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Monday, May 30, 2005

Men fighting men

Bob has noticed that a good percentage of so-called "men's" groups are little more than washed over feminism. One of the hot topics among men lately is the many problems that fathers face. The feminized divorce industry is very discriminatory against men, so much so that a father probably loses his children and his money for the next 20 years. Hundreds of thousands of men rot in debtor's prisons for failing to pay as much legalized extortion as the feminists order fathers to pay. It is a very problematic issue, and there are now several men's groups trying to address these very abusive problems.

But the father's groups are getting nowhere, and worse, are not addressing the underlying problems that are the causes of their problems. For most of human history, until feminism, a father's children were recognized as his by the society and the law. If the mother abandoned her family she was not allowed to break up the family. Feminism changed all that and substituted the false premise that children belong to their mother while the father is a walking wallet who may be forced to pay her for destroying their family under the radical feminist social experiment called "child support." Instead of confronting the failure of "child support" head on and demanding restoration of sanity and decent human values to families, most so-called "men's" groups now argue only one of two feminist issues. One, they concede the whole shebang and argue about the formula used to determine the amount of indentured servitude that the father must pay the mother for breaking up his family. Or, two, they argue for "equal parenting" which concedes the feminist destruction of the family. Either way they have conceded the underlying tenets of feminist dogma that the female may break up the family take the children, and be rewarded for doing so. Most of today's support groups disallow a man who speaks against these feminist positions. Most of today's men's groups would rather kowtow to women, and encourage female members, than take a political stand for men and children. Most of today's men's groups are little more than warmed over milquetoast feminism.

In, someone wrote: "Message understood, loud and clear, but what do you think can be achieved in groups that are dominated by an agenda that is clearly little more than "tweaked feminism"? Seems almost as soon as a dads group get off the ground.. the women seem to move in and change it to suit them! And the leaders of the groups seem to show preference to women members!"

Bob answered, "You are so right there. The "men's" groups are usually very pro-women and are quick to ban a man who speaks for men. Often they have a feminist female doing the censorship and make no bones about it."

Bob was recently banished from the MensNewsDaily forum because the feminist female moderator, Navyblue, because she read some of Bob's anti-feminist opinions on Bob's blog. Bob was not allowed to post on the Men's News Forum because he supports men's rights and opposes feminist domination of men here on his blog. The feminist female moderator didn't wait for Bob to post similar anti-feminist opinion of the MND forum, she took action and banished a men's rights supporter immediately.

Bob just got deleted from Yahoo groups "Million Dad's March" for some unknown reason but likely for having men-supporting opinions. As you who read Bob's blog know, Bob does not mince words speaking out for the rights of men.

Bob has previously banished from Yahoo "KRightsRadioemailgroup," another "fathers' rights" group and action forum that has become more women centered than men centered. Kids Rights Radio proports to be a support group for men who have had their families destroyed by the feminazi judges and evil CPS bigots. Bob learned quickly that the feminist moderator of KRR group support women members from posting a lot of common men-bashing dogma about how their "bad" husband want's to see his kids. The feminazi moderators banish a man who posts anything that objects to the usual feminist dogma and men-bashing.

Bob has never joined Fathers 4 Justice but I have read numerous complaints from the UK by men who have been booted out of that organization.

In Australia most "reputable" men's groups renounce the Blackshirts because they are too adamant about their support for the rights of men. The "reputable" men's groups seem to be more about getting along with the feminist status quo than demanding the rights of men for our families.

We seem to live in an age where even the "men's" groups are pro-feminist. It's time for MEN to stop kowtowing to feminist dogma, stop accepting the whole feminist program, stop arguing over the best way to implement the feminist program (like arguing how to assign "child support") and start supporting MEN.

Divided we will fail. United we have no equal.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are the disposable Gender to our Public Policymakers and their FemNag allies. In the Last Presidential Election Lurch (Kerry) or botox boy said he was going to do more to support Wymen. That's FemNag speak for Bash Men. He lost the election. These losers on the left don't get it,Men are leaving them because their policies are destructive of Family and Men.

Men's Rights forums and groups that are pro Feminist are as worthless at Tits on a Boar. Getting along has gotten us nothing now it is time to become Militant.

June 17, 2005 10:35 AM  
Blogger Michael .C said...

By this time around, they have got frequently resolved into a structure connected with expected fights in the identical troubles in addition to appear hopeless to do the same fight continuously Männergruppen

December 18, 2013 9:38 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

Its not surprising that German "couples therapy" organization is posting spam to promote itself. Most of the past several generations of German females are bull dykes. Why any man would want any of them is a mystery.

December 18, 2013 10:34 AM  

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