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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another Blue Gun Thug Assassination

There is almost nothing a blue gun thug hates more than to see a father enjoying life with his son. When the father took forceful action to prevent a cunt from destroying his family their hate level goes ballistic. They begin frothing at the mouth, oiling their guns, and salivating at the thought of killing the father for taking care of his son.

In Los Angeles California this week the blue gun thugs caught up with 38-year-old Manuel Benitez and his son while they were walking down the street past a Chinese restaurant in an El Monte strip mall. It was an opportunity for another gun thug assassination No trial. No lieyers. No due process. Just hand grenades and a hail of hot lead. When the hate is hot and the gun thugs have been hyped up on their steroid pills, only a man's death will calm them down. Mr. Benitez had been the featured hated man on TV hate show “Americas Most Hated” by sick fuck John Walsh. Associated gun thug hate organizations like the FBI also had featured Mr. Benitez on their “Most Hated” web site. The FBI is well known for their willingness to shoot a man's child, his wife, or even his dog to destroy another man.

As Bob has previously observed, dead cunts don't get custody. Mrs. Benitez was trying to destroy her family and take Mr. Benitez's child when she learned that lesson the hard way. She got 6 feet of good earth, not get custody of her husband's son. She did not get 20 years of “child support” slavery payments for destroying his family and taking his child. That kind of manly protection of our sons drives the feminists and other misandrist hate mongers nuts. Sick fucks like John Walsh go berserk. He is a mangina wuss who hates men who act manly. The very thought of a man who is not owned and dominated by a female makes the blue gun thugs go into a killing frenzy. Its an excuse to kill, to unload their guns as they train and train to do. Its a “reason” to kill. And killing is what they do.

When the blue gun thugs found Mr. Benitex and his son near a Los Angeles restaurant they surrounded the premises and called in all their "Special Weapons," military style assasination teams with body armor, snipers, and automatic fire assault rifles to kill a man peacefully minding his own business, taking care of his son. The blue gun thugs are all cowards underneath their bluster. They won't ever just talk to the man without “backup” of their entire gang of filthy pigs. When they had worked up their courage and waved their guns around for long enough to let the steroid pills overflow into their aggressive hate behavior, they attacked. The blue gun thug attacked with explosive grenades and a hail of hot lead. Poor Mr. Benitez never had a chance. He died, assassinated, where he sat. He got no trial or legal process. Even his son was shot and wounded. The blue gun thugs are always willing to shoot children who may be in the way of their murderous assault on a man.

Once they had assassinated Mr. Benitez, the blue gun thugs began spinning the story for their lap dogs in the media. They "had to" surround and assassinate a man minding his own business. The lack of due process and trial is blamed on Mr. Benitez, not their trained killers. Pig lovers in the media rush to recite all the hate the blue gun thug propaganda mouthpiece can spew out.

The blue gun thugs are the enemies of free men. We don't want them, we don't need them, and many more of us would be alive and free if they had been disbanded. May they all rot in hell, and may they do so sooner rather than later.

Read Yahoo Story

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blue Gun Thug runs Amok

Utah State Blue Gun Thug Brian Smith went on a shooting spree in the Dallas, TX, area. Smith shot several randomly selected travelers, focusing mostly on drivers of large trucks, and killed several of them. The details aren't well known yet because Smith shot it out with the Texas blue gun thugs in a territorial war. Texas gun thugs don't want any Utah gun thugs killing motorists in their turf. There are few things a gang member hates more than a rival gang intruding into their turf. Smith was shot and seriously wounded in a shootout with the local Texas gun thugs.

Gun Thug Brian Smith
Utah Gun Thug Brian Smith -- now DEAD

The shooting spree apparently began when drug addict gun thug Smith robbed a pharmacy for Oxycontin. He had apparently taken leave from the Utah Blue Gang because of his drug addiction and other violent issues. Killing citizens in Utah was not enough for the evil in blue. So he moved to nearby Texas, pulled out his gun, and went wild. Read Yahoo Story

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Misandrist Hate Monger Needs to Quit Now

More than a quarter of a century ago little Adam Walsh was cruelly murdered by a career psycho killer. The loss of a boy was a tragic event in the lives of his parents. It is understandable that Adam Walsh's parents were devastated by the event, but most fathers don't turn the death of their son into a career in hate.

Adam Walsh's father, Mr. John Walsh, couldn't let it go. Decade after decade John Walsh crusaded for more and more violence against men across America. He became a sick mouthpiece for the blue gun thugs and championed every excuse to destroy the life of another man. John Walsh eventually began a national TV program called “Americas Most Hated.” For more than a decade Mr. Walsh has promoted sending more and more men to hellhole prisons. The US has an estimated 4 million men already in jails and prisons and more are being constructed every year. In some US cities the majority of men have been caged by the blue gun thugs and spent time in their hellhole prisons. We are not talking about a few bad men. Our laws now make virtually every man into a criminal if he comes to the attention of the blue gun thugs and mangina hate mongers like John Walsh. Something is horrible wrong with the whole American Injustice System (AIS) and John Walsh has made a sick career of promoting the worst part of the AIS.

For a quarter century John Walsh maintained the fiction that his sick crusade against men was because he wanted to find the person responsible for killing his son. Now we find out that the guy responsible had confessed more than a decade ago. Yahoo Story

Walsh -- One sick fuck

Most of John Walsh's hate has been in vain. He has carried on his sick crusade because he's in it for the money. He gets big cash for promoting hate on TV. He whines that its about his son Adam, but its about money. John Walsh is a sick man full of hate for his fellow men. Is there anything more sick than using your dead son to make a big profit? His TV producers are sick sadistic violent scum. The blue gun thugs he takes sadistic pleasure in promoting are the worst kind of corrupt filth.

Its time to give it up John. Give up the hate. Go back to your wife and family. Stop promoting anti-men hate on TV. Return to being a decent man. No amount of hate will ever bring back Adam. A good man would have put the past behind and moved on decades ago. John Walsh needs to get over his grief, let go of his hate, and get on with his life.

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Marriage is better for children

After a century of working hard to destroy marriage and denying that a good family with married parents is good for children, the British Labour Party has admitted that marriage is better for children. That is no surprise to anyone with half a clue about the meaning and purpose of marriage which is to form a stable secure family to raise produce and raise the next generation of children. But for the femorrhoids and their mangina lackeys in government it's a big U turn.

For most of a century governments in all English speaking nations and many other countries have worked to change laws which discourage marriage, promote divorce, and pay for single momism. We have heard a generation of liberal feminazi politicians telling us that destroying a family is for “the best interest of the child.” Anyone with a lick of sense knows that has always been total government crap.

Perhaps because Mrs. PM, Sarah Brown, tells horror stories about her own parent's government promoted divorce, the UK government now is taking another look at its promotion of the end of marriage. Read a recent article in the London Daily Mail.

The bigger question, now that they have figured out the obvious, what will they do to promote and enable marriage? Will Labour bring an end to so-called “no fault” divorce? Will Labour stop paying young whores to whelp bastard children? Will Labour stop binding men into indentures servitude to pay females for destroying their marriage and family? Will Labour stop promoting nonsense like “gay marriage” that destroys the very concept of marriage? Bob remains optimistic, but realistically they have a very long way to go despite their recognition that marriage is good for children. Several generations of anti-marriage laws are in place, and Labour is not likely to incur the wrath of anti-marriage feminist hate mongers and faggots by revising laws to rescue the future of the UK. Don't hold your breath for Labour to make positive changes.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Support Global Warming

It's official. Bob is now strongly supporting Global Warming. The average temperatures across the earth have gone down every years since 1998. This year, 2008, is the coldest year in a decade. Last year we had the 2nd most annual snowfall ever recorded in this area. The previous record was set almost a century ago, and we were within less than 1 inch of the record total. Well, we said, how bad can it be next year. How bad? Its worse. The all time record here for the most snow in 24 hours was 13 inches. On Wednsday into Thursday we had 19 ½ inches of snow, and then it snowed more all day Thursday, and again Thursday night. We selected this location after reviewing weather records which showed that 6 inches of snow was commonly the most extreme weather event of the year. The average daytime temperatures are said to be above freezing so the few inches of snow melts off, or so that has been the experience over the past century.

Are 20th century warm period records for cold and snow applicable going forward into the 21st century? Not last year. Not this year. We have 30 inches in our driveway. Bob shoveled snow all day yesterday, and all day today, and it will take a couple more days of shoveling to get a car out to the county road. Where is the D-6 Cat when you need one.

It not just here. Its been snowing in London in November. Its been snowing in New Orleans. Northern sea ice reached all the way south to Iceland for the first time in living memory, and polar bears came ashore to harass the Icelanders. The Canadian seal hunt fleet got caught and stuck in an ice flow for the first time ever, and even their “ice breaker” ship sent to rescue the seal hunters got iced in. Temperatures are dropping and ice is expanding all across the earth.

Bob is now officially supporting Global Warming. We need a few more degrees. We need more warming. A recent article in the London Daily Mail reported scientific theory that CO2 greenhouse gas has been delaying the onset of a coming natural cold cycle, sometimes called a “little ice age.” We've been experiencing declining global temperatures ever since the mindless left wingnuts started whining about “Global Warming.” They are cutting back on CO2 emissions and perpetuating cold.

Support Global Warming!
Burn those hydrocarbons. Build thouse greenhouse gasses.

Update: December 20, 2008

The local all time record cold for this date is in the books as -6F. Right now it's -12F. [Bob learned later that the offical overnight low was a frigid -18.]

Support Global Warming!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

“It’s Not Even Winter Yet” -- NUTTERS!

An artic storm is paralyzing much of the United States. From Seattle to Boston, snow and ice have millions of Americans fighting the cold and trying to keep life together. It snowed for two consecutive days in New Orleans and its been flooding in southern California. This morning the talking head idiot “weather” guy on NBC says “It’s not even winter yet.” Do you have to have a total frontal lobotomy to go on TV? Even in New York the weather has been cold, snow, and winter. But the mindless idiots mouth the same old nonsense and pretend that their blather is truth.

Winter solstice has been celebrated as “Midwinter’s Night” for thousands of years. Midwinter was being celebrated at Stonehenge when it was still made of wood.

Winter solstice is the night when the sun is the farthest south, and the morning when the days begin to get longer. Winter solstice or Midwinter’s Night is the “reason for the season” that has been celebrated for thousand and thousands of years, long, long before any of the modern religions.

For Politically Correct reasons the powers that be decided to arbitrarily and erroneously declare that the new “winter” begins on Midwinter’s Night and lasts until the middle of spring, Spring Equinox. Their arbitrary fiction makes as much sense as the legislation that Pi to be exactly 3. It sounds good in the marble halls of the mentally challenged, but has no validity in the real world.

We live in a world where those who pontificate about the weather continually demonstrate that they have no clue what they are talking about. When they make plainly impossible statements like “Its not even winter yet” they demonstrate their own pathetic incompetence to be doing their job. Are we supposed to believe them that their so-called “Global Warming” has any truth when they are unable to look out their window and see ice storms and freezing blizzards across the whole Northern Hemisphere? They may be as demonstrably dumb as a post, but we aren’t. What a bunch of mindless idiots.

We light our candles and other small lights against the darkness as a portend of the return of the light time of year. We decorate our homes and trees. We get together with our friends and give gifts as our ancestors have done at Midwinter’s Night for many thousand s of years.

Bob wishes everyone a blessed Midwinter’s Night, a Merry Yule, and a warm family in whatever way you celebrate the season.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Fire the Faggots

Under fascist law you can't fire a faggot for spreading perversion and disease in your company. You can't even not hire the faggot. You can fire a normal sane man for any reason or for no reason, but you can't fire a faggot. They have special rights. But now they are presenting employers with a legal justification and a good reason to fire their perverted asses.

According to a published report many faggots are stopping work to protest the recent vote to support marriages and families. The pervert organizers name it “Calling in Gay.”

It is still legal to fire an employee who won't work or fails to work. Most companies have a policy of legitimate reasons not to work such as physical injury or illness. Few companies include “Gay” as a reason not to work at the job for which they have been hired. Failure to report to work is a fireable offense at every company I know of, and under all of the state laws I know of. Even special protection employees have to show up for work.

When any of the faggots “Call In Gay” and refuse to work, the employer has a valid reason to tell the sick SOB not to bother coming back. Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish. Its time to clean up the workplace.

Tribune Co. reaps what it has sewn

Be careful what you wish for. You might get it. For most of the past decade the US fascist media has been waging a media war against the US economy. Anything they can report that raised doubt, fear, or opposition to commerce is front page news. Any news of success or business increase is not reported. Day after day the major newspapers and the big TV giants hammer away at doom and gloom in the economy.

Most of the writers, talking heads, and media executives who are responsible for content in the fascist media are socialists or fascists. They hate the free market with a passion. They attack and destroy conservatives and free enterprise advocates with every breath, with every sound bite, with every stroke of the pen, with every page of print, with every on-line story. The Chicago Tribune, for example, has been a champion of Barack Obama since his days as a leftist neighborhood organizer.

Day after day they have advocated for leftist fascist politicians, supported leftist fascist “stars” and relegated every free market advocate to a little notice on the back pages if mentioned at all.

The fascist anti-American, anti-business talking heads, writers, managers, and executives have forgotten that their employer is a free market business. Every stroke of the pen that attacks the free market attacks their own employer and their own job. Today idiot fascists at the Tribune Company learned the hard way about market economics. Today the Tribune Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Tribune Company owns and publishes such radical fascist hate rags as the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. The owners say their debt is 12 billion and their income can't cover this year's interest payment. Too bad, so sad. Go to hell. Maybe in your next life you will figure out that killing the golden goose kills all the jobs, and it begins with yours.

Numerous other medial fascists are in similar financial situations. They are going down hard. Bob doubts if the fascist media idiot have the mental capacity to learn even from their own bankruptcy. Leftist fascism is a mental disorder. They are nuts.

Read Yahoo News Story.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Save the Auto Industry -- File Chapter 11!

General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler should file Chapter 11. The total worth of GM stock is now only about 2 billion, and they are more than 30 billion in debt. The government, or anyone else, could buy the company for 2 billion, yet GM is asking the government to hand them 20 billion more of our dollars to pour down their rat hole.

What this is really all about is Democratic payback for union contributions. The United Auto Workers and other unions have bought and paid for Democratic Senators. They expect to cash in with big payments of our money.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler cannot survive and continue to do business as they have done business for the past 50 years. They cannot compete with Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen or other well managed US car factories. Well managed auto companies are not going bankrupt in the US. Even this week Korean run Kia announced that they are going ahead with their construction of their new US factory. Times are good for companies that manage well. Times are only bad for companies that have stupid, corrupt, bloated, and greedy management. The Detroit 3 have for years capitulated to UAW demands which everyone has known would eventually bankrupt the companies. Eventually comes when business declines a little.

It is just a decline despite the doom and gloom from the leftist fascist media. Auto sales in the last part of 2008 are down only about 30%. In a few months they will recover as more of our cars wear out and people need transportation. The problem the Detroit 3 are having is that they can’t survive selling reasonably priced cars for $20,000 or less. They have $10,000 per car bills from past UWA union agreements. They promised lifetime benefits to millions of retired workers. Ford recently studied the introduction of a new line of economical cars, but dropped the project because they can only meet expenses by selling huge overpriced behemoths that have $10,000 of slush money built into the inflated prices.

The Detroit 3 pay assembly line workers the highest wages in the US, so high that no other working man can afford their products. Corrupt management of the Detroit 3 promised to pay workers after layoffs whether they work or not. When sales decline by 30% they cannot cut bloated costs by reducing their work force because their UAW contract makes the companies pay the workers whether they work or not. Non-union factories of other companies in Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, and other US states that are operated by Mitsubishi, Toyota and others do not have the same stupid mangers and employees. The other US factories have tied their overall prices to the actual cost of manufacture, so when sales decline, their costs decline in step. The other US car factories are not asking for bailouts because they do not have such corrupt management and unions.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is a very wealthy man who’s money came out of the corrupt management of General Motors. He opined last week that the only way to save the Detroit 3 is to allow them to restructure under Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code was written and adopted by Congress specifically this kind of situation. What GM so badly needs is a complete reorganization if it is going to survive. Under Chapter 11 their union contracts would evaporate and be replaced by new work rules that make the companies viable in the 21st century. If the Detroit 3 are to survive they must declare Chapter 11 and do so soon. Tossing tax money down the same rat hole without the complete restructuring of Chapter 11 bankruptcy law will not save them.

The corrupt Democrats in Congress are trying hard to payback the UAW and other unions with our tax money. Democrats in Congress are owned by the unions and similar big money interests. More honest Congressmen are resisting the payoff. We taxpayers don’t want our money tossed down a corrupt rat hole to feed the dying rats a few months longer. We need to save the American auto industry by allowing them to reorganize and get new management under Chapter 11.

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A man's home is his castle

A man's home is his castle, or it used to be. For some years our tyrannical government has been working hard to take away even our freedom in our own homes. In a few areas the people are fighting back against government tyranny. In 2006, Mississippi adopted its version of the so-called “Castle Doctrine,” which lifts requirements that individuals first try to flee before using deadly force to counter a threat in their homes, vehicles or, in Mississippi's case, at work. According to Wikipedia, “A Castle Doctrine (also known as a Castle Law or a Defense of Habitation Law) is an American legal concept derived from English Common Law, which designates one's place of residence (or, in some states, any place legally occupied, such as one's car or place of work) as a place in which one enjoys protection from illegal trespassing and violent attack. It then goes on to give a person the legal right to use deadly force to defend that place (his/her "castle"), and/or any other innocent persons legally inside it, from violent attack or an intrusion which may lead to violent attack. In a legal context, therefore, use of deadly force which actually results in death may be defended as justifiable homicide under the Castle Doctrine.”

What is amazing is that we have to have organized efforts to establish a right to self defense in the United States. A right to self defense is a primary difference between free men and slaves of a tyrannical government. When a government becomes tyranny it always tries to take away the rights of the citizens to be secure in their homes and places of business. The government tells the people that they will be our protection, but if you read the fine print, they have not promised to protect anyone. Despite often repeated rhetoric from Mayors and their blue gun thugs, SCOTUS ruled some years ago that no person has a right to expect the government's blue gun thugs to protect us. Blue gun thugs from across America claimed in court that protection of citizens is NOT their job, and SCOTUS affirmed their lack of responsibility or duty to protect the people. They take away our arms and our ability to protect ourselves, and then claim that the resultant rampant crime justifies massively overtaxing us for their bloated budgets.

In some states the people are demanding, and the legislatures are passing laws that specifically allow what common sense ought to demand, a citizen's right to protect himself and his property. According to one report there were about 15 states that had adopted a so-called castle doctrine by 2007. According to one published report, those states are: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and South Dakota. The New Hampshire legislature passed a “castle doctrine” bill but the filthy tyrannical governor vetoed it. If your state is not listed you need to watch your backside because you have to run or die instead of defending your life or property. The blue gun thugs won't protect you, that's not their job, and you are not allowed to protect yourself.

Even when your state passes a Castle Doctrine you aren't completely safe defending yourself. There is nothing the evil filth in government hates more than a free man. In Texas, local hero Mr John Horn of Pasadena, TX, was dragged before a grand jury by a hate mongering DA after he defended his property from thieves who had just robbed his neighbor. Mr. Horn first phoned the blue gun thugs but, of course, all they did was to advise him to run. When it became frighteningly clear that the blue gun thugs were not going to show up until after the criminal robbers had finished their destruction of his neighborhood and left, Mr. Horn took MANLY action and defended himself and his neighbors. The good Texans of the grand jury tossed the case out. He should have had a medal pinned on him for risking his life Read Story

One part of the Castle Doctrine that really terrifies the blue gun thugs comes from their frequent “no knock” assaults on the homes of citizens. From Waco, TX, to Sharpsburg, Pa, blue gun thugs are getting shot by homeowners as they assault a home through windows. Golden Bull Award winner Ms. Christina Korbe eradicated an FBI scumbag as he burst into her home unannounced. Government pigs have arrested her for defending herself. If PA had a Castle Law, it would make it a lot harder for the Agents of Satan in black robes of hell to destroy Ms. Korbe. Blue gun thugs would have to go back to respecting a man's “castle” by knocking and presenting their search warrant at his front door. Blue suit pigs don't want to respect any citizen. In PA, they are trying to destroy Ms. Korbe for defending her home against an armed assault, but I hope the good citizens have enough sense to stop the madness.

The Agents of Satan in black robes of hell still work every day against a free people. Tracy Ingle of North Little Rock grabbed his gun when he saw an unknown person climbing through his bedroom window. The blue gun thugs shot him 5 times. They cite SCOTUS's wrong decision of Hudson vs. Michigan which allows “no knock” assaults on the peace of a man's home. Still to be decided are cases where the man shot first and plugged the pig under the “Castle Law” statute. Any blue suit pig filth climbing into a man's home through his bedroom window needs to be shot on sight.

A man's home is his castle. He should be sovereign in his own home, on his own land. The blue gun thugs and other scumbag government agents can pound sand.

Read Yahoo Story

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

CPS Tortures Youth

This story orginates in the town of Tracy, CA, which is about 60 miles east of San Francisco. On about December 1, 2008, a bruised, emaciated, and terrified 17 year old man showed up at the In-Shape Sports Club wearing only boxer shorts and dragging a chain from a bruised and bleeding ankle. He had been held captive for a year by Girl Scout leader Kelly Layne Lau, 30, and her latest lover, Michael Schumacher, 34. They have been arrested and charged with torture, kidnapping, and child abuse. The young man had been in foster care of CPS Lesbitches until last year.
Shackled Teen
Kelly Layne Lau, 30

Its a very sad story of how CPS abuses children and ignores their torture and abuse. The young man had previously escaped from another foster home a year before but CPS had caught him and turned him over to Ms. Lau to chain and torture for her amusement.

Read Yahoo Story

Somewhere this young man has a father. He has spent years trying to escape from the clutches of CPS and their evil lesbitches to find his own family. Every time he is caught and returned to CPS and every time they imprison and torture him more and more. The whole rotten CPS corruption is a festering sore on the society that must be excised for he health and safety of the children.

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Monday, December 01, 2008

Criminals Attack NY Giants

In another case of criminal violations of the US Constitution the criminal blue suit gang in New York City attacked Plaxico Burress, the New York Giants star wide receiver. Mr. Burress was apparently carrying a mall weapon which was accidentally fired. The accidental round hit him in the leg causing superficial injury. He has been arrested by the blue gun thugs despite the plain fact that the NYC law is a criminal violation of the Constitution of the United States. The liberal (fascist) media won't mention that the law is a crime. Yahoo news story here

Mr. Burress has the money to hire lieyers to have his rights upheld. NYC gun thugs will drop the case rather than allow their crimes to be taken before the Agents of Satan in black robes of hell.

In a recent similar case the government criminals of Washington, DC, were informed by the US Supreme Court that their ban on private gun ownership is illegal. As expected the “liberal' agents of Satan in black robes of hell voted in favor of criminal restriction on the freedom of citizens. The word “liberal” is historically derived from “liberty.” A “liberal” should be the one to champion individual freedom and liberty. In the twist of left wing political control and domination, the term “liberal” has come to mean more and more government control, less and less freedom, less and less liberty for the citizens. Fortunately for American free men, there were enough supporters of liberty on the Supreme Court to uphold the rights of men, at least partially. Even the "conservative" agents of Satan are not willing to support freedom as a real concept. For a more detailed analysis of the US Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights of a free people, see The World According to Bob, Second Amendment.

The NY blue suit criminals think that they can attack the NY Giants with their fascist laws and phony “liberal” control of free men. They have attacked the wrong guy this time. The people of New York will oppose any political hack that attacks the Giants. They will support the lieyers who demand an end of their criminal oppression of the rights of free men to own and bear arms. Plaxico Burress is owed a large apology from the City of New York. Mayor Goonberg needs to apologize immediately to Mr. Burress, to the Giants, and to the people of New York, and tell his criminal blue suit gang to watch their backs. May he rot in hell with the rest of his “liberal” fascist pigs.

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