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Friday, May 13, 2005

Evil in the Court

If you are looking for minced words or PC pabulum you've come to the wrong blog. Please leave now. Bob tells it like it is.

A father CAN NOT kidnap his own child!

There seems to be no justice for fathers these days in a anti-men hate machine called the American Injustice System (AIS). There seems to be no sympathy for fathers these days in the anti-men hate machine called Associated Press (AP). In the following AP story a father is sent to prison for 10 years on a trumped up "gun" charge and is awaiting trial for "kidnapping" his own child. Firstly, the US Constitution prohibits all laws that abridge his right to own and bear arms. The AIS is operating in criminal contempt of it's own foundation when sending this man to prison. The prosecutor, judge, and the rest of their blue gun thug lackeys ought to be dragged out of the Bastille (and/or their courthouse) and beheaded by an angry mob of righteous citizens.

Second, fatherhood is the ancient and venerable institution that protects and nurtures our children. Every father has a fundamental human right to his children and every child has a fundamental human right to his father. The scum misandrist bigots who seek to hurt these children and demolish this family by taking the children away from their father are evil villains. Prosecutor Mike Sanders is a maggot infested pile of dog crap sweltering in the filthy heat of the AIS. U.S. District Judge Ortrie Smith is the evil daemon that lurks for you in your worst nightmare. There is no evil too despicable nor hate to vile for her to do in her quest to hurt men and children and destroy our families. She has broken her oaths to uphold the Constitution and openly commits crimes against her country in her zeal to hurt men. She is a notorious criminal in the eyes of decent human beings as she openly violates the basic laws of our country, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. She sends this man to the horrors of prison for a trumped up unconstitutional faux "crime" of having a weapon, a false accusation that she knows is not why he's in her courtroom. She makes his sentence unusually severe for the purpose of depriving him and his children of their fundamental human rights to their family. And of course, it's not about the gun, it's about his family and her psychopathic desire to hurt and destroy a father and his children. Evil is like pornography for these daemons, it's how they get off, thinking about the men and children they have hurt and the families they have destroyed. Tar and feathers would be too good for evil child hating filth of her kind. She is the enemy of every father who ever loved his child.

Associated Press writer Matt Sedensky uses this occasion to write another misandrist story in furtherance of the AP campaign to spread hatred of men and destruction on families. He offers no sympathy for the children who lose their father, nor for the father who struggles to love and support his children. The evil bigoted Sedensky only pushes the usual misandrist description of the female's tears. Boo Hoo! If she had been bringing her children to their father for support as women have done for a million years before feminism she would not be having such problems. She has only herself, the evil misandrist feminists and hate mongers like Sedensky, Smith, and Sanders to blame for her troubles.

These evil minions of Satan are not alone. They are part of a grand conspiracy involving the whole of the AIS, the talking head media, and a host of other organizations. Their goal is to destroy men and our families. They have already succeeded in wiping out half of all marriages and causing millions of children to live without a father's love and protection. Our prisons are full of men who's primary "crime" was being born male. No other nation in the history of humanity has ever worked so hard to destroy men, and our children and families. No other nation in the history of humnaity has ever had so many men in prison.

It's time for good decent men and women to storm the Bastille. Lady G has a ton of work to do.


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Dad of Missing Children Sent to Prison
Associated Press Writer
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A man who refuses to reveal the whereabouts of his two children was sent to prison Friday for 10 years on an unrelated gun charge - a stiff sentence prosecutors hope will persuade him to talk.
Daniel Porter, 42, is awaiting trial in November on charges of kidnapping his children, who have been missing since last June, when he picked them up from his ex-wife, Tina, for a weekend visit. The youngsters were 7 and 8 at the time.
"Mr. Porter holds the keys to his jail cell," said prosecutor Mike Sanders said.
Porter was given a chance to speak Friday but said nothing, to the disappointment of his former wife.
"I want my children," she said. She sobbed as the sentence was announced.
Porter pleaded guilty in January to illegal gun possession by a felon.
"There seems to be no point at which Mr. Porter is willing to stop inflicting injury and pain on Mrs. Porter," U.S. District Judge Ortrie Smith said. "It almost brings me to the point of tears to think of the pain that those kids are experiencing."
Defense attorney Laine Cardarella pleaded with the judge not to consider the kidnapping charges, and to punish Porter instead "for what's here in front of you."


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