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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Title IX -- More LIES while colleges flout the law

From the National Review

Bush administration has provided a real reason to celebrate the 33rd aniversary of Title IX

June 24, 2005, 7:57 a.m.
Happy Birthday, Title IX
The Bush administration has provided a real reason to celebrate.

By Carrie Lukas of Independent Women's Forum.
Put this week's celebration of Title IX — the federal law intended to prevent discrimination based on sex on college campuses — in the "it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" category. Instead of simply acknowledging the 33rd anniversary of the creation of the law, prominent Democrats used the occasion to bellyache about new regulations that clarify how schools and universities can comply with Title IX.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi were among the liberal worthies at a press conference on how the Bush administration is denying athletic opportunities to women. These political luminaries were joined by female athletes, including 1996 Olympic gold-medal gymnast Dominique Dawes and 1984 Olympic gold medal hurdler Benita Fitzgerald Mosley, who spoke about the importance of Title IX in protecting their sisters in sport.

Yet the administration's recent actions on Title IX hardly constitute an assault on female athletes. In March, the Department of Education merely issued guidelines explaining how schools can assess student interest in athletics to demonstrate that are they are accommodating the interests of the underrepresented sex.

Fulfilling student interest was always supposed to be one way to comply with Title IX. But given the threat of costly legislation, few universities have been willing to risk relying on compliance through such an inherently subjective measure.

WRONG! Title IX does not mention athletics. Title IX is about educational programs. Title IX requires that men not be discriminated against in recruitment, admissions, scholarships, class and program offerings, hiring of instructors and professors, library book purchases, Feminist Theory teaching, Women's Studies classes and programs, Women's Centers, etc., etc., etc.

Virtually all colleges and universities in the US, and now all K-12 schools too, openly and notoriously flout Title IX all over their campuses. The only place where they ever have even looked to see what Title IX says is the small piece of ancillary recreation on campus, the athletic department, where men have historically been more interested.

The Bush Administration has done nothing to enforce Title IX on any campus in the country. The all still openly and notoriously flout the law.

How can National Review editors and other half witted men even republish this kind or anti-men lies and hate crap? Oh yea that's right, they are leftist whores to feminism.



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