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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today is Father's Day

In the newspapers around the world one can see winds of change beginning to happen. For many years newspapers large and small have celebrated Father's Day by running wire service hate articles about dads abusing children, fathers abandoning familes, men hurting women in faux "domestic violence," so-called "deadbeat" dads being rounded off to debtor's prisons, and fathers being sent to prison for "kidnapping" their kids. Years after year they ran a week long series, fed by national wire services, to promote hatred of men. But this year the wind is starting to blow the other way. A fresh breeze can be seen in some papers. Here and there is a story of Fathers taking care of their children. Some have printed articles about the misery of children who have lost their fathers in divorce.

A few papers have run stories of men's activists protesting mistreatment and demanding equal parenting under the law.

We still have a long way to go. TV networks like FOX, CNN, etc., spew hatred of men every day. Legislatures have mostly rejected men's demands for equal rights under law for fathers while listening to misandrist hate messages from anti-father lobbyists. The minions of Satan in the black robed outfits of hell still routinely destroy families for feminism and ignore the rights of fathers and children. We still have a long way to go, but the world is beginning to notice that men are angry with the abuse we are getting. Even the badly misandrist Washington Post has slowed it's spewing of hate after a flood of angry men complained about it's support for renewal of the horribly anti-family VAWA hate law. Even the usually misandrist Post has a positive Father's Day story about a son following his dad's profession.

The Post still hedges it's bets with a story about "Mr. Mom" which alleges that fathers turn into "mom" when we take care of our children.

Search for "Father's Day" and the first line of the only current article listed starts out about "Mother's Day." Then it goes on about single fathers, not fathers who have wives and normal families.

FOXNEWS is worse. Search for "Father's Day" and the first article listed is about a man accused of murder, men=villain. (See Bob's blog about Illegal and Malicious Persecution). FOX, it seems, can't bring themselves to mention anything positive about fathers, even on Father's Day.

Some newspapers still celebrate Father's Day by printing anti-father hate. Bob is preparing another post entitled Some still print hate for Father's Day. Check back if it's not already posted. We have a long way to go before the media gets over their misandrist hate and begins treating fathers as real people, but there are a few signs of change especially in some of the print media.

Happy Father's Day to every one of you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the artificial Womb becomes a reality why will we need American Women? Why must we continue to be defamed by them? Men are striking Marriage and when the Male Pill becomes available the "Baby Lottery" is over. Fathers impact on raising healthy children is well documented the media are the enemies of healthy families.

June 20, 2005 9:25 AM  

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