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Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Had To" is the biggest LIE -- UPDATE

UPDATE: The blue gun thugs told the media that they "had to" murder Perry Manley because he had "a grenade." Several witnesses who were interviewed by TV stations do not report seeing Perry holding a grenade. They only report that he was holding paperwork, perhaps a legal brief he wanted to file with the court. Instead of acting aggressive, Perry sat down to talk quietly with security guards. He wasn't acting threateningly, he was sitting quietly and talking with the guards. The guards were not acting as if they expected explosives. Instead of backing away from a potential explosive they approached and sat down to talk quietly with Perry. While Perry was sitting there talking calmly with the guards, the blue gun thugs shot him to death and reported that it was "suicide by cop."

Now it turns out that the grenade is the type used by the blue gun thug in their training. The blue gun thugs first shot him in the head and chest, then prevented any medical personnel or media to approach for about an hour afterwards, until they had placed one of their practice grenades in his dead hand.

The murdering blue gun thugs who shot down Perry Manley and their Chief ought to be rounded up and hanged by decent citizens.

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For 15 years Perry Manley has been prevented from seeing his sons. His wages have been garnished, his life in turmoil. His ex wife continually ignored visitation while collecting so-called "child support" and living in nice homes with a parade of sometimes abusive new lovers.

Perry lived in Washington State, in King County where the "family" court is long known to be among the most bigoted in the nation. About 10 years ago law students from the University of Washington reviewed 200 cases selected randomly from each of the "family" court minions of Satan who wear the black robes of hell in the 3 most populous counties in Washington State, King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties. The law students found that the father was granted custody of his children in only 1 of 1,400 cases, a case where the mother was serving a long prison sentence. A few of the minions of Satan granted faux "joint" custody in a minority of cases, but still awarded residential custody to the female in every case. Some of the minions of Satan who wear the black robes of hell on "family" court benches in Washington State just awarded full custody to the female in all 200 cases regardless of circumstances or evidence. So-called "child support" awards to pay females for breaking up families exceeded the state guidelines on average. When the law students posted the findings on the Internet a formal protest was filed with the Washington State Supreme Court which has the responsibility to ensure that fair and equal justice is done in Washington. The misandrist minions of Satan on the State Supreme Court denied the protest and the University of Washington removed evidence of the study from their web site. To this day the minions of Satan in "family" court continue to illegally exercise their authority to destroy families, trample the rights of children, bind men into indentured servitude - slavery, and reward females with any damn thing they asked for. A legion of state bureaucrats continued to feed out of the pockets of desperate fathers who's lives and families had been rent asunder.

For 15 years the minions of Satan and their blue gun thug army had ten thousand chances to listen to Perry and hear his pain. Time after time they denied him and his children their basic rights to equal justice under the law. Time after time they turned him away and refused to even hear the evidence of child abuse, financial abuse, and family abuse that was being done. Time after time, year after year, a distraught father was prevented from seeing his children and his children were denied their fundamental human rights to their father.

On June 20, 2005, the day after Father's Day Sunday, the blue gun thugs army took aim and murdered Perry Manley in cold blood in front of the US court house where he repeatedly had gone asking only for justice, asking only for a father's fundamental human right to see his sons. Happy Father's Day in US Court.

The blue gun thugs came to a podium and spoke their evil words. They "had to" murder Perry Manley they said. But the LIE of "had to" is their most common LIE. They fool nobody. They had ten thousand chances to make a different decision. Ten thousand times they CHOSE to do violence. Blue gun thugs are trained to do violence. Day after day, week after week, year after year, they practice shooting, practice killing, practice hurting "civilians." It's what they are trained to do. When a "civilian" is confronted they are trained to escalate the situation, and escalate, and escalate until they have an excuse that they "had to" murder him. On June 20 they could have de-escalated the situation and sought a peaceful ending with everyone going home. They could have chosen to listen to his pain and arranged for a visit with his sons. But that's not what they are trained to do, they are trained to escalate, they are trained to kill. They "had to" kill Perry Manley because killing is their job, it's what they do. The blue gun thugs are killers, they are not justice. Click here for the media whitewash.

So Perry Manley went one last time to the US Courthouse on the day following Father's Day asking for simple justice, asking that he be allowed to see his sons. Asking that his sons be allowed to see their father. The blue suit wearing gun thugs CHOSE to murder him instead. Whenever you hear a blue gun thug claim he "had to" kill, you know he's LYING! The murdering thugs and their murderous officers all ought to be rounded up and hanged by decent citizens.

May the blue gun thugs and the evil minions of Satan who wear the black robes of hell be returned to their master and burn in his fires forever.



Blogger the goddess said...

Bob, I'm interested in the study by UW students that you cite above.

I would expect that it would be posted privately somewhere. Can you direct me to it, or give me its exact name so that I can google it?

June 27, 2005 9:38 AM  
Blogger Bob said...

The study was done by law students at the UW Law School, and posted on the Law School web server. I think students were allowed to make pages of their own. After an official protest was filed with the Washington Supreme Court asking that they exercise their responsibility to provide fair and non-discriminatory justice in lower courts it was taken down from the UW web site. The students were probably reprimanded. I don't think it has been anywhere on the web for some years. The Supreme Court, of course, denied the demand for equal justice under the law. The minions of Satan who wear the black robes of hell all stick together.

June 27, 2005 11:11 AM  
Blogger the goddess said...

Are you saying that the students were sued? That is the only way that the Washington State Supreme Court would have had the power to order the students to do anything. Can you give me the name of any of the students? Can you tell me the year this occurred? Have you tried to find the study in the Internet Wayback Machine?

June 27, 2005 5:17 PM  
Blogger the goddess said...

PS. Perry Manley did not live in King County. His divorce proceeding took place in Kitsap County, which you can verify by a search of Washington's new online docket service.

June 27, 2005 5:19 PM  

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