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Monday, May 01, 2006

An honest car repairman.

I've been dealing with Joe's Transmission in Spokane, WA. He's about the most honest car repairman I've ever dealt with. He requires customers to bring back their cars 2 weeks later for an after checkup before getting the warranty signed. When we did have a warrantee problem, an internal part that isn't normally replaced in the rebuild later failed, Joe not only fixed it for free, but he also paid for the towing from 40 miles out of town. The towing was actually excluded from the written warranty, but he paid for it anyway. He gave us no argument that it was his fault that it failed. His prices are really fair and he knows what he's doing. If you are ever in or near Spokane, and need some transmission or other under your car work done, call Joe. He's honest and fair. If it's Friday in hunting season he may be closed, but he's there most of the time.


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