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Thursday, July 14, 2005

NASA -- Same F***ing Story.

According to a published report, "Some engineers had pushed for further testing at the pad before committing to a liftoff, but were overruled by top managers who concluded that the replacement of cables, the electronics box and the tank itself was ample."

Management at NASA never changes.

NASA Management overruled engineers who said the "O" rings might cause a disaster. Challenger died in a huge explosion.

NASA Management overruled engineers who said the insulation falling off was a problem. Columbia flamed out over Texas.

NASA Management now overrules engineers who say that faulty fuel gages are a problem -- after one previous flight damn near didn't reach orbit because of the same problem.

Every time one of them crashes Congress holds hearings and demands fundamental changes at NASA management, and every time NASA promises that they have re-organized and changed the way they do business. But every F***ing time NASA management operates exactly the same as before.

It seem that the only way to change NASA is to fire every one of it's current administrative and management employees, close the entire organization, and start over with people who never worked for NASA previously. Until and unless something drastic is done it will be more of the same. NASA management will continue to do what it always does, ignore the safety and flight risk concerns if it's own engineering staff.

"We felt like we had a good system," deputy shuttle program manager Wayne Hale said at a grim-faced news conference Wednesday.

Not just fired, they all ought to be held criminally liable for the cost of the delay and any lives that have been lost. Every one of the NASA Management ought to get 10 to 20 for this current fiasco. Maybe the next batch would learn something.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should hire Burt Rutan

July 15, 2005 9:51 AM  

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