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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Annual Father's Day Hate

Father's Day Hate articles and cartoons by all the leftist media is happening right on schedule again this year. I found the following cartoon from a leftist news source called "The Onion.

It is typical of the anti-father, anti-men hate that the media spews every year. These hate bigots should be horse whipped before being hung.

Your local media, print or broadcast, will be republishing all the same hate for Father's Day. They get it from AP and other misandrist sources. The editors are bred for hate and think that anti-men hate is "celebrating" fathers. Phone your local newspaper or TV outlet and complain.


Hate is a media tradition on Father's Day

The truth about divorce is that females file about 90% of divorces and the top 3 reasons all amount to her boredom. She's tired of living with a good, hard working, dependable, but boring, father for her children. So she comes up with a lie, often files false “DV” or other “abuse” accusations on the advice of a lieyer, kicks him and takes him to the cleaners.

The other half of “families” in the US are the new feminist “family” which only has a mother and some bastard children by some random fuck she probably never got the name of. Having a long series of whoring affairs is not boring like a good marriage. Its the new feminist ideal.

Don't expect the truth about families and fathers to show up in the media on Father's Day. They all toe the feminist line and spend Father's Day week running a series of anti-men hate articles and cartoons. Count on it this year and every year. Kick her in the shin when you meet one of the medial bigots at the store.

Above I posted the hate cartoon because it had good graphics. Its supposedly a "joke." Hate is often disguised as a "joke." It doesn't change the hate in the cartoon, nor the reason that they publish it for Father's Day.

It is typical of all the major media who run hate for Father's Day. Here is another example of the typical daily Father's Day hate series from a print newspaper:

Time to disarm violent domestic abusers
Federal and state laws prohibit convicted domestic-violence offenders from possessing firearms, but enforcement of those laws has been lax, write guest columnists Merril Cousin and Nan Stoops. They urge all law-enforcement agencies to follow proven strategies for getting guns out of the home.

By Merril Cousin and Nan Stoops
Special to The (Seattle) Times

Most print, Internet, and TV media are running their annual week long anti-men hate specials for Father's Day this week. Call your local media and give them your manly opinion of their hate propaganda.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Just shoot him!

If he's too drunk to drive, Just shoot him.
Niles L. Meservey, age 51, was minding his own business having a something to eat and a few drinks at a local restaurant. When he left to go home some “do gooder” patrons decided to have him shot instead of risking his expensive car driving home. That is what the government's feminist anti-alcohol hate program tells them to do. Its the same old anti-men hate that feminazi have been pumping out since the WCTU pushed prohibition in the 1920s. The other bar patrons called in the blue gun thugs.

The blue gun thugs did their job. They first hit Mr Meservey with a tazer, causing him to be unable to control his Corvette. Then they shot and killed him. That's what they do. Killing is their job.

As a reward for assassinating another good man, the blue gun thug who pulled the trigger is being rewarded with additional paid vacation. Blue gun thug officials have refused to tell the public the name of the blue shirt assassin who ended the life of another good family man.

They tell us that they are “protecting” the public. They sure protected the hell out of Mr. Meservey. He will never be risking his life by driving after dinner again.

From the comment section of a Seattle paper here is how murderous assassins kill:
He was a very good man that was put in a lose lose situation by the Everett Police Department.

His car was boxed in between two other cars in the parking lot, the fence in front of him & three police cars behind him. When one officer tasered him through the open window that he had willfully rolled down to explain himself. His body Tensed & Shook from the taser prong in him & the car lurched forward as his foot shook.

The second officer then fired 6 shots two in the back of the head, four in his back through the back of his seat & through the back window of his Corvette.

The blue gun thugs are the antithesis of Free Men. They are agents of oppressive tyranny. They do not protect anyone. They are evil in blue, the most dangerous gang of terrorist thugs in our land. We don't need them. We don't want them. And we all would be much better off without them.

If you want to contact Chief Blue Gun Thug Jim Scharf at the Everett, WA, pig sty, here is the info:
3002 Wetmore Ave.
Everett, WA 98201
T: 425-257-8400
F: 425-257-6500

Seattle Times Article

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How deep is NYPD corruption?

The blue gun thugs of New York are once again caught red handed dealing drugs and destroying the lives of hard working men. Its so shocking that even the cunt defense lieyer Rochelle Berliner, a former narcotics Persecutor finds it shocking. Good thing she changed sides after working to destroy the lives of 1,800 men.

Jose and Maximo Colon weren't just arrested on a fictitious drug charge, when video tape evidence proved that the NYPD were all lying, the rest of the corruption in NYC government canceled their business license for the convenience store the hard working brothers ran. Its not just “a bad cop.” Its the whole rotten corruption in City Hall. From Blomberg on down, they are the scum of the earth. Read Yahoo News Story

If you impaled all the rotten slimeballs from NYC on a row of poles starting in Times Square, and planted a pole every 10 feet, would you get all the way to Washington, DC?

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Airbus Hasn't Fixed its Vertical Stabilizer

On November 12, 2001, American Airlines Flight 587 ran into air turbulence shortly after taking off from Kennedy International Airport. The vertical stabilizer broke off from a combination of the air turbulence and pilot attempts to compensate for the turbulence.. The Airbus A300 crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens; a borough of New York City. The crash killed all 260 people in the plane and 5 people on the ground. The broken vertical stabilizer was found in the bay a few miles before the airplane hit the ground. When the vertical stabilizer came off the plane turned sideways, its engines broke off, and all control was lost.

AA vertical Stabukuzer
American Airlines Airbus A300 Vertical Stabilizer
being lifted out of NY harbor

After some investigation and a great deal of looking the other way, aviation authorities blamed the dead pilot for over correcting, using too much rudder peddle during turbulence, and decided not to fix the obvious structural problem with ALL Airbus A300 aircraft. Grounding the fleet to correct a major structural defect would be very expensive and politically incorrect. See Wikipedia Article on Flight 587

It is generally unacceptable for an airplane to come apart in mid flight from air turbulence. It is unacceptable for an airplane to come apart in mid-flight from pilot over controlling the rudder. It is especially unacceptable when the structural failure kills 265 men, women, and children.

The tail structure of the Airbus A300 is made of carbon fiber and plastic. Its structural and fatigue characteristics should be classified as “experimental.” The death of 265 people in Queens, NYC, on November 12, 2001 demonstrated clearly to anyone with half a brain that the plastic tail of the A300 is not strong enough to be trusted with the lives of passengers.

Instead of redesigning and strengthening the plastic vertical stabilizers, Airbus used the same design on its enlarged A330 model. If the vertical stabilizer is not strong enough for the A300, it clearly is even more dangerous on the enlarged A330 mode. But fixing bad design costs money and its only the lives of passengers that is at stake. Airbus got away with it until last week.

Air France A330
Air France A330 (note paint on tail)

On May 31, 2008, Air France Flight 440, an Airbus A330, ran into some turbulence en route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, France. Wikipedia Article The vertical stabilizer broke off. Flight 440 was traveling at high altitude and high speed when it lost all directional control. When the plane turns sideways at high speed, wind forces rip it to pieces. It dumped bodies and shreds of cabin with floating insulation over a wide area. Once again, the broken vertical stabilizer has been found floating some miles away. This time only 228 people were killed. See Yahoo Story: Crews find vertical stabilizer in Air France crash

APTOPIX Brazil Plane
Brazilian Navy recovers Air France vertical stabilizer from Atlantic.

If you read the Yahoo article or any other major media report you understand that they KNOW the plane is not structurally sound. In the Yahoo report they say that an error such as a minor data input glitch fed to the computer can cause major structural failure which kills all the passengers. They KNOW that the structure is not strong enough to survive turbulence and/or computer error or pilot error. They programmed the computer to limit pilot access to rudder control, but they did not make the plane strong enough to hold together when anything goes wrong. They KNOW that a small error will cause the structure to fail with loss of all life on board. That is just not acceptable.

The Airbus A300 and A330 design has an obvious structural flaw that comes apart and kills all the passengers when mid air turbulence is encountered. They are constructed out of cheap light weight plastic parts that are only strong enough to survive in calm air. They save money on every flight, but risk killing the passengers and crew whenever turbulent air is encountered. The Airbus A300 and A330 is UNSAFE to fly.

All A300 and A330 planes should be immediately grounded until major structural changes are made.

In the mean time, if you are planning to fly anywhere,

DO NOT FLY on an A330 or A300.

Update June 11, 2009

News stories all focus on inconsistent speed data from the 3 pitot tubes. Automatic trouble transmissions for the ill fated A330 began with notification of inconsistent air speed readings. Bob notes that airplanes tend to turn sideways, or spin horizontally, after the vertical stabilizer breaks off. Pitot tubes on an airplane going sideways, or in a flat spin, will give wildly changing data. There is a human tendency to blame the instruments when they don't give the reading we want to see. Three separate pitot tubes are unlikely to all fail at the same time. Rather than blaming the pitot tubes, the investigative authorities should look at what causes perfectly good pitot tubes to transmit strange speed readings. The answer is that pitot tubes only work well going frontward. When you turn the plane sideways, the air currents on each pitot tube will vary according to the angle of motion and its place on the plane. Turning sideways will also cause the wings to come off and the cabin to break up dumping passengers into the night sky to fall into the ocean. The pitot tubes worked properly, they gave accurate data from an airplane turning sideways.

All A300 and A330 planes should be immediately grounded until major structural changes are made.

In the mean time, if you are planning to fly anywhere,

DO NOT FLY on an A330 or A300.

Update June 12, 2009

Bob has found other sources who also demand a through review and repair of the Airbus A300/A330 airframe. Here is a site which was unsatisfied that nothing had been done to address structural failure of the vertical stabilizer after AA flight 587 after 5 years.

Here is another web site detailing the near crash of another Airbus A300. On May 12, 1997, American Airlines A300-605 was involved in a near-crash near West Palm Beach, FL. On that occasion the plane's vertical stabilizer delaminated near the attachment bolts that keep it fastened to the rest of the airplane. On flight 903 the vertical stabilizer began to delaminate (fail) from high stress near the attachment points, but the stress backed off before it failed entirely. The pilot managed to recover from a stall and land safely. That delamination should have been a big red flag for air safety officials.

In 2003 USATODAY published this article and complained that American Flight 587 would have been prevented if safety officials had learned the lessons of the structural problems found on Flight 903 in 1997. Now we have a 3rd similar failure, hundreds more dead people, and still they won't even talk about it. Is money more precious than hundreds of dead?

The FAA, NTSB, European authorities, Airbus and even pilot unions turn the other way because fixing the problem would be expensive, and therefore a political hot potato. Its only dead passengers after all, and then only a plane load every few years. Air safety authorities knew or should have known after flight 903 in 1997 that the A300/A330 vertical stabilizer is unsafe to fly. They have looked the other way while passengers die. They continue to point every direction but the structural defect that is killing so many people.

DO NOT FLY on an A330 or A300.

Update July 1, 2009

A crashed Yemeni Airbus A310 ran into air turbulence as it approached its destination, the island of Comoros in the Indian Ocean east of Africa. The death toll is 152 passengers -- only a teenage girl apparently survived. The flight originated in France with a stop in Yemen.

News media quote air safety officials cautioning us not to notice the man behind the curtain. See Washington Post report.

It is too soon to get photos of the wreckage from the plane. Bet on the vertical stabilizer falling off.

Bob has learned that an Air New Zealand Airbus 320 Crashed into the Mediterranean on a test flight last November 27, 2008, killing the pilots and engineers on board. Once again the apparent cause was the common vertical stabilizer shared by the A300/A310/A320/A330.

Air NZ Airbus tail
Airbus 320 tail from NZ plane.

Airbus knows exactly why their planes are falling out of the sky killing all on board. Transportation safety officials know too. But they do nothing about it. It is politically incorrect to blame Airbus for their unsafe design.

Reports on the NZ Airbus crash are here.

Times On-line story on the NZ Airbus. Blame the pilots. Read between the lines of the official story. The vertical stabilizer comes off. The plane skews sideways and begins a dutch roll into the ocean. Pilots scream as they die.

A list of the dead pilots and engineers is here

Do not fly on an Airbus A300/A330 until and unless the tail structure is corrected.

Update May 28, 2011

The flight recorders from Air France flight have been recovered from the bottom of the Atlantic. The flight data recorder reveals a lot of strange stalls and pilots trying desperately to control the stricken airplane. All the data is consistent with a plane turning sideways and going into a classic swept wing stall. When wings angle aft, any yaw causes one wing to square up and increase lift, while the other wing turns parallel to the wind and loses lift. Once the vertical stabilizer fell off, there was nothing that the pilots could do about the pending crash. It took 4 minutes for the terrified passengers to die when it hit the Atlantic.

UPDATE July 30, 2011

International "safety" authorities do their job of protecting financial profits of Airbus by blaming the dead pilots for the crash of Flight 447. “Pilot error” is the “official” excuse for another plane load of passengers killed by the known structural defect of the Airbus A-3xx vertical stabilizer.

Airbus excusers want us to believe that Air France pilots were so incompetent, and "poorly trained," that they pulled the nose up after a stall warning rather than nosing down. Putting the nose down to recover from a stall is just about the first thing EVERY pilot learns. The training is repeated in every certification and recertification. It is impossible to believe that any two pilots would put the nose up rather than down. What is apparent is that pitot tubes and flight data from a plane flying sideways and fluttering is confused. Air speed and stall data is wrong. Once the vertical stabilizer breaks off the nose goes up, down, and sideways, and there is nothing at all the pilots can do.

LA Times recites offical excuses.
Pilot error blamed in Air France crash
The pilots could have saved Flight 447, which killed all 228 aboard when it plunged into the Atlantic two years ago, but lacked sufficient training, a French air investigation concludes. Air France defends its crew's actions.

Bob is not the only voice who will tell the truth about serious structural failure of the Airbus A-3xx that kills plane loads of passengers when the vertical stabilizer falls off. All the pilots and airline industry officials known the truth.

Read Christian Science Monitor article
Rudder could be cause of Air France crash, pilots and experts say
There's been a pattern of irregularities linked to the tail fin, but Airbus says it's too soon to know
By Alexandra Marks, Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor / June 19, 2009

New York: As they work to unravel the mystery of Air France Flight 447, aviation analysts and pilots are now urging investigators to focus attention on the plane's tail fin, known as the vertical stabilizer, in addition to the design of the Airbus's computerized flight controls.

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Truth Causes Problems

At radio KRXQ in Sacramento, California the afternoon talk hosts told the truth about brain damaged perverts who become eunuchs and pretend to be female. The two hosts are Arnie States and Rob Williams. On May 28, States and Williams were discussing the California Constitutional law prohibiting faggots to pretend to be married. Their conversation turned to other deranged idiots, those who pretend to be the other sex.

"If my son, God forbid, if my son put on a pair of high heels, I would probably hit him with one of my shoes. I would throw a shoe at him," States said on the air.

Williams suggested transgender people suffered from a mental disorder.

"They are freaks. They are abnormal," he said. "Not because they're girls trapped in boys bodies, but because they have a mental disorder that needs to be somehow gotten out of them."

The California pervert organizations immediately attacked them. Telling the truth to perverts is not PC in California. Pervert dominated corporations have pulled advertising from the station. Faggot loving corporations who are penalizing truth include Bank of America, Verizon Communications Inc., Nissan Motor Co. and Carl's Jr. restaurants. Bob suggests that decent people stop our patronage of these faggot supporting corporations. All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Yahoo News Story

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something is Fishy at Obama Motors

Illegal President Obama has taken over Government Motors and Chrysler. Obama now controls the majority of stock in both companies and dictates to the CEO what they will do and will not do.

One of the actions being taken by Government Motors is to close thousands of independent dealerships all across the country. Many of the dealers have been family businesses for generations. Most of them have contributed to Republican candidates.

Obama's lackeys have said that closing the dealerships will help GM and Chrysler overcome bankruptcy. But that is an obvious lie. The only way a manufacturing company, any manufacturing company, can operate at a profit is to sell its product. Chrysler and GM supposedly went bankrupt because car sales were down 40 to 50%. To become profitable a company has to cut overhead and manufacturing costs to less than the sales price of their products. One way to do that is to sell more products so that overhead costs are amortized across a larger number of products.

If you want to sell more products, the wrong thing to do is to cut the number of dealers who make a business of selling your products. The dealers do not cost the factory anything. Their overhead is all paid by the small business families who run the dealerships and have run profitable businesses since grandfather opened the sales floor. They buy cars from the factory. They are the market for cars. From the factory's position the dealers are the ONLY market for their products.

When Obama Motors refuses to sell cars to half its dealers they are deliberately cutting their potential market for their products, deliberately reducing the number of vehicles they can sell, without decreasing any significant operating costs.

There are only a few reasons for Obama Motors to close dealerships, to refuse to sell their products. The most likely reason is that Obama is deliberately trying to destroy American manufacturing because of his communist social and political agenda. He and his communist cronies want to force Americans to herd up and take public transportation. They want Americans to be forced to buy cars from foreign companies. The left wing has always hated American business. This is their opportunity to completely destroy the iconic American industry.

The deliberate destruction of the American automobile industry is another example of Obama's fascist communist agenda. It is a final example of how universal suffrage eventually destroys any nation. Yahoo Story

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Monday, June 01, 2009

Obama's Surrender

Since his inauguration in January 2009, President Obama has rapidly acted to disarm the US military and to notify the world that the US will not act as an international policeman. The left wingnuts all believe that unilateral disarmament is the road to a safer world free from war or terrorist attack. In March, Obama went on an international “Surrender Tour” during which he apologized for the US's strong military power and promised to disarm and stand down from world leadership.

In an obvious response to Obama's Surrender Tour and unilateral disarming, the North Koreans have resumed their aggressive posture. This past week North Korea demonstrated its nuclear weapons and its missile deliver system for those weapons. North Korea also declared that it no longer recognizes the “cease fire” agreement which ended the Korean War half a century ago. Yahoo news story

Bob suggests that you get a copy of the 1984 film “Red Dawn” and make preparations for the future that Obama and his supporters are preparing for. Between firebrand nations like Korea and Iran preparing to use nuclear weapons to conquer the world, and peace loving nations like the US disarming as quickly as Obama can manage it, the future is very scary indeed.

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Shoot First. Ask Questions Later

The blue suit assassins of the NYPD gang gunned down one of their own gang members. The trigger happy thugs in the New York blue suit gang are famed for shooting unarmed men in the back as many as 42 times just to make sure no lawsuits are filed. This week the man they gunned down was an off duty member of their own gang of gun thugs.

On Thursday, Blue Gun Thug Omar J. Edwards was seen chasing a man whom he intended to assassinate. Gun Thug Edwards had his gun out and was attempting to kill the unarmed man when other gun thugs joined the fray and blew Edwards away in a hail of hot lead.

It wasn't until the gun thugs were going through Edward's pockets looking for cash or other valuables to steal that they found his gun thug identification. No man is safe on the streets while the blue gun thugs are out in the night. We don't need them. We don't want them. And even the other blue gun thugs would be a whole lot safer without them.

Yahoo News Story

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