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You can't make wrong into right by doing wrong more effectively. It's time for real MEN to stand up and take back our families, our society, and our self respect. It is not a crime to be born a man. It is not a crime to act manly.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mass Murder of Our Children

Our children are dying en-mass. Half a gross of children have died while in the custody of the "Child Welfare" authorities in only one state in only one year. And, most of the deaths were caused by abuse and neglect.

Child Welfare authorities backed up by armies of blue gun thugs confiscate children from their fathers on the excuse of "protecting" the child. In reality they are stolen from families for the purpose of gaining federal funding. So-called "Child Welfare" agencies are paid per child. The more children they steal and incarcerate, the more they are paid. The more families they destroy, the more they are paid.

Is their care more safe than the child's family? NOT!
Is their care more deadly, more abusive, and more hurtful to the child than a family? YES!

The evil lesbo-feminazis who run "Child Welfare" hate children and hate families. They abuse and kill them in massive numbers. In 2004 alone in Washington state they killed 87 children in their "protective" custody. They admit that 61 of the children died of abuse and neglect according to a recent news story. These lesbo-feminist child abusers are murdering our children by the dozen, and enjoying the protection of the evil Injustice System while they do so. It's not just Washington State. The same mass murder of our children goes on every day and every year in every state where lesbo-feminists run state kidnapping agencies called "Child Welfare" or by a similar euphemism. In Oklahoma, for example, the evil DHS child killers can't even find many children who it has kidnapped from families, nor can it even figure out how many missing children it's lost. See story. Oklahoma DHS says that "more than 100" children are "missing" but it doesn't know how many, nor how many have been killed by abuse and neglect, or just plain cruelty.

Every one of the murdered children was stolen from a family. Every one of the neglected and abused dead children would probably be alive and healthy today if the evil lesbo-feminazi had been run out of town on a rail by decent people.

When are the people going to start protecting our children? When are good people stop supporting the government mass murder of our children by lesbo-feminists calling themselves "DHS" or "Child Welfare"?

FBI Incompetence

The FBI just wasted another million taxpayer dollars looking for the body of Jimmy Hoffa. For weeks these gun thug idiots have been searching a farm near Detroit. Their colossal waste of tax money became a tourist attraction for the local community. They used heavy machinery to destroy a large barn and excavate many feet of dirt. According to a news story the two-week search involved dozens of FBI agents, along with anthropologists, archaeologists, cadaver-sniffing dogs and a demolition crew that took apart a barn. In 2003 the same money wasters excavated under a swimming pool. One has to wonder how much of OUR money are these gun thugs willing to waste?

Suppose they find the body or some remains of Jimmy Hoffa? So what? After 30 years half the population no longer even knows who Hoffa was or why he died. After 30 years whoever did him in has probably died of old age.

Even if the FBI had found a body 30 years ago, did anybody really care if another gang leader died in a power struggle between mob bosses? Nobody cared. Hoffa had been in prison for some FBI charges and was in process of retaking control of the Teamsters Union and it's power base when other mobsters eliminated the competition. Did anybody outside the mob even care? Not me.

So why is the FBI still wasting millions on the search for Hoffa? It's because it clearly demonstrated that the investigation was a colossal failure of FBI detectives. They didn't know who did it, they didn't know how he was killed, and they never even found his body. Thirty years later the Hoffa failure is still a symbol of FBI incompetence. Just as WACO is a euphemism for uncontrolled FBI violence against the people, Hoffa is a symbol of FBI incompetence.

The average American would be better off, and have more money in his pocket if the evil gun thugs at the FBI were all fired. For more on the evil FBI see Bobstruth FBI evil on the move again

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blue Gun Thug Chief, "Comfortable"

Spokane, WA, blue gun thugs beat a man to death for "looking suspicious" in March, and now the Chief Gun Thug says he's "Comfortable." According to a news story today, "SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police Chief Jim Nicks said he feels "comfortable" with how his officers dealt with Otto Zehm despite the man's death during a struggle with officers on March 18."

Of course the Chief Gun Thug is comfortable, nobody beat him to death -- yet. I doubt if he would be so comfortable if a gang of honest citizens treated him like his gun thugs treated Otto Zehm. How many more MEN are going to be destroyed before we stand up and reclaim our country?

UPDATE May 31, 2006, County Medical Examiner Sally Aiken today ruled that Zehm's death was a homicide according to a news story. Don't expect the County Persecutor to file charges against the blue gun thugs. Beating MEN to death is SOP for these violent thugs. They murder more men than they protect. They are an 20th century disaster that good people ought to be finding ways to eliminate as we reclaim our freeddom in the 21st century.

UPDATE 2 According to security videos released to the media, the original police reports were all lies. Zehm entered a convenience store to get a soda and chips, and was attacked, repeatedly beaten, and killed by blue gun thugs. His only moves were to back up with his hands up to protect his face from the repeated blows with gun thug battons. Original slander by the blue gun thugss alledging a previous criminal record also turned out to be lies. Zehm had no previous criminal record, made no threatening moves toward the gun thugs, and was simply beatten to deat in a frenzy of violence. The Spokane mayor has called for an independent investigation because the media won't buy the coverup. The evil gun thugs and their lieyers will sweep it under the rug eventually, bet on it.

UPDATE 3 Criminal Spokane County persecutor Steve Tucker said on Tuesday that he hasn't seen anything in the Otto Zehm case that would lead him to believe that police officers broke any laws. Tucker says it's likely that no charges will be filed. Read story. Of course the lying coungy persecutor can't find anything wrong with beating a man to death for buying a soda. His job is to encourage the blue gun thugs and condone the destruction of honest MEN. He and everyone he works with ought to be lined up on poles in front of their lair by an angry mob of decent honest people. Good men need to purge our commuinites of murderous lying scum like him.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Motherly love and the blue gun thugs

A recent news story demonstrates both the myth of motherly love and abusive behavior by the blue gun thugs. Colorado grandmother June Candelario was formerly of the Colorado State Gun Thugs and now is with Jefferson County Gun Thugs. For years she has been locking her grandson in a plastic dog kennel every night while she worked. She would unlock the dog kennel at 3 AM when she returned home. We're talking about one of those 40 inch by 35 inch boxes where the 13 year old grandson had to curl up to fit in. She's been doing it for years.

One has to wonder where the boy's father is? What evil agent of Satan in black robes took the child from his father? What kind of grandmother treats a child like a dog. Oh yes, a gun thug grandmother. It's a boy, treat him like a dog.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another False Rape Fabrication

In West Haven, CT, a female ran screaming to a blue gun thug crying "rape" because she didn't want to pay her cab fare according to a local news story. The blue gun thug saw a chance to destroy the life of another MAN, and arrested the cab driver without bothering to investigate the female lies. Honest MEN know that females lie all the time, lie more than they tell the truth, and in fact no longer even know the difference. A "truth" to a feminist is whatever she "feels" should be true. Blue gun thugs lie all the time too, and have proven that fact to the satisfaction of the US Supreme Court numerous times. So they accept the lying feminist as "true" or as true as a blue gun thug's lies, and took the opportunity to brutalize another honest hard working MAN.

"The reason she ran off was she didn’t want to pay the cab fare," police spokesman Officer Angelo Moscato said. "But on the other side, here’s an officer and you see someone running, screaming. … We have to act quickly, because (what if) we have someone who is a predator out there?" [For more on the usual gun thug lie, "have to" see Had To is the Biggest Lie on Bobstruth]

There were several predators out there, the blue gun thugs and the evil bitch who cried RAPE! to avoid paying her cab fare. Unfortunately for MEN, the blue gun thugs are not concerned with arresting an evil predator, they only are looking for excuses to destroy MEN. The evil predatory false rape bitch was believed immediately and the man's life destroyed. Even after charges were later dropped he had already suffered far more than the evil bitch claimed to have suffered if the charges had been true. A brutal arrest, days and night in cages, being shackled and handcuffed and deprived of even the most basic human dignity are far more devstating than an attepted rape. His reputation was severly damaged among his family and friends, and now he has a "police rcord" which may be used against him in the future. Even if the story was true, and it immediately should have been suspected since probably less than 8% of rape accusations have a scrap of truth in them, there was no immediate reason to arrest the MAN before a thorough investigation had been conducted. The blue gun thugs acted with intolerable knee jerk, head jerk, total jerk thug mentality and immediately rushed to deliberatly hurt the accused, the real victim, as much as they could.

Yes, they eventually dropped the charges, but huge damage had already been done. The female false accuser should have to serve the twenty year prison sentence he would have served if her accusations were true. The knee jerk misandrist bigots in blue suits ought to be summarily fired for their incompetence and excessive brutality. The county persecutor ought to be sentenced to a year in prison for filing the false charges without being damn sure they were true. Everyone involved except the victim, Mr. Otunba-Payne, should have to pay personal damage settlements to him of many thousand dollars out of their own pockets, not at taxpayer expense. The blue gun thugs, persecutors, jailers, everyone who deliberately hurt him out of misandrist bigotry without doing a decent investigation into the bitch's false rape accusation first needs to pay a personal fine to compensate him for his suffering because of their individual and collective misdeeds.

As it stands, the evil lying bitch still hasn't even paid her cab fare. She has been rewarded for her crime. They won't even publish her name under so-called "rape shield" laws, so she is excused from public shame which she richly deserves.

They do publish the name of the MAN who was falsly arrested. Misandrist hate rules the news business. Lies that defame a MAN always make their news. The New Haven Register is misandrist filth.

Lesson: Whenever you hear a lying scumbag like police spokesman Officer Angelo Moscato you know that evil misandry is afoot, and decent men are at risk.

Another Hate MEN Day

Today is "National Missing Children Day," according to local TV News. To commemorate "Missing Children Day" the evil talking heads showed a photograph of childem who are apparently with their fathers. Many of them have foreign surnames and may have returned to their native countries.
Feminist definition: "Missing Child" --> 1. A child who is being taken care of by his father, the traditional head of the family. 2. A traditional intact family headed by a father. 3. A family that the feminazi and their blue gun thug Gestapo have not yet been able to destroy.
The majority of so-called "missing" children are not missing at all. They are safe at home with their fathers, exactly where children should be. Only the evil of feminazism that destroys families falsely claims that a child may be "kidnapped" by his father. Even to allege such a lie is to support the feminazi destruction of our families and the father's traditional role as head of the family.

The other large category of so-called "missing children" are not missing at all either. They are teenagers, young adults, who have "run away" or in other words left home for reasons of their own. A quick view of the web site at the National Center For Missing and Exploited Children shows that 2/3 of today's headline "kids" are young men and women who have left home of their own accord. Many of the young women have eloped with a husband after the feminazi prevent them from marriage at the normal age when women have always been married, when their bodies are telling them its time to get on with their lives. Many young men are bored with confinement in state institutions, schools, and move on to jobs to get on with their lives.

Bob certainly does not condone kidnapping of children, but the hysteria connected with so-called "Missing and Exploited Children" is a bold lie. Few of them are either missing or exploited. Most of them aren't really even children.
From Dictinary.Com
Child -> 1. A person between birth and puberty.

Most of the "missing" listed at the Center for Missing and Exploited Children are past puberty, no longer children at all. Like all feminazi bureaucrats they LIE and distort the truth to enhance victimology.

National Missing Children Day is a good day to remember all the hypocrisy and lies that the feminist hate mongers and their blue gun thug Gestapo are using to destroy our families and send MEN to places like Auchwitz, Fulsom, Attica, Dachau, and a hundred other hell hole prisons. Whenever you see an evil elected official or TV misandrist talking about Missing Children Day, you have identified another enemy of MEN.

Point to remember: A FATHER CAN NOT KIDNAP HIS CHILD! Anyone who says otherwise is an evil feminazi Gestapo who's aim is to destroy traditional families and MEN.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

30 Percent bastards

The record of supposedly monogamous females in our society is horrible. According to Mobile Blood Services which now does DNA testing for paternity the percentage of children who aren't the son of the female's husband or regular lover is about 30 percent. That's a really huge number. Read story here. Females don't get pregnant every time they do sex as everyone knows. A man and his wife may be doing sex trying to get pregnant for months before it happens. To get a 30% figure of bastard children the average female has to be doing 30% of her fucking with other men, men other than her husband or steady lover. And it's not just 30% of all sex, it's 30% of sex WHILE SHE KNOWS SHE'S LIKELY TO GET PREGNANT. Much of her life many females are on birth control pills or other preventatives. So her screwing around during those years doesn't count in the percent of bastards. Only when she's not on the pill, liable to get pregnant and still screwing around will she get pregnant by another man. A man who's family has 3 children probably has one bastard. Any man who thinks that females have any loyalty or monogamy in their behavior is nuts. Thirty percent bastards is an enormous figure. Color them all whores.

Hiding Thug Violence from the public

Albuquerque citizens were arrested for videotaping blue gun thugs on a public street as they illegally harassed patrons of a local bar. With nothing better to do and no "crime" to fight the Albuquerque blue gun thugs were out Saturday night administering breath tests to pedestrians leaving a local bar. Read news story. Control and domination of people who used to be free is what they do. It's who they are. And they hate for the public to learn of how invasive and violent they really are. So when the blue gun thugs learned that employees of the bar were recording their illegal and abusive assault on citizens (See the 4th Amendment) they arrested the bar employees. Spending a night in the hell hole cage of the blue gun thugs is a horrible and emotionally destructive thing to do to a citizen. The valid lawsuit the bar intends to file will only cost the taxpayers. It penalizes the people who are already oppressed by the blue gun thugs. It will have no effect whatever on their violent, brutal, and illegal thugary.

MEN got along for all of human history without these evil gun thugs. Only at the end of the 19th century were they created by tyrannical governments to control and dominate the people. We don't need them, we don't want them, and we would all be far better off without them.

Young, Reckless, Violent, and Deadly

An Albuquerque woman was killed by a young reckless blue gun thug as she sat in her back yard with her family. Read news story. The blue gun thug was speeding and recklessly passing other cars when his excessive speed and adrenaline hyped mind lost control of his overly powerful police car. He crashed through her block wall and killed her where she sat with her family in her own back yard. Officer Floyd of the Albuquerque blue gun thugs was speeding on an adrenaline rush because he though he had an opportunity to destroy another MAN for "domestic violence," and he didn't want to be late for the gun thug gang beating of the MAN. When you mix adrenaline, blue gun thugs, and violence somebody always gets hurt. Sometimes they beat a man to death, sometimes they chase men to death, and sometimes it's a little old lady just sitting in her back yard on a summer evening who is brutally extinguished. For killing another citizen the young wild violent gun thug is rewarded with additional paid vacation days. They claim to "protect" the citizens, but the toll of death and destruction that they cause is enormous. We would all be better off without them. Flora Aragon would be alive today.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another MAN murdered by the blue gun thugs

The blue gun thugs murdered another inmate according to a story on

His death was reported nationally because he had received some notoriety in the early 1990s as Berkeley's "Naked Guy." Andrew Martinez, 33, whose stripped-down strolls at the University of California, Berkeley, got him expelled and prompted the city to adopt a strict anti-nudity ordinance, was "found unconscious" (read: DEAD) Thursday in a Santa Clara County jail, said jail gun thug Mark Cursi.

Martinez was obviously a man who didn't go along with the usual oppressive program, choosing to demonstrate his rebellion by walking naked through the University of California campus. If there is anything the blue gun thugs hate it’s a MAN who refuses their police state control. He had been in custody since January 10 on charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon, the blue gun thugs said. The CNN story doesn't give much more about the original charges, but my guess is that Martinez was arrested after the blue gun thugs tried to beat him to death in January and he survived, so they tossed him in a hell hole and left him there for months. After holding him in jail for several months, and not wanting the story of their beatings and mistreatment to become public, the blue gun thugs quietly murdered him, hoping another dead inmate would just go unnoticed. Because of his previous notoriety he rated one brief comment on CNN before his death vanishes in the swirl of a million dead men who the blue gun thugs have murdered. Men are murdered in jails all across the US every day, and mostly we never hear about it. When a MAN is being held in one of their hell hole cages the blue gun thugs have an absolute responsibility to protect him. They have taken away all of his ability to protect himself. His death is murder whether he died of direct immediate blue gun thug violence or as a result of months of hellish caging.

The blue gun thugs are hired killers who's job is to enforce police state control on the population, to take away money by armed highway robbery and other violence, and to exterminate as many real MEN as possible. MEN got along without governments by hired gun thugs for all of human history until the beginning of feminism in the late 19th century. The blue gun thugs are the oppressors of a tyrannical feminist dominated state. They take away our rights to protect ourselves and our families, and then they take away our families. As was once said in the 1960s, when harm comes our way a MAN would be far better off calling a hippie. At least the hippie wouldn't beat him to death and call him a criminal for being beaten, tortured, and finally murdered

Friday, May 19, 2006


An ongoing protest demonstration has been initiated by divorced and separated Canadian MEN as an expression of their anger over the raging misandry in family courts that takes away our children and turns MEN into indented servants (slaves) of women. The MEN of Canada have declared every Friday as BLACK FRIDAY as a protest against the destructive anti-men bias in the courts. Men's groups worldwide are joining in the protest because all MEN face the same bigoted hate in our own nations.

Today is Friday, Black Friday. Bob is wearing black in silent protest. Today, and every Friday, MEN should wear black until our governments start recognizing us as equal citizens, not some oxen who pull the plows of industry.
“Men in Black” protest continues to grow. Supreme Court decision fuels anger.
Divorced and Separated Canadian Men, Non-Custodial Fathers and Mothers and Grandparents continue and expand Black Friday protest in the face of more Canadian Supreme Court Bias.
Divorced and separated Men and Fathers as well as non-custodial Mothers across Canada have declared every Friday a Black Friday as part of their silent protest against the destructive anti-male, anti-father anti-family bias and discrimination that exists in the family court system. They have been joined by various other equal parenting and family rights groups in the protest. World-wide interest in the Canadian Black Friday protest has seen groups in several other countries, notably Germany, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States, adopting the idea and effectively joining Canada in the Black Friday protest. Black Lapel Ribbons are soon to be introduced for wearing every day of the week besides the All Black Friday protest
So it is that for the second Friday 29th April 2006, divorced and separated fathers, non custodial mothers, and various grand-parenting and other supporting groups across Canada will be wearing black clothing as a mark of respect and mourning for the loss of their children, property and rights as a result of biased, discriminatory and unfair treatment under Canadian Family Law.
The expansion of the protest is especially poignant in light of the recent Supreme Court of Canada decision not to continue to prosecute a Canadian woman for shooting and killing her allegedly ‘abusive’ husband in an apparent ‘sleep-walk murder’. Fathers Rights Activists indicate this is further proof of the bias against Men and Fathers and that in similar circumstances a man would not have been shown the same consideration or leniency.
“The law is not equal nor is it blind and the persecution and bias against Canadian men continues unabated. As we have recently announced Black Friday symbolizes our protest at the loss of our Canadian children, the removal of the right to parent of over 1.5 million Canadian Fathers and the death of family life in Canada. The Black symbols illustrate the evil in the system and the darkness that pervades and destroys our lives, steals our dignity and status, and turns honest law-abiding and productive citizens into criminals in the eyes of unjust law. We continue to struggle for our most basic charter rights under constitutional law on top of suffering continuous blatant discrimination and police and court supported arrest and jail for rampant and unchecked false allegations and jail for non-compliance of biased child and spousal support decisions. And now it seems Canadian men can be killed in their sleep without fear of retribution or intervention. There is one law for Men and another for Women” said Jeremy Swanson an independent Fathers Rights Activist based in Ottawa
For further information on the Black Friday initiative, the War on Canadian Fathers, the assault on the Canadian Family and the bias and discrimination of the Canadian Family Court system, contact Jeremy Swanson at (613) 237-1320 ext 2438.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Another faux men's rights group shows its true colors -- pussy pink

What can MEN do when all the groups which claim to be supporting and advocating for the rights of fathers, the rights of MEN, turn out to be controlled and dominated by misandrist feminists and their mangina* pussy boys. These faux men's groups divert our energy down useless dead ends and into supporting feminists. Unless MEN take control of our own groups and stop pandering to the feminazi agenda we will NEVER get anything accomplished. Pandering to feminism is exactly why MEN are the subhuman oxen in law and society today.
* From the Urban Dictionary:
A male lackey of the feminist hate movement (Usually called a 'male feminist'), who views women as superior to men and always bows down to and agrees with women in an attempt to curry favour, especially his abusive, man-hating wife who will screw him over in the divorce court, ruin his life and reputation, whelp a child that isn't his and sting him for money for said child. In short, a man-slave. Almost all married men these days are manginas, and so are a slightly less number of single men.
'Oprah's just a show for women and manginas, man!'

A recent example of a faux men's rights group The Indiana Civil Rights Council, IndianaCRC on Yahoo, showing it's true mangina agenda happened on Wednesday, May 17, 2006, when a hate mongering cunt demanded that Bob be silenced. Despite posted opinions of other MEN and females in the group, the mangina pussy boy group owner, (Torm L. Howse, "") licked their feminist boots and joined in her feminist misandry. Pussy boy Howse whined about Bobstruth blog and Bob's unfailing support of MEN. It always pisses off mangina pussy boys when a MAN speaks out against feminism instead of apologizing for being a MAN and pandering to the misandrist feminazi dogma. Then, as the feminist dominatrix had demanded, mangina Howse deleted Bob's membership in the group and silenced the voice for MEN. The feminazi members of course had a field day congratulating each other for their success

The Indiana Civil Rights Council claims to be organized to foster and promote legal action on behalf of fathers who have been abused by the family courts, who have lost their children to evil minions in black robes, or who have otherwise suffered from a court system out of control. It's proposed course of action is to file over 3,000 federal court suits in each county in the US alleging that family courts are unconstitutional violations of civil rights. Their plan has as much chance as a snowball in hell, but we now know the real reason for the plan. It will divert a lot of men's energy down a dead end rat hole and prevent MEN from taking effective steps to stop the feminist steam roller that created and controls family courts. Of course, the court system is not really out of control, it is very much in control of the feminist dominated government, and the courts pander to the misandrist feminist agenda which created them. For a very good recent scholarly and very well documented study of how feminism created "family courts" and how the courts came to be so misandrist see Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination Against Men by Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young. HERE

The "family" court system is a product of 150 years of organized feminist hate of men, misandry. If any female ever fails to succeed in her demand for female dominance in the feminist courts it is NOT discrimination of lack of fairness. Unfortunately, the Indiana CRC has sold out to feminists and supports their whining complaints as "victims" because they failed to get everything they wanted. Even in the feminist created and legislated misandrist program of so-called "child support" and the fraud of "custody," a judge occasionally gives custody to the father. Mangina Howse pretends to support MEN, but behind the scenes he's a "male feminist," a "mangina," a pussy boy pandering to feminists and diverting the energy of men. When, once in a while, a FATHER has succeeded in getting custody of HIS children, it is a FAIR decision by the court, a decision best for the child and consistent with thousands of years of religious and civil law. Unfortunately Indiana CRC opposes the FATHER's rights to HIS child and supports the whiny feminists who claim victimhood. Instead of supporting FATHERS and MEN, it diverts the energy of MEN into support for the enemies of men.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2006, a feminazi member of IndianaCRC on Yahoo threw a hissy fit about Bobstruth and a comment he made on the Yahoo group. In her feminazi arrogance she expected that no MAN is ever allowed to criticize the feminazi. It really pisses them off when a real MAN like Bob fails to kowtow, speaks the truth about feminist hate, and won't ever apologize for being a MAN. Ms. Feminazi Dara went hysterical and demanded that Bob be silenced. Here is her hate filled rant:

Dara Dressel Tue May 16, 2006 6:23 pm
"BoB", (Mr. MAN)
Our membership and involvement in this group is extremely important to us. However, after receiving group messages from you, (which are about as vile and repulsive as your personal "blog" is) we are ashamed and embarrassed to be in a group with someone like yourself. It just occurred to us that you are attempting to turn this group, this cause, into your own personal woman-hater web site. ( success in starting your own group? you need to try to round up women haters on this site for your own personal cause?)
Your reference to females as "feminisnazis", "femmoroids" or etc., and men as "MEN" is typical of a woman hater. Just want to remind you that most of the population who is of "christian-like" faith consider that while you apparently are not "female", YOU, MOST DEFINITELY ARE NOT A MAN either! You keep bringing "satan" up...Perhaps, you are one of his little (and I do mean little) "helpers"? if not, just WHAT are you?
We come to resent getting e-mail with your name on it. Your mail permeates "hate". The only thing that you seem to be about is H-A-T-E.
Three words to describe "BoB and the "world" he is accordance of" = Little, Evil & Nothingness.

No need to reply...most of us already can guess what your reply would be...something to do with "hate" no doubt.

Other member of Indiana CRC, many of whom don't realize it's true pussy pink colors, objected to Ms. Dara's feminist hate speech: Sally pointed out that it was Dara who was spewing hate:

"Sally Broessel" Wed May 17, 2006 8:24 am
Dara et all,
I see no hate in Bob's postings. Perhaps irritation at the bias in the system. Now your posting is another story, there is hate and disrespect in that, which is uncalled for.

Tim observed that Bob is right most of the time and needs to be heard:

Tim Wed May 17, 2006 10:27 am
I agree with Sally. Bob is over the top on occasion, but IMHO he does not need to be removed from our group.
Besides, he is right most of the time, it's just the delivery.

Well, of course the feminazi dominatrix was even more offended by the other members who supported Bob's right to speak. She went completely ballistic and started spewing all the usual feminist hate about how women once weren't members of Congress and other standard irrelevant feminist hate speech. Spewing the usual feminist hate is a call to action for a pussy-boy mangina like Howse, because Ms. Feminist Dara knows that a mangina will toe the line, apologize for being a man, and kiss her boots when she invokes feminist hate dogma. Here is her hate speech:
Dara Dressel Wed May 17, 2006 1:01 pm
Sally etc...all
This group, cause, crusade or whatever you want to call it, is as we believe it to be, is about non-custodial parental rights. While most men, not women, get the raw end of the deal in our judicial system regarding divorce issues, we know several women (including myself) who ended up on the short end of the stick in our judicial court system all because the man had more money, power and influence. It works both ways.
BoB's "comments" referring to all women as "femmoroids," "femmininazis" and "bitches" instigates and promotes hate against all women in general. What does this have to do with this cause Sally? Gee...we were under the impression that this was about equality for parental rights to their children...according to BoB (and yourself) apparently, we are wrong in our thinking.
"Women" did not create this judicial mess that we are in. (They became fed up with "men" like BoB who refer to them as a hemmoroid!) There was a time, not long ago, where not ONE single female sat on any judicial bench or ONE single seat in the House, Congress or Senate.
If anything, it is the men who created the mess that put US ALL in. Us women are trying to help your cause.
The men and women (NCP's or not) that we know would NOT join a group that someone like BoB belongs to. Any male or female that we know that is going through a divorce etc., is not against ALL members of the opposite sex; just the one he is separating from and usually the judicial system that we are ALL ruled by.
We have enough negativity in our lives already. Most all of us have our former spouses to contend with who have "done us wrong" but BoB's the one who "Boo Hoo's" about the women on this planet.
Not only are BoB's comments offensive to both members of the opposite sex they are out of line in this forum. It's people like BoB who ruin it for the rest of us.
And, YOU apparently are as sick as he is.

Feminist definition: "Sick" --> adj. 1. A man who consistently supports equal legal rights while opposing feminist domination. 2. Someone winning a debate with a feminist. 3. A man who refuses to kowtow to feminism. Usually used as an ad-hominem attack. Translation: "You're right on, but I won't admit it."

Regular readers of Bobstruth will recognize the several LIES she tells about what Bob says, and the feminist created "family" courts. Feminazi have never believed that truth has any value. The "truth" to a feminazi is whatever she "feels" that it is.

As soon as he read Ms. Feminist Dara's anger, mangina pussy boy Torm Howse had his marching orders. He genuflected, apologized for being male, and complied with the tormented demands of the feminazi. Instead of standing up for MEN, a mangina licks her boots and turns on real MEN. Here is what this boot licking pussy boy said:

Torm Howse, President Indiana Civil Rights Council
Wed May 17, 2006 2:38 pm
As MODERATOR/OWNER of this group, here is my *initial* take and perspective on the whole situation:
1 - hate inflames more hate, as anger begets more anger, etc., whether in words or deeds.

[It was noted by Sally that it was feminazi Dara who posted hate. Pussy boy Howse ignores whatever a feminazi does, and directs his attack on MEN.]

2 - I initially agree with Tim's general conclusion (Bob is generally correct in raw information itself, is often, though, "over the top" in his presentation/delivery)... as far as only the posts made to this group so far...

[By "over the top" he means that Bob doesn't apologize for being a man in every post.]

3 - However, as we have already easily seen, an "over the top" delivery can quickly bring [undesired / maybe unintentional ] feedback or results - and THAT is the core problem with credibility of the two ends of the gender spectrum extremists out there... My point is being proven even more WHILE I am composing this message -- during this time, there have already been a couple more posts on this quickly-devolving issue, that are taking this subject where it should NOT go... at least, not on this forum/group...

[By "unintentional results" the pussy boy means that the feminist dominatrixes are offended by having a MAN posting anti-feminist opinion. The "couple more posts" which he alludes to are copied above, both pointing out that it is Dara the feminazi who is out of tolerance. As a mangina Howse believes that the group should not go anywhere that offends the feminazi, or contradicts her misandrist victimology dogma.]

4 - Moreover, I am *very deeply* disturbed at least one particular "article" on Bob's blogspot -- the one where Bob is actually condoning and supporting ALL FORMS OF RAPE to be considered as nothing more than a natural body function between two heterosexual people to be inherently enjoyed by BOTH parties.

[Regular readers of Bobstruth will notice that mangina Howse LIES about what Bob has said in order to conciliate his dominant bitch. Bob has, of course, said nothing of the sort and never "supported all forms of rape." Readers of Bobstruth will know that Bob has asked if any female has been physically hurt by rape, and has suggested criminal penalties for rape. Bob has never said as the lying fem-boy Howse misquotes. Lying fem-boy Howse does his genuflect to the pussies and continues.]

I could never disagree more on almost any other topic on this planet or in human history, and the very notion would also correlate to similarly stating that any family court judge's RAPE of a natural parent's God-given and Constitutionally-recognized rights to his or her own children (i.e., turning them into a "noncustodial" parent) should be inherently accepted and enjoyed by that victimized parent. Indeed, it appears that 99% (or was it 100%?) of the responses to Bob's blogspot article on Rape also agree that it doesn't even come close to hitting the mark on any civilized discussion of the matter.

[Mangina pussy boy Howse rants on and on supporting feminazi rape-hate misandry. He confuses "family court" with rape, and blames his nonsense on Bob. Can anyone figure out what that confused sentence means? Pussy-boy Howse is so flustered by the feminazi disapproval that he's blathering apologies mixed with feminist hate dogma. ]

While I do tend to agree with Bob that punishment for Rape (either gender), when there has been no involvement of beatings or physical violence, is often way overdone in proportion against the perpetrator, and agree that allegations of spousal rape can easily be problematic at best, and agree that many allegations of "rape" are likely at least somewhat falsified, at least to the extent of whatever has been claimed, the short story is that Rape - "real" Rape (whatever that is, or is not) - is simply not acceptable in human society... and, *rational* people agree with that general premise, I believe... especially with any perversion in condoning Rape by adults against children -- that is called "child molestation" -- not simply "Rape"...

[IOW, he knows that BOB is right in every point about rape on Bobstruth. But he can't bring himself to confront the feminazi dominatrix who's boots he is licking. He's a mangina, a pussy boy, a servant of females, a man who's sold out his sex for female approval, an enemy of MEN and the wrong man to be in charge of a men's group.]

Yes, read the blogspot article and responses for yourself -- IF you can stomach such blatant and outrageous gender hate!

[Yes, anyone who actually reads Bobstruth will quickly become aware that Bob is right about almost everything, and that pussy-boy Howse is LYING.]

5 - this group has never been, nor will ever be, tolerant of ANY outright gender-bashing. Period. Not. Ever... ever... It's repulsive to most rational people, and critically detrimental to the credibility and purpose of EQUAL PARENTING.

[Mangina pussy-boy Howse deliberatly ignores the misandrist bitch Dara who is the one posting gender hate. See Sally's reply to Dara. What he means is that he will support and excuse feminist misandry but he won't tolerate any MAN who opposes feminist misandry, not ever..ever..ever. Mangina pussy-boys are like that. The purpose of "equal parenting" is to divert energy of fathers into support for feminist dogma claiming mother's "rights" to our children. It subverts their purpose to speak the truth about feminism or the "family" courts.]

Bob, there is one thing that is already obvious as to others, but not of yourself -- everyone on this group is already established as being victimized by a family court in some respect, whether "normal" divorce/paternity causes, or CPS, or guardianships, etc... However, I have absolutely no indication as to WHAT happened to you, as in -- what is the original reason that you ever got involved??? Was it, by any chance, an accusation of RAPE? Or, was it something of just being taken to the cleaners in a divorce without children? or what??

[Actually, Bob has been there, done all that, as child, father, grandfather, and legal activist for MEN's rights. Bob isn't a broken pussy boy feminazi appeaser like Howse. ]

Actually, nevermind - this is much too much hatred... any association of such hatred won't be tolerated on this group. Time to use those powers.
Regards, Torm Howse, President Indiana Civil Rights Council

Yes, pussy-boy snaps to attention when a feminazi posts long diatribes of feminist misandry. He "tolerates" hate but only when it's anti-men hate. What he won't tolerate is a MAN who objects to misandry and pisses off the feminazi who feed on misandry. The group is demonstrated to be a front for feminist agendas and another side track used to siphon off men's energy and prevent MEN from ever regaining our rightful place in society. Pussy boys like Howse who snap to attention and attack MEN when a feminazi cracks her whip have no place in a MEN's movement at all.

Sally Cautiously pointed out who really spewing hate on Indiana CRC, but of course the mangina pussy boy Howse can't see the feminist hate, he's too busy licking her boots and appologizing for being a man.

Wed May 17, 2006 5:11 pm
Dara, and Torm
No, I agree with equality and not being bias for either side. I don't have a problem, except as I said - it was your post that seemed to me to be filled with hate and disrespect. Bob, or anyone, should not be calling names.
This is all I have to say - because I don't want an arguement.

She was chided by the pussy-boy Howse for daring to speak the truth about feminist hate. Pussy boys are almost as intolerant of truth about feminsim as are the feminists.

Torm Howse
Wed May 17, 2006 7:23 pm
Thanks, Sally. I think we are done. It appeared that Dara seemed to be genuinely insulted from his earlier post or something,

So mangina pussy-boy Torm Howse acted in accord with the evil feminazi hate rant and deleted Bob from membership to silence the voice for MEN. Will the men's movement ever succeed when our energies are sidetracked by pussy-boy run groups like Indiana CRC? Can the rights of FATHERS ever be supported when a so-called father's group is subversively run to support and kowtow to feminists. Once again a mangina proves that only the voice of feminists are allowed to be heard in his faux-men's support group. Also see Faux men's activists protect daughters on a previous Bobstruth

For any of you MEN (with balls) who are members of Indiana CRC on Yahoo or elsewhere, color yourselves pussy pink, or duped by a false feminist organization. Continuing to support CRC will not get MEN to where MEN need to go. Even if CRC succeeds it's goals are really intended to aid feminism and further the rights of females to our children. For MEN, it's time and money down the feminist rat hole. It's that kind of helping females that has cost us our rightful place in society and turned us into beasts of burden. Tell manginas like Howse to go lick feminist boots all he likes while real MEN will turn away from him and his pussy pink group. It's time for MEN to regrow their BALLS and tell the fembabes to pound sand!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Typical feminazi hate training.

Isn't it great how young bitches know everything and are always willing to demonstrate their ignorance combined with well-trained misandry. For example, a well trained young feminazi posted the following response to Bob's call for equal treatment at workplaces:

The employee who initiates the bullying, intimidation, etc., is the one to blame. That person should be punished-- just as the disruptive kid in school gets punished. Bullying is similar to vandalism - it's wrong, immoral, and illegal.
That paragraph has so many lies, misstatements, and false assertions, and so much misandrist hate dogma in that one paragraph it's hard to know where to begin.

First, the assertion that "sexual harassment" has anything to do with bullying is fiction. "Bullying" is the latest buzz word among the young females. It was not a word used decades ago when so-called "sexual harassment" laws were passed. It's another case of finding a justification for female special privilege after the original reasons have become publicly known as fraudulent. In over 40 years of work experience I've seen many so-called "harassment" incidents and not any of them were about bullying nor about harassment. Virtually all were about some whiny female alleged that her "feelings" were hurt because of some unintentional misstatement. The government came down on her side, she got a big cash settlement, the company and the other employees lost, and the unfortunate man lost his job, maybe his career, and his family suffered.

MEN have always had to get along at our jobs. If the boss is mean, dominant, aggressive, or whatever, our options are to go along or quit. Most men learn to get along at work. Men create good relationships, and even usually get along with a mean boss. Females apparently can't get along, can't do relationships at work, and need special laws to protect them from their incompetence and failures. Men who are offended by a job or the company, or the other workers, can accept it or move on. Females' arrogance figures that they are so important the company ought to accommodate them instead of them learning to accept the company or quitting. Females are so arrogant that they figure the company ought to pay them for their failure to develop decent relationships at work. All of their incompetence and unreasonable demands make females less desirable as employees and serves to reduce the amount of money, wages, that companies are willing to pay. Who would invite trouble? Only with a significant price discount would any sane employer accept the risk and trouble a female employee brings to her work.

The second fraud is to assert that someone should be blamed, presumably a MAN is to be blamed for her hurt feelings. Blaming the nearest available man is typical misandrist feminist hate dogma. The young feminazi is well trained in hate. Responsible people take responsibility for their own feelings and don't blame someone else. Men learn to get along at work while females whine, cry, and blame instead of working out good relationships. It's exactly that kind of incompetence which makes females into second class employees. For decades feminazi have claimed that females are much better than men at relationships, but at work they claim that females can't manage their own relationships as men have always done, so they need special protection laws. Females are so stupid that they believe both claims, females are both better at relationships and can't do them without protection. Most don't have the gray matter even to understand the obvious conflict.

The next real problem is the assertion that someone, presumably a MAN, should be punished. That is a very common feminazi hate dogma. It would be offensive if the feminazi government didn't participate in that misandry. But it's much worse than just hateful. We live in a time and place where millions of men are punished when female feelings are hurt. There is a huge and very well funded government industry now who's job is to punish as many MEN as possible for whatever feminazi excuse they can find. Punishing the nearest available MAN is the feminazi equivalent of a KKK lynching, only without the public blood. The government just takes him away and destroys his life and that of his family. Sorry, Toots, but hurt feelings are NOT justification to punish men.

To justify her demand to punish MEN the young feminazi uses punishment of boys as her example. The crisis in our schools is becoming well known. Greatly over punishing boys in school, and boys are punished ten times as often as girls, is one of the serious flaws in education today. Boys are being punished for acting like boys, and being neglected in huge numbers. She ought to be ashamed to repeat such hate. The disaster that passes for public education is the antithesis of an example to use for sexist laws on so-called "sexual harassment." The misandrist schools need to be cleaned up and restructured even more so than the sexist laws at work.

She has been well trained in hate propaganda. She squeezed all those lies and hate dogma into only two sentences. Her third sentence is no better. She claims that bullying is "wrong, immoral, and illegal." In her mental arrogance and confusion she's still equating bullying to "sexual harassment" at work, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge of the topic. I am somewhat familiar with a wide variety of moral, ethical, and legal codes, both religious and secular. I don't recall ever seeing any moral, ethical or legal code that defines bullying as "wrong" or "illegal." It's the latest feminazi buzzword to blame young men, even as young arrogant females have far outdistanced most male competitors for the bullying championships. Female bullies blame the nearest available man and then punish men instead of accepting responsibility for their own failures. Our young arrogant female correspondent writes exactly like the bullies she says are immoral and wrong.

There is nothing moral, right, or good about bullying female misandry such as so-called "sexual harassment" laws. Sexual harassment laws protect female incompetence, turn females into risk factors for employers, reduce the take home pay of female employees, and make our workplaces into hostile environments for men employees.

While we are talking about sexual harassment, the flagrant whorish dress chosen by so many young females these days constitutes sexual harassment of men. With men deliberatly ignoring females because they are so misandrist, and because a notice can destroy a man's career, many young females have been wearing more and more sexually provocative clothing, even to work. Young women's outfits are selected to be more sexually suggestive, displaying large amounts of bare flesh, and prominently displaying pushed up and often augmented breasts. Their deliberatly sexually suggestive dress and demeanor are sexual harassment of young men, and they do it deliberatly. Teachers dressing like whores in our schools distract young men and make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. Females dressing like whores in our workplaces make it difficult for men to focus on jobs. If anyone needs legal protection from predatory bullying arrogant sexual harassment it’s the men who need someone to fire the females unless they learn to dress without flaunting their sexuality. One has to wonder if young females know anything but whoring and hating.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Legally defined incompetence

Sexual Harassment laws permanently define females as incompetents who do not have the social skills to get along at work. They give females a permanent legally defined underclass status.

Despite all the feminist rhetoric about how females are supposed to be so much better at "relationships" than men, in a workplace, men have been finding ways to get along forever, but females are said to be unable to get along without special legal protection. If a man feels bad because of something that his boss said, or her sexual advances, his options are to go along or leave the company and look for a different job elsewhere. If a man is teased, harassed, or under appreciated by fellow employees, it's not the company's responsibility to pay him for his lack of social skills, and in fact the company may fire him for failure to get along. Not so for females. A female who can't get along with fellow employees may file a "harassment" complaint and pocket an extra $50,000 for her lack of social skills.

The cost of her $50,000 payment, and those of her sista's is accounted for as a very large budget item that companies have to provide for. It is part of real wages, the total cost for employing someone. For females, real wages includes the very large budgeted cost of "harassment" settlements. Unaccounted for are the also very real costs of inefficiency by all workers because communications and teamwork are badly affected. The US Army did a study in the 1990s which concluded that their combat effectiveness is reduced due to men avoiding communications with females out of very real fear of "SH" complaints if she "feels" offended. In a place where Bob worked the men would gather in small groups and chat, but we avoided any conversation when females were near. We all knew men who had their careers ruined, and some who had been fired because of an offhand remark that had been overheard and used by a greedy female employee. The "SH" laws had a very marked negative effect on teamwork and morale in our office.

One small US state budgets $10,000,000 per year for "SH" settlements. The budgets of corporations large and small are not so well published, but they have to budget for the very large cost of hiring females or go broke. When you hear feminazi whine about low wages, remember that real wages include the total cost of hiring someone, and for a female real wages includes the very large cost of risk of "SH" payments. These laws create a windfall for a few females while reducing the take home pay (real wages minus hidden wages) of all females.

After a generation of poorly written and damaging "sexual harassment" enforcement the time is long overdue to declare females as true equals at work and drop all their special legal protected status. They can't have it both ways. Either females are equals, or they are some incompetent subhumans without the social skills to do effective relationships in a work environment. Bob would like to see females treated like equals.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Mexicans are guarding the US border

Have you wondered why the Border Patrol is notifying the Mexican government about the Minutemen? Sure, it's got most Americans wondering if the fox is guarding the chickens. Does a name like Alberto Gonzales sound American or Mexican? Does a Mexican name like Gonzales sound like someone who should be the man in charge of the Border Patrol, FBI, INS, DEA, Immigration Review, US Marshals, and all the enforcement of our borders? Alberto Gonzales even bragged about his wetback parents at his inauguration ceremony as US Attorney General.

Do you think that Alberto Gonzales is going to do anything to close the Mexican border, anything at all? If you do you are a real dreamer. A wetback, and the son of wetbacks, is not going to fight for America. It would be insane to think that any Gonzales is on the side of America at the border.

So where is Gonzales? He's the US Attorney General, the wetback Bush put in charge off all those agencies and more. Does anyone believe that Bush and Gonzales will do anything at all except help more Mexicans to destroy our nation? I sure don't.

Where is General Pershing now that we really need him. For that matter, where is President Wilson. We need a MAN, not a wetback defending our country.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

FBI evil on the move again.

"SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) -- Polygamist church leader Warren Jeffs has been placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in hopes that the additional exposure and reward money will lead to his arrest. Jeffs, 50, is accused of arranging marriages between underage girls and older men." CNN May 7, 2006

One would think that the FBI would have learned something in their massacre of the Branch Dividians at Waco. You would think that the FBI would have learned something when their office and children were destroyed by angry citizens who were trying to teach them something about their heinous murder of men, women, and children at Waco. Unfortunately, nobody is so stupid as a hired gun thug. "You have to be a bastard. You have to have an atmosphere where you natural bastardness can grow and develop and take a meaningful shape in today's complex society," Arlo Guthrie

Their ongoing war on religious sects flouts the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, which guarantees religious freedom, even to small denominations. In fact, there is no purpose of guaranteeing religious freedom to major religious denominations, so the 1st Amendment only guarantees such freedom for small religious groups. Their war is also part of the feminazi war on MEN and marriage. Until the 1950s in the US and all Christian and non-Christian dominated countries, it was NORMAL for young women to marry during their teenage years. Huge biological studies have clearly demonstrated that the best biological breeding years for young women are between about age 14 or 16 and 26. After age 26 female fertility begins to decline and declines rapidly after age 30. Feminazi War on MEN laws now prohibit young women from marriage during the first part of their biological marriage and family producing years, and make the MAN into a criminal for NORMAL male husband behavior. It is a lesbian feminist War on MEN, and War on families that the FBI pursues so aggressively. The FBI war attacks young MEN, young women, destroys family and hurts everyone involved.

There are only two countries that have used internationally banned chemical warfare Weapons of Mass Destruction, poison gas, on its own citizens during the past two decades. One was Iraq under Sadam Hussein. He now rots behind bars and is being tried for his crimes against his people. The other nation is the US under Clinton, who's FBI used CS gas to murder dozens of men, women, and children for the "crime" of belonging to a small religious sect. Hussein is being tried, but Clinton, Reno, and the FBI tugs are apparently immune from retribution for their unspeakable crimes

Angry citizens, angry that so many good people had been so violently and illegally murdered by poison gas and government tyranny counter attacked by blowing up the FBI office in Oklahoma on the anniversary of their Waco massacre. But the FBI doesn't learn. Government gun thugs are too stupid to learn. Backed by a media feeding frenzy they eventually found and killed the citizens who launched the retribution attack and erected a memorial to themselves in Oklahoma City.

Well, they are at it again. This time they have chosen to attack a Mormon based group and have put one of it's leaders on their list of "10 most wanted." His "crime" seems to be helping young women and men to marry and supporting marriage and families as defined by his religious beliefs, and in opposition to the feminazi War on MEN and families. His crime is opposing the Feminazi war on families out of strong religious convictions. The gun thugs who work for the FBI and enforce feminazi oppression of religion and families can't stand any man who's religion they haven't been able to turn against families and marriage. In the face of US Constitutional protection of religious beliefs, the FBI is out to get Mr. Jeffs and send him off to hell. How many MEN, women, and little children will they kill this time? Will they use more poison gas on another American village? Will they attack with tanks and helicopter gunships? Will they sneak up in the woods and shoot his wife, children, and even his dog, like they did at Ruby Ridge?

The real question is, when will the American public wake up and realize that these heavily armed gun thugs are police state tyranny who violate the rights of EVERY AMERICAN when the rights of any American are violated. A Gestapo-like gang of gun thugs who operate outside of law and Constitution are the enemies of a free people. Yesterday they came for the Branch Dividians. Today they come for the Mormons. Each of us has to try to stop them when they come for our neighbors, or there will be no one to object when they come for you and me.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

LAPD brings shakedown extortion to Northern Idaho

Dozens, if not hundreds of retired LAPD have moved to northern Idaho in the area around Coeur d'Alene. So many have located to the previously unsoiled country that they now have the muscle to recreate their "LAPD benevolent fund" extortion racket, according to interviews on the Mark Fuhrman radio program. You may recall that Mark Fuhrman is the discredited LA gun thug whose lies, bigotry, and arrogance were instrumental in turning off the jury in the OJ trial. Now he and dozens of other retired blue gun thugs from Los Angeles are starting an extortion racket based on the model used so successfully to line their pockets in Los Angeles. In these slush funds they create a tax exempt (or course) fund said to be for the purpose of supporting the families of blue gun thugs hurt "in the line of duty." Bob notes that last year there were 6 good men killed on their jobs in this area, and NONE of them were blue gun thugs. According to OSHA statistics, the job of a blue gun thug is one of the least dangerous of men's jobs. They just whine and cry about it in public a lot because they aren't decent men. The LAPD scam tosses in the fire department too, since firemen actually help people. Once the fund is established they shake down all the local businesses for contributions. Although never said specifically for legal reasons, it is implied that any business that fails to contribute the requested amount will suffer harassment or loss of "protection." There are several companies who organize fund raising efforts such as selling tickets to a "Fireman's Ball" or "Policeman's Ball," (Bob's brother in law once had a job doing that.) with the implication that any company not contributing will get less protection. But the shakedown being planned by the LAPD in Kootenai County, ID, goes far beyond that. The collected money is distributed to various gun thugs for whatever reason without public review. It's a special slush fund outside of municipal budgets and away from the light of public criticism. Police Chiefs and Officers are expected to allow work on the "benevolent fund" projects on public time. It's outside the public budget, but, according to Fuhrman on his radio talk program, many of the hours used to organize and operate the fund come out of public budgets without accountability. The fund buys vacations, medical benefits, parties, extra cash, golf tours, steak fries with plenty of beer, and whatever the blue gun thugs want to spend it on. It's an extortion racket that has worked well (for the blue gun thugs) in LA, and is being rolled out in rural counties as far from the city as northern Idaho. I can understand wanting to get out of Los Angeles and leave it to the Mexicans, but bringing LA scum into an otherwise decent place to live is a serious problem.

Monday, May 01, 2006

An honest car repairman.

I've been dealing with Joe's Transmission in Spokane, WA. He's about the most honest car repairman I've ever dealt with. He requires customers to bring back their cars 2 weeks later for an after checkup before getting the warranty signed. When we did have a warrantee problem, an internal part that isn't normally replaced in the rebuild later failed, Joe not only fixed it for free, but he also paid for the towing from 40 miles out of town. The towing was actually excluded from the written warranty, but he paid for it anyway. He gave us no argument that it was his fault that it failed. His prices are really fair and he knows what he's doing. If you are ever in or near Spokane, and need some transmission or other under your car work done, call Joe. He's honest and fair. If it's Friday in hunting season he may be closed, but he's there most of the time.