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Monday, November 19, 2007

Criminal FBI Lab -- Decades of perjury

CBS is reporting this morning that the FBI "Crime Lab" has been falsifying evidence and testifying to perjury in court for 40 years, and their lies have been instrumental in sending hundreds of innocent men to prison. The real "crime" in the FBI "Crime Lab" is the lab itself and those lying criminals who work there. According to THIS REPORT the criminal FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA, committed perjury for four decades in order to send hundreds, or more probably thousands of innocent men to prison, or to the gallows. The lying pigs at the criminal FBI Laboratory claimed that their chemical analysis could match bullet fragments found at a crime scene with the particular unfired bullets in a man's home. It was a total lie and they knew that it was a total lie. Nevertheless, the lying FBI gun thugs repeatedly did serial false testimony in case after case. Once again the FBI is shown clearly to be an evil criminal conspiracy working hard for the destruction of good American men.

Every one of the lying criminals at the FBI laboratory and the bosses who were part of the criminal conspiracy deserve to be sent to the same hellhole prisons where their lies and misandry sent so many thousand innocent men. Let them learn first hand about prison gangs, abuse, and torment that these scumbags caused for so many good men. Better yet, they should all be rounded up and Impaled by a mob of angry decent citizens. The FBI came to public fame in the 1930s by a series of assassination murders of alleged criminals without benefit of a trial or any legal process.

There have only been two countries that have used internationally banned “WMD” poison gas on large groups of their own citizens during the past quarter century. The first was Iraq under Saddam Hussein. The other was the US-FBI at Waco under Bill Clinton – Janet Reno. At Waco the FBI used “CS” gas to assassinate dozens of men, women, and children. The dead gassed bodies included several dozen children. Despite the fire that the FBI set to try to hide the evidence of their crimes, autopsies of most of the dead men, women, and children showed that the cause of death was the “CS” gas. Link here

At Ruby Ridge the FBI proved to the American public that they are willing to hid in the woods and shoot your wife, your child, and even your dog after planting arms that are protected by the US Constitution. At Ruby Ridge the FBI was a criminal conspiracy right from its first violation of constitutional law, and continued to be a criminal organization while its army of gun thugs assassinated a family who's only crime was to try to escape into the deep woods.

The FBI now admits that they have been committing perjury for 40 years, lying about bullet chemical tests, claiming that they had matched bullet fragments with unfired bullets found in a man's home. If they have been forced to admit systematic and habitual perjury on this one identification, all the rest of their “crime lab” testimony is called into question. None of the hundreds of thousands of men who have been sent to hellhole prisons based on FBI testimony can be said to have had a fair trial. Government lying violates the US Constitutional requirement for a fair trial. Every one of them should be summarily released from prisons because their convictions were based on government lies and fraud. Release them all now!

The FBI is a thoroughly criminal and murderous organization from top to bottom. An angry nation of decent citizens would round them all up and impale them. They are vermin who work to destroy good men and women, and to gas children.

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