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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ACLU, lies and misandry

Bob strongly supports the civil rights of all Americans as enumerated in the US Constitution, and as often violated by the government. Bob supports equal rights for all citizens, which is why Bob is so sadly disappointed that the ACLU has turned from it's lofty purpose and become a hate group pushing misandry and opposing the civil rights of so many Americans. The American Civil Liberties Union claims to be the supporter of freedom and liberty for all Americans, "The ACLU is our nation's guardian of liberty." They claim, "Our job is to conserve America's original civic values - the Constitution and the Bill of Rights." If only that were the case.

But let's look closer. To start with, the ACLU now opposes the civil rights of Americans to own and bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution of the US. The Constitution says, "The right to own and bear arms shall not be abridged." In contrast, the ACLU says, "The question therefore is not whether to restrict arms ownership, but how much to restrict it." Thomas Jefferson and his associates who wrote the 2nd Amendment guaranteeing the right to own and bear arms believed in and practiced the right of citizens to overthrow a tyrannical government. A major argument prior to the American revolution was the citizens ownership of military arms. The British feared, and rightfully so, that armed citizens might have the means to overthrow their rule, and they were proven correct. Today's government also fears that armed citizens might have the means to overthrow it's tyranny. The means to overturn a tyrannical government is as important today as it was for George, Jeff, and John in 1776. That's why they wrote the 2nd amendment. That is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. It has nothing to do with self protection, hunting, or sports. And the ACLU opposes the civil rights of citizens that Jefferson and the others tried to guarantee. They oppose, they do not defend civil rights.

Some decades ago the ACLU changed from an unbiased defender of civil rights for every American into the champion of hate and bigotry, for certain classes of citizens and against other citizens. They changed to an organization which champions the destruction of families with consequential harm to men, women and of course all of our children. What once was a noble organization with lofty goals has descended into the hell of hate and bigotry.

Look at their web site list of "issues." We see "women's issues" but no men's issues. We see "gay/lesbian issues" but no straight and family issues. Today there are hundreds of men's organizations demanding civil rights for men, but the ACLU stands squarely opposed to equal civil rights for men. ACLU supports such badly biased "Jane Crow" hate laws as the VAWA. They say, "Today, we ask you to join us in standing up for every woman's right to access the full range of reproductive health services," and concurrently oppose with all their money and lawyers any semblance of reproductive rights for men. They fail utterly to support the equal rights of the other half of the human race, men. After a century of almost totally discriminatory laws and public funding only women have rights or access to reproductive health products or medical procedures. There are no "pills" for men because of a century of total discrimination in research and health funding. There is no "choice for men" because of total "Jane Crow" discrimination in law. At the misandrist ACLU, only women are people and only women have rights. Millions of men in the US have been turned into indentured servants, a form of slavery, under the faux label "child support." All forms of slavery including indentured servitude are unconstitutional in the US, but ACLU and it's misandrist minions support slavery for men if it will pay women. Hundreds of thousands of men now rot in debtor's prisons in the US. Debtor's prisons were unconscionable and unconstitutional in the US ever since the British emptied debtor's prisons by dumping men in Georgia. They were illegal and unconstitutional in the US until the middle of the 20th century when feminists, with the support of bigoted organizations like the ACLU brought them back to punish men who are unable to pay the women who broke up our families. They have no "men's issues" page on their web site because they are misandrists who oppose, not support rights for men.

ACLU advocates on behalf of women who are tried and convicted of crime, but ignores the similar plight of men. Men make up 24/25 of people in prisons, and most of these men would not be in prisons if justice were equal that now given to women. From initial police reports to the parole board hearing, every step of the American Injustice System (AIS) is badly discriminatory against men. But despite the horrible prejudice of the AIS, the ACLU includes such advocacy as "death row from a woman's perspective" as an issue. The plight of the hugely larger number of men unfairly imprisoned is routinely ignored.

The ACLU sides in favor of continued discrimination against men in education despite women now taking over almost all of our educational institutions and men being relegated to 2nd class status. In issue after issue, at ACLU, only women matter. Men are notoriously absent from any of their issues, even when women already have much better chances in law and society. ACLU continuities to strongly support the end of family and marriage, when it will benefit women. The destruction of marriage and families was adopted by feminists attending the 1848 conference in Seneca, NY, and continues to be a major goal of organized feminism today. To date they are almost 50% successful in the destruction of marriage by "no fault" divorce and faux "child support" laws that pay women for destroying their families. But the ACLU isn't stopping there.

Marriage and families have always been about children. Marriage is the social contract of the society to support the biological union that creates and nurtures the next generation. Safe, stable families are necessary for children to grow up and succeed. Mountains of evidence shows that children growing up without their fathers are a social disaster of unprecedented proportions. Something over 80% of the millions of men now in US prisons were raised in single mother homes. But the ACLU is not satisfied with the rampant destruction of marriage and family that has already been accomplished. They turn their evil lieyers to the support of making marriage completely meaningless by advocating and promoting so-called "gay marriage." It's an oxymoron because marriage is the biological union that creates children, and the "marriage" actually is the child that is created by the biological union of male and female. The social custom supporting marriage always requires a presumption of biological union, and in many countries for many centuries the law didn't recognize a marriage until the child was conceived. ACLU in their hate of happy loving people wants to change all that. ACLU works to destroy the very basis and meaning of the few marriages left after the century of attack by their lieyers and femininazi friends. "The American Civil Liberties Union today announced plans to launch a national Marriage Campaign to persuade Americans that it is unfair to deny legal protections to the families of same-sex couples." Under the guise of "fairness" they wipe away the very meaning and purpose of marriage, putting the final nails into it's coffin, destroying the families of the remaining children who are lucky enough to be among the minority who still have good families and decent homes in America.

Everywhere you look on the ACLU web site they are pushing misandrist hate. They ignore 90% of death row inmates to focus only on women who kill, taking the side of the criminals and ignoring their victims. Women, it seems, can do no wrong in the eyes of a feminazi bigot of the ACLU. At ACLU, they never miss an opportunity to promote misandry. Feminist anti-men hate has been their official policy for many decades.

The one area where the ACLU still supports individual freedom is in religion. Thomas Jefferson actively worked in Virginia to eliminate religion as part of that state's government. George Washington learned military leadership serving as an officer in the Protestant English army fighting the Catholic French over religious issues. He has seen first hand the horrors that religious wars had cost. He wanted no part of religious wars for his new country. He and the other founders of the US tried to make the US government religiously neutral, neither requiring, promoting, nor prohibiting any religion. The first international treaty signed by the US government declared that the US is not a Christian nation, nor a Jewish nation, nor a Muslim nation, but is a secular nation that accepts all religions. Maybe it's because feminists are generally atheist that they do so. Nevertheless, we do not want religious wars in the US now any more than we did when George Washington was the only surviving Protestant officer after a battle at war with the Catholics. If you read their cases, ACLU seems to be far more likely to file suit when a girl's or woman's religious rights are violated than when a man's religious rights are violated. Even for a good cause they can't put their misandrist bigotry aside.

Today, we ask you, ACLU, to join us in standing up for every man's equal rights, to end your decades of misandrist bigotry and hatred of men.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They may not be promoting misandry so much as they are ignoring it. You are absolutely right about the numbers of men who are rotting in our prisons; men who are no threat to anyone. The lies and corruption of our legal system are unparalleled anywhere in the western world.

I don't support armed rebellion, but as men we need to unite. The feminists will never stand for anything but lies and authoritarianism and social anarchy.

June 29, 2009 1:36 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous:
The ACLU has codified the promotion of feminist Misandry in its bylaws. ACLU is a bigoted anti-men hate organization.

June 29, 2009 3:48 PM  

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