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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Demands of Men

The Demands of Men have been collected from 2 years of discussion on Newsgroup and are reposted at monthly intervals.

It is recommended that MEN print this list out and mail it to each of your elected representatives every month. Every Congressman, Senator, President, State Legislator, Governor, and City Counselor ought to be familiar with this list of the Demands of Men.

Comments, additions and suggestions are always welcome. Bob



Protecting the rights of BOYS

1. Provide DNA testing of every child at birth before a man's name as the father goes onto the certificate of birth. Every child has a right to know his or her parentage. Every man has a right to know his child.

2. Stop the sexual torture and mutilation of baby boys, Male Genital Mutilation, (MGM). Currently over 1,000,000 baby boys are sexually tortured and maimed in the US each year. Boys deserve equal justice under the law. Men have an unalienable right to our whole body. We demand criminal prosecution of sexual child abusers who mutilate little children's sex organs.

3. Summarily dismiss justice system officials who refuse to prosecute child abusers based on the sex of the child being abused. Sexually torturing, maiming, or otherwise abusing a boy is equally bad as abusing a girl, and we demand equal protection for boys under the law. Discrimination against boys by public officials, ignoring the abuse of boys, or failure to prosecute criminal offenses against boys constitutes malfeasance of office and dereliction of duty. Abusing a boy does not excuse violence against a child.

4. End current systematic discrimination against boys in public school enrollment, discipline, and advancement.

5. Make schools safe for boy's natural rambunctiousness. Provide class and educational situations that allow movement, exercise, excitement and other natural boyish behavior. End discriminatory punishment of boys in schools for boyish behavior. End all discriminatory corporal punishment of boys.

6. Provide boys with active games and not passive TV watching, etc., in preschool, in public schools, and after school.

7. End the massive drugging of boys who won't sit still in long boring female structured classes. End the "Ritalin kid" drugging and destruction of a currently estimated 35% of normal boys. Being an active boy does not make a child psychotic, disturbed or "hyperactive."

8. Provide equal number of men teachers in schools for role models and men's guidance. Restructure educational recruiting practices and prejudicial accusations of men who teach to encourage more men to be teachers of our children.

9. Establish apprenticeship and mentor programs for young men for whom trades are more appropriate than college. The current college preparation school curriculum is not appropriate for many boys, and amounts to a prison for many young men.

10. Make public education through the 12th grade available to all who want to be educated regardless of their age. School dropouts who come back and 10th graders who only read at 6th grade level deserve to be enrolled in 6th grade level reading classes regardless of their age or social status.

11. The basic human rights of children include their right of access to both of their parents. All divorce decrees must consider the child's rights as a primary concern. The child's interest can not be heard in "family" court or any other court when the child is not represented by adequate legal counsel. A court decision for custody by either parent violates the child's inalienable human right to the other parent.

12. Recognize and enforce a child's fundamental human right to his or her father. The father is the most beneficial parent in a child's life after age 7. Depriving any child of his father is hurtful to the child. Deliberately depriving a child of his father needs to be legally recognized and prosecuted as criminal child abuse.

Protecting the rights of FATHERS

13. Support and recognize marriage as the age-old union of a man with one (or more in some cultures) women for the creation of children and family. The society has a legitimate purpose in supporting the production and education of the next generation, and marriage of a woman to a man is the way that society encourages and supports children families.

14. Recognize the husband and father's traditional role as head of the household. End all forms of government interference, criticism, review, and police or judicial oversight of a husband's decisions regarding his wife, children and household.

15. End prosecution of fathers for kidnapping of minor children. Fathers have a fundamental human right to their child. It is not possible to kidnap one's own child. Pardon and release all men previously convicted of this faux crime.

16. End government interference with fathers who live other countries and stop government support of the international smuggling of children to take them away from their fathers. Fathers have a fundamental right to live in their own country and to raise their children according to the customs and religion of their homeland.

17. Recognize that a man's responsibility to his child is to support a child by providing food at his dinner table, a place to sleep in his home, clothing, education, and generally for the child's needs. Fathers take responsibility for the child. No man ought to be required by divorce or custody law to do more than to support his child.

18. End the social slavery of men masquerading as the failed feminist social experiment called "absentee child support." It is a form of slavery of men not related to supporting children. Sending money to pay a woman for breaking up a family is not supporting a child.

19. End debtor's prisons and other punitive measures against men for not supporting women.

20. Recognize women's full co-equal right and responsibility for the support of themselves and their children. If a child is not being supported the mother is fully as responsible as the man.

21. Adopt laws that recognize and protect men's equal rights to family planning and all other decisions affecting our future children, including decisions about abortion, abandonment and adoption of our children.

22. Provide constructive and effective Rites of Passage for men. Honor and bless young men coming into manhood. Acknowledge and appreciate older men as they become elders, sages, mentors or wise men.

23. Fully and equally fund research into birth control pills and other options for men. Recognize the co-equal needs of men for family planning options. End the almost total discrimination against men in research and development of family planning options that has persisted over the past century.

Protecting the rights of MEN in health care.

24. Develop and provide health care for men in a manner appropriate for men. The current medical process, waiting rooms, subjugation, etc., has been shown to be psychologically appropriate for women but unsuitable and inappropriate for men. Lack of appropriate medical process and treatment significantly contributes to the shorter lives of men. Men now receive only about 25% of health care in the United States.

25. Ensure that mental health services appropriate for men are widely available. Men now receive only about 5% of all mental health service, none of which is designed for men. The lack of availability of appropriate mental health service greatly contributes to the staggering loss of men's lives by suicide.

26. Eliminate discrimination by government, courts, and other agencies against men who receive emotional or mental health treatment.

27. Address the huge loss of life of young men by suicide by providing appropriate psychological research, counseling, self esteem enhancement, improvement of life options, and other programs.

Protect the rights of HUSBANDS and families.

28. Where domestic violence (DV) shelters remain, provide equally funded domestic violence (DV) shelters and services for battered men, and ensure that men are no more likely to be accused and arrested for DV than women.

29. Provide shelters and programs to protect abused boys funded and staffed proportionally to the significantly greater number of boys currently subjected to abuse in the female headed single parent households.

30. End sexist propaganda about DV. All DV awareness programs must show as many men victims as female victims, and as many female batterers as men batterers. End police or court interference with a husband's legitimate control of his family and household.

31. End the "child protection" services that assume men to be villains if anyone suspects child abuse. A home with a father is statistically the safest place for a child. End government oversight of a father's legitimate administration of his family.

32. Stop the actions of so called Child Protective Services when they attack fathers and separate families without compelling interest such as criminal conviction for child abuse. End punitive administrative decisions against men for administering discipline to unruly children. A father's guidance is almost always better for the children than the badly misandrist decisions now being rendered by badly misandrist CPS officials.

33. End the many financial incentives that reward woman for breaking up families and divorcing husbands. End unearned claims on the husband's property. Stop alimony, child support, and other forms of indentured servitude of men. Stop government programs that benefit and pay divorced women with children. Make all government programs for children equally available to fathers with children. End tax penalties for marriage and government payments for divorce.

34. Stop emotionally rewarding women who destroy families. Establish that a wife who leaves her husband has no right to break up the family and take the children from their home. Require that the parent who leaves a family or breaks it up by filing for divorce must be legally presumed to leave behind the family home and the children.

35. Recognize that when an adulterous wife bears the bastard child of another man she has broken her former marriage and formed another marriage. When a husband finds out through DNA testing or otherwise that his wife's child is not his, he may declare the marriage ended by the wife's adultery. In this event he should retain full custody of his children and ownership of all of the community property including rings, jewelry, or other gifts that she was given as his wife. An adulteress with a bastard child should be able to take only her clothing, toiletries, and her bastard(s).

36. Fully investigate wives and mothers whose husband or child dies of unknown causes such as heart failure, chronic illness, SIDS, or other symptoms which could mask poison or suffocation. Routinely require autopsies that screen for common and uncommon poisons or drug overdoses. Dead men and boys deserve equal protection under the law.

Protect rights of MEN in normal men's sexual behavior.

37. End the criminalization of normal men's sexual behavior. Repeal all laws making men's sexuality, exposure, penetration, etc., into a criminal act unless there is demonstrable physical harm to a victim. Release and pardon all men who have been arrested for "statutory rape," "date rape," "spousal rape," "pornography," "soliciting a prostitute," and other weasel worded versions thereof. A woman's hurt feelings do not turn a man into a criminal.

38. Repeal laws prohibiting men from obtaining commercial sexual services from women who choose of their own free will to work in the sex industry. Such prohibitive laws serve to sexually control men by limiting men's access to sex and preventing open competition with wives' monopoly. Promulgate OSHA guidelines for the health and safety of sex workers.

Protect the Rights of MEN in the government.

39. Pass an Equal Rights Amendment that guarantees equal rights for men in all government laws and programs.

40. Require all government agencies, which now have special departments for women to also have a similar and equally funded department for men.

41. Repeal laws prohibiting men from obtaining recreational drugs and other "controlled substances." These laws create crime for the purpose of fighting it. They make millions of men into criminals and breed widespread disrespect for law and order. The prohibition of drugs supports and makes possible massive crime statistics and is responsible for fully half of all crime in the US. Pardon and release all men currently imprisoned for "drug related" crimes.

Protect the rights of MEN to equal educational opportunity.

42. Eliminate systematic anti-men sexist and anti-white racist bias in college admissions criteria that is now widely prevalent in many state and private colleges and universities.

43. Equally enforce Title IX of the Civil Rights Act wherever men are discriminated against in education. End the half-century of flagrant discrimination against men by the Department of Education.

44. Restore men's colleges and schools that have been systematically eliminated in the name of "equality" while women's colleges and schools are still supported by tax paid budgets, programs, grants or scholarships.

45. Require all tax supported schools, colleges and universities that have departments called "women's studies," "gender studies" or similar euphemisms to also equally fund, staff, and support departments of "Men's Studies." Limit "women studies" and "gender studies" classes to no more than the number of classes and sections offered on "men's studies". Limit "black studies" or "hispanic studies," classes to no more than the number of classes and sections offered on "white studies."

46. Require that English, Philosophy, and other college departments which research, publish or teach "Feminist Theory" or "Gender Theory" also equally fund, research, teach, and publish "Masculinist Theory." Eliminate public funding for academic participation in the Modern Language Association or the College Composition and Communications Conference unless masculinist theories and research is equally supported in seminars and papers presented or published.

47. Require tax-funded libraries, schools, colleges and universities to purchase a number of books on men and men's issues equal to those they purchase on women and women's issues, and to maintain in their collection equal numbers of books on men and men's issues.

48. Eliminate speech codes and "harassment" codes currently used to oppress, subjugate, and silence men, students and professors, on college campuses. Ensure that the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech are not abridged.

49. Eliminate discriminatory college and university programs such as "multicultural centers," "women's centers" and others that do not include men, white men, or straight men as equal recipients of government funded programs.

50. Eliminate ongoing "orientation" programs aimed at forcing college students and employees to adopt racist and sexist beliefs and thoughts prejudicial to men and particularly white men under the guise of "diversity."

51. Ensure that men and particularly white men receive an equal share of scholarships, grants, student loans, and other financial aid that is now disproportionately available and provided on a racist and sexist basis.

Protect the rights of MEN at work.

52. End a half-century of flagrant discrimination against men by the DOL-EEOC and require this agency to show that they support the rights of men, including white men, at work with equal funding and effort.

53. End anti-men discrimination and anti-white men discrimination under so called "Affirmative Action" laws.

54. End the hostile work environments for men created by so-called "sexual harassment" laws. Acknowledge the fundamental rights of free speech and social contacts among adults in work as well as other social situations.

55. Initiate large efforts to reduce the disproportionate number of men killed at work, which now are over 90% of all work-related deaths. Ensure that women also work at the "at-risk" jobs by requiring employers to reassign or rotate workers between safe and more hazardous, harder, or more dirty jobs. Any company or govt. agency reporting to OSHA with a majority of one sex working at normally more risky occupations or reporting occupational injuries mostly to men should pay very large fines to its men workers for sexual discrimination against men.

Protect the rights of MEN in the media.

56. Balance women and men as murder victims, body count, and villains in movies and TV. Current badly disproportional display of men in negative media roles teaches prejudice against men.

57. Balance reporting of crime to eliminate the current over reporting of crimes committed by men and under reporting of crimes committed by women.

58. Allow discrimination lawsuits and punitive settlements for biased media coverage. Numerical unbalance by the media is de facto evidence of discrimination sufficient to prove discrimination and justify punitive class action damage awards.

Protect the rights of MEN to fair and equal justice under the law.

59. Restore equal justice. The current 25-1 discrepancy in prison population is due almost entirely to unfair laws and prosecution that criminalize men and allow women to be free. The real crime of most men in prison is merely being men. Justice tried before a biased court system is not justice at all. No man can get a fair trial in today's biased system. End prosecution of any man for any crime until fair and impartial justice is restored. It is not a crime to be born a man.

60. Reform the police and injustice system to end discrimination against men in police interrogation, citation, arrests, prosecution, plea bargaining, conviction, sentencing, prison time, prison conditions and parole. No man receives a fair trial under today's badly misandrist system. Stop all arrest and prosecution of men under a badly unfair and prejudice system. Pardon and release all men who have been convicted or imprisoned by the sexually biased injustice system.

61. End prosecution entirely for those crimes that are enforced primarily against men, and repeal unfair laws that apply or are applied to men only or primarily.

62. Equally prosecute and sentence both the women and the men where a woman and man perpetrated the crime as partners. End systematic plea bargaining and witness exclusion now used to exempt women who are partners in crime.

63. End special sexist legal defenses that now apply to women but not to men. Examples include the fictitious "battered wife" defense that excuses the murder of men.

64. End so called "rape shield" laws that take away the fundamental and constitutional right of American citizens to confront and question witnesses against them in a court of law.

65. End the so-called "sexual offender" reporting lists, which serve primarily as hate propaganda against men. They constitute cruel and unusual punishment and have no demonstrated value in deterring any future crime. Sex crimes have lower recidivism rates than other crimes. These lists and the life long publication of the names of men are unmitigated misandry.

66. End over prosecution and over punishment of men for minor offenses. Hate motivated accusations of crime made against men with no or minimal showing of physical injury to personas or property shall be no more than misdemeanors. A woman's hurt feelings do not justify the prosecution of a man for a major crime.

67. End current oppression of men by taking away a man's rights as a citizen when a woman maliciously accuses him of DV, child abuse or for other sham charges. Restore the civil rights of men previously accused or convicted in biased courts and of misandrist crimes such as those listed herein. A woman's misandry does not repeal a man's civil and constitutional rights.

68. Recognize that falsely accusing a man of crime is as much of an offense as the crime for which the man is falsely accused. Sentence anyone making a false accusation against a man in a court of law, and who fails to prove their accusation, to the penalty that the accused would have received had he been found guilty of the accusation. Include accusing witnesses and state paid attorneys. A verdict of "not guilty" for the accused is a final "guilty" verdict of "false accusation" for the accuser.

69. End prosecution of men for police accusations of minor infractions of law unless the accuser shows injury or endangerment to a particular person. For example, minor speeding on a vacant highway that endangers nobody is not a crime and should not be prosecuted. If there is no injury there is no crime, and no man ought to be punished. A man talking in the woods with no woman around is not wrong.

70. End the long-standing police practice of letting women go with a warning or ignoring their violations or crimes entirely while arresting or citing men for the same violations. Driving, walking, or living while a man is not a crime.

71. Require periodic published reports giving statistics of actions taken against men compared with police, or criminal prosecutor or court actions taken against women. Dismiss police reports, interrogation, citations and arrests of men in excess of those for women during any reporting period.

72. Summarily dismiss Police Chiefs, Police Commissioners, Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys and other elected and appointed government officials for malfeasance of duty if annual report statistics show a gender unbalance of arrests and/or prosecutions greater than 10%.

Protecting the rights of MEN in life

73. Respect men's privacy and feelings in dressing rooms, locker rooms, and toilet areas where such are provided to women in similar circumstances. Women's choice of restrictive or inconvenient clothing is not an excuse to minimize men's facilities or to allow women to violate men's privacy.

74. Provide adequate plumbing facilities for men in homes. Revise architectural standards and building codes to include men's plumbing needs. Today's standard residential bathtubs, for example, are not large enough to be used by most men. No urinal for men is currently provided in most homes.

75. End laws criminalizing men for public urination on rural roadsides and other suitable places. Normal men's body functions are neither obscene nor offensive.

76. End unequal laws currently allowing female reporters in men's sports team locker rooms but not men reporters in women's sports team locker rooms.

77. End unequal laws, codes and architectural standards requiring more plentiful and better-furnished toilet rooms for women than men in public buildings. Provide public facilities for men equal to those provided for women.

78. Initiate programs and research to improve men's health care, lower stress, reduce hazards, end violence, and all other ways that men are culturally mistreated until men regain equal longevity. The current imbalance in life expectancy of men is a direct reflection of the sum of all the ways that the culture discriminates against men.

79. Lower men's currently disproportional share of Social Security taxes to be proportional with the expected benefits that men receive. Men now pay 80% of social security taxes and receive 20% of benefits.

80. Lower men's currently disproportional share of life insurance, health insurance, retirement insurance, and car insurance charges. Insurance rates must be equalized to reflect fairly on the risks involved for each gender. Men now pay higher premiums for many kinds of insurance disproportionately to the insurance risks and costs involved.

81. Require equal obligation for military service. Women must be equally subject to the draft and military service, including combat, short dehumanizing haircuts, etc. The UCMJ and other regulations must be revised to eliminate rules that unfairly punish men for normal sexuality among men and female soldiers and sailors. Rules must be enacted and revised to eliminate current women's special rights to avoid combat or service by getting pregnant when military medical treatment can prevent pregnancy. Women's combat units can be created with equipment and tactics designed for women's size and strength to prevent women from becoming dependent within men's units.

82. Encourage work or employment situations that rejoin men with our families. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution men have been taken from our homes, farms and shops to work in factories apart from our families. This is an unnatural state that is inherently harmful to most men who lose contact with our children, and harmful to our children who are deprived of the company, guidance and love of their father. We demand that the society recognize and mitigate the grievous harm that industrialization has done to men and children.

83. End sexist law that currently prohibits men-only gyms, stores, clubs, etc., but permits women-only places of those kinds. Men must be permitted free association with other men in clubs, lodges, teams, and all social and fraternal venues. We demand freedoms for men to choose our friends and associates.


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my god man....what did your mother do to you. wow, you have alot of demands. heres my advice....start drinking

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Excellent site. Men in america need to stop the feminization of this great nation. Also check out

June 22, 2005 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally, someone who has listed everything thats wrong with this nation as far as gender equality is concerned. The pendulum has swung too far, its time for men to unapologetically stand up and claim their rights.

June 22, 2005 2:04 PM  
Blogger God watches over the children said...

Love what you say. You need to run for office.
Lois Hafler

November 23, 2005 1:40 PM  
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A real demand of mankind would be great health insurance. We really need to work on improving health care for all.

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The correct question is : what to do to prevent mothers from doing what has caused any man from feeling this way.

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