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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Napoleonic Victory

The feminazi have won in education from the first preschool to the halls of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning. In a long campaign that began a century ago feminist sought to capture education. Feminist writers of the 20th century whined about how men succeeded in education while women were relegated to second class. Men went to Harvard, while women had to be satisfied with a comparatively second rate women's college next door. All the great philosophers and leaders were man, and men went to important universities. Women went to women's colleges and had less important careers, and many just got married after graduation. Feminazi never figured out that important universities are important because important MEN went there. So, the feminazi set out to capture education. In K-12 education the feminazi began casting suspicion on male teachers. "Why is he teaching children," they asked, "Is he some kind of pedophile"? They made it very risky for men to choose education as a career. In colleges and universities they have moved pedagogy from lecture and argument to collaboration and discussion groups. They have taken over. They have won the battle. Female now dominate Hervard, even mustering the power to toss out the University President who had the nerve to suggest that scholarly research needs to be done before feminist dogma is adopted as accepted truth.

But what have they won? As many as a third of K-12 boys drop out of school and are home schooled or independently educated. Young men are leaving universities in droves, down to 40% of entering freshmen and falling rapidly. The process is much like Napoleon's victorious Russian campaign. After a thousand mile assault Napoleon's half million man army captured Moscow almost without a fight. He spent some time wallowing in his victory before he gradually became aware that it was an empty victory. He had captured a great city in a great nation, but it had been abandoned by the great people. There were no Russians left to rule, nor to feed his army. In the end Napoleon's grand and glorious victory at Moscow was meaningless, or worse an unparalleled disaster for him and for France. The feminazi victory in education is a Napoleonic victory. The feminazi have taken over colleges and universities but the men whom they sought to capture and control have moved on, and are fleeing the city in droves. Great captains of industry, Bill Gates, Sam Wal, Dave of Wendys, and many others are not university graduates. In fact a collaborative education in a feminazi university will not lead to success. Two thirds of the female graduates give up their careers for marriage and families still, much to the disappointment of the lesbian feminists who thought they were to be soldiers in the war against men. Men have found other ways to succeed than feminist education, and in fact can not succeed with a feminist education. It will take time and cause hardship, like Napoleon caused hardship to Russians who had lived in Moscow, but it's a hollow victory and a disaster for the feminazi. The feminist capture of Hervard is a Napoleonic victory. They captured the city, but they have lost.

For further reading on this topic see Bobstruth: Universities are Irrelevant.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hughes Net Sucks!

I subscribed to HughesNet satellite direct Internet. It was DirecWay Internet. I've had it for about a month now and it's the biggest piece of crap I've ever had since I've been on-line. Bob has been on line since the days of Commodore computers and 300 baud bulletin boards. Bob has seen the good and the bad, and Hughes satellite direct Internet service is expensive crapola. About 1 day out of 2 it goes off-line and stays off line for hours. Their "technical support" phone number gives you an endless recording recommending their on-line support web site, which you can't access since their crap Internet service is down. Every other company I've dealt with at least would talk to their customers, and some of them actually have technical support available. For example, I subscribed to Comcast cable Internet for several years. Their service only went out about once a year, and when I messed something up their technical support was always available for help. Not with HughesNet crap. So fare I've never been able to talk to a live support person, and by now she doesn't want to hear the things I would tell her about how crappy their lack of service has been. As a company, HughesNet makes AOL seem like heaven. I wish we still lived where Comcast serves. HughesNet (DirecWay) has got to be the worst company I've ever tried to deal with. They don't provide the service they promise, and they won't talk to their customers.

Does anyone have a software that will phone their number every 15 seconds? I'd love to call their "customer assistance" line a few hundred thousand times. I'm liable to pack the whole dish up and give it back to them and tell them to sue me. They have failed utterly to provide the service they promised.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Something doesn't add up with the Holocaust.

Last night I was flipping channels and came across the History Channel doing a piece about Nazi occupation of Rome and Catholic opposition to rounding up Jews for extermination. Included with the discussion were views of old standard file photos of starving emaciated death camp survivors and starved bodies piled like cordwood. It reminded me of a question that has been gnawing at the back of my thinking for years. All my life we have been told that the Nazis had "death camps" where they exterminated trainloads of Jews by sending them to gas chambers and crematoriums. The photos of bodies and emaciated corpse-like survivors are widely distributed and hauled out by organizations like the History Channel quite frequently. But something doesn't add up with the official story. Old photos of Auchwitz, Dachau, and similar places show long rows of barracks where hundreds of thousands of Jews were held prisoner for months or years. Indeed there were gas chambers and crematoriums, but why build so many acres of barracks holding hundreds of thousands if the function of the place is just to exterminate them? The Germans are industrious and efficient if they are anything. If they intended to simply exterminate and cremate the Jews they would not have needed barracks for hundreds of thousands. Something else was going on. Were lower members of the Nazi officer corps thwarting the plans by diverting hundreds of thousands to prisons instead of gas chambers? Were they unable to construct crematoriums sufficient to cope with the numbers, but were able to construct barracks for hundreds of thousands of prisoners and provide guards for them? Not likely. The existence of huge fields of barracks for hundreds of thousands of prisoners belies the official claim that these places were simply extermination centers. Bob doesn't know what the truth is, but the photos don’t add up with the official, politically correct story. I think it took me more than 40 years of seeing those photos to figure out that something was wrong with what we were being told. You don't build prisons for hundreds of thousands of prisoners in order to run an extermination gas chamber and crematorium. Now I wonder what the truth was?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cowshit lieyer of the month

Durham County's District Attorney, Mike Nifong, is the biggest piece of cowshit that has hit the fan recently. He(?) is running for reelection and in the process running over the honor and reputation of 46 bright and talented young men. Cowshit Nifong is persecuting the Duke University lacrosse team with phony rape-hate charges in a pathetic misguided attempt to get votes from feminazi bitches. The criminal in the whole matter is Nifong. He's the one who ought to lose his job and be sent straight to hell. We don't need that kind of malicious scum lieyer in a decent country. That kind of cowshit almost make other lieyers look halfway decent.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Has ANY female EVER been hurt by rape?

When Bob's mother was growing up the advice or rape that women of Bob's grandmother's generation gave them was "If rape is inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it." Feminists have decried this age-old female advice. It perpetuates ancient female knowledge that sex is a normal body activity that can be enjoyable, even if it wasn't her idea. Many years later Bob learned that the counselor's training manual at a local Rape Crisis Center contains advice for counselors to deal with women who enjoyed the rape and had screaming wild orgasms during the rape. Often, according to the manual, it leaves them confused about whether or not they are really a "victim" or a beneficiary of the rape.

Over several decades Bob has known several women who supposedly were raped, or legally were raped. For example, Bob once dated a young woman whose first sexual experience was being raped by a Catholic Priest at the age of 19. She was confused about the theological and religious implications, but she liked the sex well enough to give up celibacy and take up with men like me. One of the young females in Bob's high school had been doing sex with her uncle about once a week since she was 11 years old, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Legally, it was one of the most harshly prosecuted kinds of "rape" despite the lack of harm. The last time Bob saw her she was a well adjusted 29 year old wife and mother who still occasionally met her uncle for sex, and still enjoyed every hot fucking bit of it. The fictional rape of Scarlet by Ret Butler made Gone With the Wind into the best selling novel of all time, and rape continues to be a dominant theme in most female's chosen fiction.

Meanwhile the feminazi has condemned rape as the worst possible crime. Their rape-hate propaganda campaign has made virtually all sex into rape and all men into evil rapists. Any man convicted or who pleads guilty to a rape crime is vilified for life. Forever he must register his location with the blue gun thugs, have his neighbors notified, and not live near any normal location. Often he is driven out of town, every town. And the definition of "rape" has been expanded to include every sexual encounter that the female regrets the next day or the next year. Sex with young women is defined as "rape" for the purpose of vilifying young men, even while the woman is the active sexual aggressor. Sex is defined as "rape" by law when the female has had a few drinks for the purpose of vilifying young men, while a man is responsible for all of his actions such as sex or driving, even when he drank more than she did. An encounter where she went to his hotel room at midnight for the purpose of sex is called "rape" for the purpose of vilifying young men, if she didn't enjoy it as much as she hoped she would. And while it's not "rape" the playful or incidental touching of a girl by a 6 year old boy is now prosecuted criminally as "sexual abuse."

Over the past several decades Bob has read probably thousands of news stories about "rape," known several females who claimed to have a "my rapist," but Bob has never met a woman who suffered any actual harm from rape, by any definition. Now we are not talking about murder of battery which are different crimes. All you hysterical femorrhoids who immediately switch mentally from "rape" to serial murder can back off. Murder is a different topic. We are talking about rape, the forced sexual joining of a man and a female. The humping up and down without her controlling the man and the situation.

We are also not talking about the pain that some virgin women feel during their first sex. Virginal pain is normal to being female and sex regardless of the circumstances. Normal sexual feelings are irrelevant to the topic of rape.

In Bob's experience from talking to many females, the female often got hurt feelings from rape, mostly from the loss of control over the man and the situation. Often feminist females hold onto and nurse their hurt feelings for years or decades, refusing to let it go, waiving "my rapist" like a flag for admission to the feminist victimology club, much like DAR applicants pointing to "my ancestor." But were they hurt by the rape? Other than a few hurt feelings, not at all.

The counselor's guide for the Rape Crisis Center teaches counselors how to convince well fucked women that they are "victims!" when they had a good time getting laid. Grandmother's "relax and enjoy it" would be good advice to many who phone the Rape Crisis Center. But the femorrhoids who staff the Center work in the rape-hate industry. Every rape is a fate worse than death and the female is destroyed for life (don't ask them how). There are many urban legends about some female who almost died from the injuries suffered by rape, but like other urban legends nobody is able to track down who or where it actually happened. The so-called victims are encouraged to dwell on their victimhood, to amplify and magnify, to seek counseling in order to wallow in their hurt feelings. Having a good time and letting it go just isn't acceptable to those who use rape as a weapon in their hate war against men.

Bob has never met or known any woman who was hurt by rape other than a few hurt feelings which would go away quickly if they weren't fed and amplified over and over and over. Let's face it. The insertion of a cock into a cunt is a normal, natural body function for both the man and the female. It's how cunts work and what they do. It's their normal function. There are two billion or more women on earth who, on average, enjoy sex ever week or two. That means that a million women somewhere in the world are enjoying the insertion of a cock into their cunts right now as you read this article. It just doesn't cause physical injury to the female no matter who decided that now would be a good time to do it.

How about you readers? Do you know any female who was actually hurt by being raped, by being forced to accept a man's cock in her cunt? If you do please let us know with specifics, not urban legends. Leave out the mass murder scenarios too, that's murder, not rape. Bob just doesn't think rape actually hurts anyone and therefore is not is a serious crime at all. What do you all say?

Holocaust against MEN

In an on-line men's group someone recently asked about current laws that register and publish the names of "sexual offenders." Usually the so-called "sexual offender" is required to notify the blue gun thugs of where he lives. Usually he is prohibited from living within some hundred yards of any school, church, etc., and the overlap in many cases in fact prohibits him from living anywhere in the city. A recent news story from Iowa described a motel a few miles out of town where several so-called "sexual offenders" lived because there was no place in the city which was far enough for them to legally live. The blue gun thugs post his name and picture on the Internet, and notify everyone who lives in his area that he is a "sexual offender."

From the list of feminist definitions:

Feminist definition: "sexual predator," --> n. a man.

Feminist definition, "sex offender" --> n. a man

In our local area an 18 year old man was recently convicted of the "crime" of doing sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend. Now he's a "sex offender" for the rest of his life. The gun thugs just arrested his friend, also 18, for "assisting rape" because the friend sometimes accompanied the in-love couple. His friend will also be a "sexual predator" for the rest of his life. This kind of stupid hate crimes against men are what constitutes the vast majority of so-called "sex offenders." Lies, hate, and persecution, a holocaust.

The listing of so-called "sexual offenders" and life long persecution of MEN who are already way over-persecuted for relatively minor transgressions is one of the worst abuses of feminazi police power. It's part of the worst "witch hunt" that has ever taken place.

The one-time well-known novel, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, describes how one woman was once the subject of just such a torment. The very idea made literary outrage for centuries. Today we have hundreds of thousands of MEN in similar positions and the public blindly supports it. The whole program ought to be scrapped and the evil misandrist scum who have been persecuting so many decent MEN should be run out of town on a rail. As you mention, people who commit really bad crimes such as armed robbery are never so hotly persecuted. Who is persecuted are MEN, and any excuse that targets MEN specifically is widely demanded by the feminazi holocaust.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Monopolies are like that.

I was listening to a radio talk show the other morning and the host was going on and on about how bad doctors treat their customers. He told of walking out of a doctor's office after waiting more than an hour for a scheduled appointment, and on the next time too he walked out again after waiting another hour. He allowed as how all doctors seem to delight in making patients wait. He told of his elderly uncle who generally waited in his wheelchair for two hours to see his doctor. He observed that perhaps the nature of their work makes doctors a bit callous toward their patients, but that doesn't explain the whole medical business's lack of concern for their customers. The primary reason is that they are in a monopoly position. The customers, which they call "patients" can not go to other providers because they all are part of the same AMA monopoly. No doctor cares if one or a dozen customers go away and die. His, and increasingly her practice is filled up with more. The AMA restricts competition by controlling the number of new doctors that can be trained and certified. When Bob was in college the respected medical school of that large western university was threatened with loss of medical license because they had graduated more doctors than the AMA quota allowed. There was no question about the quality of the medical training that the graduate doctors had received, only that the quota had been exceeded. By restricting the supply the AMA is able to maintain an effective monopoly position in medical treatment. No doctor cares about patients because it's either comply or die. There is no non-AMA medical treatment to go to. There are no non-monopoly controlled training programs or alternatives. It's not the nature of the work that makes doctors so rich and callous, it's the nature of monopoly power that corrupts. Doctors can treat patients like shit because the patients are at their most vulnerable with no other provider to which they can turn.

When the phone company was a monopoly they also treated customers like shit. We were charged fraudulent fees for "long distance" calls and a long list of other added charges. People had to wait sometimes for months to get new service, especially in outlying areas. Qwest flouted a law requiring high speed data lines for years. Now that cell phones and VOIP are available the older phone companies are scurrying to retrain their arrogant employees in the ways of customer service rather than customer mistreatment. Every monopoly business eventually grows more concerned about it's own self, it's own image, it's days off and benefits programs than it does about low prices or customer needs. The American auto industry along with the auto-workers union still haven't really learned that they no longer can charge whatever price they like for whatever junk they want to produce. Older airlines are still struggling to rid themselves of monopoly based pay scales, ridiculous pilot pay, etc., decades after their monopoly position was eliminated. The medical industrial complex, led by the AMA, still has an unbroken government protected monopoly and still are arrogant overpaid assholes who don't give a shit about the sick man waiting for hours after a scheduled appointment time.

Insurance companies exacerbate the problems with the medical monopoly. A person on an insurance plan is effectively stuck with whatever medical treatment the plan provides. When it's a company paid plan the customer has even less choice than for private plans. And insurance companies don't care if the prices are way too high. In fact, the more it costs for medical care the more money insurance companies make. Their profits are pretty much based on the dollar volume of the medical care. If a typical insurance company is covering, let's say, one million dollars of medical cost each year they divide up the million dollars and bill customers for a million and one hundred thousand for their costs and profits. If the medical prices double, to two million, the insurance divides that up and charges two million two hundred thousand. Their fee and PROFIT doubled simply because they can now write "2" instead of "1" on each form. Insurance companies encourage high medical costs and monopoly domination of the medical business.

It is the nature of monopolies to screw the customers while enjoying unreasonable and unfair profits for themselves. In the medical business where the customer's only other choice is death or extreme physical suffering, it is morally unconscionable to allow, let alone protect, a medical monopoly. The government ought to be encouraging medical competition by medical schools, private doctor training programs, and every other means to increase competition for medical services. It is outrageous that the government sponsors the tightly controlled AMA monopoly. Every political hack who has yammered on about "medical reform" for the past 50 years has not even mentioned real medical reform, nor uttered a word about breaking the medical industrial monopoly. What politicians invariably talk about is forcing taxpayers to pay whatever outrageous prices and costs that the monopoly feels like charging. How many limos and yachts do the doctors want? Politicians claiming to support so-called "reform" of the medical business are only ever demanding that taxpayers be forced to pay whatever the monopoly feels like charging? And as for the hours we wait in their offices after our scheduled appointments, until we can walk out and go to brand X doctors it will never change. Until the doctor who treats his patients like crap goes out of business because all the patients went elsewhere it will never change. Monopolies are like that.

Behind lawyers, doctors might be the least moral profession. They have no morals or ethics at all, only greed, and often bury their mistakes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Another Slimeball Judge

Saginaw, MI, Judge Fred L. Borchard sent a dead-broke MAN to prison for 17 months for being unable to pay his indentured servitude slavery (so-called "child support") payments. here Indentured servitude is a form of slavery and is prohibited in the United States. Debtors prisons were abhorrent before the American Revolution and were a leading reason for the establishment of our Constitutional government. Evil Judge Fred L. Borchard violates all the basic laws of the United States in order to wage the feminazi war on men. He deserves no right to walk the public streets with decent human beings. Judge Borchard is an evil agent of Satan who wears the black robes of hell. Borchard is personified evil to be put out of it's misery. His kind need to be coated with hot tar and feathers before being hung up by his heels until his corpse rots and falls to the ground. He is the epitome of anti-men evil and a disgrace to the human race.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The myth of motherly love.

Some misandrist bitch wrote a comment to Bob, "your mother still loves you." What a crock of feminazi shit. Mothers, by and large, hate their sons. Mothers are very abusive and violent to boys. Child abuse statistics show that mothers are twice as abusive to children as fathers or anyone else and the excessive motherly abuse is directed at their boys while the girls are pampered. Motherly abuse includes all kinds of sexual abuse as well as torture, starvation, confinement, beating and you name it. Mommy murder is the leading cause of death for boys less than 10 years old. Millions of boys are now on zombie drugs. Sexual mutilation of boys in the US outnumbers all other violent crimes against children and all other violent sex crimes combined. Mothers today were taught feminist prejudice against boys and men by their feminazi mothers and school teachers, and deeply believe that their sons are some kind of scum. They are lucky that MEN are loving, kind, and gentle by nature or they would reap vengeance for all the child abuse they have done.

No, anonymous, mothers by and large DO NOT love their sons. Mothers kill and abuse their sons in huge numbers, and when grown still harbor deep misandry for the rest of their lives. Your feminazi myths about mothers love is just another of the pack of feminist lies that your mother told you.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ace Hardware goes Pussy

For decades Ace Hardware has advertised a jingle which said, "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man." Not any more. The new Ace commercial has some bimbo singing, "Ace is the place with the helpful hardware pros."

Combine a bimbo and the word "pros" and something other than hardware comes to mind. Ace has sold out to the feminazi. Forget the fact that MEN still buy and use almost all the hardware they sell. Forget the fact that MEN aren't going to listen to a female clerk who has no clue about which drill bit is right for this job. Ace sold out to the PC mentality that doesn't want to offend female homemakers who might be buying decorative items or houseware. But that's houseware, not hardware. MEN still build the houses and do almost all of the repairs around the house. MEN still buy and use almost all the hardware.

Ace hardware is being disrespectful to the many MEN who still work there, and disrespectful to the many MEN who shop there. They are following the feminazi prohibition against the word "MAN" or it's plural, "MEN." Feminist language calls MEN, "males," a form once restricted to subhuman animals. Feminazi think of MEN as subhuman animals, which is why the feminazi who teach school and college English have been working so hard to eliminate "men" from the English language. If you notice the talking heads on TV, especially the bimbo "news" reporters, they will go to lengths to say anything but "man." ACE hardware has now joined the misandrist feminist language revolution and has removed "men" from its language. ACE will no longer respect its employees by calling them "men." We, the MEN who buy hardware, ought to remove "ACE" from our language and our suppliers.

If you want to buy hardware from a MAN's store, where a MAN who knows hardware is there to give advice and support, don't go to Ace Hardware. They've turned it over to female bimbo pros. Turn on the red lights.

Monday, April 03, 2006

You are wrong. You are crazy.

Note to the feminazi who make occasional visits to Bob's Truth and who insist on using the comment function to hurl the usual ad-hominem stupidity. The definition of "crazy," ladies, is to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Feminiazi have been doing feminism for a century and a half, and the more they do it the worse the results become. That is because feminism is inherently disastrous for virtually everyone in the society. It's like communism, a nice idea that doesn't work in society. Like the USSR spiraled down and down until it eventually collapsed under communism, western nations are spiraling down and down under feminism until we reach a social collapse and a counter revolution. Feminism or anything else that doesn't work is not helped by doing it harder or longer. As Bob's heading says, you can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. Feminism is very misguided sexist bigotry that has destroyed millions of families and hurt hundreds of millions of men, children, and women. Despite your years of Feminiazi training and beliefs, you are wrong, you are crazy, you are flailing away at the dregs of a society on it's way down and hoping that more of the same old tired hate will somehow turn into love and peace. You are wrong. You are crazy.

How low the society will go before rejecting the miserable failure of feminism is anyone's guess. We already have the majority of children being born into unmarried homes, and the numbers rise yearly. Children born into married homes have a poor probability of keeping their fathers. Education is a disaster, work has become hostile to it's productive employees, millions of good men are in prisons for the "crime" of being men, the toll on human lives is immeasurable. Yet feminazi keep trying to do the same old hate and hoping for different results. You are wrong. You are crazy. Read the rules for posting comments on the left margin of Bobs Truth, and then go away.

The only good feminazi is a dead feminazi.