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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blue Thug Cannibals

The blue gun thugs in Champaign, Illinois fed on one of their own when they sent a man to hell for “raping” 4 females and a variety of other “charges.” Jeff Pelo, 43, thought he was protected because he was one of the blue gun thug Gestapo femiNazi army attacking other men. He was wrong. The femiNazi Gestapo will attack and eat any man, even one of their own gun thugs if he is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There was no DNA or similar forensic evidence linking Pelo directly to the rapes, but of course that does not matter to the County Persecutor. Once a man is accused of “rape” he is guilty unless proven innocent, and his proof has to be wide and deep.

Three of the four alleged “rape victims” picked Mr. Pelo out of a lineup of men. Eye witness rape accusers are notoriously wrong more than they are right. A friend of Bob's was picked from such a lineup despite being nowhere in the same city on the date of an alleged rape.

The man's guilt or innocence does not matter to the femiNazi Gestapo. Their job is to capture and destroy as many men as possible. Mr. Pelo thought he was safe. He worked for the Gestapo, destroying other men. Suddenly he was being eaten by the very Gestapo that he thought was on his side. Silly fool. The Gestapo is not on the side of any man.

Read Yahoo Story.

Insane Lieyers from Hell

In a decision that only a Lieyer could produce SCOTUS announced last Thursday that an accused man can be deprived of his right to defend himself in court without the “aid” of a lieyer because he is mentally ill while being tried for a “crime” because he is not mentally ill. US law on mental illness exempts the mentally ill from guilt for crimes. Legal hearings are held to determine if the accused party is sane or mentally competent to understand the nature and guilt of the crime he is accused of committing. A person who is mentally defective so that he can't understand the crime can not be held guilty of crime according to long established legal theory. Instead of being tried for crime, such mentally defective people are sent for mental treatment and kept in institutions where they are not a threat to themselves or others.

When a man is tried in the US, he has a right to have a lieyer representing him in court, or advising him in court. But he has always had a right to reject the advice of lieyers if he doesn't trust their advice. Now SCOTUS has ruled that a menially ill man may be deprived of his right to reject a lieyer in court because he is not mentally competent to make that decision. Only a lieyer could decide that a man is concurrently both sane and insane under law – and which category he falls in depends on which decision is most detrimental to his life.

The case focused on Ahmad Edwards, who was convicted of attempted murder and other charges in 2005 following a shooting outside an Indianapolis department store in 1999. The state determined that Edwards suffers from mental illness, including schizophrenia and delusions. He spent most of the five years after the shooting in state psychiatric facilities. A reasonable application of law would assume that a man who has schizophrenia and delusions sufficient to need 5 years imprisonment in psychiatric institutions is not sane enough to be convicted of criminal responsibility for his acts. If he is sane, one might ask, why was he held and treated for mental illness all those years?

It would normally seem to any sane and rational person that a man is either sane or he is mentally ill. If he is mentally ill he should not be tried under law that requires him to be sane. If he is sane, then he can not be deprived of his right to decided about his lieyer because he is mentally ill. The State of Indiana seems to acknowledge that Mr. Edwards has severe mental illness, hence their confinement of him in state psychiatric facilities. Nevertheless they also claim that he is sane for the purpose of trial and conviction of various charges.

Bob does not know whether Mr. Edwards is sane or mentally ill. Bob's rational mind assumes that Mr. Edwards is either legally sane or legally mentally ill, but not both. Only in the twisted Satanic mind of a lieyer can mutually exclusive conditions both be applied to the same man in the same circumstances. From consideration of this twisted irrational decision it becomes more and more clear that those suffering the most from severe mental illness wear black robes of hell and spew irrational law in a stone building in Washington DC.

Read Yahoo News Story

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just the Feet?

In Vancouver, BC, Canada, a 5th human foot washed up on the beach. This one is a left foot. The previous 4 feet were all right feet. The human feet, just the feet, no bodies, have now been washing up on the beach for about a year.

The B.C. Coroners Service has been trying to identify the feet by testing the DNA and comparing to known missing people, but so far they have made no identifications.

The B.C. Coroners Service reported that the first two feet belonged to men, but have since stopped reporting the sex of the victims to prevent the public from understanding that men are the most common victims of crime.

The Vancouver blue gun thugs claim to be “investigating” but so far are as clueless as every other blue gun thug. When asked, they make speculations about possible separation of the feet by natural forces such as tsunamis or airplane crashes. Someone is murdering men in large numbers and mutilating the bodies, and the incompetents in blue don't want it known. Has anyone looked on the beach for a happy face?

Read the Vancouver Sun story

Monday, June 16, 2008

Free Country or Police State?

All across Iowa gangs of blue suited thugs backed by military troops from the National Guard have cordoned off previously flooded areas and are preventing the people from returning to their homes. “Thousands of Iowa residents remain flooded out of their homes and it's unclear when they can return. Cedar Rapids residents were allowed to return home temporarily Sunday, but authorities decided the neighborhoods were not safe, even for a quick visit,” CNN Story

A crowd of angry Iowans confront blue suit.

In this photo a group of Iowa residents confronts a blue gun thug who is asserting his illegal authority to control and dominate the people.

“Cedar Rapids Fire Department spokesman Dave Brown said, saying it would be awhile before evacuees would be permitted to go back home. The checkpoints -- manned by police and the Iowa National Guard -- remained in place Monday, but Brown said authorities would not be letting residents check on their homes.“

The question is, who is in charge of our lives and our homes? Is America a free country where individuals have rights to life, liberty, and our homes? Or, are the blue suit gangs running a police state where they have authority to order the people around? In Iowa, the answer should be obvious. In a nation that once was a free country, armed gangs of thugs backed by military force are exercising their authority, pompous jerks in blue.

Note also that it is a criminal violation of the US Constitution for the National Guard to stop people from returning to their homes unless there is a declaration of "Marshal Law" which has not happened in Iowa.

The people of Iowa, like all the other men of America, must begin to recapture our nation from the police state gangs and Gestapo “authorities.”

One day long ago, in a mythical land called America, there once was a free country.


An Iowa gun thug lowers his gun on a citizen wanting to return home.

An Iowa gun thug lowers his gun on a citizen wanting to return home.

A photo sent on a comment. An Iowa gun thug lowers his gun on a citizen wanting to return home.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Black Widow Exposed

Serial killer Betty dispatched at least 5 husbands, collected their life insurance and then moved on looking for her next victim. She has been killing men since the 1950s and the blue gun thug “detectives” have routinely looked the other way. If it weren't for 20 years of persistence by brother Al Gentry, the blue gun thugs never would have said “boo” to the violent killer wife. In the end it took 20 years of a brother demanding an investigation, and the election of a new Sheriff before the blue gun thugs would even look at the case. A cursory investigation found that Ms. Betty had left a trail of dead husbands for 50 years covering several states. Even when she left the husbands dead of multiple gunshots, the blue gun thugs routinely ignored the crimes. And when she poisoned them, no notice was taken at all.
Woman Arrested in Cold Case Has Other Dead Spouses
Investigators find woman arrested in husband's cold-case killing has 4 other dead spouses
By MITCH WEISS Associated Press Writer
ALBEMARLE, N.C. June 13, 2008 (AP) The Associated Press

In this photo provided by the Augusta, Ga., Police Dept. Betty Johnson Neumar is shown at her booking in Augusta, Ga., Tuesday, June 10, 2008. It took years, but authorities have charged the 76-year-old with hiring a hit man, and investigators think she may have also killed her four other husbands in four other states. (Augusta Police Dept./AP Photo)

For two decades, Al Gentry begged investigators to take another look at the mystery of who killed his brother, Harold, and left his gunshot-ridden body sprawled on the floor of the home he shared with his wife.

He visited the sheriff's office dozens of times and made just as many phone calls. And when authorities finally listened, they wound up arresting the person Gentry had always suspected: his brother's now 76-year-old former wife, who was charged last month with hiring a hit man to gun him down.

"This is something I've been waiting for for a long time," Gentry said.

But Gentry's persistence may have led investigators to a far more chilling discovery about Betty Neumar. After arresting her, authorities realized that five times since the 1950s, she was married, and each union ended with the death of her husband.

Authorities say they've notified law enforcement officials where Neumar is believed to have lived with the men. So far, no one has said whether the deaths are suspicious, but some officials are reopening the cold cases.

Al Gentry had been showing up for years at the sheriff's office and talking to anyone who would listen about the case. His brother's body, with several gunshot wounds, was found inside the couple's home on July 14, 1986.

Neumar, who was out of town the day her husband was killed, showed no emotion when she got back, Al Gentry said. When she pulled up to the one-story brick house in a quiet neighborhood that was surrounded by flashing lights and filled with police officers, he recalled, she blurted out that she had been in Augusta, Ga., the previous night — before he even said a word.

"If she had gotten out of that car with tears in her eyes and asked me why would anybody kill Harold, I would never have suspected her at all," he said. "That's where she slipped up."

Harold Gentry met Neumar — who was then Betty Sills — in Florida and they married on Jan. 19, 1968, in Charlton County, Ga., when he was 29 and she was 36. The couple moved to Norwood, about an hour east of Charlotte, in the late 1970s after he retired from the Army after 21 years of service

Mommy murder is the leading cause of death of boys, and wife murder is the leading cause of death of men under 60. Most wife murders are done with poison and never recorded by the official “investigators” who promise to “solve crime.” The chances of an investigation being done and the wife arrested are so small that it might as well be publicly declared “open season” on husband killing. It has been estimated that only 10% of murdered husbands are ever recorded as murder. Even when the husband's death is recorded as murder, the blue gun thug “investigators” work hard to avoid blaming the obviously guilty wife. A man who shoots himself 3 times in the back while sleeping is a “suicide.” A man who is assassinated in his driveway with a shotgun is “unknown.” Only when an old female has left a trail of dead husbands, and only when persistent relatives demand some official action, will any blue gun thug finally take notice. The excusing of female serial killers is so pervasive among the blue suit gangs that the FBI excludes females from being “serial killers” by definition.

How many men have you known who died of “natural causes” in their 30x, 40s or 50s? How many men have you known who died of an assassins bullets and nobody was ever blamed? How many men have you known who “ran off” and were never seen or heard from again? How many men have you known who were said to have died from “accidental” causes? Did someone paint a smiley face?

Isn't it time that ALL men who die of “natural causes” should be thoroughly tested for poisons before being cremated or buried? Isn't it time that we demand a full investigation whenever a man dies of obviously murderous circumstances?

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Faggot Pervert in Black Robes

An Agent of Satan in Black Robes of Hell posted obscene photos on his personal web site, according to a story by the Los Angeles Times. His Dishonor, Alex Kozinski is “Chief Judge” of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. According to the LA Times, the sexually explicit material on Kozinski's site earlier this week was extensive, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex. There was a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual, and a folder that contained a series of photos of women's crotches as seen through snug fitting clothing or underwear. There were also themes of defecation and urination, though they are not presented in a sexual context. The photos depicted partly disrobed faggots cavorting with sexually aroused animals. According to the newspaper, he acknowledged posting the materials.

Read the LA Times story on Kozinski's obscene web site.

Read Yahoo Story

The news came to light while Agent of Satan Kozinski was sitting on a Los Angeles Federal District Court criminal trial for pornography. His Dishonor is currently serving as presiding Agent of Satan in Black Robes of Hell in an "obscenity" trial in Federal District Court. The Federal Persecutors of Bush's DOJ are pushing a Christian right wing agendas of opposing “smut” by enforcing "laws" that violate the US Constitution, 1st Amendment. From the description of material on Kozinski's own personal web site, he has published material that is every big as offensive as those published by the accused in the current trial. An Agent of Satan is exempt from the “criminal” persecution that they use to destroy regular men. May he and his faggot buddies rot in hell.

Read the LA Times story on obscenity trial.

Now we know why the 9th Circuit Court is notorious for its left wing, pro-faggot, decisions, and its frequent reversals by SCOTUS.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Texas Warning?

Two months ago a small army of criminals in blue suits kidnapped 460 children from a FLDS (Mormon) village in Texas. The army of criminals were part of a longstanding war the State of Texas is waging on families of minority religions. Many of the same criminals had been part of the assault on and mass murder of almost 100 people, including several dozen innocent children, at the Branch Dravidian village near Waco, Texas.

Children from the FLDS families suffered severe trauma, and at least one died during the mass kidnapping. Hundreds of fathers and mothers suffered months of emotional and psychological pain as their children were ripped from their homes and shipped off to the far corners of Texas by the evil in blue suits and cruelly smiling lesbitches. An evil agent of Satan in black robes of Hell who orchestrated the mass crime was finally ordered to enforce the law and Texas had to return the children in early June.

This week, about a week after the 460 kidnapped children were returned, we read that persons unknown have set fire to the Texas Governor's Mansion. Can this be coincidence? Bob speculates that it is a reminder to the Governor that he is not immune to retaliation for his criminal attack on the people of Texas. Read news story

A few years ago, exactly a year after the Texas criminals and the FBI gassed the people of the Branch Davidians village near Waco, the FBI office in Oklahoma City was bombed by an angry citizen. It was also on the anniversary of the FBI's assassination of a man's child, his wife, and even his dog in Idaho. The FBI was reminded that their mass murder of children makes their own children vulnerable. The wank media cries for the death of the FBI's children, while ignoring the much greater number of children whom the FBI kills with impunity. This year the wank media spent April and May applauding the State of Texas's war on the FLDS families, although a few brave media members eventually began questioning the justification for such a heinous crime.

Kidnapping has been a death penalty crime in the US since the Lindberg child was kidnapped and killed in the 1930s. But in Texas, it was the evil Governor and his minions who were the criminals, and their war on families and children was certain to go unpunished.

Bob has no personal knowledge of any of these crimes other than what is published by the wank media and on the Internet. Bob tries to read through the smoke screen and hate published daily by the blue suit gangs and their wank media talking heads, and figure out what is going on behind the headlines. In Texas there are undoubtedly many good people who are scared and angry at the violent, out of control, criminal government that is waging war on the people. The fire at the Governor's Mansion might very well be a warning that he is not immune from retaliation by the people for his violence and crimes. Since the building was unoccupied for renovation at the time of the fire it reads like a very restrained response on the part of those who desire to be free people. It should be a warning to Texas to stop making war on the people.

Will Texas heed the warning? Somehow Bob doesn't think they will. Criminals are usually too stupid to read the handwriting on the wall.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Advice for doctors: Don't Wait to Provide for Men

Mike is a typical man and is as concerned with his heath as anyone. His life long experience with doctors is one horror show story after another.

The Massachusetts Medical Society now has a “Men's Health Committee” which is pushing the usual misnadrist crap about how men are to blame for the many longstanding problems that men have with the medical industrial complex. They have gotten an article published in the CNN Health Minute called Advice for men: Don't wait to see a doctor. Bob has some advice for the arrogant assholes of the medical industrial complex, Don't Wait to Provide Adequate Services for Men.

Men's health has been sorely neglected for all of the 20th century, and the 21st century has so far seen no improvement. A century ago the life expectancy of men was the same as women. In the 20th century, research funding has poured into diseases of women while funding for men's health has lagged behind. Men now die from all diseases at higher rates than females. The life expectancy of men is about 10% shorter than females, on average, in countries with modern “health care.” The response from the medical industrial complex has generally been a focus on furthering health care for females while continuing to neglect and abuse men. It is well that the Massachusetts Medical Society now has a Men's Health Committee, but it's a very small drop in a very large bucket, and doesn't appear to have actually done anything but blame men for their own massive failures.

Mike can tell you of the time he went to see a doctor because he had a sinus infection. He had to wait 4 days to see get on the doctor's appointment schedule. Mike took aspirin and over-the-counter decongestants during the days of waiting. By the time Mike found himself waiting in the doc's entry process his sinus infection was beginning to go away by itself. After an hour of leafing through year old magazines Mike was ushered into an inner room where he was told to sit in a chair that had a menacing looking headrest. The doctor came in and, without consultation or Mike's permission, started sticking probes up Mike's nose.

Like many patients Mike assumed the doctor knew his business and after waiting 4 days to see the doc, was hesitant to leap up and run out. That would have been the wise choice. Having gotten his sinuses reamed out, Mike was told to take some aspirin and come back in 3 days. It hurt to breath, it hurt with every breath, his upper nose was on fire. He could not sleep. The remnants of the original sinus infection was the least of his problems. In three days Mike's sinuses were finally healing up. He could breath without severe pain once more.

Being young and inexperienced with doctors and believing that he should follow medical advice Mike reported back to the doctor on the 3rd day. This time when the doctor broke out his tools to ream out Mike's sinuses, Mike got right up and left. The doctor and his nurse were left standing there around an empty chair. Mike learned another lesson about doctors.

Some years lager Mike was having a flareup of his gout. The AMA monopoly maintains strict control of medications by government sanctioned monopoly. In order to purchase medication for gout you have to have the permission of a government protected monopoly doctor, who makes you kowtow and pay for his permission.

It took Mike several days to get an appointment to see the doctor, and all the while his gout made walking very painful. Mike gets classic gout in his big toe. It swells up, gets hot, and hurts to walk. It can be treated easily with ant-inflammatory medications that work especially well if taken immediately when the flare up begins. If treated immediately the flareup usually goes away in two days. By the 3rd or 4th day, when the doctor condescended to be paid for permission to purchase medication, it was already going to be a long and painful three weeks.

Mike's company had changed Insurance providers since his last gout flareup so he was seeing a different doctor than last time. When the doctor finally disdained to visit the little room with the examination table where Mike had been forced to wait for an hour, Mike explained that he had these flareups off and on for years. All he needed, he said, was some gout mediation. No, said the doctor, not listening to Mike. We have to be sure what it is. We will need a lab test. The doctor went out and twenty minutes later someone else in a white coat came in bearing a large looking needle apparatus. We have to take a sample to test, he said, and stuck the needle into Mike's inflamed joint. Having a large needle stuck into an inflamed gout swollen joint is EXTREMELY painful. Mike didn't need that at all.

Another half hour later the doc came back and said that the test had confirmed gout. Mike told them that when he arrived, but the doc wouldn't listen. The doc finally condescended to allow Mike to purchase some medications, and even an extra supply so he could take some immediately next year if it flares up again. Mike was not pleased with the crappy monopoly grade services provided by the medical industrial complex. They had turned a two day inconvenience into a painful and debilitating 4 week ordeal while inflicting extreme pain. Some years later when the pharmacy refused to allow Mike to purchase any more gout medications without another new permission sheet from the Docs, Mike learned how to order it on-line from Mexico where they don't have government controlled monopolizes to bribe or die.

Stories like those of Mike can be heard from every man Bob has ever talked to. The medical industrial complex eschews the business of men, treats us like cattle, refuses to listen to us or our needs, won't provide services in a timely manner, and organizes their office process to be psychologically offensive to men while catering to females. And of course they still sexually mutilate more than a million little boys in the United States every year, a heinous barbaric crime that outnumbers all other violent crimes against children and all other violent sex crimes combined.

It's no different in any town or city you go to. The AMA, and the medical industrial complex caters to females and generally ignores the needs and health of men. The process of visiting a doctor is designed to be suitable for females, but is psychologically unacceptable to most men, according to various studies and the experience of men. Instead of revising their process to be suitable for men, the doctors blame the men.

In every city the hospitals advertise special departments for women. There are Women's Health Centers. But in several decades I have never seen or heard of a Men's Health Center at any hospital in any city. Maybe a men's health center exists somewhere, but there are women's health centers in every city. What message does that convey to men? Does it say “welcome men” or “we care about men”?

Now Ms. Judy Fortin, CNN Medical Correspondent, writes this misandrist hate piece blaming men for the ongoing and pervasive failures of the medical industrial monopoly to provide adequate services for men. She says that females are responsible while men are irresponsible and bad for avoiding the female centric medical monopoly. The misandrist bitch quotes, Dr. David Dodson, who is a self proclaimed expert on men's health at the Marino Center in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Dr. Dodson recommends that healthy men under 50 get a regular checkup every 18 months. After 50, he suggests, men should see their doctors annually.

If you read the web site of the Marino Center, you find their list of services.

Allergy testing and treatment
Chelation therapy
Environmental medicine
External Counterpulsation
Flu Clinics
IV Therapy
Mental health
Physical medicine
Physical therapy
Primary care
Women's health

Missing from their list are services for Men's Health. Yet CNN Bigot Ms. Fortin, and Dr. Dodson blame men while their own organization's web site proves that Men's Health services are not provided.

I have some advice for Dr. Dodson. Blaming men for your lack of services and sexist bigotry is counterproductive. Start taking care of boys and men. Fix your fucking misandrist monopoly. Doctor, heal thyself!

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FBI Corruption Goes Public

Graft and corruption runs deep at the FBI. In an agency created by J. Edgar Hoover for his own personal power and lavish faggot lifestyle, modern FBI managers are continuing the practice of violence, corruption, and crime. Read News Story

In the latest FBI Crime, Curtis Jones of Annapolis pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Baltimore to taking bribes to award government supply contracts. In the particular purchase for which he had to fess up, Mr. Jones was given a lavish cruise in exchange for awarding a $2 million contract for paper shredders.

Corruption and crime runs the length and breadth of the FBI from their criminal false testimony from their “Crime Lab” to the mass murder of children at the Branch Davidians village. In an agency that corrupt and criminal, where murder has been their SOP since John Dillinger was assassinated on a street corner without benefit of trial or legal process, accepting bribes and pocketing taxpayer money is no surprise at all. The FBI needs to be disbanded and all it's criminal agents caught and hung.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Bigot Colleges rushing toward Irrelevance

According to a news story published today on, hundreds of American Colleges and Universities are abandoning the SAT test because it favors highly intelligent white men. The racist/sexist administrators at most colleges and universities have abandoned scholastic excellence in favor of anti-white racism and anti-men sexism. “Connecticut College, is one of a growing number of colleges and universities that are making the SAT optional in the admissions process. In May, two highly selective schools -- Smith College in Massachusetts and Wake Forest University in North Carolina -- decided to drop the SAT and ACT, which some students take as an alternative to the SAT, as requirements for admission.” Read Story

The stated reason given by Wake Forest University is, “as part of its efforts to increase socioeconomic, racial and ethnic diversity.” Translated, that excuse means that allowing white men to show very well in their admission policy test will not allow them to admit as many less qualified non-whites and underachieving females as they intend to admit. A SCOTUS decision a decade ago involving the University of Michigan ruled that a university can not admit a lower score applicant based on their racist prejudice against white men. The solution that many universities have found to the requirement of non-discrimination is to eliminate the test scores from consideration. Without any factual data regarding the capability of applicants, the racist universities can use prejudicial mumbo-jumbo to “determine” that the female applicant, or black applicant is the “best qualified.” If the evidence doesn't suit the racist/sexist goals, eliminate the evidence.

Over the past two decades, college attendance by men in the United states has gone from 60% men to just over 40% men, and continues in free fall decline. Graduation rates for men are even lower because many of the men who now attend are low-achieving “minority” men who were admitted based on their race and not on their qualifications.

Over the past several decades, universities and colleges across America have raced toward lower standards and irrelevance in the 21st century. They waste time on hate, mind numbing indoctrination, and mental masturbation. They reject the best and brightest students in favor of admissions based on race or sex. Many have one or often more departments designed to teach racist and/or sexist hate. A quick glance through a list of the “Duke Hate 88” shows all the hate departments.

The best and the brightest have never gone to colleges anyway. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, William Shakespeare, didn't become great by absorbing mediocrity. None of the best of men throughout history have been college graduates. In recent decades the situation at colleges has gotten much worse. With the few exception of small technical colleges, feminazi and racist fascist liberals have taken over the administrations and are driving their once proud institutions into the gutters as inevitably shit runs down hill. For more reading on the irrelevance of Universiteies, read Universities are Irrelevant

The latest step downward, the elimination of rigorous testing of applicants with the SAT or similar examinations, and substitution of racist/sexist bigotry to select less qualified applicants based on skin color or sex continues their headlong slide down hill. Young men should eschew their irrelevant institutions, and vote “no” on any politician or candidate who supports them. Racist/sexist hate does not deserve our support.

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