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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Police helmet cam: Camper turning from officers when shot

Another day, another MURDER by the blue gang terrorists who now rule our nation by fear and violence. Here is Helmet cam video of an armed killer gang murdering a homeless man for unauthorized camping, a misdemeanor. Note how the murderers shoot him in the back, and then shoot him a few more times for good measure while he is on the ground dead or dying. Note how they sick their vicious attack dog on the body just in case he can be ripped up more. No man is safe, and no man has any rights in the US while these terrorist gangs are roaming our streets. We should be taking lessons from the French Revolution.

This one was caught on camera. The same kind of wanton murder goes on in every city of America every day. We the people pay in money and blood.

See Video on Albuquerque Newspaper

APD helmet camera video footage of a fatal police standoff in the Sandia Foothills on Sunday March 16, 2014. The illegal camper shot by Albuquerque police this week was turning away from officers when they fired at him, according to video released by Chief Gorden Eden on Friday March 21, 2014.The shots come after a confrontation in which the man, identified as 38-year-old James Boyd, tells police he�s going to walk down the mountain with them.Copyright 2014, Albuquerque


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