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Friday, September 21, 2007

Pay to Shop -- Fools!

They are building a new BUY MART store in my town. Apparently BUY MART is one of those stores that charges a fee for the “privilege” of purchasing their overpriced crap. They are not alone, several other merchants charge user fees to set foot in their pathetic stores. Some others are Costco, Sam’s Club (a branch of Wal Mart), and Direct Buy. I don’t know what kind of pathetic suckers are willing to pay good money to purchase from these greedy vendors, but the whole program rubs Bob the wrong way.

Bob spent close to a decade as a buyer for a large business organization, and has also several years of professional experience doing the purchasing for small business organizations. Bob is accustomed to sellers seeking out my custom, and working hard to encourage me to buy their products. We don’t live in the former Soviet Union where big stores had mostly empty shelves. We live in a country where there are ten thousand sellers offering us merchandise every day. We live in a country where sellers have to compete with each other to get us to shop in their stores, or to buy on-line from them. I still have a pocket knife that was given to me by a seller some years ago, along with a dozen golf balls that had the company logo. The logo has warn off the knife and I lost the golf balls, but I remember the name of the seller who gave them to me. He didn’t ask me to pay $50 for the “privilege” of buying his products and services. I can even remember when gas stations gave away premiums such as free glassware with each fillup. Sellers should have to compete with each other by giving us customers some bonuses for our custom. Their products should be higher quality, more reliable, lower in price, etc., or we’ll go down the street to the next seller.

Over the past few decades far too many retail giants have started screwing the public, and pretending that they can get away with any abusive crap they like. (See HughesNet Sucks Yes, they can get away with it for a while, and the sheep will follow if there is lots of advertising.

Bob is very skeptical of any seller who wants Bob to pay to be allowed to shop at his store. Bob watched the “Direct Buy” ads on TV where some flake claims to have “saved” $30,000 on the kitchen cabinets for his home. If you listen to the details it sounds like he spent $40,000 on cabinets. Bob has built numerous custom homes and finds those figures ludicrous. Maybe, if you are building a multi-million dollar home, and want cabinets made of Endangered Species wood, then you might spend that much. But “saving” $30,000 by paying Direct Buy a thousand for a “membership” is a fools bargain. They claim these huge “savings” and demand that you get an appointment to meet with a high pressure salesman for the “privilege” of seeing their catalog order office. Bob has years of experience as a buyer, and has never paid for the privilege of buying. Any price offered today, to any customer, is available tomorrow to any other customer. If this lying scumbag wants you to pay good money for him to quote you a price, tell the greedy scum to pound sand. There are a thousand other merchants you can go to, and with a little work you can save more than their fictitious “bargain.”

So Buy Mart can open their doors, and charge any fools willing to pay to shop there, but Bob won’t be paying them. If they want Bob to buy their crap they need to be thinking about giving me a free dozen golf balls or some other bonus for darkening their door. But then, I’m a professional buyer, not the usual dupe who was characterized by P.T. Barnum a century ago when he observed, “A fool and his money are easily separated.”

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Student tortured for asking Hanoi Kerry a question.

Free speech ran afoul of the blue gun thugs at the University of Florida this week. Senator John (Hanoi) Kerry was speaking on campus to a group of liberal nominds when the blue gun thugs suddenly attacked, beat up, and Tasered a student for the “crime” of asking a question that Kerry’s managers didn’t like. During an audience question and answer session Mr. Andrew Meyer was at the microphone asking Sen. Hanoi Kerry why he had not worked harder to impeach President Bush when he was attacked by a dumb cunt blue gun thug

Read story here

Watch video here

Watch video here

The stupid cunt in blue was joined by other evil scum because, like all violent gangs, the blue gun thugs are cowards who only get courage from each other. The gang of thugs tackled Mr. Meyer to the ground and amid his screams of horror, trauma, and protest “Help, OUCH!” the violent criminal gang beatup and chained him, and then once he was in chains and couldn’t resist they tortured him with the extremely painful Taser device. After the immediate torture of Mr. Meyers the blue gun thug gang imprisoned him in one of their hellhole cages.

So far the State Attorney's Office had yet to make the formal charging decision. Bob recommends that the blue suited cunt and her gang of thugs be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and unlawful imprisonment. Do they have a law against torture in Florida? Don’t hold your breath waiting for the FL State persecutor to charge the criminals here. We are lucky if he doesn’t file “criminal” charges against the victim. The evil blue suited crininals have been rewarded for their violent assault by granting them several additional paid vacation days, at taxpayer expense of course. Beat up a student and get an extra week off to play golf. That's how the blue suited evil rewards ultraviolence.

The usual suck up media is already working hard to make excuses for the blue suit gang of criminal thugs. They never met a violent scumbag they didn’t love.

University of Florida President Bernie Machen went on camera Monday with the usual LIES about how the University of Florida protects students and free speech while HE is the boss of the violent evil blue suited thugs who beat up and torture students while stopping free speech. Scumbag Machen is no differnt from the lying cunt who led the attack on Mr. Meyer.

On the brighter side Bob has noticed that our local blue gun thugs are fewer than they want to be because they have not been able to find evil people willing to join their violent street gang. They have been whining for recruits on our local media. Bob has also noticed several times recently that the media allowed public comments about the evil in blue to be mentioned on broadcast clips. Maybe there is hope for freedom and justice yet. It will be a while before freedom of speech is restored to the University of Florida where evil in blue waits to beat up and torture any man who speaks his mind.

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