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Friday, July 25, 2008

Campus Hero Stops a Bully

In Phoenix, Arizona, the town bully got his this week. Last December, bully Isaac Smith and his two sidekicks assaulted and beat up Mr. Rodney Smith. Mr. Rodney is no relation to Isaac Smith. Isaac Smith and two other bullies punched and kicked Rodney Smith repeatedly as he lay on the ground, breaking his jaw in two places. They also punched Mr. Rodney's girlfriend when she tried to stop them. The December assault and beating was ignored by the Phoenix blue gun thugs. Beating up a man is never “wrong” when the blue gun thug gang is involved. Anyone who had assaulted a female would be spending 20 years in hell. But a man who is a victim of violent assault is left to defend himself.

For the next several months bully Smith made life hell on campus for Mr. Rodney, threatening him with more violence every time their paths crossed on the small campus. On Thursday, July 24, 2008, Mr Rodney had had enough of the ongoing assaults. When bully Isaac Smith hit Mr. Rodney in the face, he found out that real men don't just lie down forever. This time Mr. Rodney was armed for self protection. This time bully Isaac was left lying face down in a pool of his own blood. Even a couple of other students who stood back and allowed the bully to assault Mr. Rodney found out the hard way that condoning violence is not always safe. In recognition of his heroic self defense and for taking prompt manly action against a violent bully, Mr. Rodney Smith is hereby awarded the Coveted Golden Bull.

Golden Bull Award

Mr. Rodney Smith

For Courage and Manly Action

After the self defense shooting, Phoenix blue gun thugs went to the home of Mr. Rodney's parents to terrorize and brutalize his family. Both of Mr. Rodney's parents and three other people were assaulted, chained, brutalized, and hauled off to cages by the blue gun thug gang as it violated their rights to the legal protection of their own home. Read media report.

College President Ken Jerkwater said, "The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority and all appropriate measures are being taken to ensure the safety of our campus." Bob observes that College President Jerkwater had done nothing to protect the safety of Mr. Rodney while he was repeatedly being assaulted on-campus over several months. Jerkwater had done nothing to prevent the pattern of repeated assaults including the violent assault immediately before Mr. Rodney acted in self defense last Thursday. Jerkwater's lies are exposed as lies. His policy has been to ignore and allow repeated violence against students on campus. His sexist policy of tolerance of violent against men forces men to defend themselves on his campus.

Young Mr. Rodney should be immediately released from any blue gun thug custody and praised as a manly man by authorities in Phoenix. He deserves an apology. College President Jerkwaters should award Mr. Rodney a fully paid scholarship at South Mountain college as an apology for their failure to take any action to protect students from violence over the past several months. His parents should be immediately released from the hellhole cells and given a full apology from the City with an offer of monetary compensation for the violent abuse they suffered at the hands of the blue gun thug gang.

When those in power give us nothing but lies and terrorize the people, it becomes necessary for the people to take action to restore freedom and respect in our communities. More heroes like Mr. Rodney are needed to reclaim our communities, our colleges, and our families.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fire fighters?

UPDATE 8-17-08

In another recent Spokane fire a door and window shop called "The Ugly Duck" was burned. The fire began in some debris behind the building. Fire "fighters" arrived and dawdled. They failed to protect the property.

Ugly Duck owner John Davis says $2 million in inventory was lost in the fire. He claims the Spokane fire department didn't do it's job to save his assets. Read media story here.


At 5:30 AM, today, the Spokane Fire Department got an alarm from a downtown building with a small fire in the basement. Fire “fighters” were on scene before 6:00 AM, and it was called a 3 alarm fire. The building occupies a large portion of a city block and has several businesses on the ground floor including a fancy restaurant and a photography business. Several condominiums were under construction on upper floors.

When they arrived the fire “fighters” found that there was a fire in one corner of the basement. Smoke and flames billowed out of a lower back basement window. Partitions in the basement confined the flames to one corner. One of the fire “fighters” told a news reporter, “We couldn't go into the basement because there was a fire.” So they began spraying some water into the lower back window. They told reporters that they were trying to cover the (concrete) basement floor with water to put out the fire before going into the building. That “attack” amounted to doing nothing at all. The concrete floor wasn't on fire anyway. Covering it with water didn't do anything to stop the fire. Watching live TV coverage at about 6:30 AM, Bob opined that the entire building would be lost before the “fighters” were done.

Then they went into the street level of the building and began cutting holes in the floor. They told reporters, “We couldn't go into the basement so we had to attack the fire from above.” Big mistake. As soon as the holes were cut in the floor above the fire, a chimney effect was created which rapidly spread and augmented the fire. One fire “fighter” fell down one of their holes in the floor. He was rescued with minor injuries. Heat and flames rapidly followed the smoke up through the holes onto the street level and out the front of the building.

With the street floor now on fire the fire “fighters” retreated to the middle o f the street and set up a few automatic water nozzles aimed at the building. One could watch them milling about, having more coffee, and scratching their collective asses as the flames continued to consume the building.

By 8:00 AM the fire had burned through 3 more floors and flames were seen above the roof. TV idiots continue to use nonsense verbs and phrases like “attacking the fire” to talk about the fire “fighters.” Any fool could tell that the “fighters” had done no attack on the fire at all. There action was to stand back and put on a show with their expensive equipment while they watched it burn to the ground.

As this article is written it is now 9:30 AM. The building has been burring for 4 hours. Flames and smoke continue to come out the roof. Bricks on the front of the building are beginning to crumble away and fall off the building from the heat. It is an older brick structure building. Fire “fighters” continue to stand back and spray water at the building which was, is and will be ineffective.

At 5:30 AM, when fire “fighters” first arrived, the fire was small and confined to a portion of the basement. An aggressive attack by two or three hose crews would have made short work of the fire and confined damage to the small portion of the basement. Instead of attacking the fire their decision mode is to avoid any possible danger even if it means failing to do the jobs they brag about performing. The “brave” fire “fighters” now decide to stand back and watch it burn rather than send any hose crews into the building to attack the fire. It does no good to spray water on the outside of the building or thorough one basement window, but none of them are put at risk while standing back across the street drinking coffee.

Read media report of fire

Bob has to wonder how much of the new decision mode of fire”fighters” is driven by the inclusion of females in the formerly men's domain of firemen. We observe that the same department that “fought” an apartment fire two years ago for 36 hours while it spread slowly from a single unit to the next to the next until an entire city block of apartments were burned. The Spokane fire department continues to demonstrate that it does not have the will to do the job for which it takes millions of our tax dollars every year. They are not paid to stand back and watch buildings burn. They are not paid to cut holes in floors to allow small fires to rapidly spread through the entire building.

The building is a total loss. The bricks and mortar are heat damaged and no longer safe structurally. The TV idiots continue to heap praise on the parade of incompetent do-nothings who protected themselves first while allowing a small fire to destroy the entire building. Even some men with buckets would have been as effective, maybe more effective.

It reminds me of the comment Bob once heard from some wag about a volunteer fire department in another town, “They've never lost a foundation.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Psychobabble Nutters

A half century ago there was a feminazi female shrink in the small town where Bob grew up. She specialized in female clients. She convinced 100% of her clients that their husbands were the underlying problem in their lives. Their lives would be better, she said, if the women filed for divorce and became independent feminist women. 100% of her clients divorced their husbands and destroyed their families. Eventually, after decades, the people of the town figured out that she was a pariah destroying the community. Before they managed to stop her destruction she had badly hurt hundreds of men and women, and seriously messed up the lives of thousands of children.

The history of psychobabble is long and tortured (literally) and more often a horror show than a success story. From novels like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,” by Ken Kesey, we learn that many of those who are branded “insane” by the shrinks are in some ways more sane then “normal” people. Shrinks have used all manner of horrible torture on the insane, and not so insane. Extreme physical torture, electric shock torture, and incredibly horrid drugs have been done to people, many of whom are as sane or more sane than the shrink in charge of the institution. From a rational perspective one is tempted to ask if the shrink doing the horrible torture to innocent people is the one with the very serious mental problems. In some places they still use electric shock torture and worse on those people who are mentally incapable of resisting.

Shrinks, in fact, usually have mental problems of their own. Most of them become curious about psychobabble in an effort to figure out their own mental problems. From “great” shrinks like the drug addicted and sexual perverted Freud to the most “modern” shrink the one common denominate among shrinks is some deep mental disturbance that makes them struggle to act rational. To this day, shrinks use their nonsense to justify all kinds of sexual deviance. In the shrink organizations, a majority of liberals and faggots have taken homosexuality out of their list of deviant behaviors, much to the consternation of the minority of shrinks trying to apply real science to the mind. They have developed twisted theories on nonsense like “gender” and convinced thousands of men to have themselves castrated, believing that they could become women. The shrinks convinced them that becoming eunuchs and pretending to be female would solve all their problems and make them sane. Nowhere but the twisted, tortured mind of a shrink could such nonsense be called normal.

In the 1970s the shrinks began experimenting with neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP.” They found that by using hypnosis techniques they could modify people's memories and even give them entirely new memories. The shrinks began using their patients to facilitate their own twisted deranges sexual fantasies and political agendas. Many of them implanting memories of sexual abuse and sexual abuse of children in patients who then believed they had been abused. The shrinks told their clients that it was “recovered memories” when in fact it was the shrink's own psychotic fantasy implanted in the heads of the clients. Thousands of lives were badly hurt, thousands of people were seriously harmed. Massive criminal investigations sprang up as shrinks taught children that they had been “molested” in the most bizarre fantasies the shrinks could imagine. The damage that shrinks have done with NLP, and continue to do using NLP techniques is very wide and very deep.

One of the most bizarre uses of psychobabble is for promotion of political agendas, or suppression of political speech that disagrees with the agenda. Feminists have long used psychobabble terms like “nuts” or “insane” or “go see a shrink” to characterize anyone who disagrees with their hate filled political dogma. Often their agendas are shared by cadres of leftists who work for universities in psychology departments, women and men with deeply disturbed minds studying psychobabble desperately hoping to find a solution to their own problems. They write scholarly articles citing Freud and Jung and mostly each other to support their circular nonsense and political agendas. Anyone who disagrees with their agenda is, of course, having a mental problem. For more than a century they have woven their twisted nonsense into the most bizarre fabric of hate, lies, politics, and self-delusion. In many ways these politically motivated producers of twisted hate masquerading as science are more scary than the other shrinks who just mess up clients.

Over several decades Bob has been personally acquainted with many long suffering people whose lives have been very badly messed up by the evil that comes out of the psychobabble profession. Bob has known little children whose families were deliberately destroyed. Bob has known men who were sent to “asylums” on false charges of insanity to further a divorce proceeding. Bob has known victims of implanted memories whose families and lives were seriously hurt. Bob has known eunuchs who were told that getting their balls and penis cut off would make them into women. Bob has seen boys encouraged to enter the twisted and deadly world of faggots, recruited for perversion by twisted sick shrinks. Bob has observed married couples who sought help but were divided by so-called marriage counselors. And Bob has watched dozens of people just waste their time and money on useless psychobabble that, at best, did no harm.

Bob is still tempted to believe that somewhere out their in the vast expanse of humanity the shrinks may have actually done some good for some people. That is still the hope. But, comparing the many horror stories and evil harm that shrinks do and have done over many years to a hope of some small good is very troubling. Can it be that shrinks actually do as much good as the massive harm that they have done decade after decade? Can anyone point to any part of shrinkology that generally does good for any group of people? Even the great Freud only managed to turn his wife and himself into hopeless crack addicts. On the whole and across many decades the harm done by shrinks greatly outweighs whatever small good they may have accomplished along the way.

The horror show of the shrinks is so absurd that the only thing one can do is to laugh at them. Here are some lyrics from a comedy song by XIV NAPOLEON “They're Coming To Take Me Away”

They´re coming to take me away,
Haha, they´re coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I´ll be happy to see
Those nice young men
In their clean white coats
And they´re coming to take me AWAY,

They´re coming to take me away,
Haha, they´re coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the happy home with trees and flowers
And chirping birds and basket weavers
Who sit and smile and
Twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they´re coming to take me away,

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Periodic Housekeeping Notice

All posts of Bob are rhetorical in nature only, and should not be construed in any other manner. Bob does not advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence, assault, or any other criminal or illegal acts. All opinions on this site are protected political speech under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. All original writing of Bob is protected under US and international copyright laws. No part of The World According to Bob may be reproduced, copied, e-mailed, or republished without permission.

Comments from readers are generally welcomed on The World According to Bob. Comments must be germane to the topic. If you wish to comment, make sure your comment is about the topic, and preferably adds information or reflective views about the topic. Bob is not the topic of this blog and comments about Bob are off topic. Comments which include ad-hominem insults or criticism of either Bob or one of the other comment authors will be deleted summarily. In addition, religion is not the topic of The World According To Bob, so comments which are primarily quotations of scripture are off topic and will be deleted.

To the feminazi who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity to offer any comment other than the usual feminazi attack on the person. Too bad, toots. I get a laugh from your hisssy fit, and then it gets deleted.

To the blue gun thugs who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity of swine. Your pathetic attempts at comments are sometimes published for laughs and public education.

Police State or Free Country?

A few days ago Bob was out at the ballpark for a minor league baseball game. Minor league baseball is a fun and exciting way to spend an evening. Bob recommends everyone to get away from mind numbing TV sitcoms and get out to some local sports stadium to support minor league baseball.

Before the game they ask all present to stand while someone sings our National Anthem. It ends with the phrase, “land of the free...” As I stood there listening to the words I couldn't help but recall that Baseball, Freedom, and our National Anthem are hold overs from bygone days. Freedom in America has given way to police state tyranny. Murderous gun thugs prowl our streets. Local TV “news” jackals continually smile and get excited as they tell us about “emphasis patrols” and high fines by armed gangs of roving thugs in blue suits.

A few nights ago 19 year old Ronnie White was allegedly driving a stolen truck in Prince George County, Maryland. Some stupid blue gun thug leapt in front of the oncoming truck and got his ass flattened. Stupid dumb fuck didn't know better than to leap in front of moving vehicles. How dumb can you get. They select for stupidity when hiring gun thugs.

Mr. White was subsequently captured by other blue gun thugs and put away in a cage in “solitary confinement.” To revenge the stupid duffus who leapt in front of the truck several gun thugs came in the night and murdered Mr. White by hanging or strangulation that broke several neck bones. The likely reality is that several murderous thugs, took him out and hanged him, with the cooperation of the jail staff. The neck injuries on his body are consistent with a hanging. Then they put him into a cell and later reported him dead. That's what the AIS now calls "a fair trial."

We will never have a determination by a court of law about the guilt or innocence of Mr. White in the accusations of driving a stolen truck, or for the alleged “hit and run” death of the stupid pig. The “law enforcement” thugs have just murdered him, another dead young man, another typical day in the pig sty. Another typical day of American “freedom.”

The annual celebration of American Independence Day is coming up this week. Last year on Independence Day a group of citizens assembled in a public park in Spokane, Washington, to demonstrate against blue gun thug violence. The local blue gun thugs attacked them, beat up several, and hauled them off to cages. TV jackals have spent the year calling them names and chortling over the criminal blue gun thugs' violence. This year some of the same citizens say they will assemble on Independence Day to protest blue gun thug violence again. They are few and the gun thugs are many.

Independence Day is tomorrow. Take a few minutes to puke on a pigmobile. Americans are in dire need of a revolution to restore freedom to our land.

Read CNN Story

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