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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Eco Wackos Learn about Melting Ice

Its high summer in the southern hemisphere, so the “Global Warming” alarmists decided to use summer weather to “document” sea ice melting in the Antarctic ocean. The lying scum rounded up a couple dozen faux scientists and photographers to film penguins on floating chunks of ice with open water. Only there isn't any global warming and the sea ice isn't melting this year, not even at high summer.

The faux scientists and TV propagandists chartered a Russian ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy for their propaganda mission, a.k.a. “research.” Despite their advocacy of fraudulent “global warming” lies, the Antarctic ice isn't cooperating. It hasn't melted this year. The earth is getting colder, not warmer. Instead of melting ice the faux “researchers” found near record ice, even at Midsummer Day in the Antarctic. Under 24 hour summer sunshine their chartered ship got stuck in ice flows. They spent Midsummer's Day and Xmas well stuck in the ice.
Global Warming Ship
Global Warming alarmist propaganda ship stuck in ice.

Serves the lying scum right. Any normal person would learn from this experience and understand that global warming is a fraud. But these are true believers in the far left religion. Not even spending weeks in danger of being crushed by ice and killed won't teach them that the world is getting colder, not warmer.

Good men are risking their lives trying to save the lying scum. Ice breaker ships from China, Austrilia, and other nations are attempting a rescue but the “melted” ice is so thick that the Chinese ice breaker ship got stuck too. The propaganda filmers probably will be stuck for months. Stupid is its own reward.

UPDATE December 30, 2013
I found this on a published article from The Guardian:   "Given the recent reorganisation of the ice around the Mertz glacier, glaciologists aboard the Shokalskiy think the ship might have become inadvertently caught in the formation of a new area of fast ice, which could stay in place for several years."

CBS News this morning is talking about having to abandon the ship to the ice.  So much for their efforts to "document" how globla warming is melting Antarctic ice. 
Global Warming Ship

Recent photo of ship showing it being squeezed out of ice and listing to port.

The global warming alarmists still haven't learned.  Their most recent message still asserts that ice is melting, "Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up."   The fools never learn. You can't fix STUPID!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Global Warming traps "Ice Breaker" ship.

On the news today, from frozen NYC: A Russian ice breaker ship is stuck and stranded in sea ice near Antarcitica. Algore and the left wing media promised us that the ice would all be gone by 2013. LOL. Total bogus nonsense. Its getting colder, not warmer as the SUN has gone a little dim. We will be lucky not to end up with sheet ice over Canada and northern Europe.

Read news story here

It is of course Midsummer in the Antarctic.  Wasn't all the ice supposed to melt and raise our sea levels?  O'Dumbo still demands big taxes on fuel while he works to shut down American energy industry. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

O'Dumbo lies and lies and lies.

“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” - Barack Obama.

Have you gotten your Obamacare TAX notice yet?   How many lies does a brain dead zombie tolerate?   Can a University graduate still understand the difference?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period!"

What more is there to say about the lying Kenyan Pretender?

Evil Blue Shirt Gang Murders Unarmed Student.

Until December 6, Robert Cameron Redus was an honors student at the University of the Incarnate Word, a private Catholic institution in San Antonio, Texas.

The blue pigshit, Chris Carter, “pulled over” Mr. Redus off campus near a school parking lot. The belligerent pigshit started a fight, attempting to bind Mr. Redus in chains and then beat Redus over the head with his baton (club). Mr Redus disarmed the swine of his club and used it to defend himself from further attempted assault and battery.

At that point the blue swine pulled out his gun and threatened Mr. Redus with death. Mr Redus' last words, according to witnesses, were, “Oh, you're gonna shoot me?” The murderous swine then emptied his gun into Mr. Redus, killing him.

This kind of murder is common all across America as violent murdering blue gun thugs roam our streets killing unarmed citizens.

We don't know what Mr. Redus' alleged “crime” was. Evidently he had violated one of their impossible traffic rules which made him subject to armed robbery by the blue pigshits. An incomplete stop to wait for non-existent cross traffic at 2 AM is now a death penalty offense. May he rest in peace.

Killer Cop Chris Carter
Somebody get a rope!

Murdering pigshit Carter should be hanged at dawn by decent citizens. The criminal government will do nothing to protect the people from their hired blue gun thugs.  Read Yahoo News Here

Friday, December 06, 2013

Its So Cold We Are Having A Hard Time Seeing How Warm The Earth Is Getting

Most of the US is locked in another blast of arctic cold this week, way below zero in the northern parts. The UK and much of Europe and Asia are experiencing similar cold. Even down under in Australia they may have a white Christmas in the mountains – in the middle of their summer.

The sun is supposed to be in the middle of its cyclic maximum. Solar cycles have been observed for hundreds of years. The maximum solar output is visible because of sunspots that can be counted and recorded. We are currently in the “maximum” of cycle 24, the 24th observed and recorded cycle. Only one problem, it didn't happen. The sun is very quiet. Only 4 sun spots out today, not 10 or more that we would expect. Solar activity hasn't been this low since the “Little Ice Age” also called the Medieval Cool Period. Its COLD! Its getting COLDER! And the sun shows no sign of warming us up.

Humans have always thrived during warm times. Looking back over history there was a major warm period after the great ice age melted. Human populations rapidly increased, agriculture became common, cities were built, and prosperity ruled across the earth. Then around 2,000 BCE there was a cold period. Civilizations collapsed. Human populations shrank. Millions suffered. Again there was a warm period that saw the rise of the Roman Empire, agriculture in the British Isles, prosperity in China, and human populations expanding across the globe. The end of that warm time produced the so-called “Little Ice Age” of medieval centuries. Civilizations collapsed again for hundreds of years. Famine, disease, and starvation depopulated much of Europe. Britons gave up wine production when vineyards froze out, and became the beer drinkers they still are today. Politicians and Priests blamed the suffering on Witches, on The Devil, on anything and everything but the lack of sunshine.

The latest warm cycle peaked in the late 20th century. Corrupt politicians used the cyclic warming to justify radical socialist agendas, forgetting that humans thrive during warm times and suffer during cold times. But despite all the Nobel Prizes for social political idiots the sun began sliding rapidly toward low output. Solar Cycle 24 has few sunspots. It has nothing at all to do with CO2 and the socialist programs to tax fuel or their intended destruction of western economies. Fakes, frauds, charlatans, and priests always blame “bad” humans for natural events. Useful idiots always believe them.

The bottom line to remember about so-called “global warming” is that humans thrive when its warm, but humans suffer and die when its cold. Warm is good. Cold is bad.

Taxes and other government programs to stop us from being warm is insane.

South Africa is a disaster under black socialist anarchy

All the anti-white racists are having an orgy of self gratification today over Nelson Mandela and how they used him to destroy South Africa. Two decades ago South Africa was the most successful, perhaps only successful African economy. Wealth and prosperity poured out. But to achieve prosperity the South Africans had to maintain political control of educated white European immigrants. Successful white people is always very offensive to the anti-white racists at CBS, NBC, PBS, the UN, American Universities, and all the other anti-white racist organizations.

The anti-white racists successfully destroyed South Africa and installed an uneducated black radical government. SA is now the worlds leader in murder rate, far exceeding any other nation. Its citizens have gone from living in lovely peaceful neighborhoods to living in armed compounds. Poverty and suffering have replaced wealth and abundance.

Today the anti-white racist media is all having an orgy of celebration for their destruction of South African whites and the destruction caused by installing Nelson Mandela's ignorant racist policies as the anarchist government. How many deaths of black and white Africans would it take for the racist hate media to care? You can't count that high. They don't care.

It makes me want to puke.