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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Toward a non-pussy court

President Bush today announced that he had returned to his senses and nominated a conservative MAN to the Supreme Court. After some decades of watching feminist law on the bench from Ms. Sandra, it is time that we restore reason in place of emotions, and law in place of feminism. President Bush nominated Mr. Samuel Alito to replace Ms. Sandra. It was a good choice and one which should be rapidly affirmed by the Senate. We can expect all the left wing femorrhoid Senators from MA, CA, and elsewhere to attempt to use this nomination as a platform for partisan party politics, but the majority of the Senate should not stoop to that level. Congratulations, President Bush, you learned that your personal feminist lieyer is not a good choice for a position of power, and found a good one.

Report PBS to the FCC

According to various reports PBS has been stonewalling a loud chorus of MEN demanding that their anti-men hate propaganda film, "Breaking the Silence" be dropped, or at least have an opportunity for rebuttal from equal rights advocates. Except for a few local affiliates, PBS has pretended that their hate program is "the truth" and has refused to discuss it further with any of the many decent people who have objected to their hate message.

I have been wondering why nobody is suggesting a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). PBS, and each of their local affiliates, has a federal license to use the publicly owned broadcast channel. The license requires that all broadcasts be "In the Public Interest" and are subject to renewal review every few years. At renewal time the FCC reviews all complaints against a broadcaster and requires explanation or justification for programs which receive complaints. A preponderance of complaints showing that their programming is "not in the public interest" gets their license to broadcast pulled. As a result the FCC is a VERY POWERFUL regulatory body in the broadcast industry. They can also fine stations what willfully broadcast offensive materials.

Complaints to the FCC can be lodged at their web site
"Filing a complaint at FCC is easy."

Since PBS is stonewalling public concerns and broadcasting hate propaganda against the public interest we all ought to be complaining to the FCC and demanding that their license be removed.


Friday, October 21, 2005

PBS's hate campaign against men.

Open Letter to PBS

Once again PBS proves that they don't belong in our communities. On Thursday October 20, 2005, and on subsequent days on many local stations, PBS broadcast one of the worst pieces of hate propaganda that has been produced recently. The film, "Breaking the Silence" falsely blames fathers for violence against children, while government statistics show that mothers, not fathers, comment the preponderance of such violence. A real documentary on violence against children would show the violence of mothers in some proportion. This hate propaganda piece looks away from the real problems of violence against children, ignores the elephant in the center of the room, and focuses instead on promoting fear and hatred against men and fathers. Filled with lies, errors, and emotional hate, the film's aim is to use "the children" to slam men and fathers and promote animosity to men.

TO: PBS national and local offices

"I am greatly offended by your broadcast of anti-father hate. Hatred and all forms of bigotry is not appropriate programming for a public broadcast media.

The misguided anti-father hate propaganda piece, "Breaking the Silence" wrongly blames fathers for all violence against children while the US Government statistics show that mothers are much more often responsible for violence against children and murder of children. The misguided hate program wrongly accuses fathers in divorces of evil. From front to back it is an anti-father hate propaganda film full of lies. While the authors have a right to make hate films, you have no obligation to broadcast bigotry and hate, in fact you have an obligation NOT to broadcast lies and hate against one important part of the people.

Shame, shame, shame on you and your entire BPS staff. Shame on you for pushing hatred of men and fathers. Shame for hurting decent families. Shame for failing in the public trust.

Sincerely, Bob"

To find out more about the PBS anti-father hate campaign and to join in the protest go to the Glen Sacks PBS page here.

Better yet, if you live next door to a PBS executive or producer, or know where one lives, dump her body in the nearest river. Hate mongers do not deserve to live in communities with decent human beings. Hate mongering broadcasters do not deserve to receive public funding nor to use the public airwaves.


Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blue Gun Thugs go on CRIME SPREE

New Orleans Gun Thugs in blue suits showed their true colors as Hurricane Katrina approached. After "evacuating" the people of their city, the blue gun went on an unparalleled looting binge. At one Cadillac dealership the blue gun thugs stole 200 vehicles including 88 new Cadillacs and Chevrolets, 40 used cars, 52 customers' cars and a restored 1970 El Camino and 1966 Impala. The loss on new cars is estimated at $3.7 million. The used cars totaled another $900,000. Initial reports are that the vehicle looting took place BEFORE the hurricane struck the city. At other locations around the city they looted jewelry, cash, everything valuable that they could haul away.

We need to get over the "protection" view of blue gun thugs that they continually feed to the evil cohorts in the mass media. Their job is to control and subjugate the people, take our money and valuables, and prevent us from overthrowing an oppressive government. They take away our arms and make it a "crime" for an honest person to defend himself. They take half of whatever we earn for the government. They destroy the lives of every man who fails or refuses to cower before their oppression.

The "protection" racket is one of the oldest forms of organized crime, and the blue gun thugs are the ultimate organized criminal force. Given a day when nobody is watching the New Orleans gun thugs led by their black Mayor and black Thug Chief went on a looting spree that makes what we saw on CNN into child's play. While CNN showed us grossly exaggerated scenes of suffering at the Superdome and a few people taking clothing or food from Wal Mart, the New Orleans Gun Thugs hard at work were cleaning out upscale stores and dealerships, looting millions of dollars worth of goods.

The blue gun thugs are the enemies of a free people. Gun thugs in blue suits are an invention only about a century old, invented by our governments to keep the people under their control. Our ancestors got along fine without them for a million years. Their first move is to prevent us from protecting ourselves, they take away our rights and tell us that they are "protecting" us. Total lies. They protect nobody but themselves. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would be far better off without them. The lot of them ought to be rounded up and hanged -- as was done to criminals for centuries before the power of the people was taken away.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Time to play some hardball!

Who is a "criminal" in this story? The "ready made victims" are criminals in violation of US immigration laws. The politically correct news media NEVER refers to the criminals who are illegally living in the US and taking jobs from US citizens. In the minds of the left wingnuts at CNN, these criminals are hard working "victims" toiling in fields and factories. The only "criminals" in the CNN reporting are those men who have robbed them of their illegally gotten gains. CNN left wingnut reporters ignore the crimes committed by their chosen "victims" because of CNN's racist anti-American prejudice. IF we were a country that enforced laws the lot of them would be rounded up and prosecuted for their crimes. But we are no longer such a country. Only white Americans and poor black Americans are "criminals." Our country is being flooded with a tied of criminal invaders who ignore all our laws, live lives of crime, and destroy the fabric of our society, and the leftwing nuts in CNN and other media make them out to be the victims. Maybe it's time we all got baseball bats and started defending our own country. It’s a sure bet that our government, President Bush and his (son of wetbacks) Attorney General, aren't going to do anything to defend us.

Blue Gun Thugs moonlight for the other organized crime syndicate

More evidence reveals that hired gun thugs in blue suits cause more harm for more people than any good they might do. When you hire a gang of gun thugs you get what you hire. We only ever read about the offences of blue gun thugs in NYC, LA, and occasionally some other big city because that's where the major news media live. The blue gun thugs in most other cities, like New Orleans, for example, are at least as corrupt or more so. In a recent news story, some NYPD blue gun thugs were moonlighting for the other organized crime syndicate. "Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, dubbed the "Mafia cops" by tabloids. Both were arrested in Las Vegas in March on federal charges alleging they moonlighted as professional hit men in the 1980s and 1990s, settling scores against rivals of a Lucchese crime family underboss for tens of thousands of dollars." Their day job is being hit men for NYC. Of course the big organized crime syndicate, the NYC city government, can't stand the competition so they are now persecuting the moonlighters. When the chips are down, you and me are far better off calling a hippie than the blue gun thugs. Like the poor innocent mail carrier in the CNN story, you and I are only just lucky that we haven't been destroyed by the blue gun thugs. Most of what they actually do is to enforce government oppression of the people while denying us the ability and right to protect ourselves. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be far better off without them.