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Friday, March 30, 2007

Bob's Camping Hints

Summer is soon coming so here are a few of Bob's camping hints. Some years ago when Bob had 3 young sons we used to go camping for summer vacation. We'd pack up the tents and Coleman stove into the station wagon and head for the woods or lake. Things usually went well until about 2:30 A.M. when it would start to rain and the tent would start to leak. Cold wet kids in a rainy night with a leaky tent is no fun. I've noticed that many other campers put big blue tarps over their tents to keep the rain out.

A few years later I read an article about how to stay dry in a tent in Boys Life magazine published by the Boy Scouts. I've used the hints for years and it really works. Of course, Bob now has an RV so he isn't personally concerned as much with leaky tents. However, since its spring and many men are making plans for summer vacations, I'll pass the knowledge along to you readers.

The first thing to do is to waterproof your tent. Here's what to do. Put your tent up in the back yard. Coat it all over with Thompson's Water Seal. I use a paint roller and brush for the seams. They sell Thompson's at lumber yards to use on decks and outdoor wood, but it works well on boots and tents too. While you have the Thompson's out, paint the boots you will be wearing in the woods later this summer. Leave the tent up at least a week to dry out in the sun before rolling it back up. The Thompson's will have a bit of a chemical smell so you know its still there. I've camped out in rain storms that poured as many as 5 inches in a day and stayed dry. Thompson's can used to advertise its uses for boots and tents or other materials but doesn't any more. It may slightly discolor the fabric or leather by making it darker, but doesn't make it brittle or otherwise harm fabric or leather. There may be other brands that are as good, but I've only used Thompson's. A large tent can take a whole gallon of Thompson's.

The next place to worry about is the bottom. One time I suddenly had 4 inch deep stream coming down a gentle slope in a forest service campground and running right under my tent. The bottom of a tent tends to get little cuts and such which will leak in a pond or stream. When you go to the woods bring some 3 or 4 mill plastic. Roll it out inside the tent and cut it so it laps up the sides a couple of feet. Do NOT put plastic under the tent because that just forms a pond to leak through into your sleeping bag. I've also invested in one of those foot thick air beds and battery inflater. Now I'm dry and comfortable in camp and get a good night's sleep no matter the weather or the rocky ground.

My blue plastic has stitched on nylon corner reinforcements with large grommets. The factory grommets pull right out in a wind. I put it up on poles over the table/cooking area. I use 12 inch nails that I get from the lumber yard for stakes. Put them in at a 30 degree angle so when the wind blows the ropes have to pull the nail sideways. If the ground gets muddy a stake can pull straight out easily, but not sideways through the ground.

That's it for Bob's camping hints for now. Have a great time taking your sons fishing or camping.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip on waterproofing and great job on fathering three sons.

April 10, 2007 6:18 PM  

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