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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time to Hunker Down

Yesterday Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered its outlook on US government debt from “stable” to “negative. This should be no surprise to anyone who follows financial news. At least two of the largest bond buying investment firms, including Berkshire Hathaway, have already stopped buying US Bonds or divested themselves of US Bonds. In fact, for some months the US government has been printing cash and “borrowing” from itself because NOBODY with money will lend it to them. Printing and spending unlimited quantities of cash devalues all the other cash in circulation. It inevitably results in runaway inflation. We are already seeing massive inflation everywhere we look. Food, fuel, metals, wood, transportation, manufactured products, all are up almost 50% with no end in sight.

What does the US government plan to do about the collapse of the US economy. NOTHING!. The Obama wants to keep spending like there is no tomorrow. He says we should raise taxes on everyone who still have enough money to start a business or buy some bonds until they are as broke as the 47% who pay no taxes now. His proposed so-called “budget” plans to double the US debt in 10 years and then some other generation of politicians can figure out what to do. In current political rhetoric, The Obama advocates kicking the can down the road again.

Republicans are no better. Despite their much ballyhooed advocacy of cutting spending, the Republicans advocate borrowing $2 trillion more in only the next 18 months. Republicans say that their so-called “budget” won't become balanced for 40 years. Everybody knows that a politician making promises longer than 4 years is the same as “never.” A few “TEA PARTY” Republicans want to balance the budget and stop borrowing, but the senior Republican leadership sides with Democraps to out vote conservatives.

So there is no hope for government to save itself. It is rushing pell mell toward total financial collapse. That will precipitate a revolution or restructuring of government. The transition won't be fun. There will be famine, pestilence, war, shortages, disease, and death by the millions. By comparison the Great Depression will look like good times.

Some other nations are already having food riots and their governments are blaming the US for burning food as motor fuel. On Sunday I couldn't get their Bacon Burger because they were out of bacon. Later the same day I heard business news that there is a bacon shortage in the US. The US is now having a shortage of bacon, on business news and at one local hamburger joint. Our government is forcing conversion of corn to motor fuel instead of corn being fed to hogs. That is what the loony bins call “green.” In real terms it is another step to global famine.

I saw a news today from SCOTUS. Several states are trying to shut down electricity production to reduce CO2 in smoke. The electric industry argues that only the Federal Government EPA has authority to do that. EPA is slower to implement regulations but is working on it too despite refusal of Congress to authorize them to do so. The Obama doesn't need no F'ing Congress to destroy the national economy. My own state Legislature already outlawed our only coal fired electric generation plant. They were given a couple years to close down.

There is a reason that the world's highest buildings are in Kuala Lumpur. They encourage business. There is a reason that Kuwait is constructing massive housing for rich people and making huge profits doing so. Kuwait welcomes people with wealth. Meanwhile an anti-American communist US government is working hard to drive business and wealth out of the country as it destroys the United Sates we once knew.

How long will it last? When will it collapse. Have we reached the tipping point yet? What should you do now?

If you have portable assets you should already have moved to Kuala Lumpur, Kuwait, Hong Kong, South Korea, or some other nation that values economic wealth. If you are a member of the working poor you are stuck here and need to be prepared for the crash.

By now you should have stored a year of food, ammunition, and some trade goods. You cannot depend on the electric grid, gasoline supplies, or even running water for a while. Mobs of starving people or armies of the Communist loony bins may end up foraging through our homes to steal our stored food and take our guns. They likely will act much as the communist police state did in New Orleans after they caused the flood by stealing levy maintenance money. The same communists who caused the total collapse of our once great nation will try to blame everyone else while they rob us to survive. That's why you should have stockpiled ammunition. After the collapse you can join together with your neighbors for mutual protection, forming militias and armed defense groups. You can protect yourselves and your families against the marinading hordes of starving libtards who created the disaster.

The news is all bad. The tipping point is at hand. Lying media still whines about raising the government's debt limit long after they have passed the limits of lenders. Their FED prints money and calls it “monetizing the debt.” Runaway inflation has begun. This may be your last chance to stock up while you still can. Get ready to hunker down and defend your home for a year.

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Budget Crimes -- What's Going On

The law says the Congress must pass a budget and appropriations bills for the government before the beginning of each Fiscal Year. FY 2011 began on October 1, 2010. These are usually enacted one department at a time for each department, agency, project, etc. Last year, both houses of Congress were controlled by Democrats, but they failed entirely to adopt a budget for even a single department of the government. Instead they passed a so-called Continuing Resolution to allow the government which continue spending at FY 2010 levels for a few months. A CR fails to address new needs for this year, and continues funding for completed projects such as the 2010 census staff. The Continuing Resolution Expired in March.

Last year in November voters tossed out many Democratic Congressmen and replaced them with conservative Republicans. Many of the newly elected Representatives promised voters that they would cut spending and cut the size of government. Many of the newly elected Representatives are being true to their promises to voters and won't vote for spending as usual. Senate Democrats, led by Hairy Reid, are still blocking FY 2011 funding. The Continuing Resolutions are expiring, and the government will experience a shut down because (both houses of) Congress has not approved any budget.

For those who may be wondering what the hold up is, here is my observations.

Hairy Reid stood on the Senate floor today and spoke to the nation on C-SPAN2. He said that their big objections are tax funding for abortions and funding for the EPA to implement Obama's "Cap and Tax" program.

First, funding for abortion is illegal. Tax funding for abortions was outlawed by Congress almost 20 years ago with President Clinton signing the bill. Many polls show that even among those who support a right to abortions, most oppose making taxpayers pay for them. That is why its been illegal for almost 20 years. Despite being illegal, and despite being opposed by most Americans, the US taxpayers have been paying almost half a billion dollars per year to fund abortion clinics. See recent undercover film here.

House passed FY-2011 budget, HR-1, took illegal abortion funding out of the budget. Now Obama and Reid threaten to shut down the government to restore illegal tax funding for abortions.

Reid's second issue is funding for EPA to implement Obama's "Cap and Tax" program. Cap and Tax is a liberal scheme to levy huge taxes on every usage of carbon based fuel, oil, coal, natural gas. It will add at least another dollar per gallon to gasoline. It will add hundreds of dollars to each winter's home heating. It will add hundreds of dollars to your electric bills. It will destroy industry, destroy the economy, and harm every American. It will line the pockets of Obama, Al Gore, and their Chicago Board of Trade cronies, making billions of dollars in profits for them. It was originally based on the fraud of “global warming.” When that scam was revealed, it shifted to “climate change,” and now its for “clean air.” Its a mega scam government corruption searching for a justification.

The Congress considered "Cap and Tax" regulations for the fraud of "global warming" last year when Democrats controlled both houses. The Democratic controlled Congress turned down Obama's get rich scam. So Obama is now trying to have the EPA implement law that Congress rejected. The little dictator refuses to accept “NO” from the people's representatives. In its FY-2011 budget, HR-1, the House removed funding for the EPA to develop and implement this fraudulent program that Congress previously considered and rejected. Now Reid and Obama will shut down the government because it is not funded.

The House budget, HR-1, also cuts $2 billion payment to Obama's golf and vacation buddies at GE to develop a "backup" engine for the F-135 that the Defense Department doesn't want. They won't mention it in public, but cutting funding for Obama's golf buddies (who pay no taxes) is a big problem.

Its time for Reid and Obama to get square with the law, put dictatorship government behind them, and get on with running the government in a responsible manner.

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama leads Budget Negotiations.

Obama held a meeting on Monday with Boehner and Reid, etc. Obama said, "We didn't get an agreement but I will call another meeting tomorrow and tomorrow until we do." Then he left town. Today, The Obama is so concerned that he is doing campaign fund raising speeches in one of the "57 states." That's what we call "leadership."

Last month Obama asked sleepy Joe Biden to take leadership on budget negotiations. Biden held one meeting, accomplished nothing, and then left the country for weeks. That's what we call "leadership."

Of course that's after the Democratic House, Senate, and President could not pass a FY 2011 budget last year when it was required and they controlled all 3 branches. That's what we call "leadership."

During the coming shut down, only "essential" government workers will still remain on the job. It has to be asked. Why do they rob our money to pay for millions of "non essential" government workers. Maybe all the "non essential employees should all be laid off to save a few hundred billion of our dollars.

The People's House passed a full detailed Whole Year Continuing Resolution budget for the rest of FY 2011. The House debated all the hundreds of government bureaus, departments, programs, and needs all day and long into the night for a whole week. A budget amount for each was finally approved about 4 AM on Saturday morning after an all night session. The Whole Year CR was sent to the Senate back last February. There it sits on the Senate desk. So far, the Senate has passed nothing, and has spent NO time debating any of the hundreds of bureaus, programs, agencies, commissions, etc., that need to be considered. The best they can do is to toss out a phony Bologna number for the media. But its not about "Cut $33 billion." Its not about the total. Its about how much to spend on each and every one of the hundreds of agencies, programs, etc. So far, neither the Senate nor The Obama have proposed anything. That's what we call "leadership."

Several Congressmen have sent a letter to Hairy Reid asking that he resign if the Senate won't pass a budget. Bob agrees. Hairy Reid should resign.

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