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Monday, December 31, 2007

Political solicitations

This is political season. All the political parties, PACs and hack organizations are asking for money or support. This is the best time to remind all of them that we MEN do not support anti-men misandrist hate groups. This morning, Bob got the following e-mail from a typical fund raising political group:

Dear GOP USA Reader,
The election of 2008 could raise taxes, limit freedom and inaugurate the beginning of "big-brother" government, including socialized healthcare. We do not have the luxury to simply wait and discover what will happen. That is why it is important to continue fighting for conservative principles and policies and telling Americans the truth about the liberal policies Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi want to place on me and you.

We at the American Conservative Union fight daily for the core conservative principles that made our nation great. We mobilize hundreds of thousands of our grassroots activists to influence politics and change the course of legislation on Capital Hill. We also unite and train thousands of activists and current and future leaders at our annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington , D.C.

I want to thank you for all you do to help promote and strengthen conservatism. Your active involvement is critical as we face the challenges ahead.

Their message went on to list some of the usual irrelevant political crap that fails to address real men, and real families.

After carefully considering their request for about 3 seconds, Bob replied with the following notice:

You have nothing in your message about restoring the rights of fathers and ending the feminist war on boys and men. Pound sand!

If you ever see a major political candidate of either party who's web site has a section on "Men's Issues" pleas let us know. Until then, Bob won’t vote for any of the feminazi scum and won‘t send their lying men-hating action groups a dime.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mommy Murder -- a leading cause of death

Every day there are mothers murdering little children, and particularly murdering little boys. Mommy murder is the leading cause of death for boys under 10 years old. Most of the time mommy murder doesn’t get reported even in the local news media. Most of the time mommy murder is passed off as SIDS, infection, given for adoption, or just died. When mommy murder does get reported it usually only is reported in the back pages of a local media. When reported they always has a comment that the mother was having psychological problems. A typical example today comes from Berlin, Germany, where a mother murdered her two boys.

In the typical manner the local blue gun thugs tried to blame the murder on the father, but he was not home. He was working hard to support his murderous wife and his children. The blue gun thugs finally had to blame the mother, but sought to find some excuse such as “psychological problems” that would let them forget the criminal charges. Read story

Mommy murder is so common in the US that many states now have “abandonment” laws that allow mothers to just abandon children instead of killing them. So many baby bodies were turning up in dumpsters and trash bins that some cities put up billboards asking mothers not to just trash their babies. In desperation Texas and many other states now allow baby abandonment without giving a name. And of course, the father is rarely informed when his child is killed or abandoned.

Abortion, baby murder before delivery, is legal throughout the US, but many mothers aren’t content to kill so soon. Many choose to kill their children later. Sometimes they kill newborns, but often they kill even later. The mother in today’s story killed boys of ages 2 and 3. And of course to a feminist she is a “victim.” Boo Hoo! She’s lost her child don’t you know. Boo Hoo!

A century ago legislatures led by feminists turned our families over to mothers, and gave loving, caring fathers the boot. That was the worst mistake of any society, ever. Now is the time for fathers to reclaim our families by whatever means necessary to save our children from the horrible death they suffer. Any legislature that doesn’t restore the rights of boys and fathers is the enemy of men.

No Cunts for President

Pakistan voters won't have no stinking cunt for their next President. This morning a suicide bomber killed former President Ms. Benazier Bhutto at a speech. Since Ms. Bhutto's return to Pakistan there have been several assassination attempts by Islamics who won't be governed by a female. With all the political events ongoing in Pakistan we can't yet know who is actually responsible. Pakistan still has provinces where terrorists like Bin Laden can hide out among supporters, and former Afghanistan Talinban find refuge. Pakistan was created when England divided their former India colony. They split the country into predominantly Hindu India and predominantly Islamic Pakistan.

Ms. Bhutto had previously been President of Pakistan some years ago but was run out of office for extreme corruption. Her shoe bill alone forced a budget deficit. She recently returned to Pakistan after several years exile amid very deadly suicide bombings. She was held in house arrest by the government for her own protection, but that limit on her movements was lifted. Today she and numerous supporters died in an attack which included shooting and a bomb by a suicidal assassin. While she had numerous supporters, many MEN in Pakistan won't have a female President. Over here we still have Senatrix Hitllary.

A Bad Day in Washington State

Watching the 11 o'clock news last night they showed helicopter scene of a freeway with about 6 lanes of traffic, barely moving, or should we say stopped. One driver got out and began acting a little crazy. It was hard to see from the distance but they said that the man was “taking off his clothes.” Apparently he was drunk or high on some drugs. His antics provided a little entertainment for the thousands of drivers stuck in traffic. While the TV crew watched, a blue gun thug, Mike Cheek, showed up and shot him numerous times. He ended up dead on the side of the road. The biased media reports that the blue gun thug was attacked and “fighting for his life,” but we remember that at any time during the incident blue gun thug Mike could have gotten back into his thugmobile and gone away. The blue gun thug arrived, attacked, escalated, and murdered. Read story

In another story an empowered feminist who felt “cheated” by her parents got a gun and a boyfriend and killed her parents, brother, his wife, and his children. It was an ordinary modern family who believed that if they do what they are told they will have a good life. They raised “empowered” daughters instead of loving mothers. They called 911 instead of being ready to protect themselves. They died in a hail of gunfire. Someone from the home of the parents phoned the blue gun thugs on their 911 number, but (of course) they received no protection. A gun thug drove out to the home more than half an hour later, but didn't go in. The dead and dying got no protection, the dying go no aid. That's not what the blue gun thugs do. When blue gun thugs show up they start shooting, but by the time these blue gun thugs arrived the family was already dead. Gun thugs come along later and parade for cameras. Six of the family ended up face down with bullet holes when the daughter had a hissy fit. If there is anything more dangerous than a blue gun thug it's a deranged gun toting feminist having a hissy fit. Read story AnotherHere

The prime suspect is a 29 year old unmarried (old maid) daughter Michelle. Her life was a disaster. She has no husband or family and had no prospect of having a good life. She had another in a long string of boyfriends, a poor substitute for a real life. As a young woman she had been guided into the false dead-end of feminist “education” by her parents instead of being guided into a good life as a wife and mother. Her resentment over her ruined life finally boiled over. She took advantage of feminist “empowerment” and female dominant film education to get a gun and blow away the people who she blamed for her disastrous life. Her dead parents, of course, didn't invent the feminist life they guided their daughter toward. They were taught to believe that “education” instead of marriage was “best” for young women. In the end, they reaped the fruits of feminism.

Since the killings, the blue gun thugs have been doing their usual “investigation.” They say the investigations will go on for days – a gravy job. They spend most of their investigation time when the facts are plainly obvious. Dead bodies all over the house, hissy fit daughter holding gun. What's to investigate. Just hang the bitch and be done with it. Oh, Bob forgot, they have to find reasons why she “had to” kill, why she was a “victim,” and the mass murder of children and grandparents was “self defense.” Video clip By the time that the talking heads, blue gun thugs, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell are finished, the crime will be blamed on the nearest available man, her boyfriend. The violent "empowered" feminazi daughter will turn out to be "the real victim."

I read this media rule on one of the comments from Glen Sacks blog.

Quote the defense for women, the prosecution for men.

Once you see it it's obvious. Whenever the defendant is female, the news will quote the defense attorney, whenever the defendant is a man, they quote the prosecutor. The media is already scrambling to find reasons to excuse Michelle and blame her boyfriend and the victims. And of course, killer blue gun thug Mike cheek was “defending himself” against a man armed only with a belt.

I guess it's what we should expect. This is the state of three cunts: Senatrix Cuntwell, Senatrix Murray, and of course Governess Chris Gregoire.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Note to Readers

Bob has decided that the ads detract from the message of The World According to Bob. For a while at least the ads will be discontinued. Ads may be returned at some later date when or if Bob decides that they are warranted. Thank you to all who have supported advertisers.

Monday, December 24, 2007

No jail time for females

The feminists have noticed that a few females are being caught by the anti-men hate laws they passed to destroy men. When “sexual assault” laws started being applied to female teachers fucking 12 year old boys, they had a cow. When a woman is charged with criminal intent for killing her 5 children in the bathtub, that's not what feminists wanted. When a female gets sentenced to 6 months in prison for shooting her sleeping husband (her “abuser” in feminist terms) in the back with a shotgun, the feminists know something has gone terribly wrong. Laws, lieyers, blue gun thugs, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell are not supposed to be applying any of the criminal laws to females. The goal is to round up men and send them to hellhole prisons. The blue gun thugs and the rest of the American Injustice System (AIS) is supposed to know that.

Somehow the AIS has forgotten that females are exempt from all criminal prosecution (except perhaps for killing another lesbian). Action is warranted to dispose of the erroneous arrest and punishment of females. Despite all the rhetoric about “equal rights” over the past century, everyone is supposed to know that criminal laws only apply to men.

In LaCrosse, Wisconsin, the LaCrosse County Board unanimously approved elimination of all female prisoners and closing of the female jail in their county. The former women's jail will be used to lock up ever more and more men. Read Story

LaCrosse County Supervisor Keith Belzer, a cunt licking mangina, toed the feminazi misnadrist line by blaming all female crime on the nearest available man. He said, “women are almost always in the system “because of some kind of relationship with a man.” When a female kills her children, some man forced her to do it. When a female murders her husband, he was at fault. She shouldn't go to jail. She's a “victim” doncha' know. She's lost her children, boo hoo. She's lost her husband and meal ticket. Boo Hoo!

LaCrosse, WI, is only the first county in the US to adopt the new feminazi blanket exclusion for females. Their current agenda will exclude all criminal prosecution of all feamles anywhere in the US. They are “victims.” And of course, when a female kills, the nearest man is at fault – lying there face down on the floor.

The lie of “equal rights” that females have pumped out for more than a century has fallen flat on its face along with the dead husbands and children. Don't expect feminists to stop spewing it for anyone who is so gullible to accept such obvious lies. Read more here

There are more than 4 million men in hellhole prisons and jails in the US today, more than any other country at any time in human history. Almost all of them are there for the "crime" of being born men. Females who have done similar or exactly the same "crime" are home with their families. It is time for American men to Storm the Bastille, to release all the men held prisoner, and to break out Lady G. She has a ton of work to do.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Florida's Ongoing War on Fathers

Once again the State of Florida has wasted piles of our tax money making war on fathers and families.

According to documents received under freedom of information statutes, Florida spend over $250,000 in legal fees and accepted many hours of donated time fighting a father who wanted the return of his daughter. Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) had confiscated his daughter in 2005 after their mother became suicidal. Instead of returning the children to their father as is their responsibility to protect families, the misandrist hate mongering bigots at DCF tried to give the girl to another couple. Anti-men DCF warrior Bob Butterworth led a massively expensive fight to stop a father. This is the same Florida men-hating bigots who were responsible for the Elian Gonzales case a few years ago. Florida Governors Jeb Bush, and his Successor Charlie Crist were both involved in the anti-father hate campaign intended to destroy families by keeping children away from their fathers. Instead of returning the child to her own father the DCF tried to place her for adoption with another family. It's the horror show of the Elian Gonzales case all over again. These misandrist turds should have been shot the first time, before they could work their evil on more and more children, before they could destroy more and more families.

The girl's father, Mr. Rafael Izquierdo, a hard working Cuban farmer, wanted his daughter returned. A father has a basic human right to his daughter, and a child has a fundamental human right to her father. The State of Florida set out to trample the basic human rights of both the father and the girl. Florida has become the primer anti-men, anti-father hate state. Both Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist are men-hating scum who will stop at nothing to destroy a father's family, as their actions have so clearly demonstrated.

In the end, after intervention by federal courts, they only allowed the girl to go home to her father if he promised to return her to the would-be adoptive couple for visits every year. It was a rotten settlement forced by the feminazi war on fathers and families. May the DCF, Bush, Crist, Butterworth, and the rest of the Florida DCF lieyers and other scum all be sent to hell expeditiously.

Read news story

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What Women Really Want

Barefoot and Pregnant. Or, at least pregnant with babies. What women really want it to get married, to get laid, to get pregnant, to get babies, and to raise children. It's built into their biology, and despite a century and a half of feminist opposition to marriage and making babies, they have never managed to take the female out of the womyn.

This week we saw how 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Jamie is the young sister of pop star Britney Spears. Getting pregnant is what young women do. Despite her fame, fortune, and stardom on Nickelodeon's made for teenage twits series, “Zoey 101,” what Ms. Jamie really wants is what every young female really wants, a baby. Read story

For millions of years, since long before our tree swinging foremohers and fathers swung down out of the trees and started walking on two feet, all of our foremohers have been growing up and getting pregnant by their early teenage years. Even at that, human female take much longer to mature than females of virtually every other mammalian species. When you cut through all the propagnada, misandry, feminist dogma, and really look at young females, what you see are biologically adult women fully ready to become wives and mothers. Despite the obvious physical facts that are plainly in front of everyone, feminist PC speech makes the society deny the obvious while harming all young men and women.

Today's feminazi society opposes marriage and families, and tells young females that they should avoid marriage until their biological baby making years are failing. Feminazi have opposed marriage since the Seneca Falls Conference in 1848. They see marriage as “sleeping with the enemy.” Their feminist lesbian schoolmarms teach young girls that their goal in life should be to continue to get a man's “education” and indoctrination instead of choosing to be a wife and mother. The feminazi claim to promote responsible choice and freedom for females, but they have made it a crime for young females to choose to be a mother and wife.

Despite all the feminazi hate propaganda aimed at destroying the lives of young females and men, they can not change biology. Young females WANT babies deep in their bodies. Their raging hormones WANT to be pregnant, to have a husband, get laid, and raise babies. When feminist trained parents prevent them from becoming a wife and having a baby when they are biologically ready, most teenage females become irrational, cause massive fights with parents. Any feminist trained parent who has tried to force a daughter into the false anti-female feminist life of “education” and a man's career knows that it is very difficult to fight natural biological needs.

According to published reports, Ms. Jamie Spears was living with her 18 year old boyfriend, playing house though not officially married. She was getting laid to get a baby, what every 16 year old female really wants deep down inside.

Since feminazi and their mangina lackeys in government have made it illegal for young females to marry, and oppressively penalized for men of any age to marry, we now have almost half of all children in the US being born to single mothers, and most of the rest ending up in divorced single mother homes. The millions of bastards and separated children will have much more difficulty growing up than do children in decent families. It is a massive tragedy unprecedented in human history.

Even most of those who claim to be “anti-feminist, such as radio advice personality Dr. Laura, promote the feminist anti-female dogma. Dr. Laura advises young females to avoid marriage until their late 20s, after their primary biological breeding years are over. Studies have shown that female fertility starts to decline after age 26 and declines rapidly after age 30, but Dr. Laura tells females to avoid marriage and bearing children until their fertility is already declining. According to Dr. Laura, young females form deep life long emotional bonds with the man who gives them a baby, and she says that is a reason for females to avoid marriage until their natural ability to form deep emotional bonds has passed. Can anything possibly be more wrong, or more stupid? Can any advice possibly hurt more men, women, and children.

It takes young females a couple of decades to figure out that the crapola their feminist trained parents and teachers gave them is not the life they really want. Thousands of Fertility Clinics now operate in every major city as hundreds of thousands of older females desperately try to have the baby they were forced to postpone during the years when they could have had one easily. The Fertility Clinics take in billions of dollars that parents could be using to support their children, and worse, their whole existence is predicated on the feminazi program of opposing marriage and families and outlawing marriage for females of biological child bearing age.

What females really want, deep down in their bodies where emotions and fulfillment lie, is to get married, get laid, get pregnant, get babies, and have a good family with children growing up. That is what provides the kind of deep emotional satisfaction that nothing else can provide. All the “education,” and so-called “achievement” at men's careers only ends at an empty lonely house, with no children, no grandchildren, and no future.

Young females like Jamie Spears who are allowed to make their own choices in life, will choose to get laid and get a baby. She would have rather been married to have a stable home to raise her baby. And, in many human cultures, making a baby together is “married” because that is the meaning of marriage. Instead of forcing young females to avoid marriage and having to deal with millions of bastards being raised by single mother homes, our society very badly needs to tell the feminazi to pound sand. We badly need to return to creating decent normal marriages and families for your young men and women. It's what women really want. It's what men really want. It's what parents really want for their daughters, and should help their daughters accomplish.

A daughter who marries and makes her babies when she's biologically ready, at around age 14 to 16, will be a grandmother in her 30s when feminazi are still rushing to fertility clinics. She will then have several decades to get a PhD education and career without the social pressure and emotional drives to make babies. She can have it all, but only if she is encouraged to follow her biological needs and do things in the order that biology allows. Tell the feminazi to pound sand. And help young females like Jamie Spears and a million others to have a good, rich, fulfilled life with a husband and family.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Negligence and Incompetence

Once again the completely unacceptable electric power grid has failed to survive typical normal winter weather. In Oklahoma more than 90,000 homes and businesses remained without power more than a week after a winter storm. Many people have died either from hypothermia or carbon monoxide while trying to use temporary heaters to keep warm without electricity.

It's not like the electric company doesn't know that they have winter storms in Oklahoma. Every winter, we find storms where hundreds of thousands of people face weeks without electricity. Our homes have become dependent on electricity. In the 19th century they built “Victorian” style homes with small rooms, each with a wood or coal stove or fireplace. But with the coming of electrification in the 20th century all our homes now freeze without electricity. We have become dependent. We count on the engineers and management of the electric company for our very survival, and when it fails many people die. Even if we can abandon our homes and move to some other place temporarily for weeks until the electricity is restored all our plumbing is likely to freeze.

When pipes freeze, they split open. Two weeks later when heat is finally restored many of us will have thousands of dollars worth of repairs to make just for the pipes. As pipes thaw out they often cause flooding and other damage. Some years ago some friends of Bob had frozen/split pipes over the New Year holiday and ended up with 4 feet of solid ice in their basement. Frozen pipes are in your walls, under your floor, everywhere that has to be taken down to fix the pipes. A week of freezing winter weather without electricity is now a disaster, and our electricity hangs on a thread. In the 19th century few people had indoor plumbing so our great grandfather didn't have to worry about frozen pipes, but today we rely on having heat 7 days a week and we are vulnerable when it goes away.

It's not like the electric company doesn't know that we have winter storms. Even those of us who have gas or oil heat, or even wood heat, rely on electricity to operate our gas, oil, or wood furnaces. We have forced air fans, water circulation pumps, combustion blowers, and electronic controls. When the electricity is out the heat stops. We have become almost totally dependent. Even if you have a fireplace, it doesn't help much. A few years ago some friends of Bob were without electricity for 2 weeks. Their family huddled in the living room in front of their nice large fireplace. The rest of the house got really cold, frozen, but they survived in the one room burning wood in a fireplace. That wasn't enough to save their pipes. When the normal heat came back on after 2 weeks the pipes thawed out and sprayed water all over their kitchen, bathrooms, inside walls, under floors. It was a mess that took months and thousands of dollars to repair.

It's not like the electric company doesn't know that they have winter storms. There is no excuse for an electric grid that falls apart when the expected winter storm comes. If we don't have one this winter, we may have two next winter. We know its coming. They know its coming.

Would we live in a house that fell down the first time it snowed? Of course not. We know its going to snow so we build our houses strong enough to hold up with 3 feet of snow on the roof and a wind blowing. But does the electric company build a power grid that holds up? Apparently not. Hundreds of thousands of people end up being without electricity every time we have normal winter weather.

Bob previously wrote an article called Failure after Failure. A half assed electric system that fails on the first normal winter storm is completely unacceptable! The engineers and managers of the power company are guilty of malfeasance of their duties. Our bills for burst pipes, temporarily shelter, temporary generators, and other repairs should be billed right back to the negligent, and deliberately negligent managers and engineers at the power company. There is absolutely no excuse for a system constructed so shoddily that it falls down every time the snow flies. We wouldn't live in a house built that poorly, and we shouldn't accept a power grid that is designed to fail, and built to fail.

If you live in an area where the power has been out, sue the bastards for their negligence. File a class action suit for all 90,000 people who are still without electricity more than a week later. If you are in an area which still has electricity, send them a written notice that you require reliable electricity and will sue them for negligence if they fail to provide it. There is no excuse for failure after failure.

False Rape Perjury -- Just make it up

In Santa Clara County, California, the Blue Gun Thugs were up to their usual lying selves, lying to the public, lying to the courts, and lying to the lieyers. The County Persecutor is a liar too, so she also lies to the courts. As usual, their lies are intended to destory innocent men and send us to hell.

This assault on an innocent man began in March of 2005 when a 22 year old mentally disabled, (psycho) cunt was seen running by her misandrist bitch mother. After numerous leading questions the mental case made up a story, or several stories, about being “touched” by a neighbor, a Mr. Kerkeles. Of course the misandrist pigs and media are publishing the name of the innocent man, but withholding the names of the psycho babe and her evil mother. Why don't they just register all men as “sexual predators” and be done with it.

Mr. Kerkeles was assaulted, beaten and caged by the blue gun thugs. When a mentally incompetend female can be coerced to repeat a story about being “touched” it's sufficient for the average men hating gun thug to do violent assault on the nearest available man. Mr. Kerkeles was held in their cage until April 2005 when he was able to post bail – at a significant cost – and was finally released. With all the negative publicity and spending weeks in gun thug hell, he probalby lost his job and financial stability too.

Since they had no evidence that Mr. Kerkeles had done anything illegal, the blue gun thugs did what they usually do, the made some up. The blue gun thugs faked a Santa clara County Crime Lab report which they passed to the County Persecutor who presented it to the Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, swearing that it was a true lab report. They also used the fake report while torturing Mr. Kerkeles with extended harsh questioning and threats of extreme violence. He was told that they had an actual lab report which proved him guilty, a common attempt to force innocent men to confess to a crime that everybody knows never happened. The crime lab report a fake, created by a San Jose police detective. The crime lab analyst who purportedly prepared the document doesn't exist. The number used to identify it was false.

San Jose Blue Gun Thug Capt. Andy Galea said last week that after this incident, the department has excused his lying filth because they followed “procedure.” Lying to suspects and threatening them in an attempt to get a false confession is normal blue gun thug procedure Capt. Galea is the leader of a criminal conspiracy which ought to be prosecuted and sent to prison under RICO statutes. But of course laws don't apply to the blue gun thug Gestapo.

Santa Clara County Persecutors referred the case to an internal committee that reviews cases involving allegations of potential criminal conduct by police officers. That committee, headed by Assistant District Attorney David Tomkins, concluded that the matter amounted to an honest mistake by the officer, Chief Assistant District Attorney Marc Buller said last week. "We all make mistakes," Buller said, as he summarily dismissed the ongoing criminal activity by the blue gun thugs. Buller is part of the same organized criminal group as Galea, and both should be prosecuted under RICO.

Criminal Buller also excused trial persecutor, Deputy District Attorney Jaime Stringfield who had knowingly presented a falsified Crime Lab Report to the court on 3 separate occasions.

At a pre-trial court hearing, blue gun thug Christian testified under oath that the accuser told him that Kerkeles had engaged in sexual relations with her on the blanket on his garage on several occasions. As Stringfield questioned Christian later, after he had testified about the woman's statements, Stringfield changed course: "This blanket that you seized, did you submit it to the crime lab for analysis?" she asked. "Yes," Christian said. "Are you aware of any results?" she asked. "Yes. There was semen found on the blanket," Christian said. The perjury came to light when the defense discovered that the name of the lab tech from the Crime Lab was fake, and no such person worked at the Crime Lab. Finally, Thug Christian had to admit that he made up the whole thing. His perjury under oath in court is a deliberate criminal act, for which he should be fired and prosecuted. Of course, he will never suffer for his crimes. The AIS is about destroying men, not about stopping crime or punishing crimes.

"On its face, it is reckless," said Laurie L. Levenson, of Loyola Law School, "On its face, it is asking for trouble. It questions the credibility of both the prosecutor and the police." For crying in a bucket. The blue gun thugs have proven to SCOTUS that they lie all the time as part of their every day procedure SCOTUS affirms their lies. No man in his right mind would ever believe a blue gun thug if he told you he wanted the chocolate covered doughnut.

County Misandrist Persecutor Stringfield said that she had ignored the real exculpatory evidence because it didn't support her false perjured case against Mr. Kerkeles. The lying whore ought to be taken out and hanged in front of the courthouse for her malicious persecution crimes. This is an example of how AIS injustice is conducted in Santa Clara County, and it serves to demonstrate that most of the men sent to hell have been sent there for the “crime” of being born male.

After the lies, fraud, and perjury by the AIS was made public they dismissed charges against Mr. Kerkeles, but of course they did nothing to compensate him for the damage they had already done to his life. Already, even with the dismissal, he has been hurt far, far worse than the alleged “touching” of the alleged victim. The AIS refused to declare Mr. Kerkeles innocent even though their evidence was all a fraud and perjury and they had not credible evidence that a crime had been committed. When you are a man, you are “guilty” in the AIS. Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Lee, refused to declare Mr. Kerkeles “innocent” even though all the evidence presented had been perjury and lies. Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Lee, is another part of the criminal organization that exists to destroy men and our families. He and the whole lot of the AIS must be destroyed utterly to return freedom to America.

Read Story here

This case comes on the heels of the recent report that the FBI Crime Lab has been producing false reports and committing perjury for the last 40 years. Thousands of innocent men are in hellhole prisons because of the pervasive and endemic criminal lies of the AIS.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To usurp authority over the man

We had another suicide shooting yesterday. This time it was in two different cities in Colorado. Another disenfranchised and tormented young man, Mr. Matthew Murray, 24, of Englewood, Colorado, was turned away late at night from a Christian missionary organization. For some reasons that have not been made public he was refused lodging for the night. Apparently Mr. Murray had been turned away previously from the same Christian missionary organization. That rejection, the refusal of a warm place to sleep, after midnight on a cold winter night was apparently the last straw that broke his troubled and tormented mind. Mr. Murray got his pistol and killed the female who turned him away, and then also shot three of her assistants.

The next day Mr. Murray went to a large Christian mega-church. In the parking lot he shot some more members of the missionary organization that had turned him away the night before. As Mr. Murray entered the mega-church he was confronted and killed by a gun toting female, a Ms. Assassam. Read story.

Bob has observed before that modern “Christian” churches have become female dominated, even more so than in previous centuries. Females have always been the majority of Christian congregations, contributing their husbands hard earned money to support the churches, and teaching Christianity to their children. On any given Sunday females have always outnumbered men in the Christian churches. But today the females have become even more dominant. Females have outnumbered men in most Christian seminaries for several decades, and have taken over the church management committee and pulpits of many churches. In many protestant denominations the once powerful “Men's Fellowship” groups have faded out entirely. Although Bob is not Christian, Bob has to wonder if these modern feminist churches really still Christian?

“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.” I Cor. 14:34-35.

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” I Timothy 2:12.

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God. 1 Cor. 3:11

Several things became immediately clear when Ms. Assassin confronted, shot, and killed Mr. Murray. The first is that the females at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs were not keeping silent and deferring to their husbands in accordance with Christian teachings. Females at the New Life Church were packing heat and doing a man's job as security guards. Ms. Assassin asserted ultimate authority over a man, killing him. Bob is not sure what religion they teach at the New Life Church, but it sounds a whole lot more like femiNazi utopia rather than Christian theology.

Bob is also struck by the stark contrast between the one woman security force at the New Life Church and the vision of 600 blue suited cowards hiding behind 300 flashy light cars across the street from Columbine High School for 3 hours while children were being shot and a dozen slowly then bled to death. At Columbine High School the distraught young men first met the armed security guard – but the coward ran and instead of confronting the killers. Even when 600 “backup” blue suits arrived not one of them had the guts to step forward and stop the ongoing killing of children in the school.

At New Life Church, a single armed female, Ms. Assassin, demonstrated the power of courage when she confronted and killed Mr. Murray. She demonstrated more courage than all the blue gun thugs in the state of Colorado put together. Bob has commented previously on the cowardice of typical blue suited gun thugs. Like all gang members they only have courage when supported by the rest of their evil gang, and often not even then. The stark difference between the courage of one armed female and the cowardice of 600 Colorado men(?) shows how feminists have been so successful in taking over our whole society. Most men have become cowards, unable to take action even to save children, unable to confront feminazi hate mongers, unwilling to do what it takes for men to succeed. A long time ago the authors of Christianity wrote that women should look to their husband for his advice and direction. But today, men are cowards unwilling to take control and responsibility. We have women with guns taking responsibility to protect men, to teach men, to usurp authority over men, and to control men.

As long as the majority of men allow females to control and dominate we men will continue to slide deeper and deeper into slave status in our society. The number of distraught individuals like Mr. Murray will increase slowly because the oppression of men is untenable to men, but they have no focus which to direct their action against the real enemies of men.

The time for real leadership is near. Leaders of men need to gather those who have decided to do what it takes to overturn feminist inspired tyranny, and redirect their energy into more productive action.

UPDATE 12-11=07
It now appears that Mr. Murray's death will be ruled “suicide” by Colorado officials. Although Ms. Assassam fired several shots at Mr. Murray, and hit him more than once, it is now reported that the fatal wound to his head was fired by Mr. Murray himself. Apparently Ms. Assassam isn't a very good shot.

It was also reported that Ms. Assassam was a former blue gun thug from Minneapolis, MN. She had been fired from the Minneapolis force in 1997 for lying during an internal investigation. Sgt. John Delmonico, president of the Blue Gun Thug Officers Federation of Minneapolis, said Blue Gun Thugs were investigating a complaint that Assassam swore at a bus driver while she was handling an incident on a city bus.

It will also be reported in a few days that Ms. Assassam is the “real victim” because she “feels” bad due to the stress of the incident.

Read report

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fixing the American Injustice System

The Anonymous Lieyer keeps asking Bob for suggestions on improving the American Injustice System (AIS). It was really too long to be posted as a comment on another topic, and the AIS is such an important topic that Bob has created this article for the topic.

The problems with the AIS are so extensive that most of it should just be torn down. Most so-called “crime” exists only for the purpose of fighting “crime.” The “drug business” now supports the MAJORITY of blue suits, Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell, prisons, parole boards, chain gang labor contractors, etc. The only purpose of the drug business is to justify “fighting crime.” The harm that the drub business of the AIS does is far worse than was caused before drugs became illegal. The use of drugs is still about the same small percentage of the population. Making drugs illegal was originally justified to stop black men from raping white girls, a bold face lie. Fighting drugs is hugely worse than the harm which would result if the laws were just ended and prisoners released. Cocaine is not as addictive as tobacco, but we don’t have massive corruption, robbery, murder, and millions of men sent to prison for tobacco. Like alcohol prohibition the AIS drug business creates massive crime, violence, and corruption. Like alcohol prohibition it needs to be repealed.

The rest of this article consists of questions by an anonymous lieyer, herein “me” and responses by Bob. Some of Bob’s previous comments were included in the lieyer’s questions.

Me say: I never asked if it was better just what would you replace it with. I agree there is so much injustice. I think of the man in Alabama who while serving a long sentence for rape was cleared by DNA but the prosecutor would not file the papers to release him because "he was found guilty by a jury" and it took close to 2 years to get him out. But we need something maybe not for the victimless crimes so to speak but what about the ted bundys, dahmers, etc of our society?

Bob says“Convicted by a jury” is a term that describes the complete corruption of the AIS. Juries are selected to be ignorant stupid people who are unable to think for themselves. Then they are treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark with shit poured on their heads. If there was any intention of JUSTICE, the juries would effectively control the courtroom. The JURY could ask the questions, subpoena witnesses, decide what evidence it needs to consider and what it does not need, and tell lieyers to sit down and shut the fuck up. The AIS abandoned even the charade of “justice” long ago. Their public policy is only to decide which lieyer or expensive team of lieyers gave the best performance. Justice, and guilt or innocence, has absolutely nothing to do with the AIS. The AIS uses stupid ignorant juries to railroad men, not to find justice.

For example, in one case in NYC, there were two different men being tried for the same murder in adjacent court rooms. The Persecutor is legally required to be convinced of the guilt of the accused before bringing charges, and the two cases were mutually exclusive proof that he believed in the guild of neither man. But the lying criminals in black robes of hell accepted both cases. Most of them are worse criminals than the accused, like Filthy Turd Nifong.

If there was JUSTICE, a false accusation would be punished with the same punishment that the accused would have received had he been guilty. In previous times with a legal system focused on justice, that was the law. No persecutor would bring charges unless he was damn sure that the accused person was guilty, and damn sure he could prove it. The epidemic of false rape accusations, false “abuse” accusations, etc., would come to a rapid end. We would not have two different men tried for the same murder in adjacent courtrooms.

The very few examples of guilty parties like Dahmer, or mothers who kill their children could be taken out and hanged summarily by a real jury doing real justice.

me say: True and the correctional guard as a career is the fastest growing career. now we have for profit prison and our tax money pays to keep prisoners in them and they are even worse than the state prisons. what a society, kill education money and spend it for profit prison, even the state prisons are run by those who tend to make money off it. Agree, we have more prisoners than Russia and look at the nations we share the death penalty with..

Bob said previously: There is a very sexist bias against men throughout the AIS from first contact to end of parole and beyond.

me say: Just curious how does this equate to bias against men. there are also more women in prison in the US than ever before in history and women have faced the death penalty too. yes, maybe women get it easier in court as a result of only recently becoming more and more active in crime (or getting caught) however, I would say the system bias is against the non white male more than just against men.

Bob saysThere is a well documented systematic bias against men from the first phone call to the blue gun thugs, all the way trough the system. Even with the recent percentage increase in arrest of females, about 24 of ever 25 men in prison are there for the “crime” of being born male. Females who do the exact same violent acts and often worse, are mostly still home with their families.

The systematic AIS bias against men begins with the first contact with blue gun thugs and lasts through the whole AIS.

The blue gun thugs are much more likely to respond for a female “victim” than a male victim. The female perpetrator’s assault often just gets ignored.

The blue gun thugs often arrest the man when he reprots that he is the victim of female violence.

The blue gun thugs are more likely to arrest a man and let a female go for identical crimes, or when they committed the same crime together.

Poison is the most common weapon for female committed murders, and is generally not reported as crime. Females also are rarely prosecuted for crimes and even murder against children.

If arrested the female is more likely to be released on reduced bail.

If arrested the man is more likely to be prosecuted.

IF arrested the female is much more likely to be offered a reduced sentence for testifying against the man.

If prosecuted the female is likely to be charged with a lesser crime.

There are numerous female only defenses that are commonly used by lieyers to convince a jury not to convict.

If prosecuted the female is more likely to be found “not guilty.”

If found guilty the female will often be found guilty of a lesser crime.

If convicted the female will usually get a much lese severe sentence for the same crime.

If convicted the female is more likely to be sentenced to parole instead of prison for the same crime.

If sentenced to prison the female will get her sentenced reduced by parole much sooner.

If sent to prison the female prisons are much less brutal, some are almost resort like. Sometimes her children can even live with her while in prison.

If in prison the female is far less likely to be charged with other “prison crimes” and have her sentence extended.

Females will usually not be forced to join prison gangs, violently assaulted, raped, and abused while in prisons.

And finally, she will be paroled sooner and will have better resources for the transition back to society.

Typical of the prejudice of the AIS, a recent court sentenced a female murderess to pay for her victim's funeral and not kill anyone else for 5 years. Read story Men guilty of the same kind of gang murder often spend several decades in brutal hellhole prisons.

Black men have a somewhat higher percentage of men in prisons than white men, but that may be because the so-called “crimes” such as the AIS’s drug business, are done more by minority groups. Even so, white men are persecuted far more than black or white women. The well publicized Duke University Lacrosse Team case is an example of systematic sexist bias in the AIS. Overall, the AIS persecutes men 25 times as often as females. Bob has previously called for “Affirmative Action” in punishment and a moratorium on conviction of men for any crime until the historic sexist imbalance has been corrected. See Demand of Men

Bob said previously: The AIS is arguably the worst legal system in the entire history of mankind.

me say: what are you comparing it to, show me something better, more workable.

Bob says: Compare to any other nation in the history of mankind and the US has more men in prison and a higher percentage of men in prison than any other nation, ever. In some American cities like Cleveland for example, the majority of men are now “convicted felons.” Those statistics are prima fascia evidence that our AIS is the worst ever. It has destroyed the lives of more men than any other illegal system anywhere, any time.

Society would work better, and far fewer lives would be destroyed, if all the blue gun thugs, lieyers, Agents of Satan in black robes of hell, and prison guards were impaled in a line down main street, and their bodies left to rot. There would still be a small number of crimes, but most people would soon protect themselves. The total death and destruction of men, families, and lives would be far, far less than we have today. The first thing the AIS does is to prevent good men from protecting ourselves. They don’t protect us either, as the AIS has proven to SCOUS, and we are left without protection from violence. The second thing the AIS does is to capture and destroy as many men as they can find to destroy. Without the AIS we free citizens could protect ourselves and rejoice in a return to freedom without Big Brother Police State supervising every part of our lives.

Bob has made numerous other suggestions for less severe improvements, such as introducing “fair” trials by jury, a return to “justice” rather than judging between preening lieyers, Affirmative Action, and elimination of faux crimes created solely for the purpose of “fighting crime.”

Bob said previouslyLike the end of Prohibition, it's time to recognize that the whole radical feminist social experiment has been the worst disaster for families and children ever conceived, and to repeal the whole misandrist anti-family hate laws that underlay the social disaster.

me say: again how do you go there from there etc? Women are people are free and some choose to work, some have to work, and some get educated and some don't just like men, we are all different and you keep lumping us all together, I was not out burning my bra and I did not support ERA but I need to work and support my family since my ex husband chooses to drink alcohol to excess instead of work. should I go on welfare or work? you have points that are good but then you spit out the party line, your party line and it doesn’t fit, make it fit, make it pertinent, make it realistic.

Bob saysI don’t recall any pre-feminism laws that prevented females from working. Females have always worked. What is needed is to eliminate the sexist laws that make females into a special protected class and turn men into criminals for being born male.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Canned Feminist Hate Speech

Half a century ago Bob began hearing feminists attacking men in colleges, universities, and other places. The feminists always tried to claim the moral high ground, and show the man as bad or wrong. They developed various shaming techniques to shut men up and make men go away. He was accused of “hating women,” or being a misogynist. He was said to be “psychotic” if his ideas and beliefs were outside of feminist political dogma. First wave feminism was gaining ground and driving men into silence if we tried to speak up for men. Feminism and Politically Correct feminist speech came to be dominant in many public arenas.

That was then, this is now. By the 1990s, all the standard feminist hate lines had been identified, listed, and categorized. A list canned feminist hate lines was published on in the 1990s. Today, most Men's Activists recognize all the canned feminazi hate speech and it bounces like rain off the back of a drake. Nevertheless, today's young feminazi don't have the imagination to think up any new ones. They keep trying to recycle the same old tired useless hate lines that their mothers used half a century ago. Just in the past two days a bitch lieyer tried the old tired “You are psycho” line on Bob. Another tried the pathetic “hates women” feminist attack line. One of them almost had Bob thinking that she was willing to consider real changes to the misandrist “family” court system until she reverted to the canned hate speech. How could they be so stupid to try that old tired hate, yesterday's canned speech, and think they will impress anyone?

It's like a broken record, right out of the 1960s. Over and over and over and over, the same old tired canned hate speech. Are today's femiNazi still playing old 1960s records over and over and over, or have they recopied their canned hate lines to CDs or MP3 format? Do today's femiNazi even know what a broken record sounds like? It's a lot like them.

Bob's list is still pretty much what was published in the 1990s. There may have been new ones identified since then. If you guys read Bob's list of canned feminist hate lines, and know of any new ones please forward them.

Feminist definitions

Feminist definition: "abuser," --> n. a man

Feminist definition: "anti-women" --> n. 1. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 2. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack. See "misogynist."

Feminist definition: "attacks women" --> n. 1. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 2. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack. See "misogynist."

Feminist definition: "Best interest of the child" --> 1. Whatever custody decision mom wants. 2. Whatever gets mom the highest payments for "child support." 3. That which hurts dad the most. 4. Any damn thing the mother wants and to hell with the father and child.

Feminist definition: "can't get laid" --> n. 1. A man who doesn't support the feminist war on men. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.. See "misogynist."

Synonyms: "Small dick" etc.

Feminist definition: "Defending herself" --> Murdering her husband before he realizes that he is in danger, usually while he is watching TV or asleep.

Feminist definition: "equality" --> 1. Any damn thing the woman wants and to hell with men.

Feminist Definition: "Equal Rights" --> Every damn thing women want and to hell with men and children.

Feminist Definition: "Everyone knows" --> 1. My feminist friends agree with me. 2. My Women's Studies professor said so.

Feminist definition: Fairness --> A woman's right to demand everything and give nothing.

Feminist definition: "Family" --> n. A mother and her children.

Feminist definition: "a fringe whacko" --> A man who rejects feminist hate propaganda. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.

Feminist definition: "gender" 1. A feminist/gay/lesbian euphemism for "sex." 2. A feminist/gay/lesbian attempt to pervert language by ignoring the sex of the people. 3. A separation of words into masculine or feminine. Proper usage: Words have gender. People and animals are one sex or the other.

Feminist definition: "Hates women" --> n. 1. A man who doesn't support the feminist war on men. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.. See "misogynist."

Feminist definition: " loser" --> n. A man who is smart enough to do things that are in HIS best interest.

Feminist definition: "Missing Child" --> 1. A child who is being taken care of by his father, the traditional head of the family. 2. A traditional intact family headed by a father. 3. A family that the feminazi and their blue gun thug Gestapo have not yet been able to destroy.

Feminist definition: "Misogynist" --> n. 1. A man who doesn't support the feminist war on men. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.

Feminist definition: "No means no," A feminist demand for women to control sexual relationships between men and women. A female demand for power to control men.

Feminist definition: "parity," --> n. a state in which females get everything.

Feminist definition: "Psycho" --> adj. 1. A man who refuses to support the feminist war on men. 2. A man who consistently supports equal legal rights while opposing feminist domination. 3. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 4. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism.
Usually used as an ad-hominem attack

Translation: "You're right on, but I won't admit it."

Synonyms: Sick, terribly confused, defective brain,
take the IQ-test, morons, taking meds, nuts,
seek professional help, fucked in the head
had one too many hits of crack, needs therapy, off,

Feminist definition: "rape," --> v. 1. What happened yesterday if the woman feels emotionally down today. 2. sex which was her idea but the woman did not enjoy. 3. His check bounced. 4. He left her and she's pissed.

Feminist definition: "Rape Victim." --> n. a woman.

Feminist definition: "Rapist" --> n. a man.

Feminist definition: "Reasonable" --> adj. Supporting the feminist war on men.

Feminist definition: "sexual predator," --> n. a man.

Feminist definition: "seek professional help" --> adj. See “psycho.”

Feminist definition: "Sexist" --> See “Hates Women.”

Feminist definition, "sex offender" --> n. a man

Feminist definition: "Sexual Harassment," --> a man following traditional dating manners.

Feminist definition: "taking meds" --> adj. See “psycho.”

Feminist definition: Unfairness --> A violation of female rights to domination.

Feminist definition: "victim," --> n. a woman

Feminist definition: "won't listen" --> rejects feminist hate propaganda. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.

Feminist definition: "women hating extremist" --> n. 1. A man who doesn't support the feminist war on men. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack. See “misogynist”

Needed definition "Domestic Violence."

An Evil Frederick County Lieyer

In Frederick County, Maryland, there have been several families driven to death and destruction by the evil of “family” court headed by Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Dwyer. See Six Families Dead In Maryland. The toll of dead in Frederick County has brought the evil spawn of Satan into national infamy.

Since publishing the above referenced article about the evil family destroying bullies in Maryland, Bob received a letter from an evil bitch lieyer hoping to blame the victims for their own death and destruction. Sorry, bitch, your lies don't fly here.

Here are her lies:
From: Kendra Hawk
Sent: Friday, December 7, 2007 6:30:00 AM
Subject: Frederick County and Paul Sielski
Hello Bob,
My name is Kendra Hawk. I am an attorney and I live and practice in Frederick County. You should be aware that information coming to you from Deborah Courtney is not completely factual. Frederick County has seen a rash of domestic violence and we all know that sometimes the media attention creates more similar situations. The fact is that the first family killing was in March. A man killed his four kids and then himself. His wife is missing. These were people that might have benefited from assistance, crisis management, social services etc however they were not in the system so to speak and were not in the family court either.

The next "incident" if you will was later the same month. A distraught man picked up his two children, one and three I think and then called their mother and said they were with him. No problem as he had often picked them up. However, this time was different, it was after the mother had told the father she wanted him to move out and they were thus breaking up. No family court involvement at least not at that point. The man told the mother where she could find them and when she got to the remote area, parked her car and walked through the woods, she found her babies hanging from a tree dead, the dad was dead too by his own hand.
The next series occurred this fall. A man killed his wife and then himself. Neighbors said there had been police visits but that they never witnesses problems. No children involved.  No court involvement either.
The next, a man killed his wife and himself when she came back to the marital home to discuss visitation as they were beginning the process of separation and court. Yes, this case involved a court complaint.

The next, a man shot his wife while she was on the phone with 911, she died and he is in jail waiting for his day in court. No children involved.

The next was the very sad murder of three children and the mother by a father on Thanksgiving Day. The couple had been separated and there had been domestic violence. the mother was worried about her safety according to neighbors and the newspaper. They generally transferred the children at a police station for safety. And yes, their case was in family court and had been for over a year. Check out the article in the paper wherein the mother's family and previous neighbors discuss the father's issues with drugs etc. It is a sad commentary that Deborah Courtney is spreading all over that all of these tragedies result from the family court here in Frederick and or from the actions of one judge or a few or a particular state's attorney. You do no service by allowing her space to elevate her boyfriend in this manner. By the way, check out the court records on Sielski. While much of his issues are legitimate, this father neglected to continue going through any proper channels and withdrew from his case for almost 2 years. No attempts were made by him to see any of it through or see his child. Did he give up? It is unreasonable to cry foul only upon an arrest when efforts could have been made by him on his own case. Just because a person fails to show up in court does not mean that nothing is done, it is just done without that person. Paul failed to show up in another county for a criminal traffic charge of driving on a suspended license. The best attack is not always simply attacking others.

From reading Ms. Lieyer's froth, a number of facts are immediately apparent. She affirms the evil persecution of fathers going on in Frederick County. From what she writes it is apparent than any efforts I can make to help spread knowledge of that evil is not sufficient. She admits that she and the Agents of Satan in black robes of hell have been persecuting Mr. Sielski for more than 2 years. By 2 years ago he was already beaten down. His family had been destroyed. His children had been taken away. He had been bound into indentured servitude (slavery). And now he is threatened with prison for failing to comply with his indentured servitude. They ignore the constitutional law that makes both slavery and debtor's prisons illegal in the United States whenever their evil spawn can destroy families and hurt men.

The several families she describes were all threatened with evil Agents of Satan in black robes of Hell even though they may not have been hauled into slavery yet. The "law" now has become widely known to be impossible for men and our families. It is widely known that a whoring wife is allowed to falsely accuse a husband of "abuse" and his normal citizen's rights will be taken away illegally by criminals in black robes and their blue suited Gestapo troopers. When fathers have been driven by her evil to kill their children before allowing them to be taken away it is her fault! The guilt lies squarely in the lap of the evil in black robes of Hell, the blue suit Gestapo troops, and the sick scum lieyers.

She pushes lies that Mr. Sielski stopped "fighting" the Agents of Satan 2 years ago. He had been beaten down and destroyed by her filthy spawn. Taking away a man's family is an emotional blow that many men never recover from. Agent of Satan, DWYER, lieyers like Ms. Hawk, and all her kind were responsible. A FATHER should never have to fight for years for HIS OWN CHILDREN. Lying misnadrist filth took his children away and destroyed his family! The whole process is feminist evil and designed to destroy our families and hurt our children.
Blaming the victims does not begin to address the evil that has been destroying families in Frederick County and all across America. I have no idea why she writes to me except to display her evil and blame the victims. Does she really think that blaming the victims will fly with real men? Sorry lieyer babe, that lie doesn't fly. You work to destroy families and to hurt children and men every day.

I've been the child used as the pawn in the evil bitch's game of extortion (indentured servitude -- slavery) and been the father who's children were taken. I've watched as my father was beaten down by your kind of evil, and suffered while my own family was destroyed and my children were so badly hurt. No, cunt, you lying filth are not on the side of justice. You are the evil that needs to be eradicated from our land before the next family is destroyed. The streets of Frederick County now run red with the blood of children, and you have their blood on your hands.

All of you evil family destroying femiNazi scum should be rounded up and impaled by the decent people of Frederick County. Somebody needs to protect our families and children.

(See Legal Notice on the left column of The World According to Bob)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Shooting War – The Fruit of Feminism

Omaha Blue Gun Thug Chief Thomas Warren told reporters that his department is conducting an “investigation” of the recent shooting at a shopping mall. Mr. Robert Hawkins took his stepfather's rifle to an Omaha Mall and committed suicide in a blaze of gunfire that killed several others. It was only the latest incident in a growing number of similar events caused by the feminist war on men which continues to drive more and more young men to suicide.

The purpose of Chief Warren's “investigation” is to divert attention from the real problems of young men in a feminist dominated society and refocus on Gun Thugs in blue monkey suits asking for more tax money.

The investigation will not focus attention on the people responsible for creating a very depressed and suicidal young man, one of millions of destroyed and dysfunctional young men produced every year by a gynocentric culture intent on destroying men.

The investigation will not place blame on the feminist legislature that approved “no fault” divorce laws and allowed his whoring mother to leave his father and take up with a “father figure.”

The investigation will not place blame on the shrinks who gave him Ritalin for the fictional diagnosis of “hyperactivity” when he was a normal little boy needing normal boy activity.

The investigation will not place blame on the feminist dominated school system that forced an active young man to sit bored to death hour after hour and drugged him into submission while teaching him that boys and men are worthless and bad.

The investigation will not place blame on his abusive mother who deprived him of the love and teaching of his father so that she could follow the feminist dream of divorce, independence, and to hell with her children. It will not blame her for the years of hateful criticism she taught him about his father, and by extension about himself. When a child's parent is criticized it always is a criticism of the child as well, for the child is of the parent. They will not blame his feminazi mother who kicked him out of his home to live on the streets of find temporary lodging wherever he could. Feminism has destroyed millions of families, and his family. That is their goal.

The investigation will not place blame on the feminist Gestapo, the Blue Gun Thugs who had been persecuting him for several years because every young man is evil. It will not blame the County Persecutor or Agents of Satan in their black robes of Hell for tormenting him further into despair. They expected him to show up at his upcoming court appearance and go quietly off to one of their hellhole concentration camps.

The investigation will not place blame on his former girlfriend who dumped him last month. She's an “empowered” young feminist who has “rights” to use, abuse, and then discard the men who come and go in her life. She's a victim , don't you k now, victimized by the patriarchy.

The investigation will not place blame on his former employer, McDonalds, where he worked up until he was fired last week. They haven't said why he was fired, but its a good bet it was because some feminazi complained about him or some comment he made.

Feminist lackey Mayor Mike Fahey said, “We will not accept this evil action to occur in our community,” even while he made excuses and tried to focus blame elsewhere.

Feminazi Gestapo FBI agents came to the mall to parade in front of cameras and pretend that they are doing something to stop the violence that ended long before they arrived. Their investigation will not place blame on their own decades of persecution of decent men and destruction of decent families by a federal agency which will shoot to kill a man's child, his wife, and even his dog.

Read story here. Other story here.

The feminists have destroyed our families and our society. Our children are being brought up in fatherless homes, drugged into submission, and cast adrift in a very unfriendly world. Unless we wake up and recognize the evil that has taken over our land there will be more and more violent young men taking revenge against the evil society that has cast them out. The evil feminists, their pandering mangina politicians, and their blue suited Gestapo are the enemies of a free people, not the answer. Until they are taken down and replaced by responsible decent government and decent families we will all be at risk. How many deaths will it take to wake up? How many dead will it take before the good people begin to understand that evil scum like Mayor Fahey and Blue Gun Thug Chief Warren are the problem, not the solution? How many deaths will it take before the good people begin to understand that too many people have died in the feminazi war on men?

Happy St. Marc's Day

December 6 is celebrated around the world in English speaking countries as

International Marc Lepine Day

It seem that almost every week some distraught suicidal young man takes a rifle or pistol and shoots people at a school, a shopping mall, or a city. These are called horrible events by our media, and invariably used as reasons to hate men by the feminists, their blue gun thug Gestapo, and their talking head lackeys. The young men are almost always emotionally distraught, driven to desperation by a feminazi society that has tried to trample him into dust.

Every year, every month, every day, every hour, men are driven to suicide by the evil feminazi hate machine. From his early years in school young boys are taught that they are bad, stupid, and meaningless just because they are boys. Girls get all the privileges adoration and attention. He is called stupid, a rapist, a bully, a worthless drudge, and that's before he gets to second grade. He usually has no father in his home to give him a positive model for a young man. His father has been driven out by his feminist mother, who also teaches him that boys are hated by females. Single mothers abuse boys with neglect, beatings, and beatings in numbers that far surpass any other child abuse, so he probably has been violently abused all his life. Feminist mothers constantly teach their children that their fathers are bad, “abusive” and evil. Millions of boys suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) because they have been taught to hate their fathers, and by extension to hate themselves.

At school he continued to be treated like a second class citizen. When Marc Lepine tried to enroll in a technical school he learned that feminists got preference in admission and financial support. Females don't even belong in technical schools. They will never have the mental capacity, imagination, and will to return the cost of their education to the society. Females occupy chairs that ought to go to men who will contribute to the society. But feminist dogma pretends that females are just men with cunts, and gives them preference over real men. As a young man Marc was denied and rejected. Marc lived in Canada, a completely feminist dominated country. He accurately assessed that most of his life long problems were the fruits of an evil misandrist system gone completely mad. Out of desperation and despair Marc Lepine began to fight back against the feminist army that had ruined his life and denied him the opportunity to become a productive member of adult society. He went to the technical college and stood up against the war on men and began firing back.

Feminists argue that the feminists who were killed on December 6 by Marc Lepine were just innocent females in school. Nonsense. Each of them was a foot soldier in the feminist war on men. Each of them was pretending to be a man, taking a man's space in a limited number of technical school enrollments. None of them were working toward a decent life as a wife and mother. All of them were practicing the hate and destruction of feminism. Marc Lepine didn't just shoot everyone at the technical school. He carefully selected only the feminists and gave the others time to get out of the way. Feminists are afraid of being targeted by men of courage, but their day is coming. They try to hide and pretend that Marc Lepine was “attacking women” but he was specifically attacking feminists.

Some argue that the feminists killed by Marc Lepine were not the leaders of feminism and should not have been killed. There is some merit in that argument but in all modern wars the generals are never the front line troops. They watch from the hilltops and home offices as legions of foot soldiers fight their battles. In order for the generals to be attacked the legions of foot soldiers must first be eliminated. It was the front line feminist troops that Marc Lepine confronted and fought back against, not the leaders and generals who were safe in their government offices. It was the feminist foot soldiers who had put their bodies between Marc Lepine and the education he had been denied, and it was those front line feminist troops who bore the brunt of his counter attack. When a conquering army is wrecking havoc on a population it is not reasonable to excuse the foot soldiers out doing the damage because they aren't the generals giving the orders. The foot soldiers, the feminist bitches in the front lines, are not excused because they just followed orders and practiced the misandrist war on men.

The thought that a MAN could stand up and fight the feminist onslaught instead of quietly being driven to suicide as so many men die every day has been very frightening to feminists. They have used December 6 as a banner day of increased hatred of men. In Canada the counter attack against feminism is remembered by their talking head lackeys as a day for stopping violence against females. They never talk about ending their violent destructive war on men and boys. They deny the responsibility of feminism as the underlying cause of violence and destruction in our land.

This past week we have read news reports about families being killed in Maryland, a man who shot people in a mall, and have not read about the hundred men who were driven to quiet suicide deaths. The death and destruction caused by the feminazi is very real, and very bloody. Just counting the babies killed by feminists numbers in the millions. The death toll of abused children is staggering. Millions of adult men are driven to suicide, poisoned, shot while they sleep, or captured by the blue gun thug Gestapo and sent to die in Auschwitz, Folsom, Attica, or other hellhole concentration camps.

It is very important for MEN who are beginning a long struggle aginst the evil destruction of feminism to celebrate International Marc Lepine Day. It is important for us to fling their evil back in their hateful faces.

When an evil bitch accuses a men of “advocating rape,” or “supporting abuse,” “violence against women,” etc., etc., etc., the weak response is to cower before her accusations and deny that he had any such intention. The weak response is to point to “those men over there” as the bad men and cower in a corner. That denial affirms her power and domination over men, affirms her right to decide when men are bad, while relegating men to a place of powerless acceptance of her feminist misandry. The POWERFUL reply is to own her criticism and respond with something like, “You better believe it, bitch!” The response of power denies her dominate place to rule over men, it rejects her authority to tell men what to think and feel, and it tells her that MEN won't accept feminazi domination. By reacting with power we don't accept their hate, judgment, and condemnation, and in fact it lets them know that we may utterly destroy them if they don't stop their misandry. Tell them to pound sand.

That is why it is so important to celebrate International Marc Lepine Day We must throw their “Violence Against Women” hate speech right back in their faces and tell them that men won't be cowered by their hate. We MEN won't accept females telling us what to think and feel. We won't accept their hate dogma that tells us men are bad just for being born. They can take their hate speech and cram it where the sun doesn't shine.

Yes, the shooting and violence in our schools, malls, cities is bad, but the underlying cause is feminist domination and destruction of boys and young men. Until the cause is confronted and defeated the shooting and death is going to get worse. We can help to reduce the violence by confronting and ending violent feminist destruction as quickly as possible. When we cower and accept feminist hate we encourage more and more violence. Only by standing up and confronting the hateful bitches can we let them know we reject their misandry.

We need to be public, to let our elected representatives that we the people do not accept feminist domination, that we won't vote for feminist lackeys. Today is a day for every MAN to write a letter to his Congresscunt and local media talking head and letting them know we are watching and celebrating. Today is a day for MEN to stand up and be counted.

Happy St. Marc's Day

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Record Bastard Births

Single whores are whelping bastards at an all time record high rate in the US, according to recently published government statistics. Feminist dogma and laws now prevent young unmarried females from having husbands and decent families to protect and support their children, but the biological drive to bear children can not be stopped so easily. Young females should be marrying men who are old enough and financially stable enough to support and care for them and their children, but feminism outlaws decent marriages. The inevitable result is a record number of bastard child being raised in poverty by unmarried feminist bitches. The bastard children of unmarried impoverished females suffer all their lives. Despite welfare programs like WIC, the little bastards do not get adequate love and guidance. They end up as criminals in prisons, as drug using failures, or as another generation of unmarried teenage mothers.

Our society is crumbling around us. Our children are suffering. Our daughters are suffering. Feminism and every vestige of feminism must be eradicated. For the sake of our daughters and our children, and for our whole society, real marriage and decent families must be restored. It gets worse every year. When will the destruction of our children and families be enough? When will they ever learn?

This week we saw how 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. Jamie is the young sister of pop star Britney Spears. Getting pregnant is what young women do. Despite her fame, fortune, and stardom on Nickelodeon's made for teenage twits series, “Zoey 101,” what Ms. Jamie really wants is what every young female really wants, a baby. She is denied a husband and a good life by the feminist anti-marriage government and culture, but they can't take the womb out of the female. Jamie Lynn Spears bears a bastard babie, because babies are what women do. When they are denied marriage, they bear bastards.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Exposing Feminism?

There is a blog called Exposing Feminism, (EP), running on The authors of EP. They don't say who is the person or persons behind EP, but they seem to have the hots for Ms. Robin Steele. In addition to their fascination with Ms. Steele and her misandrist pronouncements, the authors of EP have taken it upon themselves to decide who is and who isn't a Men's Rights Activist,”Note: MikeeUSA is not recognised(sic) by MRM due the holding of extremist views.”

EP has been promoting misandrist feminist rape-hate. Their recent article promotes a misandrist rape-hate web site called Men can stop rape, and has been deleting comments from real men's advocates who denounce that kind of misandrist rape-hate advocacy. The feminist who runs EF claims that MEN's objections to rape-hate are "misogynist." They claim that they delete comments because their policy opposes both misandry and misogyny, but in truth they practice misandry while deleting objections to misandry. MEN have heard that feminist excuse for years. Here is the feminist definition of "misogynist" compiled in the MEN's dictionary some years ago:

Feminist definition: "Misogynist" --> n. 1. A man who doesn't support the feminist war on men. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack.

It is a shame that so many men are trying to form real men's advocacy but have such a hard time getting beyond all the misandrist feminist training that they were taught as little boys. Far too many men eschew men who actually advocate a real denouncement of feminism and feminist principles. It is a shame to see so many like EP who could be working for the good of men. Are they exposing feminism, or promoting feminism. The authors of EF do not give their names, which are probably feminine. In the end Bob comes to the conclusion that EF is run by the same feminists who pose as “Robin Steele”. They pretend to be promoting men's issues while pursuing an anti-men agenda. They intend to divert the men's movement by pretending to be spokesmen and leaders.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sexist Gift Ads

I've been watching the commercials for diamonds as Xmas gifts and they make me want to puke. Several jewelry stores are running ads, and they all are about the same. The man is expected to pay tens of thousands of hard earned dollars for a female who has done virtually nothing to earn or deserve the gifts. One commercial shows a multi carat gift as a reward “for choosing me.” The female looks at him lovingly and says, “yes this is the one.” It implies that he gets to be “the one” as long as he keeps buying her ever larger and more expensive trinkets. Can men really be that stupid? Does any man really think that buying an expensive rock make a female feel better about him? Did Liz Taylor stay around after getting gifted a whole collection of the word's largest diamonds? Not on a bet.

It occurs to Bob that half the men must actually be that stupid, to go there and buy really useless gifts to smiling bimbos who produce nothing. It makes me want to puke.

If you have to give them a gift, get her a set of towels, cooking pots, or a new clothes iron.