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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Men's News Daily: Round 3


Here's what the lovely feminist moderator of MND "men's" forum, "Navy Blue," has to say about Bob in what she thinks is behind his back. Bob, you see is not allowed to read her words. See if you can find anywhere in this forum where Bob said the things that this feminist female accuses him of. Of course we expect Bob's opinions to terrify and offend feminists, and NB is no exception. See if you find anything on this blog that a MAN wouldn't agree with.

Bob Allen:
I read your blog that masquerades as an MRA platform. You advocate for the boinking of "hot nubile" female minors by 60 year old men such as yourself and assert that male exposure and any penetration should never be criminalized unless there is proof of 'physical harm'. And you have the audacity to come in here and moralize to me about my use of the word 'bullshit'? I grew up in Texas. Bullshit is bullshit, Bob. It should be characterized as such. You believe any male regardless of his age should be legally sanctioned to have sex with a female as young as 14. Let's see how many from the Amen section here now cheer, 'You go brother!' In the meantime, I've banned you because you're a bigot and an embarrassment to MRA and your brand of 'men's rights' will not be associated with Mike LaSalle's work. Adios.

Navy Blue has gone totally ballistic on the MND forum. She went into a long raving rant, so typical of feminist hysteria, in which she condemns all men who express men's opinions about feminism and the women who believe in and promote feminist goals. Much of her hysterical rant was libelous ad-hominem attacks on particular regulars who's masculine opinions she doesn't like. I have deleted their names and identification from my copy below.

Here are some exerts from her hysteria:

Author Message navyblue
PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2005 7:13 pm
The jihad continues, eh?

We are precisely where we were in January of 2004. But this time, most of the minions are only lurking and railing about what a cunt I am on their own forums because they were all banned after their last celebration of the collapse of Western civilization as wrought by women.

Here's the program for those that just tuned in and missed the last suicide mission of extremists on MND.

Who can hear your real pain when its pseudo-version only surfaces in public ranting geared toward an audience of minions that step forward to cheerlead you and shame me for not 'listening' to you?

Get some professional help for Christ's sake.

I have zero respect for you.

Same story. You lurk when a hot thread starts, then offer a single hit and run 'You go Brother XXXX!' hate missive on why you can't be in a relationship and vow to refrain from sex with women for life. We here at MND owe the powerful image of a burning woman you wouldn't bother to piss on to your uniquely construed version of Zen.

This forum is a cess pool again. For all the 'It's navyblue's fault it's not a real MRA environment, that programmed b*tch!', men, decent thinking men, PM me and say they can't stomach tbe woman hating, the excuses, the self-loathing, the vile venomous projection of fault onto the entire female sex, and the trashing of marriage and functional intimacy with women.

It seems the only men you are willing to listen to are the ones that crawl like cowards out of the woodwork of other forums at opportune times to cheer your flaming or, those here that hate themselves, females, and the thought of giving up their similar coveted rant.

I've watched so many of you twist, invent, rearrange, intellectualize, and just plain lie to continue coveting the treasured rage you love more than the possibility of a life well lived, should you give up the dance of alienation.

I am now embarrassed again, as I was the last time this forum was turned into a toilet, to have been decent to those of you that piss on the efforts of men like this and give in to the mentality of suicidal lunatics out to see the best of what life has to offer obliterated.

I have no respect for any of you who promote in the name of men's rights, the abandonment of what brave men have defended. It is unacceptable to give into bitterness.

It's a harbor for those that don't want change or healing but rather pursue with zeal, self-deprecation that is projected onto others and promotes the lowly ideal of giving up and surrendering to stultifying ideologies that kill hope.

They want a forum that is about their issues, not what f-ing assholes and pukes women are. So given that, here is where we are.

I will not surrender this forum to another demise because of the select few that trash it and rail on a daily basis that I and all women are their problem, that demand all females concede they are a piece of excrement and perpetually disavow themselves of what caused you to suffer, and whatever else you insist is required.

I will ban every last damn one of you if that's what it takes to start fresh and re-direct what Mike pays freight on for the sake of men that want sane discourse and a place to begin dealing personally and politically with the abusive paradigm feminism has erected.

Those of you that want your insane jihad, have it, I don't care what your lot is. I've been a friend to some of you only to have you stab me in the back or erupt in public lashings that boast to your ilk that you trumped a woman.

I have lost all respect for you based on your own conduct and wash my hands of you. So save the navyblue couldn't handle the 'truth' fests for the zenpriest et al forums. I could give a damn what your contorted version of 'truth' is. Those of you that participate in the many versions of the behavior described herein are some of the most dishonest dishonorable individuals I've come across. God help you.

This is again a time of house cleaning as it was in January of 2004 when the adrenalin kick of raving about what sh*t women are reached its peak and Mike personally gave a number of people the boot.

When will it all end? Stay tuned.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When some web site operators start to sell add space to Businesses that cater to Women they see add Revenue and comprimise to sell adds. This should come as no suprise. MND has gotten traffic because it appealed to Men tired of being crapped on by the Lace Curtain MSM and its appologists.

MND has sold out. It has a Female Moderator on a Male forum. What is she Mike's Love interest? Oh well I have not posted there as it seemed to be too tame and not honest enough. To Navyblue I would simply say Men have a right to be angry. We are not going to sulk off and be quiet. Don't like the anger join us and fight against our oppression. If
not you are with the enemy. And Navyblue at the rate we are going pick out the color of your Bhurka now.

June 16, 2005 4:37 PM  

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