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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Suicide by Citizen

In response to the MURDER of Perry Manley, see Had To in bob's blog, the media and many milquetoast men's activists such as Glen Sacks are saying that Perry died by "suicide by cop." To say that the media are police whores would be to understate their relationship. Local TV and newspaper reporters feed on "news" releases from the blue gun thugs for half their time filler. Every lie the blue gun thugs ever tell is repeated ad-nasium by the talking heads on "News at 10." Besides "had to" discussed previously, one of their more recent excuses is "suicide by cop." It's always a huge LIE. Nobody suicides by cop. Nobody forces the blue gun thugs to murder anyone. They never "have to" kill. But the blue gun thugs are trained killers. They have shooting ranges in the basements of their offices where they practice shooting "civilians" every day. The blue gun thugs call us "civilians" in their quasi-military lingo making us into "the other" so they can kill us without regret. We, you and me, are "them," "civilians," "bad guys" Whenever the blue gun thugs beat up, terrorize, or murder another "civilian," that's person to you and me they issue a public statement that they "had to" make the CHOICE to kill instead of talk. Killing is what they do. Killing is who they are. They don't protect anyone except themselves. They do kill many.

Media reports since the MURDER of Perry Manley focus on making him out to be a nutcase who deserved to die. Everything is twisted into justification for the illegal indentured servitude system that has destroyed the lives of 25 million fathers and seriously hurt 50 million children in the US in the last 10 years alone. Even while readers loudly inform the media bigots of their revulsion over what was written and published it makes not one dent in their anti-men, anti-family, anti-children focus.

In the news articles about the murder of Perry Manley it says that the blue gun thugs spent the 20 minutes demanding that he "surrender." That translates as allowing himself to be immediately brutalized by a gang of thugs and then put in a cage for years of hell. No mention is made of any attempt at all to negotiate a peaceful solution such as promising to review his petition on it's merits, offering to schedule a meeting with a judge, or just allowing everyone to go home and cool off. Defusing a hot situation is outside of gun thug training. Instead of working for a peaceful ending, the blue gun thugs only know how to escalate the violence until the "civilian" is either murdered or otherwise destroyed. That's who they are. That's what they do.

Many people today believe that the blue gun thugs protect people from crime and have always been part of the social fabric of human life. That erroneous belief is the LIE that the blue gun thugs keep telling us, and the police whores on "News at 10" keep repeating without question. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The blue gun thugs have proven in federal court upheld by SCOTUS that they protect nobody and have no obligation to protect anybody. They rob us when we drive, they come to our homes to destroy our family, they prevent us from defending or protecting ourselves, and they often gang up on someone and destroy his life. But they never protect anyone. They are also a fairly recent invention. When the US was created in the last part of the 18th century, there were no blue gun thugs in every town and city. When Jefferson and his friends wrote the Constitutional amendment about getting a warrant before an arrest or search they were not talking about the police getting a warrant. They were talking about the elders of a community protecting themselves and needing a warrant before they could search someone else's home for evidence of crime. The blue gun thugs were invented in the middle of the 19th century as armed gangs of thugs who protected and enforced the orders of corrupt big city bosses. They were born of corruption and abuse of power, and have only gotten worse. There is no such thing as a "good cop" only doing a tough job as their lie says. It's a bad job, it's the wrong job, it's a corrupt job, it's a brutal job, it's a murderous job, it's the corrupt brutal job they are hired to do.

The national death statistics collected by the federal government lists "murder and police" as a single category because they don't want us to learn that the blue gun thugs kill many more "civilians" than the "criminals" they claim to be protecting us from. In response to their LIE that "suicide by cop" is a common occurrence, blaming the victim of their murder, someone on the Seattle PI's comment page, see link above, has pointed out that citizens are now referring to "suicide by citizen" whenever one of the blue gun thugs gets the comeuppance he richly deserves.

The blue gun thugs are bad for the people. We don't need them. We don't want them. And we would all be far better off without them.



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