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Friday, October 08, 2010

Flu Scam of the Season

All across the US, every medical clinic and pharmacy is pushing Flu Shots. Every local TV outlet hammers it home every news broadcast --- Get a flu shot!!!!! Even Buy Mart puts signs out in front, “Flu Shots Today.” Did you ever wonder why? Follow the MONEY!

The flu shot is sold for around $30 per person. Off the top the state takes 10% or $3 more for sales tax.

Assuming that 1 of every 3 Americans gets a flu shot that is $33 times 100,000,000 people or $3..3 billion dollars. Whatever temporary benefit you get for your $33 is fleeting. You will have to buy another next year, and the medical industrial complex plans to sell another $3.3 billion in flu shots next year again. If they can terrify more than one out of three Americans into getting the shots their massive annual profits go up and up.

The actual serum cost only a few cents to produce. Its manufactured under a GOVERNMEN MONOPOLY LICENSE so the manufacture can sell it for $5, about 99% profit – less kickback to corrupt politicians. Your local neighborhood doctor, clinic, or pharmacy pays around $5 and sells for $30, making an easy 6 times their money. The scam is on.

They pay TV stations to terrorize gullible females and unthinking men to believe that they are all going to die of swine flu or some other flu unless the sheeple run out and pay $30 each. In many cities they have lobbied School Boards to require mass consumption by all children enrolled in schools. The scam gets bigger and bigger.

Now the new corrupt Fascist government is concerned that all their illegal alien immigrants don't pay the $30 each to enrich their medical industrial complex benefactors, so they have a new law to rob all Americans. Whether you want to pay the $30 or not, you now have to pay for your own and those of 3 or 4 other people you will never meet.

Regular readers of The World According to Bob will have read Bob's previous article about cutting the cost of medical care in the US. Freedom from the government monopoly would allow non-monopoly suppliers to sell $0.05 worth of product for no more than $2 to $5 at retail including labor to administer the shots. Freedom of information would eliminate the paid horror story terrorism constantly promoted by LICENSED TV outlets.

What can you do? First, you don't have to follow the sheeple to pay your $30 every year. Second, you can work with Tea Party or other groups to recapture our government and restore freedom.

Follow the MONEY!

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