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Friday, January 30, 2009

Saint Obama Slaps Females and Business

Our new mangina President, Saint Obama, has slapped employers who hire women for paying women the reduced wages they earn, but slapping employers who hire women is bad for women who want jobs.

"Declaring that ending pay disparity is not just a women's issue, President Barack Obama signed legislation Thursday that gives workers more time to take their pay discrimination cases to court.
"Lilly Ledbetter, the Alabama woman whose story was the impetus behind the new law, stood alongside Obama as he signed the first bill of his presidency. Also in the East Room of the White House were labor, women's, civil rights advocates and members of Congress for whom the bill was a priority." Seattle Times

Females are already overpaid when they make $.73 cents for every dollar that men make. See $.73 is way overpaid. This new law will cut their value by another $.10 per hour because of the cost of risk that the employer has to pay.

A typical cunt wastes half her “work” day texting her girlfriends, gossiping about boyfriends, pregnancies, and “relationships.” She surfs the Internet to chat and gossip sites. She uses all her sick leave as if it were vacation days. The “full time” cunt put in only abut 2/3 of the time on her job every week that an average man does, even counting her gossip and Internet hours. And all the while she grouses that she is not paid as much as the men who are doing twice as much work as she does.

Lilly Ledbetter knew she was being paid less than the male supervisors at her factory. She claimed that the difference was because of her sex, not because she was doing less work or less effective work. She sat on this information until after she had retired and then tried to sue. The law said that she should have filed a claim when she was made aware of the alleged discrimination. She did not, and for years continued to work there.

When she brought suit, her lieyers argued that she should have been paid the same as the male counterparts, and that the statute of limitations should be set aside. The trial court agreed. However, the appeals court set aside that verdict because it ignored the law: statute of limitations cannot be set aside. The Supreme court upheld the appeals court and affirmed the decision for the rule of law -- statute of limitations was in effect, period. But that has now changed. Females at work can now wait till they retire, and then get a scumbag lieyer to slap their former employer with a massive “Ledbetter” suit demanding half the total value of a small business. The rule of law has become the rule of “women are dangerous.”

Under the new Leadbottom law, the statue of limitations is no longer applies to manipulative scheming cunts. Why should any company employ a female? Across the country today a million employers are looking at their female “workers” and wondering which ones will sue after they retire. A million other employers are looking over resumes and wondering which person to interview and hire. Some of them will wonder if they hire the female, will she sue them out of business in a few years. Many of them will choose to hire the man because he can’t sue.

This is a classic example of "you can't do one thing."

Or, "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

This law greatly increases the risk that employers bear when they hire a female. It greatly increases the hidden cost of risk that employers have to bear to hire a female. The cost of risk has to come right out of the woman's take home pay to keep employers from hiring non-risk men instead. Many employers, especially small business that hires the majority of women, will avoid risk by avoiding women employees. It will make it harder for women to get jobs and good jobs.

Ledbetter and Obama
Saint Obama and Leadbottom

I hope all you working cunts who are cheering about the special protections you enjoy are doing so while considering all the negative results of paying large sums to trial lieyers and a few showcase women. Saint Obama just made it a lot harder, more risky, and more expensive for employers to hire you.

Anyone who took economics at college instead of “women’s studies” will understand that there is additional cost and risk to employers when (some) women sue for alleged equal pay. The new law allows women/lieyers to sue decades later after the employer no longer has records or evidence for his defense.

You can ask any bean counter about "real wages." Ask about accounting for the total cost to the company of hiring and employee. Ask about the cost of risk and how risk is allocated to compare with other direct costs. Some insurance companies may be wiling to provide risk insurance against such suits, but it will be so expensive that most companies wouldn't be able to afford insurance and still hire any female.

The law may appears to be sex neutral, but the long history of such laws has always only allowed females to sue, and only cost employers for settlements to females. Everyone knows that too.

Every state, every corporation, and every small business will have to have a large budget item for settling claims. State governments will have to double their already expensive “harassment” budgets, already costing millions of dollars per year. And state governments can just rob taxpayers to pay the greedy bitches and their scumbag lieyers. The “hire a cunt” tax gets bigger and bigger. Private businesses who create wealth can’t do that. They have to make a profit of they fold. Private business has to cover the government’s tax and their own cost of risk, or they vanish along with the jobs they once provided.

The Leadbottom law crates a large new risk for employers who employ females. Risk is cost, and it is added to the employers total cost to employ females. Any economist can tell you about real wages vs. take home wages, and how the total cost to employ someone affects the employment decision.

Hiring someone, anyone, is no different from buying a new TV, a shirt, or a car. You look at the price and compare that to the next model over. How much I really want the product. Is this purchase worth the cost? You look at the reliability. How long will this purchase last? Will it cost another bunch for repairs next year? When hiring a female you have to look at the price, and the price now includes the cost/risk of lawsuits 20 years later. When hiring a female a sane employer will look at the price of the man who also applied for the job. Does the man's cost less? Will the man sue him out of business in 20 years? Does the employer avoid a significant risk if he hires the man? The Leadbottom law shifts the balance toward hiring men, and will make it more difficult for females to get work.

Any female might decide to sue 20 years later. The man cannot. It will cause some employers to buy the less expensive product, to hire the less expensive employee. So you say that all the employer has to do is to pay the female as much a man. WRONG. A shyster lieyer can sue even if she has been paid more than men doing the same work. Most employers end up settling to keep out of courts. Even when the employer fights it in court the shyster only has to present a crying cunt to a stupid jury and she wins. Even if the employer wins in court, he has to pay for thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in lieyer fees and costs. Even when an employer pays females as much or more than men doing the same level of work the employer is still at risk.

For those who want females to gain better jobs and higher pay, you buddy Saint Obama just slapped you across the face. The Leadbottom law can and will make it harder for females to find a job, harder to keep your job, and worth significantly less to the employer who has to offset the risk cost of her employment.

Regardless of the “good intentions” of this stupid law, the actual economic results will include the following:

Leadbottom will add risk and cost to every employer who hires a female. The cost of risk will have to be offset by lower take home pay or the employer will hire a man instead.

The Leadbottom law will encourage employers to hire men at the expense of females.

The Leadbottom law will push many employers into moving their production to foreign nations where labor laws are not so onerous.

The Leadbottom law will cause many businesses to avoid hiring entirely. A lawsuit hanging over their head is to be avoided by not hiring.

Some employers will find a reason to “lay off “ or fire female employees who seem to be bitchy or otherwise likely to sue. Her file will be documented with real or imagined poor performance and violations of company work rules.

The Leadbottom law will bankrupt thousands of small business who are sued out of business by shyster lieyers and greedy cunts. The nation will lose millions of jobs.

Make no mistake. This law is not about “equal pay for equal work despite all the political rhetoric. Women won’t do equal work, never have, never will. This law is about equal pay for less work, easier work, fewer hours of work, and more time wasted gossiping while at work. When females are forced to compete fairly in the workplace they get paid a lot less than men because they do a lot less work than men. When a rare female does equal work she gets paid as much or more than men, but that has never been satisfactory to feminazi and manginas like Saint Obama. They don’t want to force cunts into actually having to do equal work to earn equal pay. They believe that money magically appears in the hands of “rich men.” They want cunts to be paid as if they are working when they are not.

Is the Leadbottom law good for females? No, it is not. Females would be better off, get hired easier, and get paid more take home pay if the law was not passed. That is the basic economics of raising the cost/risk to employers who hire women. You can’t outlaw basic economic any more than you can make Pi equal exactly 3 by passing a law. The Leadbottom law is, in fact, the most misogynist law to be passed in several decades. It makes life harder for hard working females. We will see many more unemployed females.

There is one more problem with this law. Our economy is badly hurting as millions of workers are being laid off. Saint Obama is pushing the most massive pork bill ever to hit the Congress under the guise of economic stimulation to avoid another great depression. He has chosen this time to slap employers with huge lawsuits and prevent hiring. One is tempted to think he is either secretly trying to sabotage the economy or he’s really completely ignorant of even the most basic economics. You can’t stimulate the American economy by slapping employers and driving production to other nations.

LA Times video

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

“We are the police”

“Don’t bother calling 911, we are the police.”

In Vancouver, BC, the blue gun thugs attacked, beat up, and robbed Mr. Phil Khan who was delivering newspapers on the day of the Obama Inauguration. Some city workers tried to help him. So did people from a nearby McDonalds, and from a hotel. Several attempts by the witnesses to stop the beatings resulted in “Don’t bother calling 911, we are the police.” The kicking and beating went on from more than 8 minutes. Mr. Khan suffered injuries all over his body.
Phil Khan
Mr. Phil Khan with head bandaged.

If this were an unusual situation we could write it off as some rogue pigs, but its normal everyday business as usual in the violent gun thug gang in blue.
Vancouver Sun Article.

The blue gun thugs are an evil menace that oppresses and destroys our society. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we all would be a lot better off if they were rounded up and impaled on a row of poles down Burrard Street.

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Close the POW camp -- Free the terrorists

For the past several years the fascist NYC media, Democrats, lieyer groups, and agents of Satan in black robes of Hell have demanded that the POWs being held outside of the United States be treated as domestic prisoners. They demand that the most violent terrorists should be given all the rights of US citizens. If terrorists captured in Iraq or Afghanistan while fighting against the US cannot be tried because there is no evidence that they were immediately engaged in attacks when captured, the the bleeding heart NYC fascists demand that they should be released into the US or sent home to their native countries. Over the past few years the fascist elite and their media have forced the Bush Administration to release many POWs who could not be tried as criminals under US laws.

Hussein Obama announced yesterday that he is closing the POW camp at Guantanamo Bay to send his Islamic terrorists buddies home. The NYC fascist media all stood and cheered when he signed executive orders to that effect. It was the culmination of their 6 year campaign against the Bush Administration for protecting the people of these United States.

Today we read in the news that one of their released terrorists has gone back to his former life as a leader of Al-Queda making plans for more terrorism against us. This makes me feel really secure, and with Obama's planned closing of the prison we can all sleep secure and safe. How about you? Do you support support Obama's promise to send all these POW terrorists home?

The Geneva convention says that soldiers wearing the uniform of a combatant nation should be given fair treatment and returned home AFTER the fighting is over. A man not wearing the uniform of a combatant nation, not in uniform, or otherwise engaging in guerrilla or terrorist tactics may be executed. For the safety of the American people (And many others around the world) these violent terrorists should be given the full benefit of the Geneva convention and offered a blindfold before being executed.

-------------------Yahoo News-------------------------
CAIRO, Egypt - A Saudi man released from Guantanamo after spending nearly six years inside the U.S. prison camp is now the No. 2 of Yemen's al-Qaida branch, according to a purported Internet statement from the terror network.

The announcement, made this week on a Web site commonly used by militants, came as President Barack Obama ordered the detention facility closed within a year. Many of the remaining detainees are from Yemen, which has long posed a vexing terrorism problem for the U.S.

The terror group's Yemen branch - known as "al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula" - said the man, identified as Said Ali al-Shihri, returned to his home in Saudi Arabia after his release from Guantanamo about a year ago and from there went to Yemen, which is Osama bin Laden's ancestral home.

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GE takes a bath

GE, formerly known as General Electric Corporation, has redirected its efforts from business success to political agendas. The economic outcome is a financial disaster. GE profits were down drastically in the latest quarterly report. Chief Executive Jeff Immelt has led the company into financial disaster as he substitutes left wing hate politics for busienss sense. Stock in GE has dropped to less than 1/3 of the value when he took over. Read Yahoo news story Profits turn into losses, and stockholders foot the bills.

Among the major asses of GE Corporation are TV networks NBC (hate TV) and CNBC. NBC has led the NYC media charge toward financial ruin for the US, taking every opportunity to spread anti-men hate, and trash the US government and the US economy. From their “Hateline” pseudo magazine show to the day after day propaganda that has replaced news reporting, NBC is dumping a ton of money fostering hate and economic depression.

Jeff Immelt
Jeff Immelt -- Leftist hate monger

Will the GE shareholders wise up and fire Immelt before he bankrups one of the most successful US corporations? Time will tell.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dr. Freud and Mr. Chief Justice

Psychologists have known since the writings of famed psychologist Dr. Sigmund Freud a century ago, that much of our behavior comes from a subconscious part of our mind. When we try to fool ourselves and others our lies cause conflict between our subconscious and our conscious intentions. Our action may come out different, our words stumble, or we speak the opposite of the lie we intended. When this happens it has a name, its called a “Freudian slip” of the tongue. A guilty conscious is one of the primary causes of a Freudian slip.

At the coronation of B. Hussein Obama as the Messiah and President of these United States, Chief Justice Roberts was supposed to administer the oath of office. His small part was to recite the oath of office prescribed by the US Constitution, a law he is intimately familiar with. But it was a lie, a really blatant lie. For more on the lie and the facts of Obama’s life and citizenship see Obama “Admits” facts in Berg vs. Obama

For months there have been numerous law suits brought to the US Supreme Court by citizens asking the court to do its job and declare His Holiness Obama ineligible to be President. The evidenced presented to the Court in support of the many law suits shows clearly that Obama was born in Kenya and later became a citizen of Indonesia by his own declaration. When Justice Roberts had to stand and lie in front of a million witnesses and a hundred million watching on TV, he couldn't do it. When he tried to perpetrate a monstrous lie that violated the very constitution upon which his career depends, his conscience got the best of him. His mouth wouldn't form the words. He couldn't manage to administer an oath to uphold the Constitution to a man who’s very presence on the podium violates the constitution he’s swearing to uphold. His words came out scrambled as his subconscious struggled to speak the truth.

There was some deep psychology going on with the Chief Justice over his public dishonesty. Chief Justice Roberts had to say the words “faithfully….preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.” But in saying those words he was trashing and violating the constitution of the United States, and he knew it. His subconscious mind became deeply conflicted, and his mouth failed to form the lie.

B. Hussein Obama, of course, has lived a lie all his life. His Chicago political machine practically invented corrupt politics with its ongoing fraud, deceit, and lies to the people. Obama has lied to the people every day of his public career, and does so with the convincing smile of a lying weasel. Despite the Freudian slip of Chief Justice Roberts, Hussein Obama spoke some words, not those prescribed in the constitution, and accepted the office. Obama understands that none of his cheering throng standing before the podium, nor on the fascist NYC media would question anything he says.

Article II Section 1.
No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President.

Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation:--"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Obama is not qualified to be President as required by our Constitution, and has not taken the oath of office as written, and required by the Constitution. The US Supreme Court is participating in the massive fraud and trashing of constitutional law in the United States. In a very real sense these United States have ceased to exist for the Constitution that formed our union has been abrogated by the highest authorities it created.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Put Down the Landing Gear

Anyone who has read or watched the news this week has seen a lot of footage of a US Air jet that landed hard in the Hudson River after takeoff from New York. A few of the passengers were injured but none were killed. Most of the plane remained in one piece, and it floated. Ferry boats picked up passengers from the frigid water before they succumbed to hypothermia.

The usual pundits are heaping accolades on the pilot of the doomed plane who chose the Hudson River rather than some street full of buildings, and who managed to miss all bridges and river traffic with the doomed airplane. He and the passengers were extremely lucky to have survived. Most of the time a plane hitting water comes apart in several pieces and many of the passengers are killed by sharp metal edges and high speed impact, or drowned. They were very lucky. The wreckage has been hoisted out of the river today and we see the ripped up under side of the airplane. One engine was ripped off by the impact with the water and the other engine was ripped apart but still clinging to a wing. Much of the aluminum skin on the bottom of the plane was ripped apart. They were very lucky. Another plane crash into water is sometimes seen on one of those “Worst Video” disaster programs as the other plane cartwheels and kills half the passengers.
US Air hudson crash
Badly damaged Airbus

Back in the late 1960s while Bob worked in the structural test engineering division at the Boeing Aircraft Company the 727 airplanes were the new thing. Unlike previous 707 planes the 727 had a much smaller wing that was efficient at high speed. Without power the small wing 727 would glide like a rock. When experienced pilots moved from the 707 to the new 727 many of them tried to land the new plane the way they had always landed the older 707s. Standard practice was to shut the engines down to idle and glide onto the runway. That didn't work with the 727 and several pilots came down short of the runway because the new 727 didn’t glide well or far. Engines used in the late 1960s took up to 30 seconds to spool up to full power from idle. Once the pilot figured out that he wasn’t going to make the runway, he couldn’t get power in time to save the plane from a crash landing short of the field.

Two of the crashed 727s came down in water, in San Francisco and Boston where the airport is next to the bay. Unlike the US Air crash in the Hudson, the 727s were prepared for a normal landing on the airfield. They had their LANDING GEAR extended. They suffered virtually NO DAMAGE at all other than salt water corrosion.

Boeing engineers who evaluate every crash of a Boeing plane concluded that the LANDING GEAR deployment saved the plane and the passengers. The landing gear is the strongest part of an airplane, and is the ONLY part of the plane that is strong enough to hit the ground, or the water, without suffering major damage. At 150 mph water acts almost like a solid, deflecting any attempted penetration. The landing gear skid first and then sink in while transferring huge momentum of the plane into the water without suffering structural failure.

Boeing structural engineers concluded that pilots had always previously been landing wrong in water ditch situations. Pilot training throughout the history of aviation tells pilots to keep the landing gear up and pretend the plane is a “flying boat” for a water ditch landing. Unfortunately a flying boat is much stronger and shaped different than the bottom of a regularly plane. A regular plane’s underbelly rips apart, the wings usually catch a wave, and the plane tumbles and tears apart into several sections. Even WW II fighter planes that ended up in water usually ended up upside down. After evaluating the 727 crash landing short of runways with the landing gear down, Boeing engineering concluded that pilots should always put the landing gear down and land as if its solid ground. A plane ditching in water with the landing gear down will remain intact and none of the passengers will be injured or killed. Somehow this jewel of safety information has not been transmitted to pilot training. Pilots are not trained to put down the landing gear for a water landing.

The US Air pilot who has received so many accolades in New York was very lucky, not very smart. He was lucky to land in calm water without waves to catch one wing first and flip the plane sideways. He was lucky that the engines dragged water uniformly. He was lucky that only the bottom of the plane was ripped apart by the force of the water. He was lucky that the top part of the plane held together. The landing gear is the only part of the plane that is strong enough to hit the water without severe damage. The plane that landed in the Hudson River was an Airbus rather than a Boeing plane, but the structural strength of the landing gear is universal to all planes.

US Air Hudson crash 2
Destroyed Airbus on a barge

There were some people injured on the US Airways plane. One woman suffered two broken legs. A stewardess was badly cut. Several other people were also injured. He failed to do the most important thing when landing on water, but got away without anyone being killed.

To the pilots who may read this, do some research. Find out about putting the landing gear down. And don’t try to pretend you are piloting a flying boat. It doesn’t work that way. If you don’t put down the landing gear people are going to be injured and perhaps many will be killed.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Black Lincoln -- Repeating History

In 1861 the inauguration of President Lincoln precipitated the US Civil War. It killed hundreds of thousands of American people and devastated the economy of most of the nation for many years to come. This year, B. Hussein Obama, the Kenya born Indonesian Citizen, is retracing President Lincoln’s train travel to Washington as a reenactment of Lincoln's historic presidency. Read Yahoo Story

Some international and American observers have predicted that this time the US will split into 5 divisions instead of two. Bankruptcy and total collapse of the US economy may be imminent, and gun sales have been exceeding all time records across the US. The National Guard units which are commanded by the Governors of the several states have never been more ready for a real war than those who have recently returned from Iraq or Afghanistan. The federal military moral will be severely tried as gays are pushed into their ranks. They become dishonored by the new fascist black Messiah. When their monthly pay stops being paid during the financial collapse, they may not respond to orders to attack the states for the new fascist black racist America.

Will it happen? Who can say. What we can say is that B. Hussein Obama is working hard to repeat the history of 1861.

Update -- January 20, 2009

The fascist media from NYC continue to recite their nonsense about Hussein Obama "uniting" the nation, but Obama seems to be working hard to drive the dividing stake deeper into the heartland of America.

Where he could have worked to restore families and gender peace, our new Indonesian citizen President took the occasion of his inauguration speech to bash his own father and by extension all fathers. Obama bashed his father for "leaving" while he was young, and he ignored his shameful mother's whoring and miscegenation as a 60s liberal trollop who didn't bother to form a marriage or even check out his family before opening her legs and making a baby. Just blame fathers and continue to divide the nation.

Then he brought up Reverend Lowery to recite old tired racist clichés breaking America into racial groups and blaming whites for the problems of all.
The Inauguration has been sexist and racist from the beginning. Obama could have used the occasion to set a tone of unification of America, instead he set a tone of racist and sexist hate and division. Shame, shame, shame on him. We really don't need that kind of racist hate and sexist hate in our government -- even if the fascist media applauds it.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blue Gun Thugs Making ACE!

The murderous Seattle blue gun thugs are out killing again. This time they found a man brandishing a knife. Their response was to form a firing line and execute him. When they each are trying to become “ACE” gun thugs by killing 5 “civilians” or “bad boys” as they like to say, they try to get as many thugs into the firing line as are available. Each of the members of their firing line gets to claim the kill on his record. Read a report from the Seattle Times here.

The murderous cowards in blue and their boot kissing dupes will claim that they “felt threatened” by the guy with the knife. Sure, a knife is a small threat when used in an attack by a drunk or drugged nutter. But a knife is not a lethal threat to a trained thug wearing a body armor vest. There was no valid excuse for murder. The gun thug firing line murder is terrorist tactics by the City of Seattle Mayor Greg Sickles.

So what it the appropriate way to deal with a drunk/drugged man brandishing a knife you might ask. Well here is a good example that Bob witnessed.

Some years ago Bob was in Washington, DC, on July 4th with his wife and children and about a million other people waiting for the annual fireworks celebration on the Capitol Mall. We had a blanket spread out on the grass, some picnic food, and were spending a very pleasant summer evening. A million other people on blankets and folding chairs covered just about the entire mall. Suddenly the peace of the evening was disturbed when a commotion caught our attention. About 25 yards away some drunk/drugged man was waiving a very large knife around and threatening other people in the crowd. People were rapidly abandoning their blankets and moving back from the knife wielding drunk.

Nearby on the other side of our location was a military looking man I’ll call Joe (not his real name). Joe saw the commotion, the knife wielding drunk, and the crowd scurrying back out of range. “Oh darn,“ Joe says, or similar words. Joe gets up and heads toward the disturbance. Joe moves with the obvious fluid motion of a hard body guy who looks and moves like a military trained and highly competent real man. Joe elbows his way through the circle of people who backed off from the drunk with the knife. Joe does a little feint move, a side shuffle, grabs the drunk’s arm, and takes his knife. Joe tells the guy to sit down and shut the “f” up. Then he comes back to his family still sitting on their blanket near ours. Joe puts the knife under his picnic basket and forgets the whole thing. The standing crowd find their own chairs and blankets again and the incident is over.

Unlike the murderous Seattle Blue Gun Thug firing line, the way Joe handled the incident left everyone safe and well. Nobody got hurt. Nobody got killed. Nobody got arrested. No tax money was spent. No gun thug made “ACE” killer. It is really not a big deal to disarm a drunken man with a knife for even one trained real man. A knife is seriously not a big deal for a gang of thugs armed with clubs and body armor.

The Seattle Blue Gun Thugs, unlike Joe, are all cowards. Unlike Joe they are trained to kill first and ask questions later. Unlike Joe, the Gun Thug Gang in blue are each trying to make “ACE” by racking up 5 kills. Unlike Joe, the violent filth in blue gang make points in their gang by killing. To them, violence is their training, killing is their life. Its what they do. Its who they are.
Highwary robbery
A Typical Blue Gun Thug day

In the incident in Washington, DC, everyone involved went home. Nobody was chained, brutalized, and hauled off to a cage. Nobody ended up in a hellhole prison for the next 15 years. Nobody’s life was destroyed. No family lost their father or brother. No children were deprived of their father. Even the man with the knife was allowed to go home, sober up, and try again the next day. That would not have been the outcome if the blue suit gang had gotten involved. If a blue gun thug had become involved somebody would have been beaten, brutalized and destroyed, if not murdered. Its what they do. Its who they are.

A huge glaring difference between the incident in Washington, DC, and the blue gun thugs is that everybody went home to live another day. When the sniveling cowards in the blue shirt gang show up, somebody is not going home. They are trained to escalate any incident and escalate and escalate until they find justification to capture and cage someone, or to kill. They are not trained to defuse violence and send everyone home to our families.

In Seattle, the unfortunate drunk with the knife did not live to go home. He was murdered by the blue gun thug death squad firing line. His family lost their father or brother. His children, if he has any, will never see their father again. His mother grieves for his loss. The people are reminded that they may be killed without remorse if they are slow to obey the confused shouting of bullies in blue. The people are maintained in a state of fear of the gun thugs. Fear of their power is how the police state operates. Mayor Greg Sickles continues to use police state terror to stay in power. When his blue gun thugs show up, the only thing you can count on is that some man is not going home.

The dead man was not even identified in the Seattle Times report. We don’t know his name. For the Blue Gun Thugs and their book kissing Times reporters, the man and his family doesn't matter. He’s just another “bad boy” who they killed, another corpse on the bloody red streets of Seattle, just another nameless, valueless man.

What will it take for the good people of Seattle to say “ENOUGH KILLING!” What will it take for the good people of Seattle to rise up and run the blue menace out of town. What will it take to

Update -- 2:40 PM.

According to a follow up story in the Seattle Times, the blue gun thugs have revealed that dead men was Mr. Joseph Bernerd Hradec. He was a man with a history of mental problems and blue gun thug harassment. On the day before his murder, Mr. Hradec had applied at Harborview Hospital, the public service mental health facility in Seattle, seeking help for his mental problems. The mental health professionals interviewed him, provided no noticeable mental heath assistance, and sent him home to await the Blue Gun Thug death squad.

Members of the blue gun thug firing squad that murdered Mr. Hradec were identified as student gun thug Nick Kartes, 1-year assassin Adam Beatty, 2 ½ year-assassin Timothy Jones, 8-year-assassin Jason Stolt and 12-year assassin Sjon Steven. They have been rewarded for their meritorious service by giving them additional paid vacation.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

To Protect and Serve

This comes to Bob's attention from comments by readers. It needs to be posted on the main page instead of in the comments.

The Seattle blue gun thug gang wasn't the only criminal gang out murdering the public to celebrate the New Year on January 1. In Oakland, CA, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) gun thug criminals assaulted a group of men who were riding the subway home from various New Year's Eve parties and entertainment. First, the gun thugs lined several men up sitting along a wall in the subway station. A passenger in another subway train films the attack secretly so his camera won't be illegally stolen by the thugs. Video is now on KTVU.

In the video, the men are seen sitting peacefully on the floor against a wall. Then the gun thugs singled out one of the men, Mr. Oscar Grant, threw him face down on the ground, and beat him several times. Then one of the steroid intoxicated thugs, transit gun thug Johannes Mehserle, gets tired of just beating Mr. Grant. Mehserle stands up, gets out his gun, and shoots Mr. Grant in the back as Grant lies helpless on the ground. This kind of murder of the unarmed men is what the blue gun thug gang calls “to protect and serve.” Before his murder, Mr.Grant was a 22 year old man who worked as a supermarket butcher to support his family.
Train Station Shooting
His 4 year old daughter now has no father.

A Yahoo story talks about community complaints that the Oakland city government is ignoring as usual.

Despite being caught on film murdering an innocent citizen, Oakland Gun Thug spokesman Jeff Thomason pushed the same old criminal lies, “Officers are not going out there trying to gun down people.” Thomason is as guilty of murder as the rest of the filthy blue suit gang. Last year the Oakland gang shot 10 men and 6 of them died. That's what they do. That's who they are, murderous bullies. None of the murderous thugs even lost their jobs. Killing citizens is what they are hired to do.

Oakland Mayor Ron Deliriums also lies to the public, and defends the killing, “I don't want anybody hurt. I don't want anybody killed." But he won't demand that the assassin be hanged at dawn, nor will he fire his blue suit gang that murders so many men every year. If Mayor Ron Deliriums really didn't want to see men killed, he wouldn't be sending his gang of gun thugs out to kill. Mayor Deliriums needs to be hanged at dawn along with his entire gang of blue suited assassins.

But this particular murder, though it happened in Oakland, was done by the BART gun thugs. Their Board of Directors was forced to listen to complaints by citizens, but citizens have no “legal” means of redressing the filth who hire gangs of murderers to go out and execute the public. Anyone who hires a murderer is as guilty as the thug who pulls the trigger. The BART Directors need to be hanged at dawn along Thug Mehserle and the rest with their hired killers who assaulted citizens on the subway.

When they spew their old lie about “protect and serve” we have seen what that means. It means being shot in the back, being shot 42 times, being shot in the dark, or being beaten to death for “looking suspicious.”

Peace and safety won't return to America while these gangs of hired killers roam our streets. They all need to be shot on sight by decent citizens, or rounded up and impaled by mobs of angry free men.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

A REAL football Championship!

The so-called “championship” BCS Bowl game is being played as I write. Whichever team wins will claim to be the “National Champions.” But most people question that title and the process by which is is done. Almost every year there has not been two teams who have equal compelling claims as National Champion of college football. This year is no exception.

The two teams in the BCS Championship Game are University of Florida and University of Oklahoma.

Florida won 12 games but lost to good but not champion caliber team from Mississippi.

Oklahoma won 12 games and beat Texas Tech, but lost to a really excellent team from Texas. Texas beat Oklahoma but lost to Texas Tech. Texas Tech beat Texas but lost to Oklahoma. With those 3 way round robin victories and losses to each other, who is to say which team is the best?

In addition to these two teams there are several others that should be considered for the National Championship

University of Utah won all 13 of its games, including beating 4th ranked Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. As the only undefeated major college football team why shouldn't Utah be declared the Champion?

University of Texas beat Oklahoma, but lost to 8th ranked Texas Tech. With identical 12-1 records, and a victory over Oklahoma, why shouldn't Texas rather than Oklahoma be considered for the National Championship.

University of Southern California won 12 games but lost to Oregon State. USC has been playing very powerful football all year. Since they have no more losses than either Florida or Oklahoma, why shouldn't USC be in the Championship game?

What we need is some kind of playoff system to establish the Championship of college football. Even Barack Obama opined that if he had a chance he would establish a playoff system for college football.

It would not be hard to do. There are many fewer teams in big time college football than basketball, for example. By the end of the regular season it becomes pretty obvious to almost everyone that there are 4 or 5 or 8 teams that have none or one loss in the regular season and are playing excellent football this year. The best teams are usually ranked by various opinion systems from 1 through 25. While there is little difference and a lot of argument between team 1 and team 5, for example, there is a quite a bit of difference between the top 5 and the 20th ranked team. So we can effectively cross off all those teams that have lost 3 or 4 games. They haven't played championship level during the season, and are a step lower in overall ability this year.

So we take the top 8 teams. They can be ranked in the current BCS standings, or some other polling system. This year the top 8 teams in the BCS and other ranking systems before the bowl season were:

1. 1. Florida 12-1 (lost to Mississippi)
2. 2. Oklahoma 12-1 lost to Texas)
3. 3. Texas 12-1 (lost to Texas Tech)
4. 4. Alabama 12-1 (lost to Florida)
5. 5. USC 11-1 (lost to Oregon State)
8. 6. Penn State 11-1 (lost to Iowa)
6. 7. Utah 12-0
7. 8. Texas Tech 11-1 (lost to Oklahoma)

All of these are good teams, and their fans may argue with some justification, that they are the best or #1 in football.

To have an 8 team playoff it takes 7 total games on 3 consecutive game days. BCS already holds 5 games, of which 4 are of little importance other than pride.

The first 4 games should be held during the week before Christmas. They should feature the top 8 contenders for National Champion. There are already some bowl games that week. The Poinsettia , New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Sugar bowls could be played that week. If these particular bowl sponsors didn't want to be part of the championship eliminations some other sponsors could easily be found. The 4 winning teams go on to 2 bowl games to be held on New Years Day. Perhaps the Rose Bowl and the Cotton Bowl would be willing to host these two elimination games. The BCS/National Championship game would still be played on January 8th, one week after New Years Day, the same day it is played now.

It makes sense. The fans would have a REAL championship game. The teams that work so hard would have decided a REAL champion on the field of play, not in some incomprehensible BCS computer system. The winning team would not miss any more college classes than the two BCS “championship” teams do now. In fact, it makes so much sense one has to wonder who is making money by preventing it from happening.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Seattle's Assassins Begin New Year with Murder

The Seattle Gestapo did its job on New Years. They assassinated a University of Washington student and history buff who's crime appeared to be a loud party in Seattle's University District.

University of Washington history major Miles Allen Murphy was commonly seen on campus wearing part of his collection of WW II uniforms and memorabilia. He participated in reenactment events and played an accordion to entertain friends. He was a history major at the University of Washington before the Seattle Blue Gun Thugs, aka “Strom Troopers” stormed his apartment and shot him numerous times, according to a recent story in the Seattle Times.

The blue gun thugs claim that he was carrying a WW II vintage rifle when they stormed his apartment Amid shouting and screaming from the various blue gun thugs and whatever loud noise was coming from the party, the blue gun thugs claim that they ordered him several times to put down his weapon. Murphy apparently did not understand what the various blue gun thugs were shouting or perhaps even who they were shouting at. Undaunted, and without presenting a warrant for their (criminal) trespass into his apartment, several blue gun thugs emptied their guns into his now lifeless body.

Its not like Mr. Murphy was threatening his neighbors. He was spending New Years at home playing with his memorabilia collection. It was his apartment. The blue gun thugs or anyone else may not enter unless they knock and present a valid warrant. When they assault a private residence without a warrant they are criminals, and every ancillary act is a criminal act.

The Seattle Gestapo had stolen Mr. Murphy's antique rifle previously, and had been forced to give it back instead of pawning it to keep the cash, according to another story in the Seattle Times. Since giving back Mr. Murphy's rifle the Seattle Gestapo looked for a reason to assassinate him. When they found him on New Years, it was shout and fire. According to neighbor Ray, "It seemed to happen super, super fast." The blue gun thugs claim to have "ordered" Mr. Murphy to put down his antique rifle, but did not give him time to understand what they were shouting nor to act as they had ordered. It was "super, super fast." Shout and shoot for the hired assassins of the Seattle Gestapo.

Mr. Murphy got a real life and death education in WW II Gestapo tactics. Mr. Murphy was murdered, assassinated, exterminated, by a wildly out of control gang of evil bully's The first Seattle murder of 2009 was committed at around 2:00 AM by agents of the City of Seattle. They murdered a University Student at a New Years party. The criminals are Mayor Greg Sickles and his army of hired thugs in blue suits.

Mayor Greg Sickles and his Gestapo of hired assassins need to be impaled in a long row down I-5 by the decent people of Seattle.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Raising Taxes in the Obamanation

The US Government is alrady making plans to raise taxes on gasoline and other motor fuel as the Obamanation gears up to take over and create a massive new socialist staat in America.

When gas prices hit a record high the people responded by finding ways to buy less gas. Bob cancelled his ummer travels and switched to a more fuel efficient vehicle for travel at home. Many Amercians take the bus to work. And combine trips. Overall, in the US and other countries we have cut our collective oil consumption significantly. The drop in demand for oil has resulted in a rollback of inflated oil prices worldwide. The price at our gas pumps is back to less than $2 per gallon. A sane man would say that is good.

But the government is not sane. They demand lower “carbon” consumption on one hand to fight their fictional “global warming.” On their other hand they have gotten used to high tax income from their excessive per-gallon taxes. They have legions of bureaucrats collecting the tax and feeding their bloatd bureaucracy. When we cut back on our consumption it cuts their tax revenue. While sane men are feeling good about lower gas prices from market supply and demand pricing, the government scumbags are whining about their lower tax revenues. The people saving money is the opposite of their goal. They want to break every man in America. That is the coming “change” of the Obamanation.

Congress never wants to be known as advocating higher taxes. In this case the Congress created a Commisson on highway taxes to do the recommendations for new and hither taxes. The Commission is the frontal assault that deflects crtiicism of Congressional Democrats who are demanding higher taxers. No Democrat ever met a tax increass she didn't love.

When you go to the pump to get gas for your car you are already paying 18.4 cents in taxes out of the $1.59 price. If you buy diesel you are paying 24.5 cents per gallon. One of the Commissions is recommeding that taxes be raised by over 30%, adding an additional 10 cents per gallon to gas and 15 or more cents to diesel. In addion to the federal gas taxes the states all add about 20 cents of their own taxes. So out of a pump price of $1.59 you are paying about $1 for the gas and about 59 cents for a fat ass bureaucracy.

But the proposed 10 cents per gallon increases are only the beginning. The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission has recommended an increase of 40 cents per gallon. That would raise your $1.59 gas to $1.99, and with expected state tax increses to $2.29. They will only be happy when the tax man gets the MAJORITY of the price you pay at the pump.

Congressional assholes are looking for excuses to raise taxes that will sound pallatable to the publc. Some are wanting to call their tax increases “carbon tax” believing that the public will swallow a tax that proports to combat their fictional “global waming” scam. Other Congressional liars want to promise to use a part of their new taxes to do road repairs, thus promising to pay back in conveninece the money they scammed from the public. Only a damn fool would believe that more than a fraction of money given to Washington ever comes back.

The Congress and their Commissions are pumping out fictious “news” stories about how necissary the tax increases are, and their lackeys in the media are dutifully reciting their socialist propaganda. Yahoo news story, is typical of the socialist propaganda being distributed. Notice how Yahoo and other leftist “news” outlets do not include any critiicsm of the tax increases or of the scumbag politicians in their published reports.

What was it the lying corrupt Chicago politican promised us before the last election? Oh yes, “If you make less than $150,000 per year your taxes will not be raised.” Millions of gullible fools believe that old tired lie again and again. He hasn't even officially taken office yet and already his allies in Congress are preparing for massive new tax increases on everyone who has to drive to work. How can the voters be so stupd?

There is a political theory that any government eventually gets so bloated and wasteful that it destroys the economy that feeds it. Such destruction is said to generally take about 200 years. The bloated government can no longer function and eventually collapses as people revolt against its failed economy and failed governemtn. A new government is formed and the cycle starts over. The US Government has existed for over 200 years and shows many signs of becoming so bloated that it can no longer function or be supported by the people. This latest round of socialist crap and oppressive tax increases continues its pell mell ride toward its own destruction.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cunts Flout the Law. ---> Ticket men.

Young women are flouting Washington State's law against talking on a cell phone while driving. So the Blue Gun Thugs write ticket to men according to the Seattle times.

Washington State passed a law prohibiting cell phone conversations by drivers who are supposed to be paying attention to their driving, but about 1/3 of female drivers are chatting with their friends while driving.

In November the State Blue Gun Thugs gave out 746 tickets, 63% going to men, particularly younger men. The gun thugs also gave 63% of their official warnings to men. Young women are generally immune to tickets by the blue gun thugs because of their pussy pass. Every one of the blue suit gang is a misandrist bigot who slaps men while protecting cunts.

A typical cunt these days uses her drive time to gossip with her female friends. A recent example is the dead ex-wife Sylvia Pardo in the recent "Santa" shootings from California. In a Yahoo news story her friend Jauregui recalls, "Sylvia Pardo would call Jauregui every day on her way home from her job in El Monte." The cunts flout the law and are ignored. Ms. Pardo was accustomed to doing whatever the hell she liked and expecting that only men ever pay.

So the cunts go happily along chatting on their cell phones and occasionally running into trees and other cars. Washington Governess Haywire and her gang of blue thugs protects the cunts and taxes men. Some things never change.

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Happy New Year everyone.

Its going to be a better year than last year.

There are many football games today. This year there are 35 "bowl" games being played, far too many. They dredge up teams you've never heard of and put them into some "bowl" you've never heard of. At least on New Years Day the bowls are the bigger ones and we've heard of the teams playing.

There are severe winter storms across the northern hemisphere caused by a cold cycle of the sun and earth. The leftist eco-freaks are sill whining about the political fraud of "global warming" despite a decade of declining global temperatures. Many people in the US are freezing in homes without electricity. Bob wrote about criminal incompetence in the electric industry previously. See Failure after Failure.

This remains a good time to be buying stocks and real estate. The old wisdom says "buy low and sell high." Today the prices have nosedived. The prices are low. Its a good time to buy low. Next year or the year after prices will be high. Sorry for all of you who bought last year when prices were high and now are selling low. That's not how to get rich with investments.

We are promised a whole list of socialist laws from the Obama era beginning in January. There is a risk of complete economic collapse in the US, rumors of civil war and breakup. Probably won't happen. The average American has no gumption.

In the middle east there are Islamic extremists who are attacking Israel again, and getting pasted again. That's been going on all my life. Moses or Joshua would have just killed them all, taken their cows, and been done with it. Today's Jews don't have the gumption of their ancestors. The war will go on for generation after generation.

European nations are rapidly destroying themselves by unlimited immigration of Islamic and other foreigners combined with an extinction birth rate of their own people. Their governments are too stupid and too apathetic to do anything to save themselves. After half a millennium the Islamics are building new mosques in Spain.

Oil prices have returned to some reasonable level along with prices of many commodities after the collapse of a greatly over inflated speculative world economy. Call it a necessary correction of ridiculous speculative pricing.

The US is getting rid of an incompetent idiot President and replacing him with a foreign born Indonesian citizen. Our constitution is put to ground completely, and our supreme court concurs.

There is some good news, and reason for hope. Many American men are becoming more and more aware of the disaster of our feminist dominated government. When some courageous man plugs an Agent of Satan in black robes of hell, a blue gun thug, or a lying cheating ex-wife, thousands of good men stand up and cheer. Millions of American men have been buying guns and ammunition in huge quantities, preparing for the expected resistance, or perhaps a local uprising.

Major left wing media outlets are going bankrupt because nobody wants their constant leftist crap. The market has a way of cleaning up idiot businesses even if their management is to stupid to get a clue. The Chicago Tribune and LA Times filed Chapter 11. The NY Times had to hock its building and sell its share of the Boston Red Sox to stay afloat. Leftist propaganda that works every day trying to destroy American business ends up destroying the business of publishing. How appropriate.

Many bloated local government are having to cut back on their budgets and the people are refusing to be taxed any more. A few blue gun thugs are being let go. They are talking about closing prisons instead of building new prisons.

American voters have been holding the line on the destruction of marriage in many places despite the best efforts of leftist governments and the combined assault of faggots and feminists. Even in California the people have been telling their faggot/feminist/socialist government to pound sand. And the faggot City of San Francisco is going bankrupt --- ROFLMAO!!

The new socialist federal government may wake up even more Americans. Men are buying guns and ammunition in unprecedented quantities despite government abrogation of the constitutional law protecting gun ownership. Let them have it, America.

Happy New year to all. May you each have courage to stand your ground and take back some small corner of America or whatever country you live in. Kick a faggot. Kill a blue gun thug or an agent of Satan. Waste a lieyer. Dump a body down a mine shaft or feed it to the pigs. Run naked through their streets. Do some other act of civil disobediance. Or, at last write to your local leftest rag telling them that you demand freedom from the government.

Happy New Year. Its going to be a good year.

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