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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Disaster Area

NM Governor Bill Richardson, often mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for President, has taken on the illegal immigrant problem. In a time when most of the Democratic party is mired down in "NO!" and unwilling to rethink their decades old bigotry that has lost them most of the federal government, Richardson is moving forward on a major issue that concerns huge numbers of Americans of both parties.

Media talking heads from FOX, CNN, and major networks talk about the border problems every day because so many Americans are highly concerned and very frustrated. Private organizations like the Minutemen have began demanding that the government do something to control the borders.

Republican President Bush responded to our border control problems by appointing an Attorney General who bragged about his wetback parents at his nomination news conference. President Bush and Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales are very actively ignoring a huge problem that is a major issue to the large majority of Americans. Bush cozies up to Mexican President Fox, who's government publishes guidebooks encouraging Mexicans to violate American law. Bush thumbs his nose at the Republican voters who elected him. Do not expect Bush and his son of wetbacks to do anything at all about the border crisis.

Now comes Governor Bill Richardson, who is not yet announcing his candidacy, and he declares the southern part of New Mexico a "Disaster Area" because of the devastation that rampant lawlessness causes. American ranchers and other citizens along the border are faced with tens of thousands of criminals trespassing, destroying fences, killing stock, stealing everything that will move, and now even suing Americans who complain with frivolous slap suits filed by Mexican organizations. Into this arena steps Bill Richardson, a man who apparently has the balls to step up to the plate. He is leading the Democratic party into a new issue at a time when none of his Democratic colleagues can say anything but the same old failed crap. To become a major player in government again, the Dems must drop their Jane Crow hate laws, turn away from decades of failed socialist handouts, and refocus on the heartland of America where millions of illegals are wrecking havoc. The illegal immigrant problem is not just a border problem. Americans form border to border and coast to coast are struggling to deal with the massive number of illegals demanding welfare, services, schooling, etc. Bob applauds Governor Richardson for taking a stand in support of laws. That kind of balls and forward leadership ought to get him elected.


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