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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Will Work

While talking about proposed immigration reform last week, President Bush said, "These people do jobs that Americans will not do." He's either lying, or so incompetent that he ought not to hold that responsibility. But then, what do we expect from a President who put immigration and border security in the hands of an Attorney General (Alberto R. Gonzales) who bragged about his wetback parents at his swearing in ceremony.

This morning on CNN I watched as half a million or so Mexican illegals paraded a Mexican flag through the streets of Los Angeles, CA, demanding that American laws be ignored so that they can make California into a part of Mexico. They already have pushed out millions of Americans from jobs, from housing, and destroyed a whole lot of our culture.

While my children were growing up in a small western town, many of the high school age students, including one of mine, got part time jobs at McDonalds. There they learned values like hard work, punctuality, dependability and courtesy. About that time Mexican workers began forcing American kids out. It began in the kitchen where it was thought better to have adult Mexicans than teenage Americans around hot grills and fryers. Soon the English speaking counter workers could not communicate with cooks who spoke only their native Mexican. In a year it was no longer a place for American kids to get their first jobs. It had become another of millions of business where Americans have been squeezed out of jobs. That particular McDonalds went from being a clean customer friendly establishment to a dirty and somewhat hostile business where the wait staff often can't understand their customer's language. It's another 50 of the "jobs Americans will not do," according to President Bush.

And where does he get off telling American people that Americans won't do real work. American was built on the Puritan work ethic. America was built on centuries of work and toil and American sweat. Now our president says that Americans "will not" do hard work. He's either lying or too incompetent for his position.

The Discovery Channel has a series called "Dirty Jobs." The featured person travels around the country every week doing some of the most hard, dangerous, and dirty jobs that regular American workers do every day. If anyone, even the President, wants to know what kind of hard, dirty, and dangerous jobs Americans WILL DO, all he has to do is watch a few episodes of Dirty Jobs on Discovery. But Bush says that Americans "WILL NOT" do hard work. He's either lying, or so stupid that he ought to be fired.

It's not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue; it's an American issue. Americans don't want wetback illegal aliens taking our jobs, ruining our cities, forcing our youth out of entry level jobs, and making a mockery of America. Americans don't want illegals who want to take California and Texas back for Mexico and are invading our country by the millions trying to do so. Americans don't want illegal aliens who won't even learn our language but demand that we learn theirs to buy a hamburger.

Americans have to demand that our Congressmen and Senators pass strong legislation forcing the President to retake control of our borders, our cities, and our jobs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

War on MEN

More than 60 years ago an evil empire set out to exterminate Jews from their lands. They invented all kinds of fictions excuses to "solve the Jewish problem." When W.W.II ended most people thought that the world had learned from the evils of the Holocaust. But for many who seek power, what they learned was the techniques of hate and the power of destruction. Led by radical feminazi, American governments large and small have substituted "MEN" for "Jew" and armies of blue suited gun thugs for the SS Gestapo. The US now has more men in hell hole prisons than any other country in the history of the world. Even Nazi Germany at the height of the 3rd Reich could not match America in magnitude of people being destroyed.

In today's news there are two stories that demonstrate how the feminazi war on MEN continues to destroy men with impunity while looking the other way at female criminals.

In Spokane, WA, 35-year old Otto Zehm was attacked and beaten to death by a Gestapo gang of blue gun thugs for the "crime" of "acting suspicious." (here) The blue gun thugs, of course, are applauded by their SS Officers for the violent brutal senseless murder of an unarmed MAN.

Also in today's news, charges were dropped against female child abuser, Debra Lafave, who used her position of authority to molest boys. (here) The war on men is a war on men. It's not about protecting children, it's not about convicting sexual predators. Those are their nice sounding excuses that witch hunting Gestapo agents use to sleep at night. If it were really about protecting children from sexual perdition, then female teachers who sexually molest students, like Lafave, would also be sent to prisons. No, it's not about protecting children. It's about destroying men. It's a Feminazi Holocaust against men, and that is absolutely what it is.

All across America, armies of blue suited Gestapo gun thug gangs work every day to attack and destroy MEN. They use phrases like "acting suspicious," "child abuser," or "sexual predator." But it's only MEN who they kill and destroy. What they learned from the Nazi Holocaust, the techniques of hate and the methods of genocide. Whenever you see a gun thug in a blue suit, whenever you hear a Feminazi hate monger like Governor Chris Gregoire, or any of the others, you see the incarnation of evil and the Holocaust reborn. Only this time they are after MEN!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Election Fraud

Voter fraud has always been with us. In 1960 it was said that thousands of dead voters in Chicago, voted by the Daly political machine, made the difference in the election of John Kennedy instead of Richard Nixon. In the 2000 election it was alleged that voter fraud in Florida had something to do with the election of G. W. Bush. As a result of popular concerns over the 2000 election, and massive numbers of undocumented aliens voting in California and elsewhere, there has been a movement toward requiring identification for voters. Under new identification rules in several states, the person showing up to vote has to show an identification such as drivers license, etc. To get around new requirements, and to reduce the cost of large scale voting fraud, the political machines in several US states have instituted mail in ballots.

Under the old system every voter, living or dead, had to show up at the polling places and cast a ballot. Political organizations had to recruit large cadres of volunteers to work on election day. In the 2004 election one enterprising Kerry support organization went to the Republican headquarters and slashed the tires on about 50 rented cars which were to be used to transport people to vote. Election workers had to go to places such as nursing homes and round up ambulatory voters to get out their votes. There was a growing problem with absentee ballots used for the infirm or sick who could not get to the polls. Crooked election machines used absentee ballots to vote in the name of many. But still, most crooked voting had to be done by a volunteer showing up at a poling place claiming to be a dead voter, signing in, and voting. It took thousands of volunteers to cast thousands of crooked votes, and that took a big organization such as that in Chicago which elected Kennedy.

In several states the political machines have adopted mail in ballots and closed the polling places. It's "cheaper" they say. And it avoids having to check the identification of the person casting the votes. In a typical mail ballot, the voter fills out the ballot, signs the name of the voter on the "security" envelope, and puts it in an outer envelope to mail. Nobody checks the identification of the voter.

In a nursing home, for example, the management could intercept all of the ballots for patients and vote the bunch of them. They can also intercept ballots for every patient who died there over the past 20 years and vote them. But why only vote for real people who have died. Crooked political machines can now register thousands of fictitious voters and vote them all. In a widely publicized incident in 2004 one party hired someone to register voters, and was paying per registration. The unscrupulous man registered hundreds of fictitious voters, and got caught because names like "Mickey Mouse" raised suspicions. The incident shows how easy it would be to register thousands of fictitious people. Nobody but the registrant checks ID's of those filling out the registration forms. He then can put them down with mailing addresses where a party machine can get the mail, or later turn in a change of address to a political machine drop box. In the upcoming election the machine will have two weeks to fill out thousands of ballots, sign the name on the ballot without having to present an ID, and send them in by the thousands.

Instead of thousands of volunteers on election day the mail voting goes on for 2 weeks, and does not involve hundreds of rented cars. Instead of huge cadres of volunteers, a political machine only needs a few employees to fill out and mail thousands of ballots over 2 weeks. They probably will still use the volunteers on election day, to help real voters fill out the proper forms, but it will save the machine a bunch of money and allow them to guarantee the outcome.

In one recent bond issue election here, ballots had to be mailed by Tuesday. They announced the results on Wednesday morning. I had mailed my ballot at the post office on Tuesday afternoon. Mail is not collected from our town post office until after 5 PM, and not delivered anywhere before mid day on Wednesday. Usually mail isn't delivered locally for two days. There is no way that the election counters could have received the ballots mailed on Tuesday and counted them by Wednesday morning.

Mail balloting is a fraud, intended as a fraud, carried out as a fraud, and results in a rigged election. When your state politicians start talking about mail in ballots they are working to defraud you and me and all the voters. They are stepping around the need for real, living, identifiable, voters, and substituting fraudulent sham elections.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Perverted eunuchs don't belong in schools!

"Teacher to Return After Having Sex Change" - Yahoo! News
There is so much cowshit around these pathetic psychotics who get themselves neutered. A man doesn't become female by having his balls and cock cut off. He becomes a eunuch. Dishonesty in language and wacko misandrist shrinks encourage deluded perverts into thinking that becoming a eunuch and taking massive female hormone pills will make them female. All it does is really badly mess up their lives.

Bob has known several of these pathetic perverts. At first he believed the lies told by the media and shrinks, but after knowing several for a few years, it became very clear that they had totally messed up their hopeless lives. They went around pretending to be women, using female toilet facilities and wearing dresses. Some even get plastic breasts. But they never fully manage to learn to act like women in thousands of little ways. For example, women hold their forks differently than men, move differently, etc. All the plastic hormones won't turn a psycho eunuch into a woman. Most claim to be "lesbian" because they are still men attracted to women, even without their balls.

Instead of teaching public school, and probably encouraging children to believe that they are something other than a psychotic pervert, they ought to be shunned by decent people. They have no business in schools or around children. On the whole they make a good case for euthanasia, put them out of their misery, end their pathetic twisted excuse for a life.