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Monday, May 23, 2005

Men's News Daily continues to censor men's opinion.

The web site called Men's News Daily ( continues to be dominated by females and feminist opinion. Their forum discussion is moderated by a female feminist, and the news site is run with the view of avoiding a world view that actually supports real men.

Bob was banned from the forum of Men's News Daily today. He made the mistake of pointing out the use of feminist dogma, misandry, and anti-men tactics by "Navy Blue" the female feminist moderator of the MND forum. Among other things Bob objected to her use of such classics feminist tactics as "your mother" and "attack the person." Bob would like to post the whole text here, but Bob has been banned from their web site.

Bob joined the MND forum a year or so ago during a time when "Navy Blue" was banishing several men's activists from the forum for arguing too strenuously with feminists. The MND forum has been a pretty quiet place, devoid of much serious controversy or discussion because all the activists had been banned previously. Today Bob made the mistake of objecting to "Navy Blue's" pro-feminist rant and her feminist ad-hominem tactics, and was denied access.

Why is it that so many "men's" web sites are actively anti-men? Why is it that Men's News Daily allows a feminist female to censor their forum? Why is that kind of feminist censorship so common in what passes for men's activist groups and forums today? Why do we have so many "white knight" men who can't even stop kowtowing to feminist females long enough to run a men's web site?



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