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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Men's News Daily continues to censor men's opinion. Round 2


Yesterday Bob reported that he has been banned from the "men's" discussion on the MensNewsDaily forum by "Navy Blue" the feminist female moderator.

Bob has learned that the reasons Navy Blue gave for banning Bob was that she read this blog, "The World according to Bob," and was offended by the manly opinions stated here. Most forum moderators only banish someone who violates the rules of their forum. I've never heard of men being banished because the feminist forum moderator objected to his anti-feminist posts elsewhere. But there it is. This blog is so offensive to feminists that even saying these taboo opinions will get Bob banished from what claims to be a "men's" forum.

Bob has also learned that Navy Blue has resigned as the moderator of the MND forum. The owner of MND, Mike, has posted a message asking for volunteer moderators. Bob, of course, is available and has suggested to Mike that a real man ought to be put in charge of a "men's" forum. Will Mike have the balls to make the change? Will he wimp out and try to find another feminist or closet feminist to moderate his forum? Stay tuned.



Anonymous FemiNAZIS said...

Anyone wonder how bad the situationis, where a supposed haven for men is run by a feminist? (Note, this feminist claims not to be a feminist while making behaving just like one. This phenomenon has been on the rise a lot, lately.)

May 24, 2005 7:18 PM  
Blogger edvin said...

are you still banned from Men's News Daily?

December 10, 2005 11:41 AM  

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