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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Senate votes to block lower costs for health care

Seen on TV (CBS) news this morning, the US Senate voted 51 to 49 to continue the current law that makes it illegal for Americans to avoid their GOVERNMENT protected pharmaceutical monopoly pricing. The Senate killed a proposal to repeal the prohibition on purchase of medical drugs from other nations such as Canada.

Clearly demonstrated in this vote is a continuing Democratic support for the big corporation monopoly profits that have caused medical costs to soar out of reach for the average person. The Democratic solution is to tax all Americans to pay the bloated corporations whatever the hell they want to charge. The very concept of allowing freedom and competition to lower costs is voted down 51 (Democrats) to 49 (Republicans)

Obama Fascism strikes again.

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy Marc Lepine Day

December 6 is celebrated around the world in English speaking countries as

International Marc Lepine Day

It seem that almost every week some distraught suicidal young man takes a rifle or pistol and shoots people at a school, a shopping mall, or a city. These are called horrible events by our media, and invariably used as reasons to hate men by the feminists, their blue gun thug Gestapo, and their talking head lackeys. The young men are almost always emotionally distraught, driven to desperation by a feminazi society that has tried to trample him into dust.

Saint Marc

Every year, every month, every day, every hour, men are driven to suicide by the evil feminazi hate machine. From his early years in school young boys are taught that they are bad, stupid, and meaningless just because they are boys. Girls get all the privileges adoration and attention. He is called stupid, a rapist, a bully, a worthless drudge, and that's before he gets to second grade. He usually has no father in his home to give him a positive model for a young man. His father has been driven out by his feminist mother, who also teaches him that boys are hated by females. Single mothers abuse boys with neglect, beatings, and beatings in numbers that far surpass any other child abuse, so he probably has been violently abused all his life. Feminist mothers constantly teach their children that their fathers are bad, “abusive” and evil. Millions of boys suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) because they have been taught to hate their fathers, and by extension to hate themselves.

At school he continued to be treated like a second class citizen. When Marc Lepine tried to enroll in a technical school he learned that feminists got preference in admission and financial support. Females don't even belong in technical schools. They will never have the mental capacity, imagination, and will to return the cost of their education to the society. Females occupy chairs that ought to go to men who will contribute to the society. But feminist dogma pretends that females are just men with cunts, and gives them preference over real men. As a young man Marc was denied and rejected. Marc lived in Canada, a completely feminist dominated country. He accurately assessed that most of his life long problems were the fruits of an evil misandrist system gone completely mad. Out of desperation and despair Marc Lepine began to fight back against the feminist army that had ruined his life and denied him the opportunity to become a productive member of adult society. He went to the technical college and stood up against the war on men and began firing back.

Feminists argue that the feminists who were killed on December 6 by Marc Lepine were just innocent females in school. Nonsense. Each of them was a foot soldier in the feminist war on men. Each of them was pretending to be a man, taking a man's space in a limited number of technical school enrollments. None of them were working toward a decent life as a wife and mother. All of them were practicing the hate and destruction of feminism. Marc Lepine didn't just shoot everyone at the technical school. He carefully selected only the feminists and gave the others time to get out of the way. Feminists are afraid of being targeted by men of courage, but their day is coming. They try to hide and pretend that Marc Lepine was “attacking women” but he was specifically attacking feminists.

Some argue that the feminists killed by Marc Lepine were not the leaders of feminism and should not have been killed. There is some merit in that argument but in all modern wars the generals are never the front line troops. They watch from the hilltops and home offices as legions of foot soldiers fight their battles. In order for the generals to be attacked the legions of foot soldiers must first be eliminated. It was the front line feminist troops that Marc Lepine confronted and fought back against, not the leaders and generals who were safe in their government offices. It was the feminist foot soldiers who had put their bodies between Marc Lepine and the education he had been denied, and it was those front line feminist troops who bore the brunt of his counter attack. When a conquering army is wrecking havoc on a population it is not reasonable to excuse the foot soldiers out doing the damage because they aren't the generals giving the orders. The foot soldiers, the feminist bitches in the front lines, are not excused because they just followed orders and practiced the misandrist war on men.

The thought that a MAN could stand up and fight the feminist onslaught instead of quietly being driven to suicide as so many men die every day has been very frightening to feminists. They have used December 6 as a banner day of increased hatred of men. In Canada the counter attack against feminism is remembered by their talking head lackeys as a day for stopping violence against females. They never talk about ending their violent destructive war on men and boys. They deny the responsibility of feminism as the underlying cause of violence and destruction in our land.

Throughout our land the blue gun thugs have become the femiNazi Gestapo. When a femiNazi wants to take your children, take your money, or bind you into slavery, it is not she but the blue shirt Gestapo that come to your home, destroy your family, take your children, and drag off millions of men to Folsom, Walla Walla, Auschwitz, Attica, or hell by some other name. This week we read about a man who fought back against the blue Gestapo and became another HERO of the people. Fighting back against the femiNazi and their minions will be a long struggle but men who sacrifice themselves in the front lines are not forgotten.

It is very important for MEN who are beginning a long struggle aginst the evil destruction of feminism to celebrate International Marc Lepine Day. It is important for us to fling their evil back in their hateful faces.

When an evil bitch accuses a men of “advocating rape,” or “supporting abuse,” “violence against women,” etc., etc., etc., the weak response is to cower before her accusations and deny that he had any such intention. The weak response is to point to “those men over there” as the bad men and cower in a corner. That denial affirms her power and domination over men, affirms her right to decide when men are bad, while relegating men to a place of powerless acceptance of her feminist misandry. The POWERFUL reply is to own her criticism and respond with something like, “You better believe it, cunt!” The response of power denies her dominate place to rule over men, it rejects her authority to tell men what to think and feel, and it tells her that MEN won't accept feminazi domination. By reacting with power we don't accept their hate, judgment, and condemnation, and in fact it lets them know that we may utterly destroy them if they don't stop their misandry. Tell them to pound sand.

That is why it is so important to celebrate International Marc Lepine Day We must throw their “Violence Against Women” hate speech right back in their faces and tell them that men won't be cowered by their hate. We MEN won't accept females telling us what to think and feel. We won't accept their hate dogma that tells us men are bad just for being born. They can take their hate speech and cram it where the sun doesn't shine.

Yes, the shooting and violence in our schools, malls, cities is bad, but the underlying cause is feminist domination and destruction of boys and young men. Until the cause is confronted and defeated the shooting and death is going to get worse. We can help to reduce the violence by confronting and ending violent feminist destruction as quickly as possible. When we cower and accept feminist hate we encourage more and more violence. Only by standing up and confronting the hateful bitches can we let them know we reject their misandry.

We need to be public, to let our elected representatives that we the people do not accept feminist domination, that we won't vote for feminist lackeys. Today is a day for every MAN to write a letter to his Congresscunt and local media talking head and letting them know we are watching and celebrating. Today is a day for MEN to stand up and be counted.

Happy St. Marc's Day to everyone.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Hero of the People

Shortly after 8 AM Sunday morning four blue gun thugs were drinking coffee and munching donuts while reviewing today's plan for robbing drivers and “fighting crime” by terrorizing “civilians.” These blue gun thugs worked for a suburb community of Lakewood, WA. They all had years of experience beating up and robbing the public. Lakewood PD had a reputation for being some of the worst bullies, even by blue gun thug standards. The donut shop was not in Lakewood. They were absent from the city that paid them, but what the taxpayers didn't know wouldn't hurt them. In truth, the less time these blue scum spent at work the better off the people were.

Unknown to these donut eating gangbangers a very concerned “civilian” was about to begin fighting back. Mr. Maurice Clemmons had first been captured and sent to a hellhole prison at the age of 17. His prison sentence was eventually commuted by the Governor, but the blue gun thugs just got angry against him. For the next two decades blue gun thugs from two states dogged his heels, throwing him in cages and filing “charges” against him. Finally it looked like the lies and filth of the blue shirt “lieamony” was going to destroy the rest of his life. He had little to look forward to but spending the rest of his shortened life in some Gestapo concentration camp. Mr. Clemmons was out on bail waiting trial on several of their fabricated “charges.” The blue shirt gang and their evil lieyers of he AIS (American Injustice System) were going to send him to hell for good this time. Seattle Times story.

To understand the courage of Mr. Clemmons we need to look at what the blue filth had done to him and his family. Last May 9 he was attacked at his own home along with other family members. The blue gun thugs came to his home, picked a fight and then captured him and two of his cousins. He was caged overnight and then released on bail but his cousins were sentenced to hellhole prisons for some months. Not satisfied with their faux assault charge the county persecutors filed false “rape of a child” charges against him. He had come to their attention, they hate all former convicts who got pardoned by a governor, and wanted him destroyed. Rape of a child is the worst lie they can hurl at someone. The blue gun thugs and county persecutors figured that they had totally destroyed this man.

When you kick enough men in the balls, some are not going to go down quietly. There is a growing anger against the evil politicians and their Gestapo armies that control and destroy the people. Mr. Clemmons wasn't going to go quietly into hell. He went to the coffee shop where blue donut eaters were known to gather. In a scene reminiscent of the cop killing from The Godfathers, Mr. Clemmons laid waste to 4 of the evil filth in blue shirts. He dispatched the first two without incident. The 3rd vermin died while reaching for his own gun. But it took time to carefully aim and fire. The 4th pig managed to return fire before he died. Mr. Clemmons was hit in the abdomen by a wild shot. Unlike the blue swine Mr. Clemmons had no bullet resistant vest or body armor. He suffered a serious wound, but was able to make an exit from the scene. The four dead Lakewood swine were: Mark Renninger, Tina Griswold, Ronald Owens, and Greg Richards.

Dead Swine
Dead Swine now burning in hell.

Witnesses at the donut shop and records of recent attacks on Mr. Clemmons soon identified him as the “suspect” in the deaths of the evil swine who had made a left turn to hell early in their day. Every blue gun thug in the state abandoned their usual robbing of civilians and went looking for Mr. Clemmons. They began attacking the homes of all his relatives in Seattle. Random black men were assaulted on the street by armed gangs, terrorized at gun point, and then released.

All their terrorist tactics, the war against the people, does not make blue shirt thugs into friends of the people. Nobody would give the gun thugs the time of day in their search for Mr. Clemmons despite an offer of $125,000 for information leading to his capture. Armies of gun thugs were watching highways and transportation routs out of town to prevent his escape from Seattle. Finally Mr. Clemmons was found by a blue gun thugs and shot multiple times in the back. The official gun thug lie is that the assassin just happened to notice Mr. Clemmons walking down a street. Sure, we believe that. The next lie was that Mr. Clemmons was carrying a gun stolen from one of the dead swine at the donut shop. Sure, after he was wounded he dropped his own gun and took time to steal one from the agents of Satan. We believe that too. More likely the blue gun thugs found him wounded and hiding in some basement and took him out to the street were he was executed.

In recognition of his courage and self sacrifice for the people, and for taking down 4 violent gang enemies of the people,
Mr. Maurice Clemmons is hereby awarded the coveted Golden Bull Award.

Maurice Clemmons
Golden Bull Award
For Taking Down 4 Gangbangers
Mr. Maurice Clemmons

Not satisfied with the street assassination of Mr. Clemmons, the blue gang announced that they are rounding up all his friends and family to send them to hell. See Seattle Times story.

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