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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mass Murder of Our Children

Our children are dying en-mass. Half a gross of children have died while in the custody of the "Child Welfare" authorities in only one state in only one year. And, most of the deaths were caused by abuse and neglect.

Child Welfare authorities backed up by armies of blue gun thugs confiscate children from their fathers on the excuse of "protecting" the child. In reality they are stolen from families for the purpose of gaining federal funding. So-called "Child Welfare" agencies are paid per child. The more children they steal and incarcerate, the more they are paid. The more families they destroy, the more they are paid.

Is their care more safe than the child's family? NOT!
Is their care more deadly, more abusive, and more hurtful to the child than a family? YES!

The evil lesbo-feminazis who run "Child Welfare" hate children and hate families. They abuse and kill them in massive numbers. In 2004 alone in Washington state they killed 87 children in their "protective" custody. They admit that 61 of the children died of abuse and neglect according to a recent news story. These lesbo-feminist child abusers are murdering our children by the dozen, and enjoying the protection of the evil Injustice System while they do so. It's not just Washington State. The same mass murder of our children goes on every day and every year in every state where lesbo-feminists run state kidnapping agencies called "Child Welfare" or by a similar euphemism. In Oklahoma, for example, the evil DHS child killers can't even find many children who it has kidnapped from families, nor can it even figure out how many missing children it's lost. See story. Oklahoma DHS says that "more than 100" children are "missing" but it doesn't know how many, nor how many have been killed by abuse and neglect, or just plain cruelty.

Every one of the murdered children was stolen from a family. Every one of the neglected and abused dead children would probably be alive and healthy today if the evil lesbo-feminazi had been run out of town on a rail by decent people.

When are the people going to start protecting our children? When are good people stop supporting the government mass murder of our children by lesbo-feminists calling themselves "DHS" or "Child Welfare"?


Anonymous Dave said...

This makes me sick, stealing kids at gun point then telling the parents....well sorry we lost em... too bad.

May 31, 2006 3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As time continues to pass by, with each flip of the calendar, the realisation of that future age when people will be acknowledging, with an air of detached, matter of fact actuality, that the 'women's movement', from the time of its true genesis and practical post WW1 reality (rather than its pre WW1 fringe socio-political rebellious presence) - will have been a fully fledged 'crime against humanity' becomes closer and ever more certain.

It is astonishing that the feminists, and their suporters, cannot foresee where the road along which they presently travel will inevitably lead them. As extremism realises its own antithesis and returns the disciples of such foolishness to a point that even those who had been present at the commencement of such madness would have considered a backward step, so the great philosopher Aristotle would have repeated to them his words:

"For as bats' eyes are to daylight so is our intellectual eye to those truths which are, in their own nature, the most obvious of all" 'Metaphysics,1, Brevior i'.

Peter Charnley.

June 01, 2006 6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many years ago a former business Partner of mine went through an ugly Divorce. His wife was screwing another Man. He Divorced her and ended up with Custody rare in California. His Second wife was accused of Molesting their Teenage son. He was angry because he did not get a Motorcyle he wanted. He failed to keep his grades up.

The Son was taken into State Custody for several years. A Psychologist for a County testified against the Family. In Discovery their Attorney found out the Head Psychologist never met with, spoke with, or examined their son. It was entirely Fabricated for revenue reasons.

They sued the County in Question and won a judgement. After a severe amount of suffering. The son has mental Scars from the abuse he suffered at the hands of the system.
How much longer our Sheep populace will put up with this crap remains to be seen.

But our Harper's Ferry date with destiny is coming. When a Spartacus arises and stages a Slave revolt against the system. Target Family Court Judges, Attorneys, and their enforcers. With some real street justice.

June 03, 2006 1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 1859 raid on Harper's Ferry was a failure for John Brown. His hanging was witnessed by John Wilkes Booth and Robert E. Lee. Brown did utter prophetic words, though. But his goals were later achieved by regular forces, not vigilantes.

June 06, 2006 4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jerry Buck Inman (likely suspect in the rape and murder of the civil engineering student from S. Carolina), will probably get off.

June 09, 2006 6:56 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Note to anonymous: (June 09, 2006 6:56 PM)

Boo Hoo! What the hell is a cunt doing pretending to be "an Engineering student" for anyway? If she had chosen to be a wife and mother and was home taking care of her kids instead of the feminiazi education of a whore, she would be living a joyful life. A cunt who has turned away from a husband and famly to be a feminist whore studying engineering is no loss to anyone.

Maybe I misunderstood your comment. Are you nominating Jerry Buck for th Golden Bull Awardfor eliminating another Hitllary voter?

August 01, 2006 2:13 PM  

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