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Monday, June 13, 2005

Holding the Line against the feminazi onslaught.

Another line in the war against men was held today. The rabid feminazi attack on Michael Jackson was successfully defended. With no evidence but a lying bitch out for blood money the evil feminazis in the courthouse tried to destroy a sadly mixed up man as an international anti-men showpiece. Evil feminazi media turds like Greta Van Sustren on FOX and Paula Zahn on CNN, and male feminazi quislings like Dan Abrams of MSNBC had a hate frenzy day after day attacking Jackson for alleged "molestation" of a teenage boy. Thousands of similar media assholes lined up to feast on the spectacle of the public destruction of a famous man.

At the heart of the hate based public assault was a single man who represented all men. His so-called "crime" was his association and support of young men. When I was growing up every 9, through 12 year old boy I ever knew had done the kind of sexual exploration that the alleged "victim" had done at Jackson's place. When I was a Scoutmaster, every young Boy Scout got together with other boys of similar age and talked about sex, read (mostly soft) pornography and did the exact same kind of sexual exploration that the alleged "victim" supposedly did with Michael Jackson. Virtually every boy growing up does it, and it never hurts any of us. From what I've heard virtually every girl does the equivalent kind of sexual exploration and learning too. It's the NORMAL youthful behavior that EVERY child does, and IT DOESN'T HURT ANY OF US! Yet under feminazi hate laws primarily designed to criminalize and destroy men, normal youthful activity has become a serious crime. They have convinced millions of decent women that Jackson is a "sexual predator," a lie of a hate accusation similar to that used by the 3rd Reich when sending Jews to Auchwitz, only this time the feminazis are sending men to Fulsom.

It's all about hate, not about crime. It's about destroying a very popular media star as a symbol of the destructive power of feminazi hate. It was more about hating all men than about Michael Jackson. He was the focus, the public symbol, but the feminazi hate of all men was universal. Jackson was at the center, but the hatred of all men spewed forth day after day, night after night like diarrhea from the mouths of shit filled douche bags like Sustren, Zahn, and a thousand more.

Many men have been buffaloed by the feminazi media into believing that it's about crime and punishment. Lots of men try to believe in "law and order" and that Michael Jackson was somehow guilty for "inappropriate touching" of a teenage boy. Well even if he was so what? Is behavior that is NORMAL, STANDARD, and UNIVERSAL for teenage boys somehow a life and death crime if a man hating feminazi says it is? Not on your life, and not on Michael Jackson's life.

The victim here is Jackson. I'm not a fan of Michael Jackson, and I never was. I never listened to Jackson Five records, nor after he grew up to Michael Jackson records or shows. He never had a normal teenage years. At about age 5 he was shoved into the spotlight of the entertainment business. He apparently never got to go through the normal teenage sexual experimentation out behind the garage or behind the barn that most boys go through. His life and his Neverland ranch is modeled after the Peter Pan story, "I'll never grow up." So he's both famous and kind of weird, an attractive target for the feminazi war on men. Jackson, they though, would make an easy target. After all, their hate laws make it a "crime" for men to act like teenagers, and Jackson openly acts like a child. So the feminazi war machine mounted a frontal attack, spewing hate out of all barrels, flaming any man who stood up to their hatred.

But the feminazi war machine lost this battle. A few brave men in the media, Geraldo and Stossel among them, failed to leap on the anti-men hate program. Cautiously they suggested that Jackson wasn't "guilty" of the evil he was accused of. Perhaps, they said, Jackson had only been acting to protect and take care of children who had cancer. Jackson supporters turned up by the thousands and started hurling insults at the hate mongering feminazi media turds, and good citizens began blaming the evil lying scum county persecutor. The fat feminist buffoon, O'Riley hedged his bets predicting that Jackson would only be convicted on some charges, and once the verdict was read he's backpedaling as fast as he can claiming that he never predicted conviction.

A line of sanity was drawn in the California sand, instead of pleading "guilty" as less financially able men would have been forced to do, Jackson had enough money to fight them, and they lost. The jury of 8 women and 4 men didn't buy the hate machine's lies and condemnation. "Where is the smoking gun?" they asked. The jury of good men and women turned the tables on the feminazi hate machine's celebrity destruction of a man. It's only one battle in the global feminazi war on men, but it's a world wide celebrity event of their own making. They picked on Jackson who seemed like an easy target they could use as an example. After all, Jackson had even made videos where he admitted "sleeping with" boys. Surely, they reasoned, people would see how "evil" a man is for sleeping with boys and send him off to Auchwitz. Blinded by their hate and full of overconfidence after publicly destroying Scott Peterson without any real evidence they launched their blitzkrieg assault. Hoards of blue gun thugs stormed Neverland, hauling off every "evidence" that wasn't nailed down. Jackson was handcuffed and paraded before the cameras in chains, a move designed to show him as an evil and inconsequential "man," and to display their power over men before the whole world. But the minions of feminist hate lost.

The tide is beginning to turn. The feminazi war machine has become overconfident and lazy. They no longer can control all the voices, nor win all the battles. More and more few brave men are speaking out against them, and even women who believe in fairness and trust won't buy their hate. The war is not over yet, more battles will have to be fought, but this battle was one, the line held, the hate filled femorrhoid bigots spewing the excrement of anti-men hate on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc., did not win.

Maybe next time we can take the battle to them, launch a counter attack, land at Normandy and begin the armed assault on The Motherland. The time of battle is soon to be at hand. And the VAWA is up for renewal this year. Write to your congressman and demand that he stand against the feminazi Reich.



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