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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The history of sometimes violent illegal power plays by the FBI is long and very scary. For several decades FBI Director J. Edgar Hover kept secret files and blackmailed the most powerful people in America. In the most recent decade only two countries have been known to use illegal gas warfare (WMD) on their own citizens, Iraq under Sadam Hussein, and the US-FBI under Clinton/Reno at Waco. Domestic terrorism by the FBI is a long and violent history that includes the following:

1962 President John Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy attempt to roll back some of the power and illegal spying activities of FBI Director Hover.

1963 Lyndon Johnson succeeds in a coup d'etat with the help and cover-up of the FBI.

1964 FBI uses its resources to investigate and persecute political opponents of Johnson.

1968 Richard Nixon succeeds Johnson and takes over the Presidency.

1972 President Nixon establishes his own White House secret investigation agency which is caught taking secrets from the Democratic party. Nixon is re-elected by a 49 state landslide.

1973 Nixon makes peace with the USSR and China. FBI counterspy budgets are drastically cut. Democrats, liberal media, and government agencies such as the FBI aggressively attack Nixon.

1974 Under the name "Deep Throat" the FBI provides the Washington Post with secret inside information, innuendo, scandal and supposition. Fueled with relentless liberal press the Democratic controlled congress forces Nixon to resign under threat of Impeachment.

Where will it end? Can any President stand against the power of the FBI when their illegal acts and their willingness to violate the law in the most despicable ways? When they can plot a coup d'etat to assassinate and replace even the President is any American safe from these gun thugs with badges?



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