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Friday, April 22, 2005

Some dare call it treason.

We seen Hanoi Jane making the book tour, peddling her sordid sex stories which she blames on her ex-husband, and pretending that her past sins makes her acceptable to the American people. She has apologized, very narrowly, for being photographed operating an anti-aircraft gun shooting at American airmen. She has not apologized for any of the other aid and assistance she gave to our enemy in a time of war, and she even still refuse to believe that she ought to be held in contempt for her treasonous acts. Yes, some dare call it treason.

What were these treasonous acts they young people today might ask. It's a good question for everyone who didn't live through those troubled years. The first thing she did was to lend her celebrity status to the political support of an enemy country during a war with the United States. In those years after World War II, Viet Nam had been divided into two countries, each with it's own government. The North Viet Nam invaded and was trying to take over the South Viet Nam. The United States began assisting South Viet Nam under President Kennedy, much as the United States had assisted South Korea a decade earlier. US military aid increased rapidly under President Johnson until half a million American men were engaged in the war. When President Nixon took office in 1968 the number of American troops in Viet Nam began to decline immediately and declined steadily until there was a complete withdrawal and North Vietnam took over the South.

Hanoi Jane, named for her allegiance and political support of the North Vietnam government located in Hanoi. Political disagreement in America is not treason, it is the heart of democracy. There were many Americans who opposed the war in Viet Nam just as many Americans still oppose income taxes and the space program. But what Hanoi Jane did was not just political dissent, it was treason. She left the United States and went to Hanoi, Viet Nam. While there she broadcast radio messages in support of the North Viet Nam war effort much like the Tokyo Rose broadcasts done during World War II. One of the women who was Tokyo Rose was convicted for treason and sentenced to prison, although she and the other English speaking women claimed to have been forced to do the broadcasts. Hanoi Jane, on the other hand, was not forced, nor has she ever even apologized for her Hanoi Jane radio broadcasts.

Probably the worst crime of treason Hanoi Jane committed was her actions to exacerbate the torture and death of POWs. In any war there are prisoners of war. North Viet Nam did not follow the Geneva Conventions on humane treatment of prisoners. Americans at the infamous "Hanoi Hilton" prison were tortured and starved. Hanoi Jane toured the Hanoi Hilton prison using her personal celebrity to publicize lies about the inhuman torture of American prisoners. Not knowing that Hanoi Jane was on a treason mission for the enemy, several American prisoners handed her personal notes begging her to get their information back to friends and loved ones in the United States. She could have done so without risk or difficulty. Instead, Hanoi Jane turned the information and notes over to the enemies of her country. The result was weeks of more severe torture of the most inhumane kinds and terrible deaths for the American prisoners. Her crime at the prison is one of the most vile acts of treason in American history.

Even treason during the cold war has resulted in the death penalty for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Unlike the Rosenbergs, Hanoi Jane's crimes were committed during an active war and resulted in the torture and death of American soldiers. She ought to be tried, convicted, and hung for her crimes.

Of course there are always those communists and other supporters who will excuse her crimes, such as Senator John Kerry whose photo is also enshrined in the Viet Namese museum as a war hero for North Viet Nam. Many won't have the political will to name the crime. The liberal media still gives her a celebrity pass for the most heinous treason. But in a land where money grabbing opportunists can bring Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant to trial for faux-crimes that hurt nobody, Hanoi Jane's ought to be tried for treason and sentenced for aiding the death and torture of American soldiers.


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