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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Searching for Sexism

One quick and fairly reliable way to determine if an institution is sexist is to use it's web site database search feature for "men" and compare the results to an equivalent search for "women." This works especially well for colleges.

As a benchmark, Google finds about 265,000,000 web hits for "women" which compares to only about 150,000,000 hits for "men." Is the web sexist?

The web site of Harvard University,, displays "Results for: men -- Document count: men (19733)" and "Results for: women -- Document count: women (45704)." More than twice as many web pages for women at Harvard.

In addition one can also compare the relevance or quality of the hits on a particular web site. It would be impractical in a quick survey to scan all 19733 documents found at Harvard.ecu under "men" but a quick scan of the first few pages listed is quite indicative. Are they all sports events and schedules, or are they documents with some meat in them.

The first 3 at Harvard under "men" are "men's" basketball, "men's" golf," and finally something other than sports in 3rd place, " Study finds that for young men, family comes first…" On the first page of hits there are several negative or men-bashing articles found. For example there is "Men Stopping Violence," a site devoted to promoting men-as-abusers. That's followed by " Men have distorted image…" And of course gay men feature prominently on Harvard's first page as well, "Simple screening test could detect cancer lesions in gay men…"

Comparing to a search of for "women" finds that the quality of the hits on "women" is more focused on significant studies rather than sporting events. 1. " Faculty of Arts & Sciences: The Harvard College Women's Leadership Awards," 2. " FAS Handbook: Chapter 3: Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Studies of ... Women, Gender, and Sexuality…" and 3. "politics in the developing world, women in oratory, women's reproductive health ... Career Goals: international women's rights…" Women's studies is also prominently featured, but only 1 listing for women's sports makes the "women" first page at search Overall the web site has more than twice as many listings under "women" than "men" and the intellectual depth of featured articles is much greater. It becomes rapidly obvious that Harvard is SEXIST.

A search of USC's web site,, finds 10,022 hits under "men," and 8940 hits for "women." Looks like USC values men as much as women.

A search of Ohio State's web site,, finds 8482 hits under "men," and 15454 hits for "women." Once again sports events, gay issues, and "bad men" pages feature prominently on the first few pages. Looks like Ohio State is badly misandrist.

I haven't used this technique on corporations as much as colleges, partly because their web sites are much smaller and are more closely controlled by corporate PR folks. Searching Ford motor company at finds 698 for "women," beginning with " FORD MOTOR COMPANY ENCOURAGES WOMEN TO 'TOOT YOUR OWN HORN' AS PART OF ITS CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL BUSINESS WOMEN’S WEEK." (their all-caps). Ford lists 1252 hits for "men," beginning with "Men's Health Best Man and Land Rover – a perfect fit." Scrolling down shows that "men" includes "leMans," so one needs to be careful not to assume that all the hits for "men" are really about men. Overall, it does look like Ford is as concerned about men as about women.

Government sites are interesting. The Forest Service,, finds 1718 hits under "men," and 2196 under "women." The Department of Education,, limits it's searches to the first 500 hits so you get the same number of results.

A couple of cautions using this technique. First, the word "men" has a traditional inclusive meaning of "men and women." Many documents today still use "men" in the inclusive sense and these are included in the search for documents about men. Secondly, many search engines include partial words in the hits. As a result searching for "men" also gives you all the "women" and similar, like Ford's inclusion of "leMans" when searching for "men."

A search of Yahoo Groups finds 28265 hits for "men," and 39467 hits for "women." The "men" results include "announcement" and "establishment."

Overall it's a really good quick way to evaluate the sexism of lack thereof of colleges and universities and other organizations that have large web sites.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob uses the word "MAN" approximately 400 times on this web-page. He uses the word "WOMAN" approximately 160 times on this web-page.

June 09, 2005 10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob, get over it. It's time to let go of the anger about your bad child support/custody situation.

Move on, man!

You're spending way more time worrying about all this than it's worth.

June 09, 2005 3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BOB wants woman to be enslaved so he can get "some".

Poor BOB

June 09, 2005 8:25 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

The usual misandrist ad-hominem insults are expeced. It's a sign that the content can't be refuted.

June 10, 2005 12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FemNags are so stupid. They think that their Vaginas are made out of Plutonium. Truth is our Women have overvalued and devalued themselves as Wives and companions. Marco Economic theory applies here. If a commodity becomes too expensive an acceptable Substitute will arise. Last time I looked there are at least 1 billion foreign Women who would make acceptable wives or companions. Better yet go expat as Fred Reed has who has a Mexican Girl Friend. Fred is no dummy.

Why pay Ferrari prices for a Yugo? I have three friends with Foreign Wives two in relationships over 10 years who are very happy. Their wives lack the chip on the shoulder that American Women have. You and the rest of us have been sold a bill of goods. Men are wising up to reality.

The impact threatens our entire social safety net. I predict it will collapse. Devvy Kidd maintains that Feminists are destroying our country and are insane. She is a Woman. Bravo to her and other Women who see the truth. I applaud their integrity and honesty. Their Nieces and daughters are sociopathic losers who are speeding the decline of our culture and speeding up its debasement.

June 16, 2005 4:29 PM  

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