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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bob's Camping Hints

Summer is soon coming so here are a few of Bob's camping hints. Some years ago when Bob had 3 young sons we used to go camping for summer vacation. We'd pack up the tents and Coleman stove into the station wagon and head for the woods or lake. Things usually went well until about 2:30 A.M. when it would start to rain and the tent would start to leak. Cold wet kids in a rainy night with a leaky tent is no fun. I've noticed that many other campers put big blue tarps over their tents to keep the rain out.

A few years later I read an article about how to stay dry in a tent in Boys Life magazine published by the Boy Scouts. I've used the hints for years and it really works. Of course, Bob now has an RV so he isn't personally concerned as much with leaky tents. However, since its spring and many men are making plans for summer vacations, I'll pass the knowledge along to you readers.

The first thing to do is to waterproof your tent. Here's what to do. Put your tent up in the back yard. Coat it all over with Thompson's Water Seal. I use a paint roller and brush for the seams. They sell Thompson's at lumber yards to use on decks and outdoor wood, but it works well on boots and tents too. While you have the Thompson's out, paint the boots you will be wearing in the woods later this summer. Leave the tent up at least a week to dry out in the sun before rolling it back up. The Thompson's will have a bit of a chemical smell so you know its still there. I've camped out in rain storms that poured as many as 5 inches in a day and stayed dry. Thompson's can used to advertise its uses for boots and tents or other materials but doesn't any more. It may slightly discolor the fabric or leather by making it darker, but doesn't make it brittle or otherwise harm fabric or leather. There may be other brands that are as good, but I've only used Thompson's. A large tent can take a whole gallon of Thompson's.

The next place to worry about is the bottom. One time I suddenly had 4 inch deep stream coming down a gentle slope in a forest service campground and running right under my tent. The bottom of a tent tends to get little cuts and such which will leak in a pond or stream. When you go to the woods bring some 3 or 4 mill plastic. Roll it out inside the tent and cut it so it laps up the sides a couple of feet. Do NOT put plastic under the tent because that just forms a pond to leak through into your sleeping bag. I've also invested in one of those foot thick air beds and battery inflater. Now I'm dry and comfortable in camp and get a good night's sleep no matter the weather or the rocky ground.

My blue plastic has stitched on nylon corner reinforcements with large grommets. The factory grommets pull right out in a wind. I put it up on poles over the table/cooking area. I use 12 inch nails that I get from the lumber yard for stakes. Put them in at a 30 degree angle so when the wind blows the ropes have to pull the nail sideways. If the ground gets muddy a stake can pull straight out easily, but not sideways through the ground.

That's it for Bob's camping hints for now. Have a great time taking your sons fishing or camping.

2 Million is 2 Many!

Some years ago the US Government estimated that the number of men that they and local governments have in their hellhole concentration camps has exceeded 2 million. Men's activists began the slogan, "2 million is 2 many!" Others estimate that the number is closer to 4 million when debtor's prisons and other cages are counted. In cities like Cleveland the majority of men are former prisoners, "criminals" in the hate speech of the blue gun thugs. The majority of men are thus denied voting and other rights. But there is a limit. For every man cast into hell behind bars there is a family who grieves at his loss. For every man who the hateful government uses as an excuse to expand its police state oppression there is a cost to taxpayers. Every man they take out of the economy reduces the number of men available to pay for the police state and another cost. Somewhere there is a limit, and we are rapidly tending in that direction.

In Kali-fornia, Governor Terminator is proposing to build another big new hellhole for 78,000 more men. [It would do the world a favor if someone terminated him.] He's finding out that not everyone in Kali-fornia is a misandrist bigot bent on destroying men. A citizen protest demonstrated in Sacramento demanding that they stop the hellhole destruction of men and release many men who are now in hell. Kali-fornia hellholes are notorious for racist gang wars, brutality and abuse, killings, beatings and rapes of inmates. The actual treatment of a prisoner in Kali-fornia hellholes is probably worse than "cruel and unusual punishment" that is illegal by Constitution in the United States.

The anti-prison lobby swarmed into the Capitol on Wednesday April 28, 2007, to decry Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to build more housing space for an additional 78,000 inmates in state and county facilities in coming years. Activists gathered for two "Beyond Prisons Day" rallies on the west steps of the Capitol, listening to dozens of speakers blast the state's incarceration policies. Teams of lobbyists representing the Coalition for Effective Public Safety and Families to Amend California's Three Strikes then swarmed into the building for scheduled sit-down meetings with 26 lawmakers.

Many people today think that huge prisons are a necessary part of public safety. Nonsense! Massive prisons are a recent invention fueled by hate and promoted by feminazi. For most of human history our ancestors got along fine without big prisons. In tribal societies someone guilty of hurting another person often had to pay restitution. In medieval times a whole country might have a temporary holding cell or two, mostly for high political crimes. Before the 19th century England had the Tower of London as enough prison for the entire country. Some castles had one or two storage rooms in the cellar where the most serious political criminals could be temporarily held. But before feminism there were no prisons in the modern understanding. The huge modern prison system began in the 19th century concurrent with the rise of feminist hatred of men. An ongoing feminist hate campaign, aimed at the destruction of men, continues to demand that more and more men are rounded up and sent to hell. The cost of hell, holding good men in cages, is the second largest part of most state budgets in the USA. It is a cancer that eats community resources and destroys the whole society.

Kali-fornia doesn't need prisons for another 78,000 good men. Kali-fornia needs to tear down most of its existing hellholes. If you live in Kali-fornia contact the Coalition for Effective Public Safety or another similar group and participate in their lobbying efforts. If you live somewhere else help other men in our area fight back against the police state, feminist state, hate machine. And always remember, a good pig is a dead pig, and a good feminist hate monger is a dead feminist hate monger.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Open Season on Hate

UPDATE -- 3-29-07
An evil pig, Defective Brian Radulovich of the Colorado Springs Blue Gun Thugs, found Mr. Baugher and his children on a bus as it stopped in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mr. Baugher was chained and hauled off to a cage. His two children had been enjoying the trip with their father and suffered psychological trauma by being captured by strangers and taken from their father. Evil is afoot in our land. They all ought to be impaled, beginning with the evil hate monger Radulovich. It would save the children.

Hate media reports say that Mr. Baugher phoned a relative in California asking to be sent some money for his bus tickets with his children. Shortly thereafter California resident saw John (hate) Walsh's TV hate show, "America's Most Wanted." Walsh has made a career out of hatred of men. Walsh had put Mr. Baugher and his family on "Most Wanted" because a man taking care of his family is the "most" offensive man to evil scum like Walsh. (It’s a mystery why nobody has plugged that asshole.) The sucker relative in California phoned the blue gun thugs and ratted out Mr. Baugher and his family, telling them where to look to destroy the family.

The hate media had a field day over the destruction of another good father. Lying scum on the boob tube said, "The family is celebrating." What a pack of feminazi hate lies. A FAMILY begins with the father. The FATHER is always the head of a family. The lying scum had destroyed the family. The head of the family was rotting in gun thug hell. The children had been ripped from their father's love. The family was destroyed, it was not celebrating. Lying evil on TV continues their hate campaign, spreading the feminist hate newspeak lie that a "family" is now "a mother and her children." These criminal scum and their anti-family hate campaign is a great evil working day after day to destroy America. They should all be impaled.

UPDATE -- 3-28-07
The FBI (who have a long history of violence, shooting children, wives, and even dogs, and using WMD poison gas to kill American men, women and children) have now joined the rush to destroy Mr. Baugher and his children. He is in extreme danger. These people have a long history of mental disease and violence, and are motivated by extreme anti-men hate. Media reports say that Mr. Baugher committed the unspeakable crime of taking HIS children to McDonalds for dinner in Montana. First he was buying them clothing, and now he's feeding HIS children. The FBI, the HATE TV bigots, and of course all the blue gun thug Gestapo, are out for his blood. The situation is becoming desperate. If any of Bob's readers are in Montana, please go looking for Mr. Baugher and provide him with a safe house until the evil murderous blue gun thug Gestapo has time to cool down their blood lust.

Original 3-26-2007
Its time to declare open season on the TV hate mongering filth who work day after day to destroy families, children, and especially fathers. Another "Amber Alert" is being broadcast this morning by TV Hate Stations such as KXLY in Spokane and KING in Seattle. The "Amber Alert" alleges that children are in the custody of their father. Citizens who may see the father, Mr. John Baugher, and his family are requested to contact the blue gun thugs so that they can kill, kill, kill the father and prevent HIS children from receiving the benefits that only a child's father can give. Their goal is to chase down and kill Mr. Baugher for the faux "crime" of taking care of his children, for being a father with children. According to their vile slander, Mr. Baugher was last seen at Wal Mart, buying clothing for his children. For such serious crimes as buying clothing for his children he has become the target of all the forces that the misandrist blue gun thugs can muster. A very violent, deadly, and destructive war against our children, our families, and fathers is being waged by the blue gun thugs and their TV hate propaganda media arm. The blue gun thugs ought to be rounded up and impaled by a mob of decent and very angry citizens. Fathers must begin taking back our families and our nation.

TV Hate mongers who hurt children and destroy families: A nuisance species. Open season all year. No bag limit. May be taken by any means. Any caliber. May not be released back into nature. Often seen in the vicinity of dish antennae. Often accompanied by blue suited filth. May be dangerous.

The MEN of America are under siege. Our families are under violent brutal attack. Men are being gunned down on our streets. Our children are being ripped from their fathers by legions of blue suited thugs with the blessing of the media and corrupt political criminal bosses. A man with his children has become the subject of an "Amber Alert" called criminal, to be rounded up and sent to Auschwitz or some similar hell. When you hear of an "Amber Alert" hate broadcast phone their 911 operator, their thug station, and their propaganda machines and demand that they stop their criminal persecution of men. The MEN of America need to start fighting back. We need to support each other, to rail against the misandrist dictators and their propaganda machines, to lay them low and drop their bodies in ditches. [See legal notice.]

If you happen to see Mr. Bougher and his children, please take them to a safe house where they can hide from the blue Gestapo until the forces of liberty overcome evil.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Feminist By Mistake

Bob often has a radio playing while he works on construction projects. Dr. Laura comes on after one of the more popular talk radio programs so I end up listening to some of it before I get annoyed with her misandrist feminist whining and turn it off. Dr. Laura frequently goes on an anti-feminist rant, claiming that she is anti-feminist, and blaming feminists for the destruction of families. But inbetween her rants, almost all of her advice to callers is right out of the feminist propaganda and program book. Dr. Laura opposes feminists who promote abortion, but she toes the feminist line on just about all the rest of feminist misandry. Like many women and men who have grown up in a feminist dominated culture, Dr. Laura doesn't understand that most of her "moral" values are feminist dogma. She was taught the feminism as a little girl, from her psycho mother. It was fed to her with her mother's milk, and taught by schools and colleges. She believes that most radical feminist dogma is just "what is right." And that is the problem. It is the same problem that most men have when we begin to understand that feminism is evil. We have grown up with feminist dogma taught to us as "what is right." We are so immersed in feminist dogma that we don't have the perspective to understand what is normal human behavior and morals and what is feminist domination. Many men and women these days, like Dr. Laura, say they are "not feminist" and even go on an anti-feminist rant, but then turn around and preach feminism and attack anyone who has gotten out of feminism. Using Dr. Laura as an example, lets examine the "what is right" feminism that has pervaded our culture and is now the background belief of even most who "oppose feminism."

A woman phones Dr. Laura's talk show to ask for advice on marriage to a soldier she likes. The woman is 18 years old, the mother of a bastard who was put for adoption the year before, and now has found a decent man who likes her. Dr. Laura advises the woman not to consider marriage for 5 more years, until the woman is 23 years old. Dr. Laura tells the woman that she shouldn't marry now because young woman form deep emotional bonds with men, and should postpone marriage, and even dating, until they are too old to form such deep bonds. Dr. Laura is preaching feminism and hurting her caller. Organized feminism decided on opposing marriage as a long term goal, and promoting divorce, by the 1850s. The primary tactics they have always used to oppose marriage are deceptive. Instead of honestly speaking against marriage, feminists tell young women to "postpone" marriage. They don't say, "never marry." They say rather, "don't marry now." Feminism teaches young women to avoid marriage by staying in school to "advance yourself." After finishing high school feminists promote single women going to college, and then getting a post-college career. And all the while, year after year, the young woman's ability to form a deep emotional bond with a man, and to bear his children, is slipping away. Dr. Laura tells women to avoid sex before marriage, but then tells women not to marry, especially while the woman is young enough to form a deep emotional bond and bear children.

A woman phones Dr. Laura to ask for advice because her daughter wants to marry a man who is "controlling." Upon further questioning it turns out that the intended husband will be the man of his home, and the daughter will have to obey her intended husband. After mother and hired feminist gunslinger interrogate the daughter, it turns out that the intended manly husband has used occasional physical discipline when the daughter hasn't obeyed him. Dr. Laura throws a misandrist fit, which her questioning was intended to allow. The mother is told to call immediately for the blue gun thug feminist Gestapo so they can capture and destroy the manly man. A man who has the balls to control his wife is an enemy of violent feminazi like Dr. Laura. He hasn't submitted to the control and domination of females, so he must be destroyed. Dr. Laura frequently advises women to call for assistance from the feminist army when a man has broken any of the feminist hate laws.

Traditional marriage and family, opposed by radical feminism, is supposed to be the goal of young women and their parents. But it is opposed by Dr. Laura and other feminists. Young women are able to form strong emotional bonds with their husband, but Dr. Laura advises young women to wait until they are no longer able to form such bonds before considering marriage. A woman who hasn't formed a strong emotional bond with her husband can easily file for a divorce under feminist "no fault" divorce laws, another tactic that feminists use to destroy marriage and families. Almost half of American children are now bastards because young women of marriage and child bearing age are stopped from marriage by radical feminists such as Dr. Laura. Half of all marriages end in divorce, leaving broken children's lives, because women follow feminazi advice such as Dr. Laura gives. Without a strong emotional bond to their husbands, wives are very vulnerable to any change in emotion or situation, and divorce is touted as an easy way out. Dr Laura believes that she supports strong traditional families, but she advises callers to avoid marriage with strong emotional bonds formed during the primary marriage years. She believes that she opposes sex before marriage but she continually advises the arrest and destruction of young men who seek eligible virgin women.

A woman phones the Dr. Laura show asking what she should do about her husband who doesn't keep as close watch on their children as she does. The woman describes a father who is doing fathering, and fathering is different from mothering. Fathers commonly let the child have more freedom, allow more adventure, give them more time alone. Fathering results in more healthy and successful adults than mothering does, according to every study. Dr. Laura advises the wife never again to allow her husband to watch or take care of their children. Dr. Laura is again spouting radical feminism. The first feminist dogma is the assumption that a mother knows better how to raise children than the father, an assumption negated by a mountain of research. The second, and perhaps the most radical feminist lie is that the mother has the authority to decide whether or not the children's father may have access to his children. Feminists are redefining "family" as "mother and her children." Before feminism it was generally assumed that children belonged to the father, and it was the father who made the decisions about their care. Despite her public claims about "opposing feminism" Dr Laura constantly promotes the feminist domination of families and the relegation of fathers to "sperm donor" status. A non-feminist would have told the wife that fathers always allow children to take more risks but most children survive and grow from the experiences. A non-feminist would have told the woman to obey her husband because he is responsible for her and his children. But Dr. Laura is a radical feminist who preaches mother domination and control of children.

A woman phones Dr. Laura to ask about allowing her son to contact his "biological father." Dr. Laura advises the woman that the young man's father is "only a sperm donor." As a dedicated feminazi, Dr. Laura preaches dividing children from their fathers, and the feminist lie that fathers do not matter to our children. She ignores the facts of biology and advocates adoption as the mother's decision. She preaches against any legal or moral rights for fathers. "He's just a sperm donor," she often says.

A young woman calls Dr. Laura to ask about marrying the man she's been living with. Dr. Laura calls the woman, "an unpaid whore," for "shacking up" with the man. One can't help but ask if a married woman becomes a "paid whore" for "sleeping with the enemy?" To feminazi like Dr. Laura, sex is something that women use to dominate and control men. A woman's sexual affection should be held for ransom, sold to a high bidder, bought and paid for continually by a man. As a dedicated feminist, Dr. Laura ignores the biological needs of women for manly affection and making babies. She rails against marriage for women of biological marriage age, classic feminism. When a young man of marriage age, mid 20s for men, seeks the hand of a young woman, mid teens for women, Dr. Laura calls him a "criminal molester" and advises that he should be destroyed by the blue gun thugs. Dr. Laura often says that women of child bearing age are "too young to decide about sex" even when half of American babies are now bastards born by those very women. Feminism is wrong in so many ways, it hurts children, it hurts women, and it hurts men. Feminism has destroyed families and our whole society. And all the beliefs and programs of radical feminism is being preached day after day by "conservative" women like Dr. Laura who begin their day announcing their opposition to feminism.

Female suffrage is another radical feminist program that has had huge changes in our society. All of the "no fault divorce" and "women's rights" have been pushed through our legislative bodies by women's suffrage. Dr. Laura strongly supports female suffrage, like all women who claim to "oppose feminism." Most men today do too. Most men can no longer even imagine a world not dominated by females. Most women and most men may think they oppose feminism but are so immersed in its laws and dogma that they don't even know what it is. Finding feminism for most people is just like a fish looking for the water, it can't be seen because its everywhere.

Dr. Laura is just a public example. There are a hundred million other women who believe just like her, that they oppose feminism, while they promote and preach feminism to their children and support government adoption of feminist laws. Feminist misandry is taught to every girl child with her mother's milk. Feminist misandry is taught to every girl child in every year of K-12 education. Feminist misandry is taught by whole departments in every college and university in the USA. Most of today's young women believe that, "I'm not a feminist," but every one of them believes feminist dogma and most will pattern her life according to feminist teaching. Most young men are taught the same misandrist dogma by the same teachers. Most men today accept feminist dogma as "the truth" or "what is right."

Bob's advice to young men, and even to young women, is to question all the (well meaning?) advice that elders like Dr. Laura give you. The "truths" and "right" you've been taught is probably right out of the radical feminist handbook. Question everything. Does the advice tell young women to avoid a good marriage and family? Does it make fathers into secondary citizens? Does it reduce men to "sperm donors?" Does it turn mothers into "paid whores?" Does it advise the destruction of young men? Does it prevent the kind of families that are what life is really all about? If you can begin to question what you are being taught every day, you can become your own person instead of another sheep.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Medical fraud

Angioplasty turns out to be a very lucrative fraud. Angioplasty, the insertion of a stent in coronary arteries, turns out to have NO BENEFICIAL RESULTS according to a recently published long term study of patients. Men who had the expensive and painful surgery suffered from the surgery and recovery, but had virtually identical longevity and quality of life afterwards. At $30,000 per unnecessary surgery the docs are putting $15,000,000,000 in their pockets every year.

Most people think that surgeries and other medical treatment must be beneficial because so many doctors are doing them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Doctors are like used car salesmen. They will tell you whatever you want to hear to SELL their services, and Angioplasty is one of the most lucrative quack medical treatments going. An army of quack medical practitioners performs more than half a million useless angioplasties every year in the USA. The pray on vulnerable men and women, threatening their victims with death, "you will die if you don't pay for this (unneeded and ineffective) treatment." Almost ever American knows someone who has been relieved of his or her wallet by one of these fraudulent quacks. The quacks who use angioplasty surgery as a huge cash cow are whining like stuck pigs, trying to deny the truth about their fraud.

When doctors invent a new surgery there is nobody who checks to see if it does any good. Doctors are allowed to market their human blood letting without any checks or security, or even a need to demonstrate that their brutal bodily violence had done the patient any good. Heart surgeons are among the most highly paid, and among the most crooked. They fleece the public daily, and their victims end up believing that they have been "cured" and their lives have been "saved." Hogwash. Its all smoke and very expensive mirrors.

From the criminal sexual mutilation of healthy little children to millions of unnecessary and worthless operations on the elderly such as angioplasty, these criminals in white coats cut, chop, hack, and mutilate people while making billions in ill gotten profit. The medical industrial complex has always been dominated by fraud and corruption. It would be amazing if it helps as may people as it hurts. It is best to avoid their fraud, blood letting, and other brutal butchery whenever possible. They will cut you up as long as your money lasts, and then spit you out to die broke.

Men bashing RV ads

The RV industry association "Go RVing" has been running a series of men-bashing commercials

The new media blitz was the brainchild of man hating feminazi bitch, Sr. Dir. of Marketing Communications, Christine Morrison. TV ads such as "Kids" depict men as "kids" and wives as serious intelligent people who have to be patient with their juvenile boorish husband. Who do they think they will impress by spreading anti-men hate? Who do they think will buy their RV's?

You can send misandrist bitch Morrison a message about respecting men at (703) 620-6003, ext. 344 or e-mail Or, phone your local RV dealer and ask them if they support the men-bashing ads by the RV industry organization. Tell them you've decided to spend your vacation money on a cruise instead of buying an RV. MEN have no need to spend our money on an industry that hates men.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Open Season on Hate

UPDATE -- 3-28-07
The FBI (who have a long history of violence, shooting children, wives, and even dogs, and using WMD poison gas to kill American men, women and children) have now joined the rush to destroy Mr. Baugher and his children. He is in extreme danger. These people have a long history of mental disease and violence, and are motivated by extreme anti-men hate. Media reports say that Mr. Baugher committed the unspeakable crime of taking HIS children to McDonalds for dinner in Montana. First he was buying them clothing, and now he's feeding HIS children. The FBI, the HATE TV bigots, and of course all the blue gun thug Gestapo, are out for his blood. The situation is becoming desperate. If any of Bob's readers are in Montana, please go looking for Mr. Baugher and provide him with a safe house until the evil murderous blue gun thug Gestapo has time to cool down their blood lust.

Its time to declare open season on the TV hate mongering filth who work day after day to destroy families, children, and especially fathers. Another "Amber Alert" is being broadcast this morning by TV Hate Stations such as KXLY in Spokane and KING in Seattle. The "Amber Alert" alleges that children are in the custody of their father. Citizens who may see the father, Mr. John Baugher, and his family are requested to contact the blue gun thugs so that they can kill, kill, kill the father and prevent HIS children from receiveing the benefits that only a child's father can give. Their goal is to chase down and kill Mr. Baugher for the faux "crime" of taking care of his children, for being a father with children. According to their vile slander, Mr. Baugher was last seen at Wal Mart, buying clothing for his children. For such serious crimes as buying clothing for his children he has become the target of all the forces that the misandrist blue gun thugs can muster. A very violent, deadly, and destructive war against our children, our families, and fathers is being waged by the blue gun thugs and their TV hate propaganda media arm. The blue gun thugs ought to be rounded up and impaled by a mob of decent and very angry citizens. Fathers must begin taking back our families and our nation.

TV Hate mongers who hurt children and destroy families: A nuisance species. Open season all year. No bag limit. May be taken by any means. Any caliber. May not be released back into nature. Often seen in the vicinity of dish antenae. Often accompanied by blue suited filth. May be dangerous.

The MEN of America are under siege. Our families are under violent brutal attack. Men are being gunned down on our streets. Our children are being ripped from their fathers by legions of blue suited thugs with the blessing of the media and corrupt political criminal bosses. A man with his children has become the subject of an "Amber Alert" called criminal, to be rounded up and sent to Auschwitz or some similar hell. When you hear of an "Amber Alert" hate broadcast phone their 911 operator, their thug station, and their propaganda machines and demand that they stop their criminal persecution of men. The MEN of America need to start fighting back. We need to support each other, to rail against the misandrist dictators and their propaganda machines, to lay them low and drop their bodies in ditches. [See legal notice.]

If you happen to see Mr. Bougher and his children, please take them to a safe house where they can hide from the blue Gestapo until the forces of liberty overcome evil.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Murdered for Looking Suspicious

Once again the Spokane blue gun thugs have attacked and murdered a man for the very serious crime of "looking suspicious." On Saturday morning a blue gun thug "sergeant" (who the blue gun thugs are protecting by not revealing his name) saw an unknown man looking suspicious near Crowley St. in Spokane, WA. The blue gun thug accosted the man looking for a reason to destroy his life. The man declined to answer questions, as was his right under the US Constitution. The "suspicious" man tried to avoid any confrontation with a criminal in a blue suit by turning around and leaving the area.

The criminal in the blue suit, in flagrant criminal violation of the fundamental law of the United States, and without warrant or due process of law, chose to attack and kill the "suspicious" man. The blue gun thug chased after the unknown man, a man who wanted to be left alone and avoid conflict. The blue gun thug caught him and started a fight during which the other man tried to defend himself from a violent criminal attack. The gun thug, usually a low intelligence brute on illegal steroids, then decided that only beating up an unarmed man for "looking suspicious" wasn't enough. And besides, what fun is it to be a blue gun thug if you can't shoot people. So the blue gun thug shot and murdered the unknown man. Read story We don't know the name of the victim, he was just an anonymous man. We don't know the name of the killer gun thug, he's being protected by the criminal gang.

The Spokane, WA, blue gun thugs are the same criminal gang that beat Mr. Otto Zehm to death for "looking suspicious" while buying a soda last May. The Chief gun thug said that he is "comfortable" with their brutal murder of Mr. Zehm. Read story Spokane blue gun thugs are now saying that the cause of Mr. Zehm's death was "excited delirium" which supposedly a psychological condition. The blue gun thugs blame Mr. Zehm, but to an outside observer it was obviously the murderous blue gun thugs who were suffering from violent delirium when they beat Mr. Zehm to death for "looking suspicious."

Earlier this week the Spokane blue gun thugs announced to the public that they are getting training in "excited delirium." It hasn't reduced their killer psychosis. One of their thugs on steroids chased down and murdered another man for "looking suspicious." This violent gang of killers in blue suits doesn't need training, they need to be impaled in a row on Division street. Fortunately there are many pine trees around Spokane where an abundant supply of poles is available.

Amendment IV: The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V: No person … shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;

UPDATE -- 3/26/2007
The blue gun thug who assaulted and then murdered an unidentified man for "acting suspicious" has been identified as Sergeant Daniel Torok. He is said to be a 16 year veteran of violent blue gang crime activity in Spokane. See photo The blue gun thugs still haven't identified the victim they assassinated. Any unidentified man will do when they are high on steroids and have murder on their mind. Sergeant Torok would look so good riding a pole at 1st and Division in Downtown Spokane. Its what he richly deserves.
UPDATE -- 3/27/2007
The victim of blue gun thug murder in Spokane has been identified as 33-year-old Jerome Alford. Mr. Alford's relatives live in Georgia. He was running for his life when he was chased down from behind and murdered by blue gun thug Daniel Torok. News reports tell us that Thug Torok has a history of violence and has been involved in previous shooting incidents. He should be summarily impaled.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Say NO to Perversion

In Largo, Florida, city manager Steve Stanton has publicly declared that he suffers from severe psychosexual dysfunction. Stanton announced that he intends to get himself castrated and will pretend to be female, "Susan" Stanton. Read Story Fortunately, the city council voted to suspend the pervert and hire a sane city manager. The usual cadre of faggots, lolly lickers and other sexual deviants lined up to protest against sanity, but the city commission was unmoved. They voted to fire the pervert and hire a sane man for city manager.

Bob has known psychologically deranged so-called "transsexuals" for many years. At first Bob, not having prior knowledge of such perversion believed the nonsense they gave out. They claim that they have sexual identity birth defects which can be cured by surgical loss of their normal sex organs and taking hormones of the other sex. Part of that is right. They do have severe psychological problems with their sexual identity. Normal men work on being manly. Normal women spend their days being feminine. But these deviant men get so focused on everything female that they want to be female. Their psychosis needs serious help, but instead of help they now have a subculture of perverts who support and encourage their deviance. Western culture didn't have such perverts until "modern" shrinks, libertines, and other similar "help" began promoting and encouraging deviant sexual perversion. In pagan Europe, and medieval christian Europe, faggots, lesbians, and even worse sexual deviants were unknown. Then came the libertines, and then the shrinks. They promote and encourage sexual deviance. After knowing such perverts for several years, their fundamental lies and sexual derangement becomes very clear, and their lies become known.

Steve Stanton doesn't need perverts encouraging his psychological problems. He doesn't need castration and female hormones. What he needs is a culture that teaches him to be manly, and sharply denounces his thoughts of deviance. Steve Stanton has a right to be as deviant and perverted as he likes. He has a right to get himself castrated and to pretend to be female if he's that far round the bend. But everybody else has an equal right not to have to be confronted by his perversion in our daily lives. We have a right not to be forced to work with such perverts. We have a right not to have to deal with nutjobs in our government. Congratulations to the city commission of Largo, Florida, for having the courage to hold their ground instead of caving in to the perverts who now think they have a list of special "rights"

Rat Poison in Food?

Many American dogs and cats have died and thousands are sick from poisoned pet food. Canned pet food manufactured by Ontario, Canada-based Menu Foods has been killing pets. The government, with their typical incompetence, reports that there are only 16 "confirmed" deaths of pets. One local veterinarian has collected more than 250 reports of dead pets in his practice area alone. The cause of death has been tracked down to contamination of the pet food with a rat and mice poison called Aminopterin. This compound was once used as a cancer drug in the USA in small quantities, but is no longer used for reasons that should be obvious today. Read story

So how does rat poison not used in the USA get into American pet food you might ask. Blame international trade and either ignorance or lack of due concern. Some decades ago when Bob was 15 year old he worked in the wheat harvests, doing a man's work. [By the way, young men should be out working, doing a man's work, instead of wasting years in state prisons called "schools." For more on schools see "Burn Them Down." Young men and women in general learn more from a few months of real work than in several years spent in the state holding cells.] When we had cut all the wheat and trucked it into town to the elevators the last truck load was processed as seed for next year's crop. The ten tons of wheat was shoveled by hand into a machine that mixed mice and rat poison with the grain, and then fed the grain into gunny sacks. The sacks were carried into a shed and stacked for storage until the next planting season. You shovel and stack ten tons of grain and you've done a day's work.

The wheat was coated with rat and mice poison was used to prevent mice from eating the seed. It only takes about 6 weeks for a newborn mouse to become a breeding mother mouse. One pregnant mouse can breed into a million mice in only a few months. Without the poison twenty tons of seed could turn into twenty tons of mice much like the little furry Tribbles from the original Star Treck. The rat and mice poison we used was colored bright purple so that nobody would mistake the poisoned seed grain for human or animal feed. Rat and mice poison used on seeds does not kill the plant seeds because their biology is fundamentally different from animal biology. When the grain grows the poison is not transmitted to the new plants, at least the poison we used in the USA in the 1950s wasn't. Its been done that way for many years. Many farmers also buy their seed from commercial firms instead of using their own production. Either way, seed grain is commonly treated with rat and mice poison.

Aminopterin is used in China to poison seed grain, but not in the US or Canada. Canada imports grain from China. A lot of grain, perhaps the majority of grain, is used to feed cattle and other animals. Menu Foods of Ontario, Canada, buys grain in bulk to add to its pet food. Somewhere along the supply chain someone got the poisoned seed grain mixed up with grain suitable for feed. It might have been done accidentally. Somewhere in China, or Canada, or somewhere inbetween during shipping, storage, and re-shipping the paperwork or knowledge of the poisoned grain may have gotten lost or mixed up. Seed grain looks like grain. Grain is not like lettuce, for example, where the seeds are a different part of the plant than the product. Grain is the seeds of the plants, so the seeds for next year's crop can not be distinguished from the produce of this year's crop. When I was working on a farm in 1960 we dyed the seed purple, and the farmers thereabouts knew that purple grain was poisoned. But, does some illegal immigrant farm worker know that purple grain is poisoned? Does some pet food processing plant wank know that purple grain is poisoned? Do the Chinese dye their seed purple when they add the Aminopterin to keep mice from eating the seeds? There are a lot of places that a poison seed grain could have accidentally gotten mixed up with feed grain.

On the other hand it very well could have been deliberate and reckless conversion for profit. Some functionary along the way may have had a load of outdated seed, or deteriorating seed grain, and seen a way to recover his cost by selling it as feed grain. Or a merchant may have found a "good deal" on surplus or deteriorated seed grain and bought it to use for feed thinking that a few dead cats and dogs wouldn't matter. Bob's best guess is that grain traders lost track of the poison, didn't know that seed grain is poisoned, and/or didn't know that this load of grain was seed grain. Once the grain is poisoned it needs to be carefully tracked from poison to soil, and kept out of the food or feed chain. I seriously doubt that the management at Menu Foods knew that they were using poisoned seed grain in their products, but they did know that they were buying "good deal" cheap grain of undetermined origin.

These days with the international trade, the NAFTA agreements Canadian or Mexican laws (or lack of laws) replace the US laws which protect consumers in our country. Canada apparently allows seed grain poisoned with Aminopterin to be imported from China, and then to be carelessly or recklessly sold back into the feed chain. When we throw open our gates and leave our borders wide open we get whatever unscrupulous or careless products are tolerated in other countries.

This year the rat poison ended up in pet food. But who can say that the manufactures of "natural" granola bars, wheat flakes, or other human food haven't gotten a "good deal" on a load of Chinese seed grain being resold by an unknowing merchant in Canada or Mexico? Who can say?

Friday, March 23, 2007

UPDATE -- Duke Hate University

UPDATE March 23, 2007

FOX News is reporting that all charges against lacrosse players at Duke will be dropped. Read story

The evil racist County lieyer and filthy turd of the year Nifong who filed the charges is defending himself against several Bar Association accusations of malfeasance including lying to the court, concealing evidence from the defense lieyers, and making public statements in violation of Bar Association rules. His license to practice law ought to be revoked and he ought to be sued for malicious malpractice.

The lying whore who thought she could make easy money by making false rape charges against the lacrosse players should be charged with criminal false statements and sued for every dime she has or ever will have.

Duke University and the Duke Hate 88 should individually and collectively be held to account for their libel and slander and billed several million dollars per student who was defamed. The Duke Hate 88 should be summarily fired from their teaching positions. Until Duke University makes amends to the falsely accused young MEN, no man of character should attend the university. Hate is their teaching and practice.



Misandrist Hate Monger of the Year, Filthy Turd Nifong has asked to be removed from the Duke University extortion hate case. In a January 12 letter to the North Carolina Lieyer General Roy Cooper, Filthy Turd Nifong asked Cooper to appoint his office's special prosecution unit to take over the case. Goodbye and good riddance to the Hate Monger of the Year. Now Cooper should prosecute Filthy Turd Nifong for malicious malfeasance and criminal violation of evidence laws. Read story.

The resignation of the Hate Monger of the Year, Filthy Turd Nifong, has not restored an atmosphere of peace for MEN at Duke Hate University where anti-white-men hate is still promoted and taught in several Hate Departments. No man will feel safe in Durham or at Duke Hate University while they teach hate and promote bigotry against us.


Duke Hate University has proven itself to be the #1 Hate University in America in 2006. When 3 of its athletes were falsely accused in a criminal rape-hate extortion shakedown, 88 of the faculty, including all the Hate Departments, immediately published a statement of hate in the Duke Chronicle applauding and promoting hate against young white men who were the foundation of Duke University for generations and who are still its future. The gang of 88 hate professors (the Hate 88) ranted about the atmosphere they have created on campus by saying, " what is apparent everyday now is the anger and fear of many students who know themselves to be objects of racism and sexism." Unfortunately it is their anti-white racism that creates the atmosphere of anger and fear. It is their anti-men sexism that creates the atmosphere of anger and fear. Hate activists held hate rallies, made hate speeches, and published hate posters with photos of every Lacrosse player, all endorsed by the Hate 88.

The Hate 88 were right that there is an atmosphere of sexism and racism at Duke Hate University. Men students at Duke Hate University attend classes taught by anti-men sexists. White men students at Duke Hate University attend classes taught by anti-white racists. Duke Hate University has a long list of racist/sexist Departments, Women's Studies, African American Studies, Latino Studies, Asian Studies, all the increasingly common racist hate departments that have become common at Hate Universities today. The Hate 88 are the worst of the hate mongering bigots on the campus

And in case anyone is tempted to think that all the public outcry for tolerance has diminished their hate, a recent op-ed piece by Hate 88 leader Cathy N. Davidson dispels that notion. Despite the facts in the case have shown that the original incident was a case of extortion against white men, Ms. Hate Davidson still insists, "what we know happened on March 13" Like all feminazi hate mongers she "knows" from her womb rather than reading the facts and evidence of the case.

Duke Hate University is being sued for one of the most blatant cases of sexist grading, but you can be assured that a female has a full grade advantage in most of the sexist classrooms at Hate University.

Hate University President Broadhead has offered to "readmit" the Lacrosse players he expelled last spring, but it’s a feeble gesture. He has failed utterly to address the pervasive atmosphere of anti-men racist/sexism that pervades the campus of Duke Hate University. And nothing has been done about the horrible anti-white men racist/sexism in Durham, NC, that makes it unsafe for men to attend Duke Hate University. The chances of the expelled players returning are about that of a snowball in hell. In addition it is neither safe nor appreciated for any other men to attend Duke Hate University.

To begin to address the hate being taught on their campus the owners of Duke Hate University need to take the following actions:
Fire President Broadhead,
Fire the Hate 88
Dismantle the various Hate Departments such as "Women's Studies," "Black Studies," etc.
Take political action in South Carolina with various alumni to fix political hate in Durham.

Bob does not expect Duke Hate University to take any effective action to reduce its hate programs. Early applications for enrollment for next year are down 20% and still declining as the hatred and bigotry of the faculty at Duke Hate University becomes more widely known. MEN should eschew the campus and attend a different University that welcomes, not hates, white men.

The Hate 88

Abe, Stan (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)
Albers, Benjamin (University Writing Program)
Allison, Anne (Cultural Anthropology)
Aravamudan, Srinivas (English)
Baker, Houston (English and AAAS)
Baker, Lee (Cultural Anthropology)
Beckwith, Sarah (English)
Berliner, Paul (Music)
Christina Beaule (University Writing Program)
Blackmore, Connie (AAAS)
Jessica Boa (Religion & University Writing Program)
Boatwright, Mary T. (Classical Studies)
Boero, Silvia (Romance Studies)
Bonilla-Silva, Eduardo (Sociology)
Brim, Matthew (University Writing Program)
Chafe, William (History)
Ching, Leo (Asian & African Languages and Literatures)
Coles, Rom (Political Science)
Cooke, Miriam (Asian & African Languages and Literatures)
Crichlow, Michaeline (AAAS)
Curtis, Kim (Political Science)
Damasceno, Leslie (Romance Studies)
Davidson, Cathy (English)
Deutsch, Sally (History)
Dorfman, Ariel (Literature & Latin American Stds.)
Edwards, Laura (History)
Farred, Grant (Literature)
Fellini, Luciana (Romance Studies)
Fulkerson, Mary McClintock (Divinity School)
Gabara, Esther (Romance Studies)
Gavins, Raymond (History)
Greer, Meg (Romance Studies)
Glymph, Thavolia (History)
Hardt, Michael (Literature)
Harris, Joseph (University Writing Program)
Holloway, Karla (English)
Holsey, Bayo (AAAS)
Hovsepian, Mary (Sociology)
James, Sherman (Public Policy)
Kaplan, Alice (Literature)
Khalsa, Keval Kaur (Dance Program)
Khanna, Ranjana (English)
King, Ashley (Romance Studies)
Koonz, Claudia (History)
Lasch, Peter (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies & Latino/a Studies)
Lee, Dan A. (Math)
Leighten, Pat (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)
Lentricchia, Frank (Literature)
Light, Caroline (Inst. for Crit. U.S. Stds.)
Litle, Marcy (Comparative Area Studies)
Litzinger, Ralph (Cultural Anthropology)
Longino, Michele (Romance Studies)
Lubiano, Wahneema (AAAS and Literature)
Maffitt, Kenneth(History)
Mahn, Jason (University Writing Program)
Makhulu, Anne-Maria (AAAS)
Mason, Lisa (Surgical Unit-2100)
McClain, Paula (Political Science)
Meintjes, Louise (Music)
Mignolo, Walter (Literature and Romance Studies)
Moreiras, Alberto (Romance Studies)
Neal, Mark Anthony (AAAS)
Nelson, Diane (Cultural Anthropology)
Olcott, Jolie (History)
Parades, Liliana (Romance Studies)
Payne, Charles (AAAS and History)
Pierce-Baker, Charlotte (Women’s Studies)
Pebles-Wilkins, Wilma
Petters, Arlie (Math)
Plesser, Ronen (Physics)
Radway, Jan (Literature)
Rankin, Tom (Center for Documentary Studies)
Rego, Marcia (University Writing Program)
Reisinger, Deborah S. (Romance Studies)
Rosenberg, Alex (Philosophy)
Rudy, Kathy (Women’s Studies)
Schachter, Marc (English)
Shannon, Laurie (English)
Sigal, Pete (History)
Silverblatt, Irene (Cultural Anthropology)
Somerset, Fiona (English)
Stein, Rebecca (Cultural Anthropology)
Thorne, Susan (History)
Viego, Antonio (Literature)
Vilaros, Teresa (Romance Studies)
Wald, Priscilla (English)
Wallace, Maurice (English and AAAS)
Wong, David (Philosophy)

SS Death Squad operating in Baltimore

In Baltimore on Feb. 18, 2007, Keith Showalter's ex-girlfriend came to his home about 2 A.M. asking to pick up some items she had left there. He told her to come back in the daytime so she called out the feminazi army, the feminist Gestapo, the blue gun thugs. It was a slow day in Baltimore gun thug headquarters. They hadn't killed anyone all day, so the blue gun thugs sent their paramilitary SS murder squad -- to help a feminazi pick up a few items from her ex-boyfriend's house in the middle of the night. Keith phoned his mother because he was getting panicked with dozens of murderous SS surrounding his home at 2 AM. Ms. Cindy Showalter, Kieth's mom, arrives shortly hoping, as a female, to negotiate a settlement with the SS death squad. Read Story

When Cindy Showalter arrived hoping to defuse the situation, the SS Death Squad threatened to arrest her if she got out of her car. They had murder as their goal and were willing even to assault a female who gets in the way of their murderous assault. Shortly thereafter, somewhere around 3 A.M., the SS Death Squad murdered Kieth Showalter at his home.

In the following days Kieth's mother put a protest sign on the back of her car, letting the public know about the killer SS troops that their taxes pay for. For her "free speech" the blue gun thugs stopped her, dragged her out of her care, beat her up, and arrested her for "assaulting a blue gun thug."

Baltimore is not unique. The same kind of violent criminal blue suited gangs operate in cities and towns all across America and in other countries. They didn't exist when Americans founded a nation based on individual freedom. A century later cities like New York organized gangs of brutal enforcers to protect corrupt city officials and oppress the public. Soon the advantages of a gang of hired thugs spread to other cities and smaller towns. The blue suited gangs keep the formerly free citizens "under control." They kill men who "act suspicious," or who just come to their attention. They brutally attack and murder, rob and steal, and enforce all kinds of corrupt police state power of corrupt city officials. In the past few decades the blue gun thugs have sided with the feminazi, using their hate as an excuse to destroy even more men than before. In poor Mr. Showalter's situation a drunken feminazi called them out for murder in the dark of night. A man's fundamental, legal, Constitutional right to be secure in his home is of no concern to the blue gun thugs. They call for their paramilitary SS death squad, which they call "SWAT." Their SS death squad includes "one shot, one kill" snipers and armor. Their goal is to escalate, and escalate, and escalate, until they have an opportunity to do murder. The death and/or destruction of as many men as possible is their goal. When they get an excuse, a plea from an emotional feminazi, they go into action, and kill, kill, kill.

Keeping the public under control is their method of perpetuating their violence. They pump out continual propaganda LIES about "protecting the public." The truth is that they do not protect anyone, and have proven that truth to the US Supreme Court. They scum bucket media continually panders to their lies and murder. Misandrist media scum like Glenn Beck on CNN and your local "news" turds repeat their lies day after day, promoting anti-men hate and encouraging gun thug violence. The blue gun thugs exercise power over any news turd by restricting access to their reports and public information. Since the latest murder is "news" the news turds uniformly kowtow to their violent domination of the public. News turds have no minds, they read whatever lies they are given, and the blue gun thugs have a well organized lie machine. Any citizen who criticizes their violent murder or robbery soon finds themselves dragged out and beaten like Ms. Showalter, or just assassinated like Mr. Keith Showalter. Mr. Keith was the 3rd MAN that the Baltimore Blue Gun Thugs have murdered in 2007, and it was only February.

The blue gun thugs, in every city, ought to be rounded up and impaled by decent citizens.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Equinox, the MIDDLE of Spring.

The idiots on the boob tube are again blindly repeating the lie that today is "the first day of spring." These idiots are unable to coordinate their lies with the obvious facts of the world around them. Spring is the season of change from winter to summer. Hard winter is upon us at the beginning of spring. At the end of spring summer begins. Yesterday was obviously not hard winter, and today is not the first day of the transition from hard winter to spring.

The seasons change about half way between the solstice and the equinox. The solstices are the middle of winter, "Midwinter's Night," and the middle of summer, "Midsummer's Day." The boob tube idiots who tell you that today is the beginning of spring will soon tell you that Midsummer's Day, a festival thousands of years old, is "the beginning of summer." Wrong again. Summer begins on May Day, or Beltane as it was celebrated in Celtic lands for thousands of years. If you put "Midsummer's Day" into Google you get 1,300,000 hits including "Midsummer is traditionally celebrated on either the 23rd or 24th of June." For thousands of years we people have watched the seasons change, celebrated the seasons, and not listened to idiot liars on the boob tube.

About half way between winter solstice and spring equinox is February 2, now called "Groundhog Day," because it has been recognized and celebrated by the people for thousands of years as the day when the transition from hard winter into summer actually starts. Beginning about February 2nd, the first day of spring, a man without a wristwatch or clock will notice that the days are getting longer. During winter all the days are short, and unless you have an accurate clock the difference is so slight that you won't notice the difference. During summer, from May Day to August 1st, the days are almost uniformly long with only slight differences. During summer a man without an accurate clock won't notice that the days grow longer or shorter. During spring, the days grow noticeably longer day to day. Each day you notice is longer than yesterday or last week. Spring is the season when the days grow noticeably longer, from Ground Hog day until May Day.

Spring is the time when the sun travels from the south to the north. Today, March 20, 2007, at about 4 PM in the USA Pacific Time Zone, the sun will cross the equator half way on its annual journey from south to north. When you hear the boob tube idiots mindlessly reciting their lies about "beginning of spring" remember that's who they are and that's the level of their intelligence. They have no clue about what they are saying. They don't care if what they say is so obviously wrong that everyone knows it’s a blatant lie. They are the same people who predict "global warming," extol "diversity," and treat all men as criminals. Lying scum retard is too good of a name for them. They are mindless, soulless boob tube idiots with no morals and no wisdom. They repeat the same stupid lies over and over to nobody but themselves.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Whore Walks Away

And the whore walks away. In Knoxville, TN, Mrs. Erin McLean finished her teaching degree and began a one-year teaching internship at West High School. She then met Sean Powell, a student, and started an affair with him. Her loyal husband had been working nights delivering pizza to support her college education and now her student teaching. Instead of showing loyalty and appreciation for his sacrifice the whore wife kicks him in the balls by fucking her students. She invited Sean over to Mr. McLean's home to screw while he was out working hard to support her and his children.

One night, March 10, Norman McLean came home from delivering pizza and found his whore wife screwing young. Sean. Instead of honorably executing his fucking cunt wife he took his anger out on the young man. Huge mistake. Now Norman McLean is in prison for murder. Sean Powell is dead from shotgun wounds suffered as he tried to escape from the whore's husband's home. And the fucking whore who caused it all has taken McLean's children to her mother's without any penalty. Read story A man having affairs with students would have been immediately fired and sent to prison for "sexual harassment" or some other police state fiction.

One has to seriously wonder about the morals and the outcome. The outcome fits the feminist plan to destroy men, fuck anyone they want, use any man they want, and when things go bad have their blue gun thug army come in and eliminate whatever men are messing up their "rights" and privileged status. If anyone has a chance to plant Mrs. McLean you would be doing the world a favor.

Useful Anti-American Idiots

HBO was showing Algore's propaganda film on so-called "global warming" so I watched the piece of propaganda trash. It was more offensive than I thought. It was bad enough to make an intelligent man want to puke. Algore, who's career is now funded by "global warming" hysteria, quotes Upton Sinclair, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it." At least he understands his own motives and why he looks away at the thousands of hard working scientists who have called his phony "truths" into question. Algore's salary depends on his failure to understand reality while promoting hysteria. Its big on his web site as well as in the film.

Algore begins with his old tired saw about how he should have been President of the US but for the Florida miscounted votes. Its an old lie from crooked Democratic political machines in Democratic controlled counties that didn't work that time. Poor Algore, he's so stuck in crying over his lost election that he can't let it go.

Algore makes a big deal about having a "consensus" of scientists agreeing with his position. Wrong! Science is not about voting or consensus. Science is about finding out the facts and understanding the truth of a physical world. Politics is about taking votes, finding the majority, reaching a consensus, but science isn't. Bob mentioned that problem a couple of weeks ago to a Sierra Club member, and observed that the "science" mentioned by Algore has become too political. "Science is not political enough!" replied the Sierra Club environmental wacko. It seems that the purpose of science to understand the facts of nature should be subverted into supporting whatever liberal political position environmental wackos like Algore and the Sierra Club can dream up.

When I heard about environmental "scientists" reaching a "consensus" I was reminded of the anti-nuclear protests of the 1970s and 1980s. At the San Onofre nuclear plant in California thousands of eco-feminist and environmental wackos held demonstrations, chained themselves to the fence, and got arrested while stopping non-CO2-emitting nuclear power. The protestors made a big deal out of "consensus" as a liberal progressive way to reach agreements and make decisions. Consensus is a decision method right out of the eco-feminist - communist dream book. Algore knows it well, he uses the communist dream book language as it it’s normal and effective way to make scientific decisions.

Algore makes the claim that current global temperatures are higher than any time in the past 13,000 years since the end of the great ice age. WRONG! There have been several natural periods of warming since the past ice age, some as much as 20 degrees warmer than current temperatures. Even the 500 year medieval warm period that ended in the 12th century was warmer. England was, for a time, a wine producing and consuming country. When the medieval warm period ended in the 12th century the English wine industry failed and the Englishmen went back to drinking beer. The English (and Americans) still drink more beer than wine because the warm period ended for reasons that science has not figured out yet. Science can't tell us why the medieval warm period happened, what caused it, nor why it ended. One possible theory is that periodic variations is the sun's nuclear furnace cause more or less heat to reach earth. Science really doesn't know what cases global warming or cooling, what caused frequent natural warm or cool periods. Solar radiation was never measured during previous warm or cool periods. Scientists just don't know how it varies over hundreds of years. Only Algore and his environmental whackos want us to believe that there is a "consensus" of scientists who know something they are making a political statement about.

Don't all scientists agree with Algore's view as he claims. Not on a bet. Consensus management is always achieved by running off or destroying any who disagree. When all the disagreeing people have been run off, the few who are left have consensus. That's how consensus works in real life. For example, last week Washington State Governess Gregoire fired the Assistant State Environmentalist for failure to support the global warming political agenda. A University of Washington Environmental Science Professor and Assistant State Environmental Officer kept saying that there are many factual and scientific problems with the global warming hypothesis. Well, that's not consensus, so the Governess fired him. Now her State Environmental Science department has consensus. That is how consensus actually works. Fire or drive off any who speak against the PC position. At least the UW professor had the balls to speak out, even when part of his salary depended on his silence. Real science, it seems, is not political enough for the leftist environmental wackos and the State Governess.

Algore made a big pitch in his film that the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets are the "mine canaries" of global warming. They are the indicators of disaster just as canaries were once carried into mines because they died from poison gas or lack of oxygen before the miners were killed from it. [Algore can't pronounce "arctic" any better than President Bush can pronounce "nuclear." If you're going to rant on and on Al, and before the whole world, at least learn how to pronounce the word. Thanks.] Algore went on and on about how the Arctic sea ice has melted and receded, how the polar bears are suffering from lack of ice and may become extinct. It looks great in his Hollywood special effects dramatization, but in real life the story is quite different. According to North Sea fishermen, the men who go to the north to risk their lives harvesting fish, men who are close to the reality of hard work, the ice THIS YEAR has become thicker and spread farther south than any time in their lifetimes. Many of their traditional fishing areas are covered with expanding Arctic ice sheets. Fishing ports in Iceland are blocked with sea ice for the first time in living memory. Polar bears following the ice have not vanished as Algore predicted. Instead, polar bears THIS YEAR are expanding their range south into Iceland and threatening populations who haven't seen a polar bear in more than half a century.

Then Algore turns to the Antarctic. He shows what appear to be satellite photos of Antarctic sea ice breaking off from the land and then melting. Its not unlikely because sea ice breaks off and drift from time to time. Algore alleges that the melting sea ice shows an overall increase in Antarctic temperatures. He ignores Antarctic land ice which is at record depths. Maybe he doesn't mention the land ice in the Antarctic because the inconvenient facts don't fit his phony conclusions. Algore mentions quickly that melting sea ice doesn't raise water levels in the oceans any more than melting ice cubes in your drink raise the level of the drink. Floating ice already displaces its weight in the supporting water. After quickly passing by this inconvenient fact, Algore ignores his own knowledge and continues on to show many horror show Hollywood graphics of flooding in many low lying areas around the globe such as India, the Netherlands and even New York City. Hello Algore? You just told us that melting sea ice won't raise sea levels, and the land ice is getting thicker. Hello Algore? Anyone home upstairs?

The United Nations Council on Global Warming also demonstrates Upton Sinclair's quote, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it." The members of the UN Council on Global Warming were hired to find global warming, their salaries depend on it, so they find it. The same council has published a statement that eating meat contributes as much C02 to the atmosphere as driving inefficient vehicles. While watching Algore go on and on that we, his audience have to change our living style to cut emissions I kept wondering when he will start walking his talk. Raising and eating meat is worse for global warming than high emission vehicles but Algore brags about his family cattle raising business. He admonishes us to ride bicycles or take public transportation while he flies around the world in a private jet, with each flight using more carbon fuel than our car does in a whole year. Algore tells us to turn our thermostats down and live in a cold house, but his own home uses $30,000 in heat and electricity every year, more than 20 times the average for an American family. Does Algore really believe any of his crap? Or, is it just political crap he's using to line up the useful idiots? If he believed it would he walk his talk?

The insincerity, lies, and disingenuous pleas of Algore are really offensive, but what vexed me the most about Algore's message was the flagrant anti-American flavor that kept being repeated throughout the message. How could anyone who is so blatantly anti-American have ever been considered for election as President of the US, I wondered. It is obvious why the Kyoto Agreement on Global Warming is so anti-American. Algore negotiated it while Vice President under Clinton. Algore is anti-American and blames America for all the world's problems. The proposed Kyoto Agreement would require a severe limit on the American economy while providing NO, NONE, NADA limits on our international competitors such as China. Algore wants the US to severely cut off our economy by its roots while the Chinese open a new carbon fuel based power plant every week with his blessing. The Kyoto Agreement treaty was rejected by the US Senate 99 to 0 during the Clinton Administration because its so blatantly bad for the US economy, but Algore and his cadre of useful idiots don't bother even to read it. They all hate America, as was so plainly demonstrated in "Inconvenient Truth."

While Algore and his useful idiots are spewing anti-American hate in their film and in public speeches should we look at how CO2 emissions are being changed world wide? Despite not signing the Kyoto Agreement the US has reduced CO2 emissions in every year since it was proposed. Canada has increased theirs. China has greatly increased theirs and continues to increase rapidly. China meets its Kyoto Agreement goals despite hugely increasing emissions because there are no limits on Chinese emissions in the Kyoto Agreement. European nations uniformly fail to achieve their minimal goals. Only the US has extreme reductions required by the Kyoto Agreement. American hating Algore negotiated them. America would be a damn fool to agree to any such extreme and unilateral economic destruction.

Algore strongly criticizes America for having high CO2 emissions per person and as a nation. I can't help but remember that it is the very same environmental wackos who stopped non-CO2-emission nuclear energy in the US who are now whining so loud about the carbon based replacement energy they forced on the public. Their "consensus" demonstrations at San Onofre and other nuclear plants stopped construction of clean energy in America for several decades. Other technical nations, France, Japan, and Germany for examples, produce less CO2 because they didn’t' listen to the environmental whackos who tried to stop clean energy. The trouble with eco-feminists and environmental whackos is that they hate their country, they hate their neighbors, and they don't want anyone to have a good life.

Algore and his lying, hypocritical, anti-American kind should never be listened to nor considered for public office. Any politician who joins the "me too" group by firing the Environmental Officer to form a "consensus" on so-called "global warming" is the enemy of the people. They fly their private jets, drive their limos, and tell the lower class useful idiots to ride bicycles.

I found this article on Global Cooling. We may starve as cooler global temperatures cut food production. Why, oh why, are we so skeptical?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Blood Lust

A couple of days ago some anonymous mangina sent a comment that whined about John Couey of Homosassa, Florida. The comment was deleted because it violated Bob's posted rules for comments. However, it did raise a topic that deserves additional coverage. In Homosassa, FL, Mr. Couey has confessed to raping and killing 9 year old Miss Jessica Lunsford. All the hate bitches from hate TV are frothing at the mouth spewing hate about the case so its hard to have missed it. Article here

Miss Jessica disappeared from her home a while ago and as usual a big search was organized. The futile "Amber Alert" was invoked and the usual hate mongers jumped on the case like stink on shit. The intense fury of public was not lost on Mr. Couey who, at the time, was holding Miss Jessica while he decided what to do next. Obviously, capturing someone off the street and raping her is not a good idea, but if she had been sent home afterward her future life would have been much longer and more pleasant than the shortened future which resulted from the massive public hate orgy.

The Christian/Jewish Bible says that a man who abducts and rapes a virgin girl should pay her father 50 shekels and offer to marry her. That wisdom still makes a lot of sense. If the fine had been 50 shekels or $500, Mr. Couey would have returned the girl to her home, paid his fine to her father, and both could have gotten on with their lives. Such a simple and positive result is abhorred by the hate mongering bitches who spew forth daily on boob tubes. They love creating an orgy of hate for their sick audience. It’s a modern day replacement for feeding criminals to the lions at the Coliseum. The crowd cheers and shouts as the blood is spilled and "criminals" die. The cheering lustful hate driven crowd whipped up by the usual hate mongers, and supported by all the blue gun thugs, had a huge influence on the eventual outcome for Miss Jessica. The jeering hate crowd and their blue gun thug assassins drove the outcome to its eventual fatal end.

In Homosassa, Florida, it was not possible for Mr. Couey to return Miss Jessica to her home, pay his fine, and get on with his life. I'm sure that Mr. Lunsford would have much preferred to have his daughter returned with $500 for restitution than to have her tragically murdered to satisfy the hate orgy of the feminist media and blue gun thugs. The only option left to him was to hide her body and hope that he would not be discovered. The outcome, a dead Jessica, is driven by the raving of the feminist rape-hate mob, by their rape-hate laws, and by their blue gun thug assassin gangs. Almost every week another girl or young woman meets a similar fate for exactly the same reason. A rapist is turned into a murderer by the cold logic of avoiding extreme hate penalties for an otherwise minor crime that doesn’t cause permanent injury. The feminist rape-hate whine, "a fate worse than death" becomes death because so much hate is hurled at the man. The feminist hate laws cause the death of many young women. A more rational legal system would make the penalty equal to the crime. The huge unbalance of crime vs. penalty creates these tragic outcomes.

Mr. Couey was mentally deficient, retarded, all his life. He has a long history of various crimes, and has never in his life managed to hold a job and live a normal life in conformance with the industrial cultural standards. He's been in and out of jails all his life on various charges from burglary, robbery, sexual violation, etc. He is one of the least of the society. It is really easy to spew hate against the least of our society, to send them to the gallows. The hate mongers have not bothered to understand where his life went wrong, perhaps because he was badly abused as a child in a single mother home, the most likely guess. For the last two decades Mr. Couey has been one of millions of lost men who the society would rather just vanish. They are often homeless but men don't get public assistance. They are in and out of jail more because it "cleans up" the neighborhood for "high class" people who would rather not see the blight that society has created. His life has been in the underbelly of society, occasional drugs to ease the pain, having to "register" as a "sex offender" for the oppressive police state hate mongers.

Overall it is a tragic case. Florida lost another future Hitllary voter and hate monger feminist when Miss Jessica died, no great loss there. Florida blue gun thugs "cleaned up" the neighborhood by destroying Mr. Couey permanently and arresting his housemates for the ill fortune of being associated with an poor pathetic "enemy of the state." The hate bitches on the boob tube and their cheering audiences get another few victims for their blood lust.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good Parenting

Bob recently ran across an article by Janice Shaw Crouse called, The child bride: Assaulting the innocent written by a feminist misandrist and published on a right wing political newsletter. She blames leftist feminists while supporting the feminist agenda of opposition to marriage. Overall her article is confused about supporting marriage and family as the religious right usually does, while at the same time opposing marriage of marriageable young women as feminists always do. The author defines "child bride" as women under 18, a totally arbitrary and completely political mark. All feminists share her misandry. Dr. Laura ranted recently on her radio talk show to a 17 year old woman (already the mother of a child who had been adopted) who wanted to marry a soldier. Dr. Laura advised the young woman to avoid all men for another 5 years, until she would be 23 years old. Dr. Laura gave as a reason the fact that young women are capable of forming deep emotional bonds with men, an ability that slowly goes away and is less strong by the mid 20s. HELLO? I though that forming a deep and life long emotional bond was supposed to be an important part of marriage. When marriage is postponed until older, more "educated" women no longer are able form strong emotional bonds. They tend to divorce in much higher numbers. Marriage is then a convenience, not a life bond. Serial monogamy is now the standard in America.

Ms. Crouse points to Britney Spears as an example of "child brides" in America. She uses very questionable data from impoverished tribal countries to claim that marriage of young women causes diseases, and that birthing children causes death. Like all feminists she works hard to oppose marriage by encouraging postponement for longer and longer times. Feminists hate families and marriage. Lesbianism is the mythology of feminists of left or right politics. Marriage is "sleeping with the enemy." They begin by forcing young women to postpone marriage in favor of "education" until they are no longer as able to form deep emotional bonds with a man, and until their primary baby making years are declining. Widely published recent studies show that female fertility is at its maximum from about age 14 to age 26. After age 26, for an average woman, her fertility will decline, and it will decline rapidly after age 30. Young women are told by feminists, taught by feminist schoolmarms, and encouraged by feminist trained parents, to eschew marriage in favor of continued years in school and college, then to pursue a career. Year after year her family years go by, her chances for a loving marriage fade. She is trained in anti-men hate, full of "rights" and "empowered" and no longer able to form deep emotional bonds. As a marriage prospect she is strictly second rate. And that is assuming that she doesn't already have a bastard or two, like so many of her feminist sisters.

Young women aren't being allowed to marry, but many of them are bearing their children anyway. Bastards amount to about 40% of the children in the United States, and about 75% of the children of minority and low income families. Feminists can't fool mother nature entirely. Many young women get pregnant and bear children because their bodies know that children are what women are about. All the feminist misandry and anti-marriage propaganda can't fool mother nature. Mother nature gets young women pregnant and creates children whether they have formed a good family or not. The current situation in the US with 40% bastards and the rest from divorced families is a social disaster of monumental proportions.

The trouble is that most people believe the crap that misandrist feminists like Janice Shaw Crouse constantly spew. It’s a restatement of what they have been told for years so it must be right, right? Wrong! To figure out what is right we have to look at the basic assumptions. The lies we have all been taught are in the assumptions behind the lies.

First, we need to look at the purpose and meaning of marriage. In these days when we are told that "gay marriage" is "equal rights" and "domestic partners" are equal to marriage we badly need to remember the purpose and meaning of marriage. Marriage is the social and biological union that creates children and forms a family to raise them. Marriage is about young women forming deep emotional bonds with a man to make a life long family. Its about making babies during the woman's primary baby making years, years when her ability to form an emotional bond is still strong. Marriage is not, as lesbian feminists claim, a bunch of government rights that two perverts are not getting. Marriage is about making a family with children.

Second, we need to revisit the purpose and obligations of parents. Janice Shaw Crouse tells us that young brides suffer, "an abrupt end to childhood," as if that is a serious harm. The opposite is true. The mission of every child is to grow up and become an adult, to take a place with other adults of his or her community. The job of all parents is to help their child to grow up and become an adult as rapidly and as well as possible. Confining children into a prolonged state of childhood is the opposite of being a good parent. Preventing a child from growing into adulthood is harming the child by stopping his or her normal progress. Many philosophers such as Alan W. Watts in Does it Matter point out that confining children for longer and longer time in a state of suspended animation called "adolescence" is seriously wrong. A parent's first duty is to encourage and assist his son or daughter to grow up as easily and as quickly as possible. That is the job and responsibility of parents and of children.

Third, we need to look at the fundamental human need of young women to be making babies and getting on with their lives. Women will make babies whether they are "allowed" to or not. Millions of bastards now growing up in America should be proof for any doubter. The religious right in America advocates "abstinence" until marriage, but then like Janice Shaw Crouse they deny the marriage that is the foundation of that life. The young woman who phoned Dr. Laura had already made one bastard, and still Dr. Laura advised her against forming a loving family. The left advocates free sex and abortions for the babies, but that is a crime against nature on several levels. In real life, young women badly need to be getting married before making their children. We need to do it for the women and for the children. Millions of bastards should have decent families.

Does marriage during her primary baby making years doom a woman to a life of poverty and no education? Not hardly. A woman who makes her babies when her body is ready, about age 16 to 20, will have grown children by her 30s. She will have another several decades to get a Ph.D. if she likes, or a law career, or become a professional. But if she waits until she's 30 something to panic and look for a husband for herself and her bastard she is in for a life of disappointment. Parents need to help their daughters to have a good life as a mother with grandchildren. Your daughter can have it all but she has to do it in the order that nature gives her. A daughter needs to grow up and get married while she is still able to form deep emotional bonds with her husband. She needs a family in which to bear her children that she will bear whether she is married or not. A good father will help to find an older man for her, perhaps someone 10 years older who is old enough to be able to provide for his young bride and his family. That is how good parents have provided for their children since the dawn of humanity, until feminism. That is how good parents need to provide for their daughters today.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Boycott Blood Donations

For several years there has been a quiet boycott of blood donations by MEN's activists who demand an end to the massive sexual mutilation of little boys. Sexual mutilation of little boys in the USA outnumbers all other violent crimes against children and all other violent sex crimes combined. The perpetrators of the most heinous crimes short of murder done to millions of terrorized and brutalized little children wear white coats and hide behind the Medical Mafia.

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Medical Mafia is whining about blood supplies being critically low. Read Story Their tight little violent criminal conspiracy can't violate so many children if the people deny them the blood supplies. It is the one hold that the people might have to get their attention. It is very hard to get the attention from a psychosexual pervert who's morals allow the most extreme torture and sexual violation of little children, especially if she is paid enough extra cash every year to make the payments on her BM'er. She, and its most often a she these days, strap down the child and hack up his penis for hatred of men, for perverted sexual gratification, and for obscene profits. Estimates of the number of dead children from "complications" of their brutal violent sexual mutilations run around 300 boys per year. All of them are hushed up by the Medical Mafia and buried along with the rest of their mistakes. The number of children who are sexually maimed for life in the USA is over a million boys per year.

There is no excuse for any kind of child abuse, and violent sexual mutilation of a child is just about the most heinous kind of sexual child abuse imaginable. For over 100 years the Medical Mafia has pumped out lies and scams to obtain little children from vulnerable parents for their sadistic torture. They have used many lies, but we know the real reasons. The reasons for mutilating little children are 1. Hatred of boys and men. 2. For barbaric ritual sacrifice, 3. For psychosexual perversion, and 4. For the money! Their barbaric criminal sexual torture of children has to stop. There is no excuse for the sexual mutilation of a healthy normal little child.

Its time to stop the violence, stop the violent sexual torture of our children. Phone the The Blood Center of Iowa at 515-288-3319, and tell them that you are boycotting blood donations until the baby butchers of the Medical Industrial Complex stop the violent sexual torture and mutilation of little children.

Criminal Malfeasance by Design

Today's Breaking News on all the networks comes to us from Enterprise, Alabama where a tornado ripped up a school. When the school roof and walls collapsed several students were killed and many were injured. In the surrounding area many homes were utterly destroyed and electric power lines are a tangled mess. The storm in Enterprise, AL, was only one of three areas where storms overnight destroyed homes, utilities, and other buildings. Were these storms unusual? Hardly. Severe storms happen in the US every week. We even have a broad swath of the central part of our country called "Tornado Alley." Tornado Alley is several states wide and stretches from the gulf coast through the heartland of America to the Canadian border. And every week the "Breaking Story" counts the dead and adds up the destruction in terms of destroyed homes and property.

Tornadoes aren't the only storms that we expect to happen. The whole southern coast expects hurricanes, The river valleys expect floods. The northeast expects snowstorms. The northwest expects winter storms coming in off the Pacific. Every week we read of the toll of human suffering, death, injury, and massive property damage caused by the storms that we know are coming. We know they will happen even if we don't know just when.

We don't know a specific day or even a specific year when a severe storm will happen in any one particular spot, but we do know that the particular spot where we are building a school, home, or utility pole probably will be ground zero for a major storm sometime during its expected life. When we build homes, do we expect people to live there in comfort and security only until the next major storm? You would think so watching how they are totally destroyed. When we build schools, do we expect our children to die there in the next major storm? You would think so from the damage done today in Enterprise, AL.

After a life long career in building construction Bob has to ask why, oh why, oh WHY do we accept the kind of crap buildings designed to kill our children and our families in the storm we know is going to happen? Why aren't the designers and contractors who built these death traps rounded up and hanged when children died from their criminal malfeasance of design and construction?

In the 19th century, many of the homes built in Tornado Alley had storm cellars where families could hunker down as their homes and all their worldly belongings were blown away. At least the children in the storm cellars survived. It was so easy a "cave man" could do it. Dig a cave or cellar in the earth, go down into the cave or cellar, and survive. Cave men dug into the earth and survived for a million years. Not any more. Almost none of the homes, schools, shopping malls built in Tornado Alley have storm cellars. Children at schools are told by well meaning teachers to go to the central hallway in a severe storm, as if the hallway is going to save them. We have all been told by well meaning nominds that hiding in a closet, bathroom, or hallway in our homes will save us when the roof comes off and the walls are all blown away. In Enterprise, AL, the school children had a warning before dying in the tornado. They followed the common advice and hid in the hallway of the school. Many of them died when the walls failed and the heavy roof materials landed on their heads. Did the school have a storm cellar? Nope. Did the school hallway protect them? Nope. Did the School District officials ask for a school design that would protect their children? Nope! Does the building code require buildings to be safe for families and children in expected storms? Nope? Are architects, engineers, and construction contractors selected for providing safe buildings? Nope! Are architects, engineers, and construction officials punished in any way when their building fails and kills children? Nope!

Last December Bob wrote about the malfeasance of utility company managers who construct utility systems that are designed to fail in the first storm that happens. When that article was written there were 2 million people suffering through winter blizzards without electricity to run even their gas or oil heaters. Something like 50 people died or hypothermia, carbon monoxide and other immediate causes as a result of the failure of the electric system. Since that time there have been millions more Americans in other parts of the country who's part of the electric power system failed during other winter storms. Utility systems that come apart and fail when needed the most are unacceptable. Buildings which are designed to fail in the first severe storm are also unacceptable, and when children are killed they are criminal.

You may believe that buildings just can't stand up to expected severe storms. That is nonsense. Many people believe that all buildings fail in tornadoes, but that is only because the construction industry has such a long history of malfeasance and unacceptably shoddy construction. Thirty years ago Bob read an article in a construction industry magazine which reported on design research conducted at a midwestern university. According to the research, additional structural components amounting to only about 5% of the total cost of the home, would prevent the home from being blown away in a tornado. Structural engineering is not a black art or a mysterious science. All you really have to do is to tell the engineer, architect, and builder that you want your home, office, warehouse, or school to be designed to survive and protect people during a tornado. Roofs have to be securely fastened right through to the foundations anchors in the ground. Walls have to be joined together securely, and the joints between major components have to be made such that they develop the whole structural strength of the components. Most buildings that fail in tornadoes come apart at the connections, and the whole roof or wall then becomes a sail. A building held together is a strong structural box, but when its joints fail it becomes so many individual pieces. You can conduct an experiment at home to demonstrate this feature. Take a cardboard shipping box. If it's sealed up and taped closed the average adult can climb up and stand on it. Cut a couple of the corners with a box knife and it folds flat or crumples under much less weight. In the news video from Enterprise, AL, the steel trusses that once held up the school roof were still whole, but no longer held in place. The pieces had not failed, they had come apart from each other at the connections, and fallen on the children.

Structural engineers who design 50 or 100 story buildings, stadiums, bridges, and other large structures do extensive analysis to ensure that they survive severe windstorms. Engineers and builders who design and construct homes and schools do not design for storm survival. They use common construction techniques as specified in the Building Code, and which do not protect the building in the coming storm. Apparently our homes, schools, and children are throwaways. They are only expected to live until the next severe storm. Bob calls it criminal malfeasance of their duty.

Building codes for residential and commercial construction, including schools, is specified by a committee of "building officials" who turn out to be industry moguls who profit by producing cheaply made gingerbread buildings where appearance counts more than strength or the safety of our children. The average citizen really doesn't know if his house will survive a tornado and doesn't know what to ask for, nor whom to ask. The average citizen could demand storm survival engineering, but doesn't know he needs it. The building officials, architects, structural engineers, and construction contractors do know, or should know. Their failure to specify, design, and construct buildings that survive and protect the occupants is criminal malfeasance of their professional duty. If a building fails in a storm the cost of replacement should be billed to the architect, engineer, or builder who designed it. The good ones have insurance for mistakes and omissions, but the cost of their failure is rarely billed back to them. They build shoddy, designed to fail, homes, offices, stores, and schools because they save a buck today and someone else, an unsuspecting owner (sucker) 5 years later, will pay the cost of failure.

Mobile homes are even worse than site built homes. They are constructed according to standards set by a committee of mobile home manufacturers, and the driving standard design criteria is "cheaper is better." It doesn't even take a big tornado to rip apart a mobile home, just a strong wind will do it. We see news stories showing acres of destruction where mobile home parks once stood. Once again the cost of the expected destruction is paid by the suckers. The designers and manufacturers are protected from the failures of their known inadequate designs. They design for cheap. They know it will fail in the first storm, and that someone else will have to pay for their malfeasance of duty. Minimal product quality standards ought to require adequate design, and adequate strength for expected weather conditions. The cost of a wind destroyed mobile home should be summarily billed to its manufacturer. When a child is killed by the failure of a mobile home's design and construction, such as the girl who died last night, the CEO of the manufacturer and his chief designer ought to be summarily hanged without waiting for further investigation or trial. Manufacturing quality in the mobile home industry would improve rapidly.

When a building, utility, or other structure fails during a storm the immediate cause might be the storm, but the underlying cause is a failure to design and construct adequately to meet expected storms. The cost of failure needs to be billed back to the criminals who specify and design unacceptable buildings, not paid by an unsuspecting owner who was sold inadequate products by designers who ought to know better. If the home that was blown away generally met the legally required Building Code, then half the cost should be divided between the International Code Council, Inc., who is responsible for writing inadequate building codes, and the local building officials who adopted and required by law the inadequate code. The other half should be paid by the builder who relied on inadequate codes without ensuring that his building was sufficiently strong to withstand expected storms. For public buildings such as schools, the public officials have a duty to ensure that the buildings are specified and designed to survive expected storms. By insulating those responsible for inadequate building construction from the cost of their failures and shoddy work we encourage them to continue providing us with inadequate buildings. We have set up a system that virtually guarantees dead children every time there is a storm. If the cost and punishment for shoddy buildings was billed back to the designers and others responsible they would rapidly start specifying, designing and constructing buildings and utilities which would survive and protect us from the weather.

When children are killed by the collapse of a building the architect, engineer, and builder should be summarily hanged along with the School Board. All of them failed in their professional duty to ensure that the building they designed, constructed or purchased was adequate for the safety of the students. Their malfeasance and/or dereliction of duty caused the deaths of many children, and should be severely punished.