their search for an uninvolved schmuck to frame for their execution style murder is beginning to be played before the media.