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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Some still print hate for Father's Day

Some newspapers continue their hate campaign against fathers and make Father's Day a focus of anti-father misandry. Among them is the Spokesman Review, a badly bigoted pile of dog crap absorber from Spokane, Washington, USA. For their Father's Day hate special the Spokesman Review used the whole center of it's front page, with a huge photo story praising the murder of a father in front of his children. The story deals with how Child Abusive Services worker Edith Vance organized an armed attack on the home of father, Bryan Russell. As a Child Abuse Services worker she couldn't accept a fathers right to take care of his own children. She organized an armed gang of blue gun thugs and stormed his Northeastern Washington home. Russell fought desperately to save his children, armed only with a crude machete, and died in a pool of blood as the gun thugs chased him down and shot him in the back. The focus of the hate monger's story is how Child Abuse Services worker Vance, a veteran of thousands of destroyed families, was struck by Russell as he defended his family and children from her malicious evil assault. Boo Hoo! The evil child abuser and professional family destroyer's assault on another father wasn't accepted quietly like so many fathers do. This father fought for his children, and the blue gun thugs murdered him in front of his children. In the hate twisted rhetoric of misandry, the Spokesman Review claims that Russell "attacked" the army that came to his door. Do they expect anyone to believe that sitting quietly in one's home is an "attack?" There was an attack, and it was a quiet peaceful family that was brutally attacked and destroyed by the Child Abuse Services and their blue gun thug army. See Criminal Gangs in the Streets in the May 2005 archive of Bob's blog.

The children's mother also had been trying to stop the Child Abuse Services, Vance, from stealing and abusing her children, "Why can't you people leave us alone?" she had asked Vance previously. Infuriated by the love of parents for their children Vance assembled her armed gang of thugs and led them out to the small rural community seeking to attack and destroy the Russell family by any means necessary, even if it meant killing them. And, that is exactly what they did, the gun thugs murdered the father and stole the children. Under state law she needed a court order to take the children, but little things like the law rarely slow down the Child Abuse Services when driven by hatred of families and fixated on taking a father's children away. She had plenty of time to go to court and get a warrent, but instead of a legal warrent she brought only three children's car seats and the blue gun thugs. When murder is your plan you don't go to court first. She and her blue gun thugs ought to be rounded up and hanged by decent citizens before they come to kill another father or destroy the next thousand families.

The attack and murder of Russell in front of his children was a heinous crime against all fathers. It is used as hate rhetoric intended to show fathers as evil criminals for protecting our children. It is this story, the destruction of a father who tried to protect his family, that the Spokesman Review chose to print in a huge photo story on it's Father's Day front page. While many newspapers have stopped using Father's Day as an occasion to run a series of anti-father hate articles, the Spokesman Review bucks the trend and continues to spew anti-men hate on it's front page. Maybe they think that only poor men in mountain cabins will ever be the object of an armed gang? Evil begets evil and violence begets violence. Hate, like that which burns in the heart of the misandrist bigots of the Spokesman Review begets hate. May they all rot in hell from whence they came.

Not all media still celebrate Father's Day by publishing anti-father hate like the Spokesman Review. See Bob's other post entitled Today is Father's Day for a breath of fresh air.

The evil anti-father hate article in the Spokesman Review was written by Kevin Graman and Benjamin Shors, two bigots who have sold their manhood for a job doing evil.


------ Contact for the Spokesman Review are below -----------------

Kevin Graman works as staff writer for The Spokesman-Review. In that position, Graman is a general assignment reporter.
He can be reached by e-mail at
Kevin Graman can be reached by phone at (509)459-5433. If that is a long-distance call for you, you can use our 800 number. The number is (800)338-8801 extension 5433.

Benjamin Shors works as staff writer for The Spokesman-Review. In that position, Shors covers social issues.
He can be reached by e-mail at
Benjamin Shors can be reached by phone at (509)459-5484. If that is a long-distance call for you, you can use our 800 number. The number is (800)338-8801 extension 5484.

You can also write complaints about their anti-father hate campaign to


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It is ironic that the Republicans the "Family Values Party" along with the Socialists Democrats both are using our tax dollars to destroy the Family and use force to remove Men (Fathers) from their children. Phyllis Schafly is writing about this on her column and bringing this to the attention of Conservatives. The tide is beginning to turn.

June 21, 2005 11:28 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

In Spokane the Spokesman Review newspaper is trying to frame the Republican Mayor and drive him out of office. There is no bottom on how low they will go with their hate campaigns.

June 21, 2005 4:21 PM  

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