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Friday, April 04, 2014

Technical devices to listen for Flight 370 pinger finally deployed TODAY!

Its been about 4 weeks since Malaysian flight 370 was hijacked by pirates and flown to somewhere. For the past 4 weeks CNN has had almost 24 hour "news" talk about the missing plane and passengers. Not ever have they talked about where it might have been headed flying west by northwest until it flew out of radar range. Not once. And none of their experts interviewed will talk about it either.

For a month they have been telling us that the plane suddenly turned south immediately after getting out of radar range, and flew south until its fuel expired. No plausible or even non-plausible explanation has been offered to justify their assertions that some unknown and unfathomable reason cause a sharp left turn out of sight.

So today, we are told that technical equipment is being deployed in the alleged search area to listen for the automatic "PING" from the allegedly missing plane. Today! Almost a month after they say the plane crashed into the ocean. Today! Not a month ago when it supposedly crashed. Today! Why?

Why won't they talk about where the plane was headed (WEST) when it flew across Malaysia and out over the ocean? Why?

Internet reports from independent reporters have reported since March 18 that a cell phone photo was transmitted by a passenger from Diego Garcia. Why haven't CNN or other lying news media even been willing to talk about such reports long enough to dismiss them? Why?

The cell phone transmission from the IBM executive on the missing plane says he was hijacked by unknown soldiers and is being held in an unknown location. The cell phone embedded GPS coordinates of a hanger at the US air base in Diego Garcia the transmitted photo, according to published Internet reports. Shouldn't these reports at least be investigated?

What other lies are they telling us?


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