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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sheriff Association is Jane Crow

Time to write to the National Sheriffs Association and let them know that their support of government pork on the backs of our families and children is totally unacceptable to decent men everywhere. In most US states large areas between incorporated cities are "policed" by county officials known as the Sheriff and his deputies. They have a national lobby group called the National Sheriffs Association which drums up funding for "more men on the streets." In addition to stopping travelers to take their money in "speed traps" and the confiscation and sale of vehicles for every "drug related" excuse, these hired gun thugs also usually act as the enforcement arm of the family court. When they come to take your children it's usually a deputy Sheriff who points the gun at you and another who slaps your kids into the cars. It’s a deputy Sheriff who comes to your house and tosses you out on the street after the minion of Satan in the black robe gave it to some evil bitch.

Once again the National Sheriffs Association has been lobbying Congress in support of renewal of VAWA, a huge cash cow which funds $$billions of their budget. They have sold out to the radical femorrhoid army. They support any Jane Crow legislation that pays them regardless of the evil it requires them to do. They are quislings who give aide and comfort to the enemies of men and families, and actively destroy men and children for money. They are disgusting filth who make decent men want to puke.

Bob and some other men have been corresponding with Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart, secretary of the National Sheriffs Association. It is a Constitutional right and the duty of concerned Americans to petition all branches of our government that are working against the interests of the people. Sheriff Bart and his evil gun thugs work against men, against families, against children, and even against the women they pretend to be helping.

In reply to another MAN's correspondence, Sheriff Bard replied as follows:

"I would like to express my disgust with anyone who doesn’t do their homework before sending such an e-mail. I am the chairman of the National Sheriff’s Domestic Violence Committee and we don’t play favorites when it comes to violence! You are not winning any friends with your e-mails."

Bob wrote to Sheriff Bart and said:

" The VAWA is the most sexist violent misandrist piece of pork barrel legislation ever passed. It's Jane Crow bigotry from beginning to end. Your continued support of Jane Crow hate laws and willingness to support any level of anti-men hate that will gain funding for your evil crew makes me and many decent people want to puke.

Shame, shame, shame on you and the rest of the evil misandrist bigots of the National Sheriffs Association.

Sheriff Bart replied:

" Your messge is not a good example for your group. Again I say the nsa supports all victims of violence. Please stop sending me further hate filled messages.

Rick Bart
Snohomish County Sheriff.

Sheriff Bard, of course, doesn't believe that citizens have the Constitutional civic duty to petition the government (1st Amendment) any more than he believes in equal rights under law required by the 14th Amendment. He demands that MEN stop writing to him to express our concerns and demand that our government serve the people. Sheriff Bart and his quisling association have sold out equal rights of MEN and families for government hate funding and Jane Crow legislation. It's their jobs. It's how they get funding.

Now it's time for MEN of every kind to write to Sheriff Bart as Secretary of the National Sheriffs Association, and chairman of their committee to support renewal of the Jane Crow hate law called VAWA. Its time for MEN who value families and fairness to let scumbag gun thugs like Sheriff Bart know just how disgusting his anti-family, anti-children, anti-men hate mongering is to decent men. Sheriff Rick Bart, Secretary of NSA

Please send Bart (where have we heard that name before?) a quick note to let him know how much MEN oppose Jane Crow hate laws that he feeds from, and how despicable he is for earning his living destroying our families and the lives of men. Take 5 minutes and write now.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Whacko Government Control of our Homes.

I'm in process of building a house for myself, or at least I'm in process of jumping through government hoops so I can get legal permission to build a house for myself. So far I've spent around $3,000 on fees and permit taxes to various government agencies and have not turned the first shovel of dirt. If my blog entries have been a little slow in coming lately, that's the reason.

I used to build houses for a living back in the 70s. Life was more simple then. The environmental whackos hadn't taken over the building industry. The energy saving environmental whackos have just gone totally nuts since then, and they control building codes so everyone is required to do as we are told or the government will not allow us to live in our homes.

I'm all for energy savings, don't get me wrong, but there are limits and there is insanity. The new International Residential Code requires that all exterior walls be caulked, sealed, gasketed, closed, tightened, and otherwise carefully closed to outside air. Those old style aluminum frame windows (with the nice looking dark anodize) are no longer allowed here. We have to buy much more expensive wood or vinyl (white) windows that have a "U" factor (heat admittance) of 0.35 or less. Well and good you might say considering that winters get cold here sometimes. But that's not the end of it. Houses with all the exterior sealed up get air pollution inside. When all the fresh air is sealed out people end up living in their own concentrated air pollution. So the newly required significantly more expensive windows are required to have a manufactured opening in the window sill to let in fresh air. Alternatively you can install fresh air vents in your wall next to your windows. Is that nuts, or just insane? My wife said, "If you want fresh air, why can't you just open a window? Isn't that one of the main reasons to install windows?" Of course it is, but the environmental whackos running the building codes think we are all too stupid to open our very expensive tightly sealed windows, so we are required to pay for open air vents to allow in the fresh air that we had to pay to seal out.

Then there are the bathroom fans. Thirty years ago you were allowed to open a window if you had one in your bathroom for ventilation. Not any more. The new code requires you to purchase an exhaust fan at extra expense, even if you have an outside window that you could open. "Well, okay," you might think, "I don't have to use it with the window open." Not so. The law requires you to install a timer which turns your bathroom fan on twice a day and run it for a while whether you want it on or not. They also require you to buy a more expensive "low noise" fan in hopes that you won't get so aggravated that you rip the noisy intrusion out by the roots as soon as their back is turned. So to sum up, you have to install a fan even if you would rather just open the window. You have to have it wired to a timer because most sane people wouldn't turn the noisy annoyance on if given a choice. And you have to do it because your house has become so sealed up by buying all that expensive insulation and sealed doors and windows which they require, that without mechanically driven forced air replacement you will have an unhealthy level of polluted air in your home.

Some other wrinkles I've been discovering.

Gas furnaces, boilers, and water heaters now have to be much more expensive "sealed" combustion models because your new home is too well sealed up for the industry standard model which takes combustion air out of the home and exhausts it by convection out a stove pipe through the roof. An alternative is to build an insulated mechanical room which is effectively an unheated outside room open to the outside but not to the inside. All the heat lost by the water heater and furnace thus is lost outside the home instead of generally adding to your indoor comfort as was the case before the environmental whackos took over.

You have to install a "radon abatement system" to prevent naturally occurring radon gas from coming out of the ground and collecting in your sealed home. The radon abatement system defeats much of the expensive insulation you were required to install under your floors. Once more you pay for "energy savings" and then pay to defeat it. That's the law.

You and I are told what we can and can not do, what kind of homes we can and can not live in, even down to how often we have to turn on our ventilation fans. The control of and environmental whacko government into our lives is tyranny and oppression. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be far better off without them.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Almost got one. Shucks!

Score one for the people. In Albuquerque a citizen shot down a blue gun thug helicopter, and the blue gun thugs are whining about it all over the media. Here

A Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department helicopter that crashed Saturday in the yard of an Albuquerque home was brought down by a bullet, Sheriff Darren White said late Tuesday. "How could someone walk out in the middle of the night and take a gun and fire at a helicopter that's out there trying to protect the public?" he said. "It's a miracle they're alive." Here

WRONG! The blue gun thugs are almost never "helping to protect" anyone. They have proven in several SCOTUS cases that protecting people is NOT their job. Sheriff White pushes their usual LIES, and of course the blue gun thugs have also proven to SCOTUS that lying IS their job as much as protecting people is not.

Gun thug brutality does not make destruction of families into "helping people." Maybe some concerned citizens are beginning to think of these gun thug helicopters as low flying targets, and so much the better. It's a shame he didn't have an RPGs like they have in other countries. The US Constitution prohibits the government from taking weapons away from the people specifically to allow the people to overthrow a tyrannous government. For a more detailed analysis of the constitutional right to own and bear regular military arms read Bob's blog on the Second Amendment.

So lying Sheriff White sent his criminal gun thugs out to destroy another family and send another man off to Auchwitz, Leavenworth, Fulsom, or some similar place, and concerned citizens fought back. It's a shame they only hit some minor part of the helicopter. It's a shame that the gun thugs walked away.

[Hoists a glass] Here's to the brave freedom fighters who are fighting back against the tyranny of gun thug oppression.

Disaster Area

NM Governor Bill Richardson, often mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for President, has taken on the illegal immigrant problem. In a time when most of the Democratic party is mired down in "NO!" and unwilling to rethink their decades old bigotry that has lost them most of the federal government, Richardson is moving forward on a major issue that concerns huge numbers of Americans of both parties.

Media talking heads from FOX, CNN, and major networks talk about the border problems every day because so many Americans are highly concerned and very frustrated. Private organizations like the Minutemen have began demanding that the government do something to control the borders.

Republican President Bush responded to our border control problems by appointing an Attorney General who bragged about his wetback parents at his nomination news conference. President Bush and Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales are very actively ignoring a huge problem that is a major issue to the large majority of Americans. Bush cozies up to Mexican President Fox, who's government publishes guidebooks encouraging Mexicans to violate American law. Bush thumbs his nose at the Republican voters who elected him. Do not expect Bush and his son of wetbacks to do anything at all about the border crisis.

Now comes Governor Bill Richardson, who is not yet announcing his candidacy, and he declares the southern part of New Mexico a "Disaster Area" because of the devastation that rampant lawlessness causes. American ranchers and other citizens along the border are faced with tens of thousands of criminals trespassing, destroying fences, killing stock, stealing everything that will move, and now even suing Americans who complain with frivolous slap suits filed by Mexican organizations. Into this arena steps Bill Richardson, a man who apparently has the balls to step up to the plate. He is leading the Democratic party into a new issue at a time when none of his Democratic colleagues can say anything but the same old failed crap. To become a major player in government again, the Dems must drop their Jane Crow hate laws, turn away from decades of failed socialist handouts, and refocus on the heartland of America where millions of illegals are wrecking havoc. The illegal immigrant problem is not just a border problem. Americans form border to border and coast to coast are struggling to deal with the massive number of illegals demanding welfare, services, schooling, etc. Bob applauds Governor Richardson for taking a stand in support of laws. That kind of balls and forward leadership ought to get him elected.

$.73 is way overpaid.

I'm in process of building a new home. Yesterday I needed some additional help, so I solicited for workers at the local college.

Two men and one woman showed up. Now my policy has always been to allow women to try out for construction jobs, over the years I have build a goodly number of houses. This female arrived on a construction job wearing sandals with painted toenails. The two guys got right to work, helping move materials, sawing boards, doing the work. She stood around until specifically asked to do some particular thing, and then fiddled with it. She went home at noon for "lunch" and phoned to say that she had to do something with her kid and couldn't return for the afternoon.

Every other woman I've ever hired on a job where real work is involved has acted in a similar manner, though sometimes they last the whole day.

Whenever I hear females whining about earning "only 73 cents" I am reminded of my 30 years of construction experience and the women who have asked for a job. You can't get a female to do any actual work. At $.73 they are way overpaid. Men do all the hard, physical, dirty and sometimes dangerous work. MEN build the homes, produce the food, and provide for the whole society, always have and always will. Women sit around in sandals, maybe behind a desk, paint their toenails and whine because they don't get paid as much as men.