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Friday, March 30, 2007

2 Million is 2 Many!

Some years ago the US Government estimated that the number of men that they and local governments have in their hellhole concentration camps has exceeded 2 million. Men's activists began the slogan, "2 million is 2 many!" Others estimate that the number is closer to 4 million when debtor's prisons and other cages are counted. In cities like Cleveland the majority of men are former prisoners, "criminals" in the hate speech of the blue gun thugs. The majority of men are thus denied voting and other rights. But there is a limit. For every man cast into hell behind bars there is a family who grieves at his loss. For every man who the hateful government uses as an excuse to expand its police state oppression there is a cost to taxpayers. Every man they take out of the economy reduces the number of men available to pay for the police state and another cost. Somewhere there is a limit, and we are rapidly tending in that direction.

In Kali-fornia, Governor Terminator is proposing to build another big new hellhole for 78,000 more men. [It would do the world a favor if someone terminated him.] He's finding out that not everyone in Kali-fornia is a misandrist bigot bent on destroying men. A citizen protest demonstrated in Sacramento demanding that they stop the hellhole destruction of men and release many men who are now in hell. Kali-fornia hellholes are notorious for racist gang wars, brutality and abuse, killings, beatings and rapes of inmates. The actual treatment of a prisoner in Kali-fornia hellholes is probably worse than "cruel and unusual punishment" that is illegal by Constitution in the United States.

The anti-prison lobby swarmed into the Capitol on Wednesday April 28, 2007, to decry Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to build more housing space for an additional 78,000 inmates in state and county facilities in coming years. Activists gathered for two "Beyond Prisons Day" rallies on the west steps of the Capitol, listening to dozens of speakers blast the state's incarceration policies. Teams of lobbyists representing the Coalition for Effective Public Safety and Families to Amend California's Three Strikes then swarmed into the building for scheduled sit-down meetings with 26 lawmakers.

Many people today think that huge prisons are a necessary part of public safety. Nonsense! Massive prisons are a recent invention fueled by hate and promoted by feminazi. For most of human history our ancestors got along fine without big prisons. In tribal societies someone guilty of hurting another person often had to pay restitution. In medieval times a whole country might have a temporary holding cell or two, mostly for high political crimes. Before the 19th century England had the Tower of London as enough prison for the entire country. Some castles had one or two storage rooms in the cellar where the most serious political criminals could be temporarily held. But before feminism there were no prisons in the modern understanding. The huge modern prison system began in the 19th century concurrent with the rise of feminist hatred of men. An ongoing feminist hate campaign, aimed at the destruction of men, continues to demand that more and more men are rounded up and sent to hell. The cost of hell, holding good men in cages, is the second largest part of most state budgets in the USA. It is a cancer that eats community resources and destroys the whole society.

Kali-fornia doesn't need prisons for another 78,000 good men. Kali-fornia needs to tear down most of its existing hellholes. If you live in Kali-fornia contact the Coalition for Effective Public Safety or another similar group and participate in their lobbying efforts. If you live somewhere else help other men in our area fight back against the police state, feminist state, hate machine. And always remember, a good pig is a dead pig, and a good feminist hate monger is a dead feminist hate monger.


Anonymous Paul Parmenter said...

I can't believe California alone needs to lock up another 78,000 men on top of those already in jail. Here in the UK (population about 60 million) we have about 78,000 prisoners in total, in the entire country. And many of those are falsely imprisoned on trumped-up charges, including of course the unsupported word of lying women.

So is America crawling with criminals on every street? Or is it just that men get thrown in jail in America for things that would not be crimes anywhere else?

March 30, 2007 3:51 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to paul: In the USA we have a monserous "crime" industry that feeds on and destroys everything it touches. Men like Mr. Baugher are sent to hellholes for the faux "crime" of being a father with children. Most "crimes" were created by the "enforcement" industry for the primary purpose of justifying their bloated budgets. The average man on the streets would be far more safe, and would regain our freedom if the lot of them were impaled.

March 30, 2007 4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bob: could you impale them for us? (The operators of this feminist police state).

March 30, 2007 11:08 PM  
Anonymous Paul Parmenter said...


That's exactly what I thought. There are efforts to drag us down the same road in the UK too, but there is resistance.

Keep up the good work.

March 31, 2007 3:57 AM  

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