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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Illegal Aliens Should Be Deported!

Illegal Aliens are ineligible to be elected as President of the United States and should be deported!

B. Hussein Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, was originally from Wichita, Kansas, but her parents moved to Hawaii when she was young. She was a typical 1960s hippie twit traveling around the world engaging in the new “sexual revolution” by screwing all the men her parents would have strongly disapproved of. Like most twits she believed that she could do whatever the hell she wanted and damn the consequences. In 1960 she became pregnant by screwing a black African Muslim from Kenya who was also named Barack Obama.

Ann agreed to a marriage because of her pregnancy. Back in 1961 single motherhood was still frowned upon, especially in Islamic families. The senior Barrack Obama already had another wife in Kenya, a woman named Kezia. She bore Obama Sr two children, Roy and Auma, who now works in social services in Berkshire. B. Hussein's parents wedding was never documented, and neither was their divorce for that matter. In some Islamic countries a man may have more than 1 wife, but Kenya was under British rule at the time. While pregnant Ann traveled to Kenya with B. Hussein's father. In Kenya she stayed with her husband's family, his mother and B. Hussein's sister, and brother. The older Barack eventually studied at Harvard and then returned to Kenya. Kezia eventually bore two more sons of doubtful paternity which may or may not be sons of Obama Sr. He also apparently fathered a son named George by another Kenyan woman. B. Hussein’s eldest brother Roy moved to America and went on to convert to Islam. Barack Sr. died in a car crash in 1982.

While in Kenya, Ann's intention was apparently to fly home before the birth, but when the time came near she ran across airline policy intended to prevent births on board airplanes. Pregnant females who appeared as about to give birth were barred from boarding airlines. Ms. Ann Obama had to stay in Kenya, and her son, B. Hussein was born there, according to his father's mother, and B. Hussein's sister and brother.

Some time after giving birth, long enough for mother and baby to be strong enough to travel half way around the world, Ann Obama left Kenya and made her way to Hawaii bringing B. Hussein to the USA for the first time. We don't know how old B. Hussein was when he arrived in Hawaii but its unlikely that an infant 2 days old would be taken on such a journey by a woman who had given birth in the past couple of days. A good guess would be that he was a few weeks old when they arrived in the United States. Ann continued to call herself Ann Dunham, so her intention to be married to Barack Sr. has little credibility.

Once in Hawaii, his mother filed a fraudulent Notification of Live Birth with the State of Hawaii. The document she filed claims that he was born in Hawaii 4 days prior to the filing, but that date is unlikely for reasons given above. The State of Hawaii has records of the filing of Notification of Live Birth filed by his mother, but there exists no recorded documentation of his birth in Hawaii. The only witnesses to his birth are his Grandmother, brother and sister who witnessed the event in Kenya.

Ann Durham soon married an Indonesian named Lolo Soetoro, another foreign student. She and her new husband moved to Indonesia with 6 year old Barack in 1967. While in Indonesia, B. Hussein registered for school listing his nationality as “Indonesian.” By now he had been born in Kenya under British rule, traveled to the USA where his mother filed a fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth, and then moved to Indonesia where he declared his citizenship as Indonesian. B. Hussein attended a couple of schools, one which taught Islam to the students. B. Hussein's father Obama and stepfather Soetoro were both Islamic. Soetoro became a government relations consultant with an American oil company. Ann and Lolo became estranged so Ann and 10 year old B. Hussein went back to Hawaii. Eventually Ann returned to Indonesia with B. Hussein's half sister Maya. Lolo eventually died of a liver problem. Until she died of cancer in 1995, Ann Dunham was a close friend of Julia Suryakusama, one of the most outspoken feminist writers in Indonesia. Ms. Suryakusama described Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, “as a liberal and a humanist”, who learnt to speak fluent Indonesian and adored the culture.” reference

By age 10, B. Hussein's citizenship was a mess. His mother had expatriated to Indonesia by marriage to a native Indonesian, and by filing government paperwork (such as school registrations) declaring their citizenship as Indonesian. Upon her return to Hawaii in 1971 Ann could have filed repatriation paperwork with the US State Department to reclaim her citizenship. She did not do so. Instead she eventually returned to her new home, Indonesia, where she lived out her days as an Indonesian citizen. Young B. Hussein could also have filed repatriation paperwork with the US State Department upon reaching the age of 18. He did not do so. Instead, B. Hussein carried an Indonesian passport which declared Indonesian citizenship. At age 20 young B. Hussein used his Indonesian passport to travel to Afghanistan. Aside from the question of what kind of radical Islamic terrorist groups he was meeting in Afghanistan in the early 1970s, his documented travel is that of a self declared citizen of Indonesia.

B. Hussein's own published book, “Dreams from my Father” contains changed names, “composite” characters and other fictional accounts according to Chicago Sun Times columnist Lynn Sweet, “Except for public figures and his family, it is impossible to know who is real and who is not,” B Hussein admits in his introduction, saying he altered characters “for the sake of their privacy.”

One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that B. Hussein Obama IS NOT an American citizen, let alone a “Natural Born” citizen as required to be President of the United States. He is a citizen of Indonesia, and perhaps could claim Kenyan citizenship since he was born there.

This past week Mr. Philip Berg a prominent Philadelphia lawyer and prominent Democratic political hack has filed suit in federal court asking that the Democratic party be enjoined from nominating a man who is ineligible to serve as President of the United States. If it were some right wing conspiracy nuts, the latest conspiracy theories could be disregarded. But its not some right wing nuts. This lawsuit is brought by a man with serious credentials in the Democratic party and in the law. Philip Berg, the filing attorney, is a former gubernatorial and senatorial candidate, former chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County. His suit offers a ton of evidence, and alleges fraud and harm to contributors to the apparent party nominee. This is a real impending problem in the Democratic party.

The major news networks are totally ignoring what may be the biggest news story of the decade, certainly the biggest news story of this election. One can only speculate on why its not lead story at 11. B. Hussein has been the Messiah anointed by all the news organizations for a year now, and several of them don't want to be shown to have failed to investigate their candidate for his intelligibility to hold the office. Meanwhile, the facts are what they are, and lawsuits in federal court don't go away simply by CBS stonewalling them. Bob suspects that this thing will take only a few weeks, if that long, to be bounced up to the US Supreme Court for a decision. And the facts are quite clear. B. Hussein's own grandmother who was there at his birth is saying he was born in Kenya.

Over the past few months B. Hussein and his media friends have tried to squash the news that he is, in fact, an illegal alien. One Internet source called "Factcheck" has produced what it claims to be proof that B. Hussein is American, but many of their checked facts leave a lot to be desired, and Factcheck itself belongs to the same leftist organization which has been promoting B. Hussein's activities in Chicago for years and years. Instead of another leftist media group claiming that the fraudulent documents filed in Hawaii by Ann years ago are final proof, Bob tends to believe his own grandmother who was there at his birth in Kenya.

We read in the news this week that 600 illegal aliens were rounded up by INS at a workplace in Louisianan. They will be deported. There is one more illegal alien now working in the US Senate who needs INS roundup and deportation. B. Hussein Obama has continually advocated amnesty for illegal aliens. Now we know why. Bob says, “Deport the Illegal Aliens.”

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NBC Olympic failure

Once again I'm really annoyed at the poor quality of the TV coverage from the Olympic Games.

In the USA, we get NBC who bought rights from the IOC. NBC produces its coverage to showcase so-called “human interest” features such as an interview with the athlete's mother and sister. But their coverage of sport is very sadly lacking.

Right now NBC is showing a group of Chinese store employees doing training in western style cheering. We also got to see some pathetic wailing on the street by members of the Peking Opera. Ouch.

A news story on Yahoo tells us that the US Soccer (international football) team has been eliminated from competition after a loss to Nigeria. Does NBC show us any soccer matches? Not on a bet.

How about an Olympic Baseball game? How about a Sailing race? How about a Crew (rowing) race? How about a Bicycle race? How about a Shooting match? Not on NBC.

We have seen lots of the US men's swimming racing where the US men's swim team (in tight sexy outfits) was favored (and TV camera work is cheap). We have seen brief glimpses of the women's gymnastics where the US females (in tight sexy outfits) got a silver medal after a couple of falls.

Other TV networks in the US are blocked from broadcasting other events because IOC sold the rights to NBC. As a result the dedicated sports channels like ESPN are not allowed to broadcast the hundreds of hours of excellent sports competition that NBC refuses to show us. NBC won't interrupt very important soap operas like Days Of Our Lives to bring us an Olympic Basketball game.

One news report said that IOC makes 50% of its total income selling TV rights in the USA. They conduct lengthy negotiations with the TV network before selling rights.

Does NBC and the IOC deserve Gold for their sports coverage? Silver? Bronze? Nope. They lost the elimination round finishing in last place.