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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Criminal Pigs send Wrong Man to prison

In Fort Collins, CO evidence has been uncovered of criminal blue gun thugs falsifying evidence, withholding evidence, and perjury to send an innocent man to prison. Evidence has been revealed of a criminal conspiracy among blue gun thugs. County Persecutors, and agents of Satan in black robes of hell sent a man to hellhole prison knowing he had nothing to do with the crime. Read story here

The incompetent blue gun thugs had been unable to “solve” the murder of Peggy Hettrick. Blue gun thugs hardly ever actually solve a crime. What they usually do is to rush forward to take credit when some citizen tells them what happened. Other times they use various torture techniques such as beatings, rape by toilet plunger handles, and continuous interrogation for more than 24 hours to extract “confessions.” In the case of the murder of Peggy Hettrick, twelve years had gone past and the primary suspect had died without the blue gun thugs being able to “solve” the case. In response to public bragging they picked out Mr. Tim Masters who had been a 15 year old neighborhood boy when the crime was originally committed. The blue gun thugs falsified evidence, and withheld exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys to obtain a court conviction.

Withholding exculpatory evidence is a crime that at the least should get the County Persecutor's law license revoked. An example of this simple penalty happened when Filthy Turd of the Year for 2006, Nifong, withheld evidence in the Duke University Lacross Team rape accusations. When the criminal acts of the County Persecutor results in conviction and prison time for an innocent man the criminal County Persecutor should be sentenced to the prison term that they had sent the innocent man to serve.

Fort Collins blue gun thug Lt. James Broderick who led the criminal falsifying of evidence should spend the rest of his life in his own hellhole prison for his crimes. I'm sure the MS 13 gang, or the Aryan Brotherhood will have a few fun times with him there.

Once again the stupid incompetent pigs are a danger to the people. They failed to protect young Peggy Hettrick. They failed to solve the murder, and in fact didn't try. They falsified evidence and withheld exculpatory evidence to falsely convict an innocent young man who's only connection with the crime was that the body had been dumped in a field that he had to cross the next morning on his way to catch his school bus.

This case from Ft. Collins, CO, reminds Bob of another case a few years ago from NYC, which involved a rape and beating in Central Park. Since a female was hurt the media whores were all over it like stink on shit and the Gun Thug Commissioner was put on the spot to “solve” the case. Since the blue gun thugs in NYC are as stupid as anywhere else (Never mind what you see on Law & Order TV fiction) they could not solve the mystery of how to make a hot dog. If they had that level of competence they would be qualified to get a decent job like running a hot dog stand, but the blue swine haven't' got the brains for such complicated work so they get paid to beat up people. Faced with an impossible, for them, assignment to “solve” the case the NYPD rounded up the first group of uninvolved black youth they found and proceeded to destroy their lives. After two days of torture very reminiscent of medieval witch trials, the 6 black youth “confessed” to having committed the crime, or whatever else the blue gun thugs told them to confess to. It is said around the pig sty that they could get a confession out of a ham sandwich, and probably they could. After more than 30 hours of sleep deprived continuous torture, beatings, and mental pressure, minds stop thinking clearly, and believe whatever they are told. The violent racist criminals in blue suits deliberately tortured and destroyed 6 black teenagers in order to pretend that they had “solved” the Central Park Rape Case.

Like the fictional Law & Order TV series presents, the railroad of the 6 teenagers had the full cooperation and criminal intent from the Persecutor's Office and the agents of Satan who wear the black robes of hell. It took a large scale criminal conspiracy among them all to railroad the uninvolved black teenagers off to hell. When you see the fictional Law & Order on TV, pandering and ass kissing the NYPD and their lying, criminal goon squad, remember that in real life they are a criminal conspiracy too stupid to solve any crime. They are a criminal conspiracy that LIES all the time as their regular way of life. They are a criminal conspiracy that beats and tortures uninvolved men into false “confessions” so they can pretend they have “solved” the alleged crimes.

In the Central Park Rape case the Mayor and Gun Thug Commissioner paraded on TV along with the Persecutor and other criminals. Mindless TV talking heads kissed their criminal asses and told the people that we are being protected. Only it was all lies and criminal lies. A few years later the truth came to light. The 6 teens whose lives the blue criminals had picked out to destroy were eventually released after missing the rest of their education and spending years in hell. The criminals in blue suits were never prosecuted, they continue to roam the streets of NYC today, destroying more lives wherever they go. The Mayor and Gun Thug Commissioner make the news for other reasons. It was only 6 young men who their crimes were destroyed. The lives of MEN don't matter to the blue gun thugs and the TV whores.

From the dark streets of NYC to the mountain passes of Colorado, the blue gun thugs are there, prowling our streets, beating, robbing, and destroying the lives of innocent men. If you ever are in danger, you will be better off calling a REAL MAN like Bob or one of the other men who make comments. Calling a blue gun thug will bring you to their attention and those criminals are as likely to send you to hell as anyone else. The public would be a whole lot more safe if the lot of them were rounded up and impaled by an angry mob of honest citizens.


Blogger Pat said...

Hi Bob,
The Tim Masters thing is pretty complicated and stretches over twenty years, so I'd like to recommend this background/overview of it.
This is the page. Years of study went into that. Also the more recent "Meloy Massacre" about exactly how the guy with all the diplomas hanging on his wall was used to bring down Tim Masters.

Thanks for bringing people's attention to this story. Hearings are still going on and NEW revelations are still coming out.
Pat Hartman

November 11, 2007 6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cops generally don't "beat" men in custody anymore. Bob exaggerates hysterically.

November 11, 2007 5:02 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous: (November 11, 2007 5:02 PM)
I'm sure that Rodney King and a million other men would agree with you on that.

Hey bro, you seen any flying pigs around here?

November 11, 2007 5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the continuing release of men for the Crime of Rape. Who DNA evidence has cleared. It is a fact that something is seriously wrong with the Administration of Criminal Justice in the US. Prosecutorial Misconduct, evidence excluded by Police Misconduct, tampered evidence. Something is proving that DA Michael Nifong is not an isolated incident.

Rather an emerging pattern. Low income Men in particular of all races are being railroaded. White Men must stand up for Men of Color and our Minority Brothers. We are all in the Same boat together. We are ManSerfs a new term referring to our Third Class Status in US Society.

The Police Bob are not acting alone. Prosecutors eager for Convictions regardless of guilt or innocence are in fact Law Breakers themselves. Judges have a responsibility to adjudicate Justice and Fairness. And are doing neither.

A few courageous Judges are starting to speak out about the PC nonsense of Feminists. And how it is perverting the Law. These Men have moral courage. Which is seriously in short supply in Feminized America.

I believe in Free Speech for All
Feminism Delende Este

November 18, 2007 2:04 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

You are right, Khank. The evil of the County Persecutors and agents of Satan in black robes of hell are as much a part of the American Injustice System (AIS) as are the blue gun thugs. We also should not ignore the parole boards and the guards at Auschwitz, Folsom, Attica, etc. They are all part of an evil conspiracy aimed at destroying as many men as possible.

November 18, 2007 3:37 PM  

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