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Monday, July 11, 2005

Gun Thugs Kill again.

The blue gun thugs surrounded and murdered another man today. This time they also murdered a child in their insane hail of gunfire.

According to the news story Los Angeles blue gun thugs fired over 300 bullets at a little child and the man she was with. This man who's "crime" apparently was, "He had problems with depression, his business was not doing well, he needs to see a psychiatrist," according to the story. Police selected their target after reports said he was, "standing near an intersection with a toddler and behaving erratically." In the tormented murderous minds of blue gun thugs erratic behavior is sufficient excuse to bring up their "special weapons" and start blazing away unconcerned about children who they might kill. So vicious and so focused are these blue goon squads, so well trained to kill, that killing is all they know.

The blue gun thugs had over 300 chances to decide to pack up and go home, but a blue gun thug on the scent of "civilian" blood becomes an irrational, mindless killing machine. Once they become blooded they never stop until someone's life is destroyed or men die.

By the second day the blue gun thug spokesperson was saying that they were "searching for ways that would have better protected the child." Going home and putting their guns back in their holsters comes immediately to my mind but of course not to his. He only knows how to kill. He only looks for ways to kill men without killing children too. He is willing to kill children in order to kill men, but he knows that the public doesn't approve. Murder is his business. He lies and claims that they look for ways to protect the child. He pretends that they are not the reason for the killing. He lies to people, the media repeats his lies, and many believe. The glaring elephant in the center of the room is that it was the blue gun thugs who attacked the man, escalated the conflict, and then murdered the man and his daughter.

Describing Jose Pena as a "cold-blooded killer," Police Chief William Bratton said Tuesday the coroner's report will likely show that police killed the young girl, but that all blame "falls on the shoulders of Mr. Pena." In truth, it is blue gun thug Chief William Bratton who is to blame for the cold blooded murder of a man and child. His gun thugs started the fight, refused to disengage, and continued to push and escalate and push until they had murdered the man and child. Bratton is a lying criminal who twists and turns and tries to blame the man he murdered. Tar and feathers would be much to good for his kind of festering slime.

The blue gun thugs are a recent invention designed to control and dominate the people. Human civilization got along for a million years without these vile street gangs killing and destroying people on our streets. Their biggest contribution to "safety" is to prevent people from defending ourselves. They create faux "crime" to justify their domination and oppression. They kill thousands of men, women, and of course children every year. We don't want them, we don't need them, and we would all be far better off without them.

Many men, women, and children would be alive today without them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

But........ the police are our FRIENDS. They are GOOD PEOPLE who NEVER lie, cheat, and steal. They are adult boy scouts who would only VERY reluctantly kill and ONLY in self-defence. They just follow orders and obey rules.
It's only dark-eyed swarthies and other riff-raff who ACTUALLY interact with them regularly who think otherwise.

August 03, 2005 3:02 AM  

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